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The Financial World is about to Collapse

This has nothing to do with the Federal Reserve or the other Central Banks or what Goldman-Sachs  or JP Morgan-Chase may or may not be doing.  If you are reading this, you know that this site is all about new energies coming into the world.

On February 22nd, the 1st 10-day Inning was completed; essentially Light, finally, drove Darkness out of all the people who have 70 percent or more of Light in their personal make-up.  This also applied to their devices, bank accounts and web sites.

Ok.  On February 23rd, we began the second Inning.  What is happening now?  All of those approximately 500,000 people who have 70% or more are being “charged” up; their cells are gradually being ramped-up with Light Powre.  This means that they are being prepared to start using new Majikal Powres.  It is happening right now.

What else is happening?  Light is also flowing towards the bank accounts of these people; very soon money will begin to follow.  Life will become easier with more choices.  Same for Success.  Same for sex.  The shift has begun.

I have used the concept of money containers before.  There are also success containers.  My Money Container is Lake Meade and my Success Container is Lake Powell on the Colorado River.  Many billionaires of the old, dark energy do not realize that they, too, have Money and Success Containers; they do and their money and success containers are about to turn into sieves with larger and larger holes.  What happens when the money and success energies flow away?  Answer: they lose everything and it flows to others who have containers that need filling.

Dear Reader, take the time to identify a large reservoir or lake to claim as your money and success container; one will do for both unless you are guided, internally, to have two.  One body of fresh water can only serve one person; don’t wait too long.

This is what is about to happen in our world.  The families who have had much of the money and power for hundreds, or even thousands of years are all oriented towards Darkness and the energy flow is against them.  It is hard to believe that all of their accumulated wealth can be lost; watch it happen.  Think Bush, Rockefeller,  Soros, Rothschild, Krupp, Kennedy, every billionaire you can think of, and many others.  This is also going to happen to politicians who got where they are using Dark Power; think Obama, most of the US Congressmen and Senators and many “leaders” all over the world.

The timing for the financial melt-down to begin is in March, 2013; during the 3rd, 4th and 5th Innings.  This large transfer of wealth will continue through the end of June; by then, our world will be a very different, much better place.

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Newman Manifesto

As the first Newman on the Planet, I realized that I needed to identify a demarcation between Newmen and Newomen and the rest of Humanity on Earth.  Humans have done well here.  Hybrid-Humans have done well here.  Until now, the collective laws and regulations have served everyone well under the concept of equality, meaning that all men (and women) were equal and had equal rights and opportunity.

In the coming days, as Light takes over from Darkness, Newomen (and the few Newmen) will begin to receive extraordinary new capabilities or Powres that will set them apart from the rest of Humanity.  This is what this Manifesto is about.  Newomen and men, are advanced spiritual beings in a body; they have figured out how to transform themselves into Higher Level Beings.  They have taken the next step in evolution.  They are no longer Human, but above Humans in the eternal order of progression

I declare that Newmen and Newomen are above Humans as Humans are above the rest of the Animal Kingdom.  Newmen and Newomen have more awareness; a much bigger piece of Spirit within themselves and are connected with their Spirit Selves much more effectively.  As Human are above their dogs, cats and horses, Newmen are above Humans.

This Manifesto is needed to declare that Human Laws, Regulations and threats/applications of Force do not apply to Newomen or men.  Newomen and men will be guided to develop new laws that apply to them and all lesser beings here.  You, Human, are no longer in charge; you are being left behind in an evolutionary shift.  Fear not, for many of you, there will be a bridge to cross over the divide.  Up to 500 million of you will be receiving Fire Being Powres of Adept, Master and Mahatma degrees.

Your forms of representative government and your courts are totally out-of-control; dysfunctional and not capable of being fixed.  It is time for a new model; one that is guided by Spirit through those more closely connected to Spirit.

Merln, the Majikan and an Earth Being

The New World Order, its not what you think

I have written about Reptilian Mind-Control being used to “guide” our political leaders in the United States, Europe and other parts of the world.  Many of us know about the New World Order that Bush ’41 referred to as the efforts to install a centralized dictatorship onto the world using the United Nations, the European Union and the planned North American Union.

All of these are in the realm of the very Dark energy that is now, being replaced by very Light energy.  The visions of the ruling elite and their sycophants are not going to happen.  Light is taking over; what does that mean?

Well..For one thing, this notion of Democracy, where one man (or woman) has one vote to decide on who our political leaders are is going away.  In its current state, this enables the takers everywhere.  The makers do not have any good choices left; the takers have taken over; especially in Europe and, now, the US.

If we go back to what our Founding Fathers tried to put in place for us, it would be a Republic where only the makers had a vote.  I know; Women are the ultimate makers and they did not have a vote until the early 1900s.  But even the early US Republic was a compromise to try to limit the power of Government.  Over time, the rules have been changed and, now, Government is out-of-control – Everywhere.  There are too many laws and regulations and thousands more being added everyday.  This is the final outcome for Darkness; Darkness is Fear, Force and Control and resistance to Freedom, Truth and Choice.

Ok.  This site is dedicated to a new concept; Newmen and Newomen.  These are advanced energetic beings who have moved beyond the limitations of the mere Human; they have become Newmen, even though, the vast majority are Newomen.  Who and what are these Newomen?  Like me, they have all been Ascended Masters many times in previous lifetimes on many worlds.  They also have figured out how to reconfigure and synchronize their Energy Centers or Chakras; all 14 of them.

How many are there?  About 600 now with only 10 of them Newmen; yes Ladies, that’s 59 Newomen to 1 Newman. As you all know, men are much more challenged when trying to advance spiritually.  Men are the Dark sex and Women are the Light sex.

So.  What does it mean to be spiritually advanced?  The best answer is that we are connected with our Spirit Self or Spirit Guide 24/7.  It means that we are in a two-way dialogue asking for and receiving specific guidance from Spirit on anything of importance to either ourselves or to Spirit.

I know.  This is “crazy” talk. Everyone knows that it is “nuts” to talk to yourself and even more so to believe what you are talking about.  That was true in the realm of Darkness; you could not trust conversations dominated by Dark Forces; they lied.

Ok.  Newmen and Newomen have received incredible new powres with the transition into Light.  Most of them do not know they have these powres yet; that knowledge and how to use them will come when they are needed.

Are there more Humans that can become Newmen; yes, perhaps 1,200 more.  You have to have experience as an Ascended Master in at least six previous lifetimes.  That is 1,800 people out of at least 3 billion.

Ok. There are far too many people who are oriented towards Darkness on the planet; most of them are leaving/dying and going to other planets where the energy is more comfortable.  Those who are left here will have an energy make-up of at least 70 percent Light (30 percent Darkness).  Anyone who has more than 30 percent Darkness will be obliged to leave.

These 70 percenters will be encouraged to gather more Light within themselves until they get to 80 percent.  Once they get to 80 percent, they too, will have Majikal Powres and can continue advancing towards becoming a Newman or Newoman.

This is the New World Order; its based upon Spiritual Advancement.  The 70-80 percenters will still be Human, but with a lot of Light.  They will receive limited Fire Being Adept powres.  Those who have 80 percent Light, or above, will be Newmen or Newomen in waiting and will have significant new Majikal Powres.

Did you think that when Light took over from Darkness after 10,800 years, everything would be the same?

What about all of the billions of people who are oriented towards Fear, Force and Control and who resist change for the better.  Our Spirits are immortal; we just leave and get another body on our next planet.  Most of Spirit is incapable of handling being a Spirit in a Body.  To them, all of us Spirits in a Body are Rock Stars, even those of us who are very Dark.

There will be a brief rest and relaxation period (it is hard work being a Spirit in a Body) and everyone will be sent to a more appropriate planet.  Gaia, the Earth Goddess is Ascending and this is the first time a Planetary Being has done so – EVER!  Gaia cannot Ascend without the presence of concentrated, focused Light in all of her people.  The Dark people must leave or Gaia cannot Ascend.

What about the guns and bombs?  What about ruling through the barrel of a gun?  Its over, done, history.  Those with Majikal Powres will use (not abuse) their powres to settle issues; remember, these Newomen are being guided from within and do not have to look outside of themselves for answers.  The days of the male, hierarchical, authority figures are over, done, history as well.

Light Has Taken Over and has moved in Overdrive

Good things always take longer to happen than we want.  We want to have the good things “yesterday.”  This is true for the take over of Light from Darkness; we wanted it to be over on December 22nd, 2012.  Guess what?  Light is still in the process of taking over, but has moved into a more active stage for the next 90 days.

In the next 90 days, most of the dark people and dark organizations will lose their power and wealth.  Not sure how, but their “right” to have the power and wealth is no longer theirs.  Their “containers” are turning into sieves and all flowing to others who have new claims on it.

In the next 90 days, the new Majik will emerge and ordinary people will begin to receive “Majikal Powres.”  These powres will, essentially, change how we do everything from growing food to catching fish to making things.  New technologies will be “allowed” to come into the world; they are no longer being resisted by those with vested interests in older, darker technologies.

For those of you who are interested in some of these new technologies, visit my Revitae Technologies site.  Not sure how, but I/We will be allowed to bring these and other technologies into the world sometime later this year.  If you want to help me bring these technologies into the world, send me an email at [email protected] and tell me which technologies you want to help with and what skills  or passion you have to help.  For those of you who have the resources, I will be very happy to meet with you and discuss these and other technologies coming into the world, but you would have to meet me in St Thomas, in the US Virgin Islands.  For those who want to meet, make your own travel and accommodation arrangements; in return, I will make myself available.

In the next 90 days, look for the Starships from the Federation of Planets (the Pleiadians Humans) to openly orbit Earth and begin to interact with us, again.  No; they are not here to invade or destroy.  And No; we will not be attempting to destroy them. Light is actually taking over.  Do ya think that Star Trek was just some neat story and that it was, somehow, just an accident that it had such an impact on our minds and technologies.

We, actually, have skills and technologies that they do not have and this, and other visits, will set the stage for Earth to join the Federation and begin trading with and traveling to other Human worlds.  There are two-hundred and thirty-eight (238) other worlds in this section of the Multi-verse that are similar to Earth and can support Human populations; we have lots of work to do together.

Everything has been a matter of waiting for Aquarian Light to take over on our Planet; to enter a new “Golden” Age with a civilization with an advanced technology base.  Darkness has been prevented from bombing us back to the Stone Age.

BTW:  All Nuclear Weapons and Dirty Bombs have ceased to function; I don’t care if it is the US, Russia, the UK, France, China, North Korea, India, Pakistan, Israel or Iran.  There is an energy that allows the physics of Nuclear Weapons to function; that energy has been withdrawn.

Ever wonder why the US Military moved “whole hog” into laser-guided and GPS-guided bombs; they had to, their Nukes were no longer working and neither were the Nukes of anyone else.  Guess what? The Smart Bombs are better, cheaper and more effective at defeating an enemy, ask Saddam.

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The Pleiadians are Amongst Us

Recently, I wrote about the Pleiadian Humans who came here as Warrior-Colonists about 3,500 years ago.  Yes, there were 50,000 and they were from seven (7) different Human Planets.  They landed in the region we call Europe and we think of them as European Whites.  Yes, they evolved as different people with different European languages on seven different worlds; none of them – Earth.  This is where the German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Hungarian and Slav languages came from.  All other European languages, including English, have evolved here.

They came here to Earth because they and their Planets were at war with an invading race called the Reptilian Overlords.  The Reptilians had invaded two Human worlds and exterminated the Humans there; this was a war of no quarter.  Before landing the Warrior-Colonists, Pleiadian Space Forces had thoroughly destroyed four (4) large Reptilian Hives and numerous sub-Hives here on Earth.  The Warrior-Colonist were landed to complete any additional destruction of Reptilian forces here and to hold the planet if the Reptilians re-invaded.

Unbeknownst to the Pleiadian Space Forces, the Reptilians had a fifth (5th) major Hive under the ice in Antarctica which was not detected and not destroyed.  The Reptilians sent diplomatic signals and a truce was established for Planet Earth only.  You ask why a truce would apply?  Most of the population of “Humans” on Earth were slave races created by the Reptilian allies who called themselves the Annunaki.  The Pleiadians Space Forces did not know that a Reptilian Hive still survived and agreed to a truce for Earth only; the Warrior-Colonist were landed and appeared to thriving.

The slave races created by the Annunaki were a mix of Annunaki-Reptilian DNA genetically engineered into various indigenous Primate from all over Planet Earth.  The Annunaki came to Earth originally to mine gold and diamonds, but only came with about 400 males; they needed slave labor preform the mining and desired to have women as sexual companions.  Many of the Primates used to create Homo Sapiens did not survive the process and became extinct; this is what happened to the Neanderthals from what we call Europe.  It also explains why there was no indigenous population to contest the landings of the Pleiadian Warrior-Colonists.

Unfortunately for the Earth, the conditions of the Truce were to sever all communications between the Pleiadians Space Forces and the Warrior-Colonists; they were left to fend for themselves and soon turned to fighting amongst themselves and, eventually, conquering the known World; we call that the European Colonization.

The Pleiadian Space Forces did not know what to do with the millions, now billions, of slave populations created by the Annunaki-Reptilians and decided to collect data and study the problem before taking any action.  Meanwhile, the Reptilian Hidden Hive began expanding itself into the five original Hive locations again; Alsace-Lorraine in Europe, near Perth in Australia, south of the Pyramids in Egypt, in New Mexico, USA and Antarctica.

