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Install Synchronicity into your Heart

Go to your Heart space.  Ask yourself to install a new program.  It will be in the category of “Using the Gifts I have Given to Myself.”  Next say, “Install the SYNCHRONICITY Program.”  Your Spirit Guide will know exactly what that means and has been looking forward to installing this program your entire life.

Next, and most importantly, say “Run” it and keep it running at all times.

This is, perhaps, the most important Post that I have ever written.  Please consider doing this small, but HUGE, thing.  To get more perspective on how important it is click on, and read this link to Kryon; it is well worth the time and effort to do so.

Love, Light and Laughter,


More on the Ego and How to Discharge it

As I wrote a few days ago. you can move all of your conversations to your Heart and get better answers, more truth.  But, as I found out when I did that, my Ego just moved into my Heart and I found that my Heart was now telling me lies.

This was absolutely intolerable to me.  I got angry and started shouting and screamed with rage, but that did not do any good at all.

So… After calming down, I thought that there must be a mechanism for asking or telling my Ego that it’s service were no longer wanted or needed.

Inspiration or Intuition came to the rescue, or maybe, I just told myself the answer because I asked the right question, the right way, at the right time.

Here’s what I did and it seems to have worked.  I asked my inner voice who was deceiving me if it was my Ego.  I got a no, that it was Aqua Energy.  I asked, “Is this truth?”  Apparently, this is a critical question for Ego.  Ego told me that it was not truth.  I, then, asked if it was Ego that I was talking to and got a Yes.

I then said that we were not working well together and seemed to be opponents much of the time. Ego agreed.  I, then, said “Thank You for your Services” and “I know that you have tried your best in a difficult assignment” and, then. “Your services are no longer required.”  Lastly, I said, “Go, …Go, …Go” and, Ego just faded away.  I actually felt it fade away.

It is absolutely critical that you thank these entities for their service; for whether you liked their service or not, they have been doing a job for you and you instructed them on how to do it before you were born.

Again, thank them for their service to you and dismiss them from your service.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Local Gods and God-the-Father

If you must pray to a Local God, pray to God-the-Father or God-the-Mother; they are closer to the Creator God than any of the other Local Gods.

By Local Gods, I mean Allah, Jesus, Budda, Jhova and Marie.  Note that they are all five letter beings.  That ties into the number 14 or the Human creator number.  Yes, Budda is spelled Buddha, but his real name is Budda and yes, Jhova is spelled Jehovah, but his real name is Jhova and yes, Marie is spelled Mary except for the French. I include Mary as a Local God because millions of women pray to Her for intercession to Jesus or the Father God. This also includes the Hindu Gods.

All of the Local Gods listed above have been DEFLATED. By that, I mean that the Worship power that they have been accumulating over the past 2,160 years have been expunged or wiped clean. How is this possible?

Each of these Local Gods are created under the energy of a House of the Zodiac; all of our current Local Gods were created under Pisces which ended on December 21st last year.  This is what happened to the Greek, Egyptian, Druid and Jewish (Yawah) Gods before them, when Aries was ended and the Assyrian, Cretan and Sumerian Gods when Taurus was ended.

Obviously, some of these Gods carried over name changes between Taurus and Aries  and Aries and Pisces; specifically the Jewish Gods of Yawah and Jhova and the Hindu Gods.  Will there be a carry-over between Pisces and Aquarius?  Yes, but it will not be a male God; Aquarius energy is represented as a woman at the top of the mountain pouring a water jug on the tip of the mountain.  It is female energy allowing each droplet of water to find its own way down the mountain; there is no pre-defined “way” down the mountain.  There is no “school of thought” or “schooled” answer; Pisces energy of schooling fish is finished.

We are now in Aquarius and must create the God or Gods that we want to worship from scratch.  Yes, I am saying that organized religion will fade away. Under Aquarian energy, the Priest or Priestess will no longer be needed or wanted.  Each of us will be able to connect to our Inner Beings or Spirit Guides and find our own paths.

You say that I am ascribing too much power to the Houses of the Zodiac.  How the Hell do you know?  Do you really think the fish on the bumper sticker is a Christian symbol; no, it is a Piscean symbol.  

So… Our current religions are all going to fade away, like the Greek and Norse Gods; remembered in literature, but no longer worshipped.  That’s kind of a huge change. Are there any other big changes coming as part of this energy shift?

Yes.  Each water droplet finds its own way down the mountain.  What does that mean?  For the people, organization and institutions that we have evolved, the male-hierarchical model or authority figures and credentials will no longer work.  It is already becoming very obvious that getting a college degree is no longer worth the money.  Same for a Medical Degree. Too many have degrees and cannot get jobs with enough income to live and pay off the massive debt.

This shift in energy will apply to all of our organizations and institutions; Government, Courts, Police, Education, Medicine, the Military and Business.  Those people who will insist on ruling through the barrel of a gun will find that it no longer works; the paradigm has shifted because the energy has shifted.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Does Your EGO Lie to You? How can you Stop this?

Many of us seek truth from within and run afoul of our egos.  The Ego thinks it’s job is to help us Survive and frequently uses a strategy of maintaining the Status Quo, even if it is harming your success in terms of meeting new lovers, friends and getting more money.

Those of us who have experienced this, know that we can get good information about many things, but, for some reason, if it is about the opposite sex, sex or money, we tend to get lied to.  These are very important subjects for most of us and it is frustrating to be lied to continually and causes many of us to give up on the “internal” conversation altogether.

I, too, suffer from my Ego interfering and lying to me about women, sex and money.  My strategy for dealing with this is to stay away from the topics  where I cannot get good information; women, sex and money.

With Aqua energy finally taking over from Turquoise, this state of affairs is no longer acceptable.  I thought, “How can I get my Ego, which has significant energetic power that it takes from me, to stop messing with me?”  So…finally, I asked if there was some easy way to get my Ego out-of-the-way?  I got a big yes and proceeded to ask many more questions until I figured it out.

Here is the answer.  We all tend to think that money and success are of the head, not the heart.  After all, we are all told that “money is the root of all evil” from childhood on.  Consequently, we put the money conversation in our heads.  Big mistake; any conversation that we have internally with our head is a conversation with our Ego.  It is also a conversation with Demons, Devils, etc.  We think, if it is logical, it must be in our heads.

Here’s what I did to fix this problem.  I moved all internal conversations about money, wealth and success from my head to my heart.  This is a mental process and you may have to get some help from your Spirit Guide.  I, literally, uprooted the conversation in my head and replanted it in my heart.

I used this same approach for conversations about women, sex, inventions, body changes, health and youthfulness and moved them all to my heart.  It is working; I do not think or know that I am being lied to about these topics.

Why?  The heart is the seat of Light or Aqua, now.  In previous posts I have spoken about the heart and the inner heart as being two separate energy centers or chakras.  As part of this new process, I merged these two together; the color for this new merged heart is Aqua, at least for me.

By moving your conversations to your heart, you have, essentially, prevented your Ego from interfering with you; you have fired or discharged it.

Have fun with this,


Sequence of Events

I am still unable to get accurate “when” for these events, but it is getting closer, perhaps even CLOSER.

Here are the events:

  1. Pandemics in Asia, India, the Middle East and Africa.  These will spread to similar peoples in Europe, North America, Central America, South America and Australia.  This will be like the 1918 Flu in Europe, but far worse around the world; billions will return to Spirit or die.
  2. While our world is reeling from dis-eases, the entire digital-money-fueled economies of the world will collapse, starting with the European Union. Governments everywhere will seize the assets of the dead and dying. The entire social “safety net” idea will collapse as well; not enough people making or taking.
  3. Religious Gods will be rejected; how can “they” allow such mass dying to happen, especially visible to everyone on TV and Internet displays.  Government will try to censor the images, but social media will prevail.
  4. People will, at first, try to isolate themselves, but far too many are too dependent on others; dis-eases will run rampant through the populations. Unlike many of the pandemics in our history, peoples of color or “minorities” will be the primary “targets” of these dis-eases; this will be very disconcerting.
  5. From start to finish, all of these events will be over in 90 days.  Everyone should buy a big bag of rice and several bottles of cooking oil; this, and clean water, is all that is required to keep the body going during this crisis.

This may seem to be a drastic change in our world, but this is all coming as part of the great energy change that is happening now.  A year ago, Darkness was firmly in charge with 80 percent of the world’s power.  In the year since, Darkness has morphed into Turquoise and Light into Aqua; the difference is that Aqua will have 66.666 percent of the power on November, 11th, 2013.  That is just a few days away.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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