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Pushing through the “Still” Point

A couple of posts ago, I shared the Corner Discussion and discussed the importance of the actual point in the corner; it is the “Still” point, but also the Zero Point of all Energy (ZPE), the Quantum point and, most importantly, the place where you can connect with Spirit, who is the Creator of the Multi-verse, not just some tiny planet.

I suggested that you put your awareness into a corner, imaginary or actual, and push towards the corner to get to your Still Place.  In an earlier post, Visual Meditation, I describe how I got rid of my Monkey Mind with all of its distractions.

You are pushing your awareness towards the corner until you break through and get to your Still Place. This is an important realization or completion as it sets you up for further breakthroughs.

I have described various Powers that Newmen and Newomen will be getting in this new energy. Whether you think of it as Aquarian Energy or Right-Spin Energy, new Powers will be coming to everyone who is able to stay here. Whatever your level, pushing through the Still Point is the best way for most of us to access these other Powers.  To do so, you must be able to push yourself into your Still Place first.  Once there, you can achieve more push throughs to access these other Powers.

One Power many of us will have is the ability to Jump as in the Movie “Jumper.” Another is Teleporting, which is the ability to move things from point A to point B or to Point Z. These are non-linear, vector Powers.  To access these powers, you must start working on Pushing into the Still Point and then pushing beyond that.

This is my first “How-to” on gaining access to more Powers. All of us are Creators, but there are many levels of Creating abilities.  Many of us will still be in the Fire Being stage where we have Adept powers or Vertical Master or Horizontal Master or Mahatma powers.  There are many thousands of us who have transformed themselves into Earth Beings which have six degrees of power; Keeper, Grower, Miner, Smelter, Builder and Transformer.

Each of these degrees of power has sub-degrees.  Fire Beings have 4 sub-degrees for each of the four main degrees.  Each Earth Being power has 9 sub-degrees. Many of us have done the hard lifting in many previous lives and can breeze through many of these sub-degrees and degrees.

That is why all of those who stay here on Earth will have a very extended lifetime in a youthful body. The purpose of all of us here is to find a way to advance on this Newman and Newoman Path towards transformation back to the One.

There is lots for all of us; after Earth Being, there is Air Being, Water Being and, finally, Spirit Being. Do not be dismayed about the number of sub-degrees and degrees. All of us will find inSights that allow us to Jump ahead.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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The Nine Fields

I started out in communications when the world was still using Morse Code as it’s primary communications mode.  I was a Morse Code Intercept Operator and got good enough to hold 200 characters in my  mind while I typed them in a format on a manual typewriter. I became expert at all kinds of antennas and arrays as well as Medium Frequency, High Frequency, VHF, EHF, SHF and then, back into Low Frequency and Very Low Frequency.

I was an Intern to the Director of the National Security Agency back when it spied on Foreign enemies/potential enemies. I am not happy, nor support the NSA spying on the American people.

This period, from 1969-1993, was a time of great change as we moved from automatic Morse to primitive computer networks and into the extended Internet/WiFi/Cellular Data network we have today. I was in the Intelligence world and got the most advanced computers, modems, communications and network equipment. I was on ARPANet before it became the Internet.

I was the Collection Manager for the US Space Command and was responsible for pointing many satellites in different directions to meet various information requirements.

I give this background to lend credibility to this observation; we use copper to flow electrons and bits/bytes from our amplifiers and we use aluminum to send and receive our signals (Hertz).  Here’s an odd thought; neither copper nor aluminum can be magnetized. How can it be that we are using the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum?

Think about it, we use aluminum antennas and copper wire to carry the signal and, yet, neither of them are magnetizable. Yet, we have all been taught that we are using the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum. We have been self-limiting ourselves for more than a century.

Let’s look at it from a different perspective; to transit or receive a signal, we must first create a “carrier wave.” Then, we modulate or demodulate data on that carrier wave.  Yes, the Muxing and DeMuxing is putting magnetic data from computers, data bases and communication devices on that carrier wave, but what is that carrier wave? It is certainly not magnetic.

So… We know how to use a Carrier Wave and have done so for more than 100 years.  We first used it on Telegraph wires; had to get the “carrier wave” up before we could send those dits and dahs. We know it will carry the data over a distance in wires and wirelessly and are supremely confident that the packets will get there.

Obviously, we know how to use the first field to convey or propagate over distance, but we do not know that we are using it.  The question is, can we use the first field to do other work? How about for propagating wireless power?

