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What are Elementals?

We are all made from Energy; as physical beings, we are all just slowed down energy.

I have written about the mechanism for pleasure and pain; they are both provided for us by Ice and Fire Elementals. This neatly encompasses pleasure, wellness and calmness on the pleasure or Ice side and pain, inflammation and stress on the pain or Fire side.

So… what about other kinds of Elementals? Do they exist and what do they do? Yes, think about your health; when you get a dis-ease, it gets worse over time or when you begin to heal, it takes a while to get better. There are structural Elementals at work; one tears down things and the other builds them up. Yes, one is Right-Spin, the Builder and one is Left-Spin, the Destroyer.

So…Again, we are all Energetic Beings and everything around us is also made from slowed down energy; yes, even the rocks, water and air. What is the Spiritual mechanism to do all of this for us to have a playground? It is the structural Elementals; they provide for everything that is solid, liquid or gaