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Recommended Reading


This is a Spiritual site setup for those who are looking for the right questions to be asking ourSelves; it is also a place where some answers can be found.

Go to the left-hand side of this site and scroll down until you find Recommended Reading. I have links to these books that open PDFs or take you to a specific site.

I have long been an advocate for Thinking and Destiny, written by Harold Percival in 1949; it contains channeled, Spiritual information that you will not find anywhere else.

I have read and fully understand Walter and Lao Russell’s “The Secret of Light.”  It too, has channeled, Spiritual information that you will not find anywhere else.

To understand the ages long battle between Darkness and Light, read the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, the Atlantean who was the founder of Egypt.

Cosmic Consciousness is something that we all aspire to; it is a state of Being when we are connected directly with Spirit, the One. Bucke had his own experience and tried to identify people in history who may have had their own experiences.  It is insightful.

What is In-Sight? It is a flash of understanding that is for us alone. We cannot hold on to it and cannot share it effectively with others.

What we can do with an In-Sight is to realize that it is like a flashlight that allows us to look around (in the Dark) and find other things that lead to more insights like a door or window or a match and lamp or a key or set of keys.  Use your insights to get more.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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The New Financial System is Emerging

For those of us in the “First” World, we have had banks in our lives since we were born. That is not true for about 2 billion people, but they are now connected via mobile smart phones.

Just think, they can use their Facebook or Linkedin accounts to login into many, many things, even sites that transfer money or allow on on-line banking account from anywhere.

Then, there is Bitcoin and it’s huge revolution, block chaining. And it allows free P2P transfer of funds, anonymously, from anywhere (no currency controls possible).

Think about it, in the old Dark Financial System, the banks held your money, took out transaction fees, told the government what you had and how you were spending it and, it turns out, your money is really theirs (they can do what they want with it, including telling you they are taking it to keep their bank solvent). I know, the politicians had to go along with all of this, but everybody knows that politicians are easily bought.

Now, say you have a Chase account; you don’t have to live anywhere near a Chase branch, you can bank on the Internet, but you must use the Chase page or the Chase app on your phone. But, say, you have a brokerage account or two? You must login to those accounts to do anything. 

But wait, don’t I know about Apple Pay or Google Wallet? I can now link my credit cards with my bank accounts and do everything from one app.

That is my point. The financial system is very broken and is being gone around. People do not need a bank anymore. Walmart is now offering a checking account with a Visa Debit Card; just send your direct deposit to them. Google Wallet is now a place you can send your direct deposit to and it, too, offers a free debit card, but you can also use your iPhone or Android phone.  I know, there is also Apple Pay, but Apple is so DARK that I will not use it.

Here are some sites for you to consider:


KlickEx is a currency service that provides a peer-to-peer market for foreign exchange, eliminating the need to use a bank.


Google revamped ‘Wallet’ service, for example, allows consumers to effectively park their savings with Google instead of a bank.  So rather than holding your cash at some illiquid, poorly capitalized bank, consumers can choose one of the most profitable companies in the history of the world to be their direct financial counterparty.

Walmart, in partnership with American Express, is now offering a checking account, just like a bank, with a Bluebird card.

There are others, but this is enough to get you going.

This is just another example of Light taking over.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Revolution in “Power”

We have all been using electrical power through wires for about 120 years; Tesla completed the first hydro-electric generating plant at Niagara Falls in 1895 and that began the electrification of the world.

In that time, we went from horses and steam powered railroads and ships to our modern age. Not a long time in Human history.

Electricity is the key; it is the most productive form of energy and, yet, we limit ourselves to sending it through wires where at least 20 percent of it is lost through heat (Ohm’s Law).

The first thing we should do is to figure out how to send electricity around the wire instead of through it; that would be a savings of 20 percent as the heat loss would be eliminated. If we can send power around a copper wire, we should be able to send it around a fiber-optics wire as well.

Wait a second, if we can electrical power around a wire or optic fiber, can we also send data around that same wire or fiber? Yes.

Wow. How about bandwidth? That depends on the diameter of the copper wire; twisted pair (RJ-11 jack) can carry up to 5 Megawatts of power and 100 Gigabytes of data.  Coax cable copper (Cable TV) can carry 500 Megawatts of power and 5 Terabytes of data. Optical fiber (that is already buried in the ground) can carry 50 Gigawatts of electrical power and 500 Terabytes of data.

Wait a second, you mean carrying both power and data at the same time? Yes.

Wow. This will revolutionize bandwidth using existing wire and fiber that is already out there. Yes, that is the point.