Some elements have electrons that spin in opposite directions in various rings. I propose that when we put current into a copper wire or photons into a fiber wire, we are creating several fields that spin in opposite directions; just like the electrons in the different electron rings.

Luckily for us, the first field that we encounter is a left-hand rule field; it propagates our signals in an omni-directional or directional mode depending on the antenna we are using.  This field, the Propagation Field, uses the changing properties of the air, it’s moisture, it’s coolness, it’s dust, whether it’s daytime or night to transit the electro-magnetic data that has been modulated onto the signal.

That data is modulated onto the second field, the Data Field or Modulation Field which is a right-hand rule field. Both of these fields are pushed out to the antennas on both sides of the wireless communications signal.  Are there more fields being sent that we are not using?

Ok. So we know how to use two of the fields that we have created. Great! What about the other fields? Are there more? How many? Do these other fields have different properties like the first two?

Shifting to Wired Communications (twisted pair, cable and fiber)

Can we use these fields, around the wire (fiber) to send data and/or power around the wire instead of through it? If so, can we send very high bandwidths at very high bus speeds?

Here is a great question, If we can send data and/or power around the wire (fiber), is Ohm’s Law a factor?  Yes, we know that resistance creates heat when current is put into a copper wire; that is Ohm’s Law.

Maxwell’s Equations are the basis for all of our electrical engineering. He just assumed that there was just one field being created; what if there are as many as nine? What if his equations still apply to all the fields being created, but if different ways because of the different properties.

What if, by putting power around the wire instead of through it, the power was not “grounded?” What if linesmen could not get electrocuted if the power was not in the line (but around it)?

Anyhow, this is my very different take on what we think we know about communications, computers, data bases, chips, and networks. Just imagine not having to deal with heat by sending the electrons as data or power or both around the wire. Chips that do not produce heat as they process billions of floating point operations per second.  Heat is the universal enemy of any electronic device; perhaps, solved.

Love, Light and Laughter,



The Corner Discussion

I wrote about some of this in a Post called A Physics Lesson, in May, 2016. Click to follow the link.

James Clark Maxwell is a distant cousin of mine, but we carry the same DNA. Maxwell’s Equations were new information that the world did not have; they were “channeled” to Maxwell from his creative self or being. This download of information started happening to him when he was 18 years old. Before Maxwell, there were no Electrical Engineers.

When they measured the speed of light back at the beginning of the 20th Century, they were actually measuring the speed of heat (they used incandescent light bulbs). How fast is the Light coming from an LED device?

Our world is based on three physical dimensions (height, depth and width) which are all 90 degree dimensions which we can easily see by looking at a corner on a package, desk or ceiling.  There is another dimension which is much more difficult to see, but we measure it all of the time.  That is Time/Space and it is a 45 degree dimension coming out of the corner point.

The point in a corner is the “Still” point that we go to when we meditate.  It is also the Zero-Point-Energy or ZPE point.  It is also the Quantum point and it is also SPIRIT.

Think of any imaginary point in space; it is really a corner where the three physical planes come together. Each of these three physical planes have their own properties that represent the six fundamental forces in our physical world.

These are Darkness and Light, Hot/Heat and Cold, and Gravity and Magnetism. Each of these is a binary opposite of the other; this may be a new idea for Gravity and Magnetism. BTW, Cold is not the absense of Hot (Heat), but is it’s own fundamental force with it’s own unique properties.

Look at a corner that is on the ceiling or imaginary.  The left vertical wall is always Darkness and Light.  The right vertical wall is always Hot and Cold. The horizontal plane (whether on ceiling or floor or wherever) is always Gravity and Magnetism.

There are six fundamental forces. Darkness flows away from the corner and Light flows towards the corner. Hot (Heat) flows away from the corner and Cold flows towards the corner. Gravity flows away from the corner and Magnetism flows towards the corner.

Mankind has “dominion” over three of these Fundamental Forces; the ones that flow towards the corner, Light, Cold and Magnetism. The other three, Darkness, Heat and Gravity are much more difficult for us to achieve breakthrough technologies.  Yes, we were given the Gift of Fire and we have done well with it, but we have just begun making designer alloys.