Ok.  There is a huge problem here.  When the Annunaki and Reptilians created these slave races, they included a kind of telepathy that is unique to the Reptilian Hive system; we call this “Mind Control” today.  So, as the Reptilian Hive expanded into all 5 Hives again, the Reptilians were able to use Mind Control on the slave races with greater and greater success. This was something the Pleiadians Space Forces were unaware about until recently, since the year 2000.

There have been dramatic developments in the wars between Pleiadian Humans and the Reptilians-Annunaki-Grey allies.  Without going into detail; the Pleiadian Humans defeated the Reptilians in several large Space engagements and learned how to defeat all Reptilians forces here on Earth in a stealthy way; they jammed the Hive Queens.  For more details, see my ebook Reptilian Wars – A 50,000 Year Update at

Now, we are finally free of the Reptilian Mind-Control or at least the Reptilian part of it.  I am going to digress a bit; think of the many wars that have been fought on Earth over the last 300 years.  There was the first world-wide war between France, Holland, Spain and England which included the American Revolution; lots of fighting in the Caribbean and India.  Then there was the Napoleonic Wars, the American Civil War, the War of 1870, the Spanish-American War, WW1 and WW2.  The odd thing is that most of the fighting and blood spilled came from Europeans or European Colonists.  The reason for this is that the Reptilians did not have a Mind-Control capability over the Pleiadian Human Warrior-Colonists and engineered ways to kill off as many of them as possible in wars and diseases.

Over the past 100 years, or so, Europe and much of world has experienced a collectivist philosophy and system of governance called Socialism or Communism or Fascism which was almost responsible to another bloodbath, but WW3 did not happen.  This is a direct result of Reptilian Mind-Control over our leaders in the Western World; yep, the Reptilians started kidnapping people and putting DNA implants in them.  This allowed the Reptilians to exercise nearly total Mind-Control over both the slave race and Pleiadian Human leaders.   Anyone who was implanted this way was instructed to go into politics, government and finances.  Unfortunately, most of our political leaders, everywhere on Earth, are implants who have been doing the work of the Hive – Big Government, Big Labor and the destruction of Freedom.

In 2000, when the Pleiadian Space Forces found out about the extent of the Mind-Control in the slave races, they started landing Pleiadian Human men and women here to collect genetic information on the people of Earth.  They are amongst us now and look exactly like anyone who is of white European heritage.  Their major issue is they cannot allow any Reptilian DNA-Primate Hybrids to leave Earth because of the susceptibility to Reptilian Mind-Control.  It turns out that the Reptilians had a plan to infiltrate Earth “Humans” onto other Human Planets to assist in the invasion and conquering.

Many of us are awaiting the arrival of Extra Terrestrials; many of us are them; they are here amongst us now; and have been protecting us for thousands of years.  We live in Interesting Times.

A Wrong-ness or a Right-ness; What Can You Do?

Notice that Wrong and Right are both 5-letter words.  Another important 5-letter word is Spell.

Ok, Majikan. I am going to teach you a Spell to Right Wrongs.  We have all experienced things in our lives that just jar us the wrong way.  Perhaps it is with the legal system we have. which has been corrupted by Darkness for thousands of years.

Say, you’ve been screwed by a divorce or a court decision that went against you when it shouldn’t have or your insurance company is playing games with your money.  What I am talking about is legitimate “wrongs” being committed on you; what do you do?  Until now, you sucked it up and thought, “Why is there no justice in the world?”.

Ok.  You are an energetic being who now has Majik to work with; what can you do about it?

Here’s what I want you to do.  Rub you hands together until they are warm (no more than 12 times for each ball).  What you are doing is accessing you Qi or Chi or useful, active energy.  Now I want you to make an energy ball about the size of a softball or grapefruit.  I want you to make four of them putting three of them on the ground next to each other in a triangle and the fourth on top in the middle;  you have just created a tetrahedron or the Fire Symbol.

Here’s the fun part.  I want you to mentally connect your anti-bull shit pile of energy balls to your Wrong-ness; now just release them.  What happens now?  Your Spirit Guide, who set up the Wrong-ness in the first place, will take steps to correct the Wrong-ness, or put a replacement Right-ness in place for you,

Ok. Now, you have sent corrective energy out to deal with Wrong-ness.  Can you use your energy to help in Right-ness?  Yep, you sure can and should.  The technique is the same, but is additive energy instead of corrective energy; big difference – it is all about your intent.

For those of you who are lazy; no it will not work with one, two or three energy balls; make all four.  Use the powre of the Tetrahedron.  This tool can be used for all kinds of Majik once you understand its powre.