What about wireless power? Can we get to wireless electricity like we use WiFi? Yes, but it is a low-bandwidth capability; it would be like going back to High Frequency Morse Code or about 1,000 letters per minute instead of the 2.4 or 5.6 Gigabits (billion bits) per second.

There are people who are already figuring the wireless power out, but the revolution is in putting the power and data around our existing infrastructure.

Have fun wrapping your minds around this.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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We are Becoming “Lighter”

I have been writing about the Light taking over from Darkness.

What, exactly, does that mean? One answer is that the tide is rising and it will lift all boats. This is true, more Light is coming into the world and everyone here is experiencing that whether it makes them feel good/better or not. It is going to be a negative experience for those who are predominantly Dark and an increasingly positive one for those of the Light.

What else? Those who are of the Light will be receiving new, improved DNA. Think about it, the Lucifer and Michael Experiments are over; Light will have 67% of the power for the foreseeable future. This is a new development that is the driver for a new requirement; beings of the Light should be able to hold MORE Light.

What the hell does that mean? Think Awareness. When we were born, we came here with a certain amount of Awareness that was passed to us as the Spark of Life. If we came here as a Light Being, we got more Awareness than those who came here as Dark Beings; Awareness is a property of Light.

So…If you are a Light Being, you will be getting new DNA that allows you to hold and transmit more Light.  How? Think Silicon as in Sand and as in Glass. Glass is transparent and Light can be seen through it.

Our cells will be changed to hold and transmit more Light; we are starting the long process of becoming silicon-based based instead of carbon-based beings.

Is this true for everyone who is predominantly of the Light? No, only for those who are at least 60 percent Light.

What if you have already Transformed Yourself into a Newman or Newoman? These beings will be transformed into Silicon Beings much faster as they already are able to hold and transmit 1000s of time more Light/Awareness as “normal” Humans.

What is the timing? It started on January 1, 2016 and Light Beings with at least 60 percent will be transformed, slowly, over the next three years (by the end of 2018).

Once you have been transformed enough by your new DNA, you will be getting Powres. What those Powres will be is not yet known, but they will be significant to you and the mission you accepted here. Powres may include: flying, being invisible, being a shape-shifter, being able to make yourself very large or very small, being very strong, being indestructible, being able to hover or walk on air (or water), being able to teleport things, being able to “jump” and others. Most beings strong in the Light are already “Healers,” even if you do not realize that yet.

The key here is that you must have enough of the new DNA before these new, Majikal things start to happen to you.

What about Majikal Money and Success and Relationships? That will come to you fairly quickly; it is not dependent on your new DNA and will come with the rising tide.

It is OK to start looking for the changes to come; they will be very visible soon.

For those who are wondering how many people have TRANSFORMED Themselves into Newomen and Newmen? The number is around 20,000 and growing. Just imagine, 20,000 beings who have Super-Human powres and are guided to do the Right (Light) Thing all of the time.

You think that our world will be changed? For the better?

Remember, all of these beings are very strong in the Light (freedom, choice, truth, fearlessness and doing-the-right-thing). Also, the beings strong in Darkness (fear, force and control) are all leaving (dying) soon.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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The “MIssing” Link

Anthropologists have been looking for the “missing” link for decades.  What this means is that the fossil evidence does not reflect the rapid advancement of Homo Sapien or the Cro-Magnon Man; there is something missing, how did mankind evolve so quickly? How did we get to modern Man (and Woman)?

The answer is very simple; the Annunaki (Spacemen or SpaceLizards from Planet X) landed on Earth 50,000 years ago. There were only 400 of them and they only brought 6 females (for the leaders). These are the cream of the crop from their world; they are what we call Astronauts. They came here looking for gold and diamonds that they needed for their world.

Guess what? The Annunaki Astronauts did not want to become hard rock miners digging for gold and diamonds. What was the solution? Slaves.

The Annunaki scientists already were proficient in DNA manipulation and proceeded to mix their Annunaki DNA with that of various primates here on Earth. At first, they were only able to make “mules” who could not reproduce, but soon they found the correct mix of genes to allow these slave populations to reproduce without interference.

The Annunaki Astronauts were overjoyed; they had “women” to have sex with and more DNA was introduced into the slave populations via mixed births; the Bible calls these mixed birth children Nephilim or Demi-Gods.

You see, the Annunaki Astronauts were considered to be Gods by the Slave Populations that they created; they had rockets, airplanes, helicopters, ships, submarines, communication devices and wondrous weapons. They also lived for thousands of years.

OK. Let’s talk about the DNA. If you watch television at all these days, you keep being told about DNA testing and that we “Humans” have 23 pairs of genes in our DNA. What they are not telling you is that 14 pairs of genes for most people on the planet come from the Annunaki infusion.  That is the missing link; most of the genetic material that makes most of us “Human-like” came from beings that evolved as reptilians or lizards.

