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Humans have changed; it’s actually happened

We all keep hearing that the Earth is billions of years old and that modern man has only been around for a few thousand years, at least, here on Earth. So…We tend to think that major changes in mankind must be made slowly, over time.

That is the view of the evolutionists; survival of the fittest, but gradually,over time.  There are scientists, however, that believe mutations can come along that can change things much more rapidly. The issue is the survival of the mutation and the spread of the mutation to a core group.

I am the first of these mutated Humans, but I wasn’t born with mutated DNA; I learned how to transform my own DNA. It did not involve any labs or test tubes or microscopes; it was all within me.

Back in May of 2002, I figured out how to re-configure energetic elements within my Inner Heart.  I have written a post on how to find your Inner Hearts. The Inner Heart is the 14th Chakra or Energy Center and it is also the control center for all of your body’s energy flows. Making changes in your Inner Heart makes changes throughout your body; that is where you go to make changes to your DNA.

I have a guided meditation for any of you who want to go to your Inner Heart and change your own DNA; I will post it as a new page on this site.

Ok. I am the first X-man, but in the past 12-years, Spirit has sent me 650 others who have transitioned into being X-men as well. Perhaps X-men is a misnomer as more than 625 of these new Humans are women.  I call these new X-beings, “Newmen or Newomen”.

This site is called Hexahedron1 as I was the first being to put myself into a cube; Plato refereed to the cube as a Hexahedron and it is one of his Platonic Solids and represents the Earth-being shape.

We all come here as Fire-beings and our energetic shape is the Tetrahedron or four-sided triangle. For those of you who know what a Mer-Ka-Ba is and what it looks like, it is two Tetrahedrons merged and phase-shifted with one representing female, one male and the merged two, Spirit.

I transformed myself from a Human Fire-being to a Newman Earth-being and you can as well. It is a matter of going into your Inner Heart, finding the screening room and installing the Newman/Newoman software. Even if you are not yet ready to put yourself into the cube, by installing the software, you put yourself on a new path. As I keep writing, it is all about Intent.

I am a mutant, but a self-directed one; I chose to transform myself. See my post on Newman Manifesto. My DNA is not 12 or 24 strands, it is 72 and much of it is invisible in this physical world.

Why am I writing this, now? Am I painting a target on my back? No. It has taken the world 12-years to get accustomed to my new Earth-being energies; by that I mean it has taken 12-years to have these new energies integrated into the old energies so that they could be used.

Finally, I can begin to use the powers/powres my Spirit Guide has been telling me about. For any of us beings here, 12 years is a long time to wait, but Spirit is amused at our impatience; it was but a blink of an eye. Having said that, it is a huge change in mankind here on Earth as well as on the thousands of other Human planets in our Multiverse.

What’s the big deal? We all have a piece of the Hologram that is Spirit when we are born; Human have a much bigger piece than Dolphins, Cats, Dogs, Horses and Whales. Everything; Chimps, Gorillas, Orangutans, Cattle, Sheep, Chickens, Sharks, Wolves, Bears even down to plants and rocks have a small piece of this awareness. Yes, we are all One.

By transforming yourself into a Newman/Newoman, you get a much larger piece of the Hologram than Humans; it is about 1000 times larger or ten orders of magnitude. Newmen are above Humans like Humans are above Dolphins.

Having said that, all of us Newmen have been Human first; none of us were born with this mutation.  We all know what it is like to be Human and not know what to do or where to turn to for answers.

Newmen/Newomen are much more “connected” to Spirit and KNOW where to go for answers and allow themselves to “guided” what to do.

Another important difference is that transforming yourself can only be accomplished by beings that are oriented towards the Light or Aqua; you must be a believer and practitioner in freedom, choice, truth, integrity, self-responsibility. You MUST be a Right-spinner. No crooks or corruption allowed.

As of today, no bullets, guns or bombs or SWAT Teams can harm me. They cannot capture me or inject me or lock me away; whatever “they” try to do on me, they end up doing to themselves.  It is a wonderful “boomerang” effect that applies to the sniper pulling the trigger or the pilot shooting a missile and those up the chain-of-command who ordered the action.

In the coming days, all 650 New-beings will have this same powre and others less defensive. Just imagine, instead of 5 or 6 X-men fighting the bad guys, it will be 650 and they will all be self-directed from within. Ruling through the barrel of gun or a knife, sword or spear is over.

Love, Light and Laughter,


What is “Dark Matter”?

This is a comment on the following article a friend sent me.

The Fifth Element
by Owen K Waters

The legendary Fifth Element holds the key to the answer to one of today’s top mysteries in the worlds of physics and cosmology. Scientists estimate that 84% of the matter in the universe is composed of invisible dark matter, but they have no idea what it is. With a short venture into the world of metaphysics, you are about to find out the answer!

Partially right. He doesn’t address the manifested (Light) and unmanifested (Darkness). The manifested is the physical and the unmanifested is energy that can be called “pure potential” ready to be used for anything. He, and others, call this Dark Matter, but all matter is manifested and is the work of Light.

Look at a corner in a room; it doesn’t matter where the corner is or it’s orientation.  There are three planes coming together; height, depth and width or our three dimensions. The right-hand plane is always two energies; hot/heat flows towards the corner and cold flows away from the corner.  We tend to think of cold as the absence of heat, but it is a separate distinct energy with its own properties. The left-hand plane is always Darkness and Light; Light flows towards the corner and Darkness away. The horizontal plane (either floor or ceiling) is always Magnetism and Gravity; with Magnetism flowing to the corner and Gravity away.

These are the fundamental forces in our world.  We, Humans, have dominion over Light, Heat and Magnetism; the three that flow towards the corner. We create the Light, Heat and Magnetism primarily by use of electricity, but we have sure burned a lot of wood and coal as well. So, what happens when the light goes out? The darkness comes back very quickly. Same with when we stop heating something, it becomes cold automatically. Cold, Darkness and Gravity are constants that we can only overcome with Heat, Light and Magnetism. I know, you are thinking of an airplane, but it uses heat and electro-magnetism in its engines. Another oddity is air conditioning, but that is based on compressed gas and heat exchangers which require electricity which must use magnetism for generation.

As we Humans become more advanced Spiritually, we have figured out how to travel in trains and cars and how to fly and how to cool our spaces with Air Conditioning.  This only comes with growth in the Light; all technology comes from the Light (Creative Force). Now, there is a lot of thinking and talking about the Zero-Point-Energy (ZPE) field which is “pure potential” and is what he called the God Field. This is the unmanifested stuff waiting for Intention.

To access the ZPE or God Field, we Human must become more focused in the use of our Intention. Yes, we are all creators, created in the image of our Creator and, yes, we can all manifest stuff, but some of us are better at it than others. So….there is something else going on.

Intention has two forms; one spins to the Left and tends to stabilize creation.  It also destroys. Left is also Dark or Fear, Force and Control with resistance to change-for-the-better. Right spin Intention is the creation force; it is life giving and drives new ideas, concepts, inventions.  Right is also Light or Freedom, Choice, Truth, Love, Responsibility and change-for-the-better. Both kinds of Intention are required, but, in our world, 13 out of 14 people are oriented towards Left Spin Intention.

The problem with this is that we have just moved into a space where Right-spin Intention will dominate for thousands of years; Left-spinners will be leaving in great numbers over the next five years.

Love, Light and Laughter,


The Language of Light

One Earth, we have many languages and associated cultures. Some of these, like English and Spanish, are spoken by 100s of millions of us.

In other postings on this blog, I have shared ideas on the morphing of Darkness to Turquoise and Light to Aqua. I have also discussed the slow build-up of Light over the past 2-3 centuries.

During the past three Houses of the Zodiac, Taurus, Aries and Pisces (3 x 2,160 years), our world was in a space where 80% of the power was focused on fear, force and control; I call that Darkness.  But, as we moved closer and closer to the Photon Belt (Google this), more and more Light from it was being felt in our technological development.

Technology is just another name for Majik which is how to “spell” the Majik of the Light/Aqua. We started seeing this Majik with steam engines for manufacturing and railroads. That forced us to develop what we call analog measuring devices like thermometers and speedometers.

More Light kept coming and we developed the gasoline and then, diesel engines for the transportation revolution of the 20th century. These depended on the development of petroleum and steel, Then came jet engines and computers and, subsequently, the Internet and Mobility.  These depended on the development of the digital world.

What is the digital world? It is the world that we live in now and is based on binary code (Ones and Zeros) which allows machines to talk to machines; use devices-to-devices if you prefer. This language is the Language of Light; it is based on English, but can be translated easily to hundreds of Languages.

Bottom line: the Digitized Internet is the Language of Light.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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New Aqua Energy Timeline

On May 2nd, 2014, a Triple-14-Day, there will be enough Aqua Energy for major changes in our world and in our lives. Aqua Energy has been streaming into our world in larger-and-larger amounts since December 22, 2012. While enough of it has been available to start changing our world, the results have not been very visible to us.

That is about to change; on May 2nd, an energy threshold will be reached.  Think of it like waiting for the washing machine to fill up enough to begin the wash cycle; the agitation of the “dirt” in our world and in our lives is about to begin. To use another metaphor; there is a new Aqua broom and it is getting ready to sweep clean.

What does this mean? For the past three Ages (Taurus, Aries and Pisces) we have been passing through an energy that was, literally, 80% Darkness (fear, force, control and resistance to change) and all of our governments, laws, organizations, institutions, structures, as they relate to Humans, are based on that Darkness.

But wait, we have spent the last 100 or so years going through rapid, dynamic, incredible changes in technology that has made our world unrecognizable from the sail-powered, horse-drawn and candle-lit past of our forefathers.  This was, all, a part of the expected shift from 80% Darkness to 80% Light and Light (advanced technology) was able to put more-and-more Light into Technology starting in the year 1814; 200 years ago.  We got the steam engine, steam ships, railroads and factories and they morphed into the gasoline/diesel-powered engines for cars, trucks, ships and airplanes. Along the way, Tesla brought us electricity and, for the first time, we had light that could drive away the darkness. From there, we all know what happened; we got jet engines, advanced metallurgy,  wireless communications, computers, radar, digital networks and devices, smart phones and tablets and we are poised on the edge of still more Earth changing technologies like 3D Printing.

Ok. Technology comes from the Light and technological creativity has been on the rise and will continue to increase moving forward.  But, what about our governments, our courts, our jails and prisons, our education systems, our banks, our businesses, our medicine. our law forcers (enforcement) and all of the regulations that keep being heaped upon us all.  Yes, the rule of law is something that we all want as a shield against lawlessness; but what if the rule of law has been hijacked by a tyrannical government?

This is the “dirt” that I wrote about above. Another name for “dirt” is corruption or dark deeds or no accountability or Politicians or Union Leaders or Bankers or Lawyers or Judges or Bureaucrats; far too many of them are CORRUPT and will be dealt with.

By the end of May 2014, Aqua changes will begin to be visible in our world; out-with-the old and in-with-the-new. Look for a collapse of the Financial System, the United Nations (a very Dark organization) and strong dissent by people against their out-of-control governments.

Aqua-oriented people will begin to get majikal powres in May.  If you have at least 70% Aqua, you will be able to “manifest” things more easily; money, success, toys, sex, etc. In the past, when Aqua-oriented people had these things, Darkness took them away; now Aqua is going to take them away from Turquoise-oriented people. If you have installed the Aqua Majik Wands that I have written about, you can start to use them in May.  If you are oriented towards Aqua, search Majik Wands on this site and install them.

Lastly, all of you Aqua-oriented people out there must give your Spirit Guides a new set of instructions; From now on, everything I do is easy and fun and rewarding!  Start having FUN.

Love, Light and  Laughter,


Younger, Regenerating Cells

Many of us are getting very significant DNA changes now. Perhaps as many as 500 million of us are getting changes that allow the cells to regenerate without getting old and worn out.  This means that our bodies will stop getting old. This also means that we can appear to be much younger than our calendar age. This may not be important to those of you in your twenties, but some of us are in our 80s  now and are looking forward to “checking out.” Imagine having the experiences of an 80-90 years old and regenerating to look and function like you are in your 20s again.

Unfortunately, this DNA change is only happening to a small subset of the entire population of the planet. All of the people not getting this DNA change will be leaving and going elsewhere for their next lives; I have made reference to this as the Great Departure. Yes, we are talking about 6,500,000 people leaving (dying), but it will be over a nine (9) year cycle that will allow the survivors to keep our current civilization going in several parts of the world.  These include the United States/Canada, Europe and Australia; pretty much, all survivors will  have to move to one of these locations unless they want to live in primitive conditions.

What is the criteria to be getting these DNA changes? I have written about the shift from Darkness to Light or Turquoise to Aqua several times on this site. Other than the large number of children who are being born as Aqua-oriented people now, the vast majority of us chose to be oriented towards the predominant power in our world; up until December 22, 2012, that was Darkness or Fear (80% of the power).

Now, Darkness is Turquoise and Light is Aqua. Instead of having to go through all of those shades of grey, now people oriented towards Fear can chose to make that short step across to Aqua or Freedom. Hurry up, you don’t have that much time left. If you can get to 50% Aqua and 50% Turquoise, you can stay with an expectation of a long life to allow more movement towards Aqua.

This is the first significant change of many coming; the survivors are entering a new, Golden Age where everything is changing for the better. Those departing are returning to Spirit to rest, recuperate and plan their next lives on one of the millions of planets available elsewhere in the Multi-verse.

Ok. How does one move from Turquoise to Aqua? Like many things Spiritual, it is fairly simple; just ask to be given more Light or more Aqua, but you must ask from your heart, not your head.  This is not a logical request or an emotional one; it is a core change from within you inner heart.

For those of you who are having trouble finding your inner heart, here is a guided imagery tool to help you find it. Imagine that you are holding a six-inch wide Martini glass without a stem (instead of the stem, it has a sharp point); this Martini glass top is a spinning Tetrahedron. Visualize this Martini glass and stick it into your heart.

This is IMPORTANT. If your Martini glass is spinning counter-clockwise, or to the Left, when you look down on it from the top, then you are oriented towards Turquoise (Darkness/Fear). If you want to change your orientation to that of Aqua, you must visualize your Martini glass slowing down, stopping, and spinning in the other direction which is clockwise or to the Right.  Some people can make the changes needed at this point; others have to get into their Inner Hearts to make the change.

Ok. Here’s the rest. Visualize yourself spiraling down from the rim of the spinning Martini glass. You are spiraling down in the direction of the spin (to the Right or Left); you are using the spin direction to power you down. When you reach the bottom point, step through it and you will see a door or doorway in front of you.  If the door is close, just say “Open” and if it is open, just walk through it.  Now, you are in your “Inner Heart” and it is a wonderful place to explore for all of us; even if you get here spiraling down to the Left.

Now, once you are in your “Inner Heart,” ask to be taken to your “Screening Room;” it is like a movie theater just for you with a large “letter box” screen.  On this screen is at least one spinning Tetrahedron or Martini glass top; this is where you slow it down, stop it and start it/them spinning in the other direction.

Have fun with this; it is not hard to do. It does require focus and willpower.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Earth is the New “Center” of our Multi-verse

Many of you have come across a book called “Urantia” which details the bureaucracy of Heaven.  For me, I could not read it as it was so depressing; I have always viewed bureaucracies as Dark and Controlling and Unresponsive. It does, however, tell us that there is a central Sun organization at higher Spiritual levels and we get an understanding from where our own bureaucracies come from; as above, so below.

Well Folks, I wrote about big changes. Here is a douse (doz-se) or huge one; the Earth has been designated by the SUPREME BEING as the center of the Multi–verse and all of the old organizations, institutions and structures ,described in Urantia,  have been dissolved or are being re-evaluated.

Why is this happening?

Earth is a small planet in the 9th Universe; we are four Universes distant from the Central Sun organizations described in Urantia. We are, quite literally, on the edge of the Milky Way Spiral and could not be considered to be the center of anything, normally.  To get here, even for Angels, it was “the slow boat to China.”

When our Spiral was created, it was one of millions of Spirals sort of like red blood cells in our bodies. Within each Spiral, there is a creator who slowly wakes up and becomes aware of Herself. After a while this awareness looks for “more” and separates into Light (Female) and Darkness (Male), but the intention is to bring these two parts together into one as part of a long, growing process.

Male and Female make Baby; that is the Holy Trinity. It is also why the number three is so important; It is height, depth and width or staying on your path, moving right towards the Light or moving left towards Darkness.

I wrote of the Lucifer and Michael Experiments in my last two posts. The “coming together” process was taking too long; progress was not being made fast enough. It is difficult to imagine that Spirit would keep one-third at 50 percent each and that the big experiments would be 80-20 Light or Darkness; this seems so simple, but simple is the essence of Spirit. Re-read the Home page of this site 80-20 is the core ratio for Spirits-in-a-body.

Earth was on the edge of the two experiments and got a huge amount of Light, followed by a huge amount of Darkness; Earth was the only planet getting this shifting amounts of Light and Darkness and things started “popping” here like popcorn in a microwave. This “popping” got the attention of everyOne and Earth became a fixation in the Heavenly Bureaucracy. What happened next was that all of the advanced souls in our Multi-verse demanded to come to Earth to take part in this rapidly changing environment; this was the advanced souls or Ascended Masters from both sides – Light and Dark. Advanced souls started arriving on Earth in the 1920s and large numbers keep coming even now; everyOne who has had any success in the “coming together” is here now and will be staying after the Great Departure.

Essentially, when all of these advanced souls started coming here, Earth became the center of the Multi-verse and the events happening here are multiple shifts in the paradigm of SPIRIT. One of those is the edict that everything and everywhere will be 67% Aqua (Light) and 33% Turquoise (Dark); that is based entirely on what has happened here on Earth. So… Earth has become the new center of Gravity in our Spiral and everyOne is waiting for the new paradigm shifts that are sure to come.

There is HUGE Interest in what we are doing and how we are doing it.  All of us are being watched and weighed by armies of Angels; are we helping the process or hindering it? Moving towards the Light is now much more easy; it is a short step from Turquoise to Aqua. Those of you who are still oriented towards Darkness, make the shift now while you still can.