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Aliens Among Us – Update

This will not be news to many of us, but will be news to most of us. The United States military has been conducting Space Warfare missions since the 1980s.

The US has several bases on the Moon that tend to be underground and not visible from Earth. There are above ground bases on the Far Side. The US has several bases within the Asteroid Belt as well. And then, there is a planet, called Triton, where the US is part of an allied presence. Triton is, technically, a Moon of Jupiter, but it is approximately the same size as Earth with several continents and seas that cover most of it. The atmosphere and gravity is very similar to Earths. Triton has many of the same plants and animals as Earth.

So, how does work? Jupiter puts out a fair amount of heat and Triton itself has a significant heat source within. And, of course, there is enough heat coming from our sun, Solar.

Who are these Allies that US Space Forces are sharing Triton with? Simple, but complex answer, “the Pleiadeans.” Our Solar System is only one of several star systems that orbit a large, dark star named Alcyone. You can read about them all, just look up the Pleiades. In these six other star systems there are seven planets that have Human-like beings; they refer to themselves as the Pleiadeans in conversations with us.

We also know them as the original inspiration for the television show, Star Trek. They also call themselves the Federation of Planets and Star Fleet Command.

Wow. You mean that the US Space Force technologies are equal to those of Star Fleet Command? Yes and no. Read on.

Our Star System is a fair distance from the other systems orbiting Alcyone and the Pleiadeans had not “discovered” us yet. But we were “discovered” by another Space-traveling race that we call the Annunaki. For whatever reason, the Annunaki missed the importance of Triton and landed on Mars first; this is where all those artifacts on Mars came from.

Mars is inhabited by a race of being who were driven into their planet (underground) by massive climate changes. Yes, there is air, food and water below the Marian surface. The Annunaki were, essentially, driven off by these indigenous race of beings and came to Earth.

We are about to find out the hard way that we are not likely to be welcomed on Mars. The Annunaki were there, on Mars, for about 4,000 years before being evicted.

Phobos is an artificial satellite or space station that was build by the Annunaki. It was used to ferry people and technologies from Mars to Earth. The Annunaki landed in what we call Iraq today. They set up gold and diamond mining operations in our South Africa. There were only 400 Annunaki who came to Earth and only six leaders brought wives. Yes, that is a ratio of 394 to 6.

Fortunately for the Annunaki, they had advanced genetic technologies that allowed them to mix their genes with the genes of the most advanced primate on Earth. Soon, slave populations began spreading around Earth.

The Annunaki landed on Earth about 50,000 years ago. Two of their leaders were two sons of the ruler of their planet, Nibiru. One was the eldest and the other was the son of the King’s half-sister. They had a civil war here on Earth that lasted 35,000 years (yes, they live very long lives). The “Astronauts” that came with them were, essentially, evenly divided in loyalties. Slave armies were bred to fight these endless brotherly wars and the Annunaki gave us the concept of “Kingship” based on their own royal traditions.

Most of the population of the Earth are survivors of the Slave Armies used in this Civil War. Yes, most of us are walking around with Alien genes or genetics within.

It gets a bit more complicated. The Annunaki are a reptilian, shape-shifting race that were conquered by the Draco; also a reptilian race that has been successful in conquering many planets/races. The Annunaki had a wonderful technology; they could move their entire planet (with moons) around like a spaceship. They used natural diamonds as the fuel and lived in the hollow interior of their planet.

This technology allowed the Annunaki to be very effective “scouts” for the Draco. After the Annunaki “discovered” Earth and its riches of gold and diamonds, they sent word to the Draco. The Draco were delighted and sent a colonizing fleet to seize control of Earth.

On the way here, the Draco fleet “discovered” two of the Pleiadean Worlds and occupied them. They landed their forces unopposed and eradicated the Pleiadean populations. They used most of their colonists and defensive technologies to secure their possession of these two planets.

The Pleiadeans were a peaceful, trading race of Human-like beings who were similar in physiology and cultures across seven nearby planets. This attack by the Draco was an existential threat that caused the five remaining planets to form a military alliance, Star fleet Command. The Pleiadeans combined their technologies and came up with a force that defeated the Draco ships in our area of space. They also followed up on communications coming from Earth.

Their first priority was to try to defeat the Draco and retake their two lost planets, but the Draco defenses held and the call for help went back to the Draco leaders. What followed was a thousand years of battles between the Pleiadeans and the Draco with many battles that culminated in a decisive win by the Pleiadeans in an epic Space Battle.

During that battle a small flotilla of Draco ships detached and headed for Earth. After the battle, the Pleiadeans found the enemy ships in orbit around Triton; they were attempting to fortify Triton and did not want to lead the Pleiadeans to Earth. These Draco were all defeated and the Pleiadeans took possession of Triton. Note: this is not the moon of Mars.