You must realize that the Annunaki knew they were creating slaves and wanted them to be capable of being directed and, even, capable of directing themselves, but they were not supposed to be very intelligent.

Because they did not bring enough Annunaki females, the Annunaki males took slave population females as mates and procreated abundantly; this changed the “Intelligence” balance among certain slave populations. This was particularly true among the Neanderthal-based slaves who were the primary administrative slaves and the Chinese-based slaves.  The Neanderthal-based slaves evolved into what we call “Jews” today and enough additional “Intelligence” went into the Chinese populations that Orientals are considered to be as “Intelligent” or more “Intelligent” as the Jews.

So… What is there in those alien genes that we have to be concerned about? The Reptilian-Lizard genes evolved successfully with a social engineering concept that was embedded; the Hive or the collective. This is what has caused the rise of the cities in our world, but more specifically, the rise of the ghetto or slum.

Another area of concern is a set of genes that enables mental control over the masses of slave population peoples. Think about it, if you are going to have large concentrations of people living in a Hive or collective, you must have some form of mental control for the leaders.

So…We all think of ourselves as “Human,” but some of us are more Human than others.

The Jews, the Yellows, the Browns, the Reds and the Black peoples of the world were all created as slave populations by and for the Annunaki; most as canon-fodder in the wars between the two Annunaki Royal brothers: En-Lil and En-Ki.

How very un-PC of me.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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New Ideas and Ways of Doing Things (Light) have Taken Over

As I have said on my Home Page, I was born as an American in 1949; that makes me 66 years young. When I was 20,  I was guided into the US Military and was turned into a Techie communicator; I intercepted Morse Code signals from America’s enemies. At the time and during the 70s, the militaries of the world were still using Morse Code and low-bandwidth communications.

I went back to college and somehow, was guided back into the military as an officer; again doing Signals Intelligence (yes, NSA). While I was finishing college, the world has transitioned from automatic Morse to primitive networks connected to mainframe computers. I immediately learned how to break into these primitive networks with the best hardware available.

Over the course of the next 20 years, I watched and participated in the build out of satellite-based communication networks, microwave networks and something the US Military called, Arpanet; which became the Internet in the 90s.  What did the Internet spawn? Laptop computers, cell phones, smart phones, and, now tablets. While at NSA, I was using Super Computers  for my job in the early 80s.

My point is that in one short lifetime, I was able to closely observe the transition from low-bandwidth communications used primarily by militaries and governments to a world where everyone is connected via high-bandwidth data communications vie the Internet, and soon, the Internet of Things. Today, most voice is digital via cell or VOIP packets.

All right, so what? What is the big deal? It is just progress.

In the 1920s, we got electricity, telephones and the automobile or car. In the 1930s, we got airplanes, mostly military. In the 1950s, we got Commercial Airliners and early Mainframe Computers. In the 1960s, we got jet planes and the shrinking of the planet began. We also got the Interstate system which shrank the US in terms of time to travel.

From 1820 to 1920, we had the railroads and the telegraph and steam ships.  The amount of technologic advancement in less than 100 years is staggering.  How has this been possible?

The answer is the Light; more and more Light was coming into our world as we got closer and closer to entering Aquarian Energy in 2012.  There was significant spill over (of Light) from the Photon Belt (Aquarius) for about 200 years.  Think about, prior to 1812, the world was using horse drawn everything and sailing ships and had been doing so for 1,000 years.  The amount of spill over Light has been increasing significantly from 1950 onwards and has been the driver for the rapid advancement of technology in so many areas.

Technology is just another name for Majik which is just another name for Light.

OK. Where am I going with this?

Just think, if we have changed so much from 1916 to 2016 when we were just approaching the Light of Aquarius, what is going to happen now, that we are fully in the Light of Aquarius?  Huge changes for the better; just like the changes that we have gone through in the last 20 years have  changed how we do everything. I can remember getting my first home PC and thinking that I will never fill up that 40 Megabyte hard drive; laptops now come with 2 Terabyte hard drives.

What I am trying to tell you is that the rapid acceleration of change in how we do things is going to speed up, not slow down. Just look at drones and how fast they are coming into our lives. Just look at the bandwidth that we are all using now.  My father used a slide-rule when he was in college and I used one of the first HP calculators ($400) when I was in college in the 70s, but, then, I am older than many.

New ideas and new ways of doing things are coming fast. One of the properties of Darkness has been to resist changes for the better; that is being washed away along with fear, force and control as the primary mindset.

Open your Hearts and embrace the Change (the Light).