What we call the Speed of Light (186,000 ft/sec/sec) is actually the Speed of Heat (Hot). The next tier up is the Speed of Cold, which is twice (2x) the Speed of Hot. Then, there is the Speed of Darkness, which is three (3x) times the Speed of Hot. Then, Speed of Light, which is 4x the Speed of Hot. Then, Speed of Gravity which is 5x the Speed of Hot and lastly, Magnetism, which is 6x the Speed of Heat.

This new information kind of takes Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, E=MC² and makes it much more relative.

Many people who are interested in physics know that particles and waves are impacted/changed by a viewer viewing them. What we do not understand, generally, waves are properties of the fundamental Magnetism plane/force and particles are properties of the fundamental Gravity place/force. Again, these two forces are binary equal and opposites like ones and zeros.

This should be helpful to the Quantum physicists, but will probably be resisted with all of their power.

Note: this ties in with the channeled information provided in the Maxwell Equations; they do not just apply to electro-magnetism, but to all of the fundamental forces/planes. Yes, when current is applied to a wire, many fields are created; not just the right-hand rule magnetic field. More on this in subsequent dialog. And yes, the “Light” that we receive from the Sun  has Ultra-Violet, X-Ray and Gamma Rays; it has it all.  It also has rays for each of the six forces in the corner; hot/cold, dark/light and gravity/magnetism.

This also ties in with the Platonic Solids as described in Timeaus; particularly in the Earth shape or Hexahedron (Cube) as it has eight corners. Could there be different, new properties associated with each of the different corners?

Love, Light and Laughter,



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More on the 14 Creation Number

Esoteric is a word that describes hidden things that are in plain sight. The 14 Creation Number is a great example.

The Creation Number is 14 or 5; anytime you see a 5, it is really the 14 Creation Number.

A couple of posts ago, I told you that the power shift was occurring in increments of 5%; that is the Creation Number at work.

Think about the importance of the number 5 and 14 in our lives.  There are five work days in a week. There is 14 days in a fortnight or a typical vacation.  Water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit; the 3+2=5 which is a 14 Creation Number.  Water changing state to a solid is a new creation. What about boiling water? It is a change in state as well; it boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Again, 2+1+2=5 which is a 14 Creation Number.

OK. Let’s look at the Human body. We have a torso and two arms and two legs; there’s that five again. We have hands that have a thumb and four fingers and feet that have a big toe and four little toes. Do you know that there are fourteen (14 Creation Number) bones that are used to make our fingers and toes?

Our faces have a mouth and two nostrils and two eyes.  We are born with 32 teeth.  When we have our “wisdom” teeth taken out, we are left with 14 teeth up and down.

14 is a number that is part of us in many ways and yet, it is hidden in plain sight. Most of us never notice.

Alright, what does the Creation Number do for us? Answer: All of the major religions on Earth talk about man and woman being made in the image of their creator.  This is a dis-enabling dodge. If we are the Creators Image, than we are Creators too/two.

The fancy word for creating used to be called Manifesting.  Anytime a word starts with Man…, it means using your hands as in manufacturing or manicuring. How did one manifest things, good or bad? Again, most of us do not know or care because we Create things for ourselves unconsciously (UN-CONSCIOUS-LY).  Many of us have tried pictures of things we want on the bathroom mirror or refrigerator, but mostly with mixed success.

There is a higher vibration world called the Forms World. We all live in the hard, physical world; it is the 9th world out from the One or Spirit. The Forms World is the next one in or the 8th world. The Forms World is where we Create our stuff before it can be brought into our 9th world. All of Creations are created first as vibrations, in the Forms World.

By creating things in the Forms World, we can start them, stop them, change them or even, put them on hold.  Sometimes we start a creation with the best of intent, but the creation gets turned into something we do not want. Once a creation is started, nearly no one/none of us knows how to prevent them from coming into our world.

That is where the 14 Creation Number comes in; on days that add up to 5 or 14, we can CONSCIOUSLY Create.  For example, tomorrow is March 14th; the 14 is a Creation Number Day. Every month has a 5th, 14th, 23rd and 28th (2×14); these are called single 14-days. So…On single 14-days, we can start something, change it in mid-course, delay it, cancel it or stop it or make it complete and bring it into our world.

Every month also has double-14 days and triple-14 days. April 1st is known as April Fools Day, but it is a double-14 day; 4+1=5.  Our next double 14-day is March 20th; 3+2=5. Our next triple 14-day is  March 18th; 3+1+8+2+0+1+8=23 which is a 5.   2018 adds up to a 2; 3/18/2 is also 3/9/2 which is 14. Every month has 3-4 double- and triple 14-days. In a given years, around 30 percent of the days are 14 Creation Days. That means that we can CONSCIOUSLY or unConsciously  create in 3 out of 10 days.