The original Draco colonizing fleet arrived at Earth. They had used up most of their colonists and supplies, but were supplied by the Annunaki. The Annunaki were promptly told, “Thank you, we got this. Bye, go find another planet like this.” This forced an end to the Brotherly Civil War; one brother, En-Lil, and his followers got on the Space station (Phobos) and returned to Mars. From Mars, they returned to Nibiru using the original, longer-range rockets that they used to travel to Mars. This left Phobos in orbit where it is today. The other brother, En-Ki, could not return home, and he and his followers moved down into the hollow center of Earth.

By the time of this epic battle in Space, the Draco on Earth had spread out and created five major hive locations; Alsace-Lorraine region, Cairo, Egypt, Perth, Australia, Central New Mexico, USA and one under the ice in Antarctica. The Pleiadeans investigated and located the first four hives; they landed and destroyed them.

What to do with an enemy planet that was populated with various warring peoples that all had “enemy” genes. Fortunately for us, the Pleiadeans saw Earth as an opportunity and decided to land their own colonists in an empty part of the planet that we call Europe. These became the Europeans who, eventually, conquered the rest of Earth.

The Pleiadeans established a base on Triton and a maintenance/repair facility on the Far/Dark side of the Moon. They also had several defense/mining operations going on in the Asteroid Belt.

The Pleiadeans are a very “civilized” culture of people and preferred peaceful trade and interaction. As such, they decided that they could not “interfere” in the evolution of Earth (anymore than they had). As such, they adopted a watchful state with limited contact with their colonists.

Unbeknownst to them, the Draco in Antarctica spread out via underground tunnels to the other four hives. The Draco intent was to seize control of Earth, but were constrained by the lack of air/space superiority in battle. They were able to use their ships to attack the Europeans using bacteria warfare several times (the plagues).

So. Our Earth is populated by most who are a mixture of Annunaki and Primates. Next, we have populations of Europeans in Europe, North America, South America, parts of Africa and Australia/New Zealand. Next we have the Draco in their hives. And, lastly, we have En-Ki and his followers living and interacting with us from the Hollow Earth. Whoever we are, we are all Aliens, even if we have been born here.

Much of this story is 5-10,000 years old, and we do not have any records of the Draco hive destruction or much about the Annunaki except they were the old Gods. So moving into the 1900s and into today, what happened?

In the last 300 years, there have been other very large battles in Space between the Pleiadeans and the Draco. This last time the Draco sent two large fleets from two directions. It was a near thing, but the Pleiadeans prevailed; they had two fleets as well with a reserve force in the middle.

Because the Earth is relatively far from the core Pleiadean Planets, a flotilla of Star Fleet ships had to defend Earth/Triton and the Pleiadeans decided they would seek help from Earthlings. So, in the last century, we saw an explosion of technologies in flight, rockets, communications and computers. Did all of that come from us, or did we have some help?

One of the home planets of the Pleiadeans is the original source for all Germans. As such, one group of Pleiadeans wanted to work with Germany and another with the United States (the new home of innovation). What we got was a Germany and a United States that was getting help in war winning technologies. Yes, both of these governments worked closely with Pleiadean agents/scientists to “jump start” our technological capabilities.

One of the areas that we Earthlings excelled at is the concept of digitization and binary computing. This has led to huge advances in communications, networking, computing and even in metallurgy that had gone beyond the Pleiadean technologies.

Do we have spaceships that can travel to distant planets in our system? How about traveling to distant planets in other systems? Yes. Do we have a planet that we can expand to? Yes, it is right here in our system – Triton. Even more, it is not inhabited by permanent colonists (or by a race that does not want us there). Yes, it is being used for food production, raw materials, water and air, but as a forward military base that may have to be abandoned.

We now have a US Space Force. OK. How many spaceships do we have? How about 100 big ones and many more that are smaller? So, are we using Pleiadean technologies? Yes, but they are also using our technologies.

Do we have factories in the Black World that are making things using Pleiadean technologies? Yes, lots, but we are also sending them our laptops, tablets, smartphones and many other technologies that we are working on jointly.

How about the Moon? Who owns it? The Pleiadeans have a large base there? Do they own it? No, it belongs to Earth. OK. Are there any Earth being who live there? Yes, the German arrived from their secret base, New Swabia, in Antarctica in the 1980s. They built a base right next to the Star Fleet maintenance facility on the Dark side. It is staffed and operated by many Germans from the Home planet. The Germans from Earth are working closely with the Pleiadean Germans on building ships for the Americans, the Pleiadeans and even for themselves.

Wow. The Germans can claim the Moon? Yes, but so can their Ally, the United States. It is all a moot point as the Moon Germans, the Pleiadeans and the Americans are working closely together to prepare a defense of the Moon/Earth, Triton and the Asteroid Belt when the Draco arrive. The Pleiadean Fleets will be busy defending against as many as three Draco fleets coming. Earth is one of the richest planets in diamonds and heavy metals anywhere and the Draco want it back (without all of us, of course).