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Happy New Year Light Workers

2016 is going to be a very good year for Beings of the Light. I also call you Right-Spinners; right is light.

I have written about three programs that have been put in place by Light; the Great Return, the Great Reckoning and the Darkest-of-the-Dark. They have all been “running,” but at a low level; call it a “SetUp” level as many things had to be put in place.

As of January 1st, everything was in place and the programs are running with full powre. People around the world should start to see initial results on January 14th with obvious results by January 30th.

Say we have 7 Billion (7,000 Million) people here. I’m not sure that I believe that number, but even if it is only half, that is 3.5 Billion.  That is still a lot of people.

Here is the rub. Light has, finally, taken over as of January 1st. What that means is that Light is now, finally, the dominant Powre here on Earth (and on many other Planets). But… That is a very recent development. Most people take the easy way when offered a choice; that is why about 95% of us chose to come here as predominant Left-Spin or Dark Energy Beings.

The choice was easy; Darkness had been the ruling power for the past 6,480 years and Dark Beings had all of the power and wealth. Dark Beings were the Politicians and Judges and Generals and $Billionaires; Dark Beings were the Leaders, the Authority Figures followed by the herds during Taurus, the flocks during Aries and the schools during Pisces. Do you ever wonder where the term school comes from? It comes from the energy of Pisces; you know, schools of fish.

But now, we are in Aquarius Energy and have been since December 22, 2012.  But… It has taken three years to complete the transition from, or dissipation of, the Piscean Energies. Remember, during Taurus, Aries and Pisces, Darkness had 80% of the power; Light had to choose its battles wisely.

OK, we are in Aquarian Energies; what does that mean? The symbol for Aquarius is a woman standing at the tippy top of a mountain pouring water on the point. How is this different from Taurus, Aries and Pisces? First, and foremost, those Houses of the Zodiac were dominated by Darkness; Aquarius is dominated by Light.  They were also dominated by Males; this is no surprise as male energy is Dark and female energy is Light.  Remember, females create by giving birth and bringing civilization; males are required, but transitory and males tend to be the destroyers.

Cattle herd, sheep flock and fish school; it is all related to following the leader or following the authority figure or following the credentials, but now, that energy is GONE. What has taken its place?

Think about it; each droplet of water being poured on the mountain top can, now, find its own way down the mountain.  Yes, droplets can gather into rivulets and streams and even rivers and they can follow each other. Is this going to be the action of most of the droplets? Yes, probably, as most people are not leaders.

But…What about the droplets that decide to go their own way? In the past, the Energies did not support these wayward beings; the energies only supported herding, flocking and schooling and tended to punish those who would find, and go, their own ways.

That is no longer true; now, the Energies are, will, support finding and going your own way.  Dark Beings, you know, those who are into using Fear, Force and Control, will say and think to themselves that this is CHAOS; we cannot allow these Light Being to go off on their own and do what they want.

This is only natural for Dark Being to think this; they have had all of the power and wealth for so long that they will “put a stop” to this outrageous behavior. That is the Rub!

Now, Light has 67% of the powre. You ask, why not 80%? See the end of the Lucifer (and Michael) Experiments in an earlier post. The new norm on most of the millions of planets in the Multi-verse is 67% Light-33% Darkness. This is huge change from 50/50 – the old norm or 80/20 – the experimental norm.

OK. Light realizes that the beings in charge will resist the coming chaos as they see it. Guess what? They are all Dark, Dark, Dark and Light has no use for them. What to do with all of these Dark Being who are going to try to gum up the works?

Simple, kill them all. But wait, when we die, is that it? No. We just return to Spirit and wait for another body and another birth on one of millions of planets.

But… that is what is going to happen to 95% of the people on Earth now. One in 20 of us will survive to see 2020.  That means that you have 5 years or less to put your affairs in order if you are leaving. For the Right-Spinners, the survivors, it will be a difficult time of great change where large numbers of people that we know and love will be leaving. In the United States, we will lose two-thirds of our population and be reduced to about 110 million; that is about the size of our population in 1940. There will be many more women than men as most men are predominantly Left-Spinners.

It will also be a time of great Creating as we must create the new world we are inheriting; a world with much more freedom, choice, truth, integrity and much better, friendlier, effective ways to do everything. There will be many new norms as women take over our world.

Darkness is no longer the ruler. That means that lies and cheating become the exception, not the rule.  That means that the lowest common denominator is no longer the goal; rather it will be the highest. The bar will be set higher everywhere. The survivors will tend to think of others before themselves or, at least, as well as themselves.

When all of the predominantly Dark Being leave, the Light Beings left will be of a much higher vibration and this will allow the Earth to go through an Ascension that She, Gaia, is longing for.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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