If someone or something is messing with you and you feel the need to use defensive energy (the wrong-ness is coming at you or is ongoing); use the 4-ball tetrahedron against this someone or something, even if, or especially if, it is the Government.

LLL,  Merln

How to Teleport; one of our new powres

In an earlier post to spoke of Orbing; that was the wrong terminology.  The correct terminology is Teleporting. Orbs are creatures or beings that have been put there to help us kinda-sorta like horses, but that is the subject of another post.

Ok.  Here is how anyone teleports or moves themselves to a distant location mentally, instantly.

There is a principle that is known in some esoteric teachings, called Meeting at the Half-way Point.  Whenever you look at something near or far, whatever you are focusing on is a projection that is meeting your projection at the half-way point.  This is true for vision, sound, smell and touch.  The same principle applies to taste, but within the mouth.

Here is a great way to practice and build confidence in mastering your Half-Way-Point Projection.  Stand in front of your bathroom mirror; you know the one you brush your teeth or shave or put make-up on.  Whenever you stand in front of this mirror, or any other mirror, you expect to see yourself as a “mirrored” or backwards image.

Now, you know that is your image being reflected back at you.  What if, because you now have some majikal powres, you can stop the projection of your image.  What would happen?  You would be standing there and there would be no reflection; you now know how to make yourself invisible.

This same principle applies to the sound of your breathing and your scent.  It even applies to the projection of your body heat; those IR sensors would not be able to pick you up if you were not transmitting your Half-Way Heat projection.

Ok. You all have your homework assignment: learn how to control your Half-Way Point projections.  It will not be as hard as you imagine.

Next.  We are going back to the visual Half-Way-Point (HWP) projection.  Now instead of standing there in front of your bathroom mirror and being there or not being there, I want you to visualize a location that you want to teleport to.  It could be the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Capitol Steps in Washington, DC; the trick is to create a HWP projection of where you want to go and then allow your half of the projection to complete the mental circuit.  Hey presto!  You’re there.

STOP!  There are precautions that must be taken before you start TELEPORTING.  First, you MUST create three different safe landing locations that you can get to if you get yourself lost.  The first one you create by standing in your bedroom or someplace you feel very comfortable with, and doing a 360 degree scan.  As you are doing the detailed scan, create the first safe landing place.  I have a safe landing place in three different geo-physical locations.

Ok.  Now you are ready to “pop” yourself wherever it is that you want to go.  Remember, you have already practiced on making yourself invisible.  Teleport yourself without transmitting your HWP projections.  Turn them on when you get to a place that is safe to do so.

Have fun.  Do not abuse your powres; you may lose them.  When in doubt, ask your Spirit Guide; you will get an answer, even if it is just NO or just Yes.

Love, Light and Laughter (LLL),


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Now that the Light is in Charge, What Now???

Ok.  Today, Light takes over for the first time in 10,800 years.  This is the day that many of you have been waiting, patiently for, all of your lives.

The first thing many of you should do is to claim a large fresh water body as your money and success storage pool.  The Great Lakes cannot be used for this and Lake Powell and Lake Meade are taken.  Don’t think too big; a local lake or reservoir will be better because it is local.  Think about it; in the Dark old days, every rich man put a big swimming pool next to his house or upgraded to a house with one.  Fresh water is where we store our money and success energies.

I know Lightworker, you have been kept down in the weeds and do not have a swimming pool.  Think lake or reservoir, even if it is the place you went camping at when you were a kid; a pool may be too restrictive.

So why do we need to do this lake thing?  Many of you have wondered why, when you get a chunk of money, you, somehow, must spend it all and you end up living on what Spirit sends you every month.  Many of you worry about where the next money is coming from; even though it comes every month.

The reason why we cannot save anything and must piss it away is that we do not allow ourselves to save money or success.  I know; why we would do that to ourselves?  This is part of Light’s efforts to keep us safe from those with a lot of Dark Power; it was part of the plan to keep us down-in-the-weeds.  If we did not have money or power, the Dark forces would tend to ignore us and we would be safe.

Ok.  Today, you can come out into the Light; there is no reason for any of us to stay down-in-the-weeds.  The very first step, for many of us, is to claim an abundant place to store our money and success energies.  Do it; you will like the result.

Once you have money and success energies stored in your lake/reservoir, you can connect it energetically to your bank and investment accounts (when you get them).  How?  Visualize the connection; it is that easy.

How do you get Light to put money and success into your lake/reservoir?  Just by claiming one of these bodies of water for yourself, you are telling your Spirit Guide to send money and success.  Is that easy enough?

Now is the time.  You could not do this before.  Remember, you had to stay down-in-the-weeds.