Single 14-days are great for money and things creations. Double 14-days are great for relationships; weddings, partnerships, joining an organization, getting a job. Triple-14 days should be used for complex things and relationships. Double and Triple 14-days can be used for money and things and relationships as well.

In the new energy, whether it is called Aquarius or Right-Spin, many of us will have ENHANCED Creation Powers; we will still have to use the 14 Creation Days,  but there will be more gain or amplitude put into them. Perhaps, there will be more priority. I am calling this new, mental Creation tool, VISIONEERING.

The key take-away here is I want all of you to become Conscious Creators.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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We are Entering a Mini-Ice Age now and for next 99 Years

Historically, the Earth went through a Mini- or Little Ice Age between the years 1646 and 1715. What does that mean? Food production from growing crops was cut to about 30 percent and a lot of people were not able to get enough food for proper growth, disease control and just plain starvation.  During the last Mini-Ice Age, the European civilization experienced several bouts of the Black Death or Bubonic Plague; the rodents moved right into the houses looking for any food they could get.

Oddly enough, 1715  is the earliest date for the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Spirit always gives after it takes away.

Unfortunately, we are now entering a 99-year Mini-Ice Age. This year is a very odd year weather-wise. We will have an unusually cool spring and summer and fall. Many states above the Mason-Dixon Line will have snow in August. In Europe, most of France and countries north will experience these cold summers as well.

This year, it will be treated as an anomaly, but next year the farmers will have to plant winter wheat in the spring. The growing belt in the US and Europe will have to be moved much further south; the American South and Spain and Italy will become the new “bread” baskets.

The climate will change as well.  The Jet Stream will come further south and carry a lot more water into the American Southwest; the deserts will bloom and yes, food crops can be grown there. In Mexico, the Sonora Desert, which is huge, will also be better watered and will become a food production area.

New technologies may enable our current farmers to keep growing crops, but it will have to be done under an energy dome that keeps the crops from getting too cold.

Many of the great US and European cities will become too cold to live in and there will be mass migrations to warmer climes.

This Mini-Ice Age will also impact China and Japan, India, the Middle East, Southern Africa, Argentina and the Southern parts of New Zealand and Australia.

I have held off posting this as I hoped it was not true; but…….. it is happening.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Some more details on the Shift Transition

When dealing with Spirit, you have to ask the correct/”right” question. It is similar to the Internet; garbage in-garbage out.

OK. I was right/correct; 2018 is the transition year. From December 22, 2012 until December 22, 2017, Darkness still had the vast majority of the power in the world with a few exceptions.

So…. on January 1st, 2018, what happened?  The power of both Darkness/Left-Spin and Light/Right-Spin went to zero (0) percent between December 22nd, 2017 and the new year. On January 1st, 2018, both Left- and Right-Spin got 10% each; well actually, it was 5% on the 1st and another 5% on the 15th. So… On February 1st, 2018 both Left- and Right-Spin received 15% each. On March 1st, Left-Spin (Darkness) had 20 % and Right-Spin (Light) had 25%. On March 15th, Right-Spin will get the additional 5%.

OK. In March 2018, Right-Spin or Light has 30% and Left-Spin or Dark only has 20%; things are now starting to move towards the Right-Spin agenda, but still slowly.  Over the next five months the Right-Spin energy will grow to 80%; April 40%, May 50%, June 60%, July 70% and August 80%.

Darkness has 80% of the power on Earth for more than 6,500 years. Light will have 80% of the power for the next 2,155 years or longer, but it may get reduced to 67/33% for the next 100,000 years or so.

So… Right-Spinners will have 80% of the power on Earth by August 15th.  Remember, Right-Spinners are all about Freedom, Truth, Choice, Self-Reliance, Self-Responsibility, Integrity, and Doing-the-Right-Thing.

By the end of the year (2018), many things will be in the beginning of a Great SHIFT; the old ways of doing almost everything will be under pressure to allow more freedom and choice and truth and DOING-THE-RIGHT-THING.

Previously, I communicated that Right-Spin would have 80% of the power on January 1st, 2018; sorry, it is August 15th, 2018. At least I got the year right.

It is Great to be a Right-Spinner.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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