So, what else happened? We developed a great understanding of communications warfare here to include jamming and spoofing signals especially RADAR and Infrared. We have shared much of that technology with the Pleiadeans, and they developed an approach to attack the Draco by jamming the Draco Queens.

The Draco organize themselves in giant circular hives that are 50 miles wide at the surface, 5 miles deep and 5 miles wide at the bottom. In Space, their hives are shaped like giant cubes. There is only one Queen per hive, and she has total control of everything. Yes, there are sub-Queens, but they get their orders from the Queen for everything.

As an example, say the Queen has an army of warriors that she no longer needs. She can withhold the command to eat and the warriors will not eat; they actually starve themselves to death. This total control over who eats (and doesn’t) has saved the hives many times in emergency situations.

The Pleiadeans detected the increased Hive Activity here on Earth. They focused in and found that all five hives were active again. They found that each of the hives had 1 million warriors ready to come out when the Draco won the coming Space Battle. That battle happened in 2009; the Pleiadeans won, again.

What to do about the hives and all of those warriors? Attacking the hives was not an option this time; the entire world was unaware of the threat and the notion of an Alien attack would be too devastating to Earth.

During this battle, the Pleiadeans picked up communications between the attacking fleets and each of the five hives on Earth. There was a lot of pre-coordination going on for a general attack on Earth’s populations. The Draco have no problem thinking of us as food.

In 2011, just 9 years ago, the Pleiadeans sent teams down to Earth. They set up sophisticated jamming equipment that was designed to jam the mental communications from the Queen (and sub-Queens). This had to be perfect or it would not work again. Fortunately, the Pleiadeans had captured a Queen and several sub-Queens in the battle and were able to test it.

The Queens and sub-Queens were jammed in all five hives. The Queens were totally isolated and could not even tell their attenders what to do. It worked, none of the Queens were able to tell their populations to eat. Result? No one ate. All the Draco in all five hive sites perished by starvation. I know, this seems incredible to Humans who are individuals, but the Draco are total collectivists; the individual has no rights, everything belongs to the group.

If you have wondered about all the activity down in Antarctica? The world is doing an “Intelligence Exploitation” of the hive down there. Remember, there is a hive in Australia, on the French-German border, in Egypt and in New Mexico. Odds on, the US Military has been exploiting that hive for a while. Any bets on whether the French or Germans know about their hive? Or can agree who will control it? Maybe it’s the EU? What a joke.

All of those dead bodies, but also all of their engineering and technology. The Draco are very focused on mining and extracting mineral wealth. In each of these hive locations, there is a strong likelihood of vast amounts of precious metals like gold, silver and platinum. Perhaps diamonds as well.

I thought I would share this with the world. My point is that we are already in Space as a fighting force. Now, that fighting force is controlled, mostly, by the United States. Is China or Russia going to be allowed to become players? Not likely with their hostility to the US. The Pleiadeans and the Moon Germans would have to be on board.

If the Moon Germans make a claim, they have six (6) starships that can defend that claim. The notion that China or Russia or Anyone else will set up Moon bases and begin mining operations is not a likely option.

Can the US Military really let a corrupt One Worlder like Joe Biden become President. Open borders and destruction of the US Constitution are one thing, but destroying the US Military by 1000 cuts, is another.

There is more at stake than most of us realize. We are not ALONE and, even more importantly, we are in It Together.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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A Re Set is Happening

But Not What THEY Thought!

The Globalists have been planning this for decades. They released the Great Pandemic on the world according to plan. They arranged the Great Election Steal ballot fraud as a desperate attempt to get rid of Trump. Servers from China, Germany and Venezuela have been implicated.

At the last Davos Confab, they held extensive meetings on the coming Re Set and how it would be implemented. They actually pre-released Covid-19 in China in October 2019. Again, this was all pre-planned down to the worldwide lockdowns. Their agenda, as always, was to seize control of the world economy and use fear to implement changes that would allow them, the tiny elite, to rule the planet with total ruthlessness.

But, look at what’s happening. The election fraud is being exposed in glaring detail in a State-by-State exposé allowing everyone in the world to see the level of corruption involved. This is the Globalists at work; they are also called the Deep State, the One Worlders, the Central Bankers/Banksters, the EU, the CCP and the United Nations.

Without the United States under their control, their great Re Set is not going to happen. Their plan to have Biden steal the election is becoming undone. The US Supreme Court has just pulled the Federal Judges overseeing the elections in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia and replaced them with “Conservative” judges. The Chairman of the Federal Election Commission has already declared the election “invalid.” The election will probably be invalidated by the US Supreme Court. They will have two choices; have a ReDo or declare Trump the winner (as the ReDo option will be too messy).

Bottom line: Trump has been re-elected whether the Globalist like it or not. This has saved the world a Military Coup in the United States; Biden (and the Globalists) would not have been allowed to become President. Trump has done many things to dismantle the Globalist plan/agenda and the Patriot Group in the United States Government would not have allowed the Globalist to take over again. Do people in the world really think the US Military is anti-Trump and/or Pro-Biden? Not.

And besides, Kamala Harris was born in Canada and cannot become the US Vice President or President; that would have be invalidated by the US Supreme Court as well.

So…. Things are not going well for the Globalists in the US. Where else are they crying out in horror? How about France? President Macron, who was a Rothschild Banker and the Heir Apparent to take over from Angela Merkel has realized that liberal governments and open borders are incompatible. If a foreign religion (Islam) is opposed to Western values, then the liberal governments will collapse, potentially/eventually. This is what is happening in France (and the UK, and Belgium, and Germany, and Italy and many other places in Europe). Macron has realized that the Muslims do not want to become European and will insist on separate, parallel, independent religions and cultures; think “NoGo” Zones.

Macron met with several Muslim Advocacy groups and demanded that they agree to disbanding Political Islam in France and terminate funding from foreign sources (Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States and Iran). If these Muslim leaders do not comply, they will be declared “Enemies of the Republic.”

Wow. This is the beginning of the Mass Deportation of Muslims (by the Millions) in Europe. Macron realizes that the French people are not going to accept more Muslim Terrorist killings of teachers and worshipers in churches. Before long, the French Military will become involved and the power of the State will be used. This will not be pretty and many people who have tried to stay in the middle will be forced out as well.

The Muslim World started talking about the Crusaders about 10 years ago. Finally, the Crusades are about to begin anew, but again, coming from Europe. It will start with the elimination of the “NoGo” zones and a general “you are not welcome here” attitude, It will get worse when the Muslims push back, especially violently. That has already started. Their easy gains have already been accomplished.

When roused, the Europeans can be quite ruthless against their perceived enemies. It will be slightly different in different countries, but a wave of revulsion is already sweeping across Europe; Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Austria are examples. The Muslims do not become Europeans, they bring their religion, their religious law (Sharia) and their culture with them. Their goal is to change their new home into their old one. The only possible outcome is for their ways to usurp the existing order, or they become expelled. As we are seeing, coexistence is not possible in a separate religious/cultural track. Freedom of religious beliefs has been a hallmark of Western Civilization, but the Muslim Invasions has brought with it a Cultural Warfare that is now forcing everyone to choose/take sides.

What else? Poland, Hungary and Slovakia are not going along with the EU Budget restrictions; largely over open border Immigration issues. Outcome, no new EU Budget and no relief to the Italians for their Covid-19 stresses. Italy could well leave the EU rapidly; in a calendar year or less. Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Austria may join them in harmony. Finland, Denmark and France may be right behind. Germany may have to leave the EU as it does not want to pay for everything.

Brexit is happening and is looking like a “No Deal” version is likely. Where is the EU going to get it’s funding without the City of London? The Vatican used to be an option, but Trump has been attacking the Rothschild’s (and the ECB and the Federal Reserve) who are enmeshed in it. Any gives on the Fisheries question is now being seen as a surrender of British Sovereignty and will NOT happen. Britain is making trade deals all over the world. It has made a fisheries deal with Iceland and Norway. A trade deal with the United States could bypass EU Trade Controls and Subsidies entirely.

Ireland may be forced to leave the EU because of Brexit. Most of its imports and exports go through Britain, Exceptions include air freight, but most goods transit via trucks and ferries.

The prototype for the Globalist World Government was the European Union; even George Soros is afraid that the EU is collapsing.

Lastly, what is happening in China? The monsoon season was supposed to be over in August; the heavy rain and flooding continues, but now the snow and ice will add to the misery. There is already food shortages and China will be in famine by Spring. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has lost “the Mandate from Heaven.”

Xi Jinping has alienated everyone on the planet with his release of the Pandemic Virus and his military aggression. Donald Trump is aggressively decoupling the United States from China and the Chinese people have had the worst economic year since before China joined the WTO in 1990 or worse.

The flooding in China has frequently reached or surpassed 33 feet/10 meters. This means that all of those factories have been flooded; all of those computers have been soaked in muddy flood waters. What’s worse? All of those warehouses that store the millions of electronic parts and chips have been flooded. Are all of those chips going to work as expected with the micro dirt particles embedded?

The Chinese know about this, but are not talking about it. What are they doing? Using the chips that were not flooded (not many) or those stored very high in the warehouses for their own priority military and surveillance state companies. The rest, they are putting into export electronics.

DO NOT BUY ANY CHINESE ELECTRONICS FOR THE NEXT YEAR TO 18 MONTHS. None of these electronic devices will work as expected. Look up something called “Impedance.” This is the problem with all of those minute specks of dirt on/in the chips. They cannot be pressure washed; they are too delicate.

So…. China is experiencing one calamity after another. Weather, floods, food, economic depression and a huge loss-of-face to the world. It could get much worse. Yes, famine by Spring and yes, the Great Dam could break. That would put 400 million people (or more) at risk. Many of the 1000s of dams in China have already collapsed. We are in the beginning of the next “Mini” Ice-Age and it could last 100 – 800 years.

This all gets back to the change in energy that I write about. We entered the Aquarius Age (Zodiac) in December 2012. It takes 9 years to transition from one age to another. The 9 years can be broken down into three 3-year periods; the first 3 years stayed mostly like the Pisces energy, the next 3 years saw a shift in energy (think Brexit and Trump) and the last 3 years are turning out to be mostly new energy (again, think Brexit and Trump, but also the many failures of the Globalists).

So…by the end of 2021, the 9-year transition will be completed and the new Age’s energy will be paramount. What does that mean? Fear, Force and Control which played such a significant role in our past few thousand years, will be relegated to a supporting role. The new Aquarian energy will actively lift-up more freedoms, more truth/integrity, more good choices and more self-reliance/responsibility. The rights of the individual will trump the rights of the group.

Politician lies and corruption will no longer be supported; what a concept?

I know, how can this be? This is what this new energy is bringing. Women will be the dominant sex; we are already seeing more and more women in leadership roles. The concept of staying with the school (of fish) or the flock (of sheep) or the herd (of cattle) for safety/survival is fading rapidly. It is being replaced with energy that supports “going your own way.”

The concept of having credentials that show you are part of some elite status like college/university degrees is being questioned. Many people are skipping university and going online certificates instead. Many more have discovered the old/new concept of apprenticeships. Bottom line: the old methods of distinguishing yourself (degrees) are failing; just too expensive, too long and not enough return on investment.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are changing banking and money. Everything is digital money and credit now, but will Gold-backed (Sound) money make a comeback? Will we experience dramatic devaluations in our currencies? Is it possible that a US Dollar Treasury Note could buy 20 or 30 times what it can today? One or two of these new $20 bills could buy groceries for a month or a new laptop computer.

Inherent in this shift is the elimination of yearly inflation built in to our Central Bank system; 2% per year is 20% inflation over a decade. In three decades, that is 60% inflation. Is it any wonder that our money buys so little today? Things have not gotten more expensive; our money is worth less and less and takes more and more to buy anything.

Buy silver and gold coins. With the devaluation of currencies, the price of gold and silver will skyrocket. Look for an once of silver to be $1,000 USD and an ounce of gold to be $30,000 USD. This is not the Federal Reserve Notes, but the new Gold-backed Treasury Notes. Yes, the term, precious metals, will be getting an entirely new understanding. That old gold ring or chain will be worth a lot; hang on to it, there will be no such thing as “junk” gold.

My Spirit Guide tells me that Bitcoin will continue to grow in value like the gold and silver coins. Some other cryptocurrencies will not do so well.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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How Stuff Works

Most of us know that we are energetic beings walking around in a physical body; especially readers of this site.

So…We are all taught in school that we have cells and nerves and blood and organs and bones, etc. They even have a fairly descent understanding of how these all work and interact with each other.

What is not understood well is that all (each of) these physical components have an energetic component attached. As an example, you are working on your tan. You are laying out in the sun and the rays are making you red. Most of us do not worry about the red; it turns brown and we get the tan we were looking for.

This is what is happening in this situation; our bodies are taking in the ultra-violet light as heat and that gets converted to Inflammation. What does the body do with Inflammation? It is a form of energy that has come directly from the Sun.

The body knows what to do; it attaches the Inflammation to a physical component within the skin. Call this a Brown pigment; it is what we call getting a tan. Some of us have fair skin and do not tan well; genetically, we do not have a lot of this brown pigment.

So…what happens over time? The marriage of the energy, the Inflammation, and the physical component, the Pigment dissolves and you lose your tan. As long as you are getting the heat from the Sun, you will continue to create the conditions for more tan; an energy storage device for inflammation.

This is a fairly benign place for Inflammation to be stored. What about other places the body puts Inflammation? Say you get bumped, bruised, or cut; the body puts Inflammation around that event. It creates swelling and signals the body to send healing in the form of more blood.

We all know that we stop the bleeding and put cold compresses or ice on the swelling. The cold drives the heat (Inflammation) away. So, at some level, we know we are dealing with energy. Just as we all know that when we get too heated from exercise, we find a place to cool off. Air conditioning is wonderful for cooling off, but then, so is shade.

My point here is that our bodies are energy machines. We take energetic inputs from our surroundings (temperature, wind, moisture), impacts, food, drink, drugs, and pain/pleasure. The first three are easy to understand, they are mostly energy coming at us and we adapt. Food, drink, and drugs are already energy in a physical form, and we process/digest them to get the goodness from them.

We tend to think of these items as the source of calories or protein or carbohydrates or fat or physically altering chemicals. All of these items have an energetic component that we totally ignore; well most of us.

So, the default is that we eat, drink and be merry and the body will sort it out. We either wake up with a “hangover” or ‘sleep-in” beyond our normal time to wake. This is the body handling the energy part; it is there and most of us do not handle it well.

Some of us have learned over time that we could address some of these energetic impacts by programming ourSelves to wake up without a hangover or process the alcohol faster or to be a “happy” drunk. What I am saying here is that all of us have many more choices than we know in how we deal with the energy components in our lives.

I am just going to address the energy we get from eating our food. We all tend to eat several time a day and think of it as getting the necessary fuel to power our bodies. The same can be said for our coffee and sodas; they are often thought about as “pick-me-ups.”

What if……….you could ask you mind if there was any extra energy that you could use for other things? What if you were told that there is a large amount of extra energy available and were asked how you wanted to use it?

Wow. What other things could you use this extra energy for? There are many options. You can keep the energy internal and use it to increase your alertness, increase your awareness, expand your sense of danger, make you a better programmer and open yourSelf emotionally or become a better empath are just a few. This is an entirely new take on Self-Improvement; it is actually taking some available energy and using it purposefully. In your conversations with yourSelf, you may want to find out if there is a priority to do first.

What about using this extra energy externally? Yes. Everything external to us is based on programming within our bodies; we are the walking-talking biologic computer that everything we create emanates from.

So, Yes, you can use this extra energy for more money, success, sex, a job, a promotion, a new partner or a better relationship. You may have to address (reprogram) your existing programs first.

Hay, you are the Operator, System Administrator and Programmer of You. By talking to yourSelf, you are getting the “buy-in” of your Guide. If your Guide will not go along, you will be told. You can even ask your Guide to help you delete/modify your programming.

Many of you have tried this in the past. Remember everything has layers. Once you finish in one layer, ask if there are more to do. It is not normally “one and done.” One of the themes of this site is that we are in new energy; that will also play a big part in our future successes.

Bottom line: we are all energetic beings in bodies. We get/take energy from the elements around us, our food, our drink, our pleasures (lots of good energy), our pain (not so good, but important) and our altering substances. There is a lot of energy that we have that we are not using. I highly recommend that you start using this “EXTRA” energy for things that you want.

This too is leading to becoming a more Conscious Creator.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Trump Will Win Huge

And So Will the Rest of Us

Why am I writing about Politics?

Simple. Trump is a hard Right-Spinner. He is a disruptor to the existing World Order; the Globalists and Deep State. He is their Destroyer!

How Big? Because the people are not liking the Globalist CCP Virus lock-downs, the Tyrants/Democrats are going to be punished. This will be true in Europe as well.

Let’s start with the lock-down States. They will all vote many more anti-lock-down politicians into office; that means, mostly,Republicans. This will apply to both the US House of Representatives and the US Senate. Trump will gain control of the House and gain seats in the Senate.

In New England, Trump will win New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. In the Mid-Atlantic, he will win Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina. Trumps wins throughout the South (yes, Florida and Texas). In the Mid-West, Trump wins in Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota and everywhere else leaning Red. Trump wins Colorado and New Mexico. Trump wins Nevada.

What does that leave for Biden? California, Oregon, and Washington State are a toss-up. Trump could win all three. Maryland, New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont, and Rhode Island are also in-play, but will probably go for Biden. But, Trump could run the table and get every state.

After all the votes are counted, Trump will have a lands-slide victory in both the popular vote and in the Electoral College. 270 is needed to be elected President and Trump will have around 400 (or more).

The people are speaking very LOUDLY. This whole idea of a Globalist/Davos/Deep State Reset is being Shut-Down in the United States. Trump has cut taxes, massively cut regulations, sent investment money into the Inner Cities, pulled out from the Globalist Trade Deals and the Paris Accord, and brought back/is bringing back manufacturing. All of this was going against the Globalist Plans. Trump is going to Take-Down the entire Central Bank Structure (yes, the Federal Reserve (Fed), the ECB, the IMF, the BIS, the Vatican, and the Rothschilds) in the World.

Unfortunately, the Globalists are still very much in-charge in Europe. It is they who are pushing the Lock-Downs so hard. They realize that they have lost their position in the United States. Trump has moved the Fed into the Treasury and controls it. The Banksters’ only hope is to bring down the entire Global Economy (with Lock-downs) hoping that Trump’s Make America Great Again collapses with it. This is not going to be likely.

Trump keeps saying that 2021 will be an incredibly good year for the United States. Why? Because he had decoupled it from the Central Banksters. He is piling on the debt to the Central Banksters and will engineer a crises where they will have to declare “Bankruptcy.” Remember, they are a private corporation and can do so. Just imagine, 25 $Trillion being wiped off the books in one court case.

In Europe, everything is still very, very Globalist. The taxes haven’t been cut. The regulations are being piled-on. The trade is very protectionist. And, the manufacturing has all been shipped to China. With the CCP Pandemic, some of it is coming back.

The UK seems to be, finally, breaking free from the EU. It is still struggling with the Globalist controls but looks like it is making many positive changes, especially in trade agreements with the Commonwealth and the United States. The EU cannot fund itself without the City of London which it has lost control over. The requirement for all 27 countries to be unanimous in giving up more of their sovereignty is not working out. Germany does not want to keep paying for everything, Italy (and Spain) want more free-bees, and Poland and Hungary will not trade their sovereignty away anymore.

The Globalists wanted to break down the borders and eliminate National Sovereignty. They brought millions of Muslims into Europe to destroy the culture, history, and religion of Western Europe. This has failed miserably. What we see now is the Muslims realizing that the slow take-over phase is over. They do not have any choice; they must push hard for their “revolution.” They have made great progress in the imposition of Sharia Law, but they are still too few.

Now, their violence will beget violence. Soon, it will be too late for the moderates to save the situation. All Muslims in Europe, including in the UK, will be, increasingly, considered to be an “enemy” population that will never adopt Western Civilization. Their religion forbids it.

This has already started in France and the Globalist President, Macron, is trying to save himself by getting out in front of it. The people of Europe will raise themselves up and expel the Muslims out of their “No-Go” zones in the millions. This is not going to be pretty. Atrocities will be delivered by both sides and the middle ground will totally disappear. The majority will impose its authority and drive out the minority. It is going to be a long, cold winter and a miserable time for mass fleeing. Look for the militaries to be involved; massive force will be used.

This mass expulsion of millions will break the European Union apart. Open borders will be denied to millions of Muslims and this will spill over to others.

This is being signaled by Trump’s election again. He is going to make a deal with the UK that destroys the EU Trade Monopolies. Couple that with the new EU Funding issues; the EU will be collapsing soon. Italy will exit rapidly; within 18 months (or sooner). Greece, Spain, and Portugal will be forced to follow. That will trigger the departure of Finland, Denmark, and Sweden. Poland, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic will not be far behind. This is the end of the German Fourth Reich.

Actually, the EU could collapse financially in the next 90 days; the Euro could be toast as a monetary unit. This would allow each country’s treasury to control its own currency. This would be a huge blow to the Central Banksters. Sound money could begin to break out all over.

Why are the Globalists losing so badly? Go back 100 plus years with the creation of the Federal Reserve (and the income tax). The Banksters had been in charge of Europe (the Rothschild Empire) since the 1700s. They tried to grab control of the United States with the 1st and 2nd Bank of the United States. They were partially successful when they established the US Government Corporation after the Civil War, but had to wait until 1913 to gain control over the money. The US Dollar is an instrument of debt; it is a Federal Reserve Note.

Their timing was great. Soon after seizing control of the US, their system of Private Western Central Banks (private corporations, not governmental) was spread throughout the world. This system of theirs, what is it? Debt. They loan money to the governments of the world in return for interest payments. The governments had to come up with some way to pay the interest so they imposed income taxes. This is a massive system of corruption where the Banksters buy all/most of the politicians and bureaucrats; hence, the Deep State.

Soon, sound money (Gold-backed) had to be gotten rid of so that more and more fiat money could be lent to all of the countries. This led to more and more people having to work two jobs (husband and wife) and the explosion of credit and credit cards. Now, most people of the world are enslaved to this massive debt system, Trouble is, productivity does not increase with increased debt; the interest payments take over.

The world is ensnared in DEBT. It owes so much money to the Banksters that it cannot afford to pay for basic services to its people. The Banksters (IMF, World Bank, BIS) will lend more, but demand austerity. That means less and less money for the people.

Economically, this system must be collapsed after about 40 to 50 years with war. Debts are written off and the game is restarted. Now, Europe is too mired in debt; there are no increases in productivity coming to save it. Unfortunately for the Banksters, there is no war on the horizon; Putin is talking and working with Trump and China is a mess and would not last long.

What to do? Bankster digital currency whether it is IMF or EU. This will be fiat money “printed” by pushing a button. It will not hold its value over time; that’s called inflation. This will give the Banksters total control over whatever economies adopt it. They will be able to monitor everything bought and sold and who you are, where you are, and how much you have. This is just like what is happening in Communist China; yes, they did their prototype there. The Banksters will be able to “turn off” the money instantly. Now, that is CONTROL.

Yes, you will still be able to barter, but the surveillance systems will expand.

This is all about Fear, Force and Control. This is all about the ascendancy of Darkness. Guess what? That Age is gone. We left Pisces at the end of 2012 and will be fully transitioned into Aquarius by the end of 2021.

We are far enough along in the transition that Darkness is losing all of its major battles. Brexit happened three times, Trump twice, the EU is collapsing. The CCP is collapsing into floods, famine, and economic depression (and there is the Quad).

Light and Right-Spin energy are in the ascendancy; they are taking/have taken over. More and more women are the leaders in everything. In Aquarius, women will dominate. Everyone will have the energetic support from the Universe to do their own thing (up to a point). Bottom line: there will be much more freedom of action. You will not have to stay with the school, flock or herd for safety or survival. New ideas and ways of doing things will be tried and expanded rapidly.

Politically, there will be a return to customs, traditions, culture, and thought patterns that we have been comfortable with for 1000s of years. The old divisions between Labor and Capital were created by the Banksters. The new issues will revolve around the collapse of socialism; again this was created by the Banksters. Everyone will be, increasingly, forced to carry their own weight. The world has begun to run out of other people’s money.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Importance of the Creation Number

On my Home page I write about the number 14 or 5. In addition to the six instances of the number 5 within our bodies (hands, feet, torso, and face), it also applies to our teeth; we are born with 32 teeth (there’s that 5) and then, we lose our “wisdom” teeth and end up with 14 upper and 14 lower (there’s that number 5 again).

Let’s take it in a different direction. In the United States, we still use the English Colonial measurements of inches, feet, miles, and temperatures in Fahrenheit (F). Why would this be so?

When water freezes, it happens at 32° F. There is that 5 again. When water boils, it happens at 212° F (yes, that 5 again). How about steam? It too happens at 221° F.

So…. If Spirit was actually behind the creation of the United States, it would probably want us to keep using measurements that were based, at least in part, on the Creation Number. There are never any coincidences.

I am an English speaker. I have some French from my teen years and a tiny amount of Spanish and German. I tend to think in English. Today, I spent some time thinking about and making a list of 5 letter power word to illustrate the incredible power of the Creation Number in our lives.

Here is a list of the Power/Powre Words that I have come up with. It is not all-inclusive and I am sure that I have missed many words.

Adapt, Adept, Adopt, Adult, Agent, Allow, Angel, Angle, Angst, Apart, Audio, Awake, Aware, Beach, Began, Begin, Being, Blind, Birth, Black, Block, Bound, Break, Bring, Build, Carry, Catch, Cause, Chain, Child, Choke, Chose, Climb, Close, Colon, Could, Court, Dealt, Death, Demon, Diner, Doing, Drive, Drill, Drink, Earth, Eight, Ember, Empty, Faced, False, Field, Force, Freed, Fresh, Funny, Giver, Gland, Glass, Going, Great, Greet, Happy, Heart, Heard, Heavy, Honey, Humor, Issue, Knife, Large, Laugh, Lease, Legal, Level, Light, Limbo, Limit, Loved, Lover, Lucid, Lunar, Magic, Majik, Maker, Match, Merry, Might, Moist, Money, Month, Older, Organ, Paper, Place, Plant, Point, Power, Powre, Print, Ready, Revok, Right, Screw, Seven, Shall, Share, Shave, Short, Sight, Slave, Sleep, Small, Snare, Solid, Sound, Space, Spell, Spent, Spoon, Stand, Start, Steam, Steel, Stood, Storm, Sunny, Taker, Thank, Thick, Thing, Think, Three, Thumb, Touch, Truth, Venus, Water, White, Windy, Witch, Woken, World, Would, Wreak, Write, Wrong

5 Letter Words that did not make my list above.

Ankle, Belly, Booze, Brass, Broil, Broke, Crass, Craze, Crazy, Dried, Drunk, Elbow, Exist, Farce, Graft, Grain, Grill, Heist,  Human, Rough, Shark, Snail, Steal, Stock, Sugar, Teeth, Theft, Tooth, Widow

My point is that 5 letter words are the most powerful action words that we have. This is not an accident. All of these words have creation power attached to them. Recommendation: Start using these Creation Words as part of your Creating.

We are all born here as Fire-Beings. All of us can use knowledge of the Creation Number to create our world in a Conscious Manner. Unfortunately, most of us create everything unconsciously.

We wonder why we have good days and bad but do not take the time and effort to use the Creation Number effectively. If you have gotten this far, go back and reread my Home page to understand how to use Single-, Double- and Triple-14 Days for your creating. Also, see my recent post on Manifesting.

To being a Conscious Creator!!!

Love, Life and Laughter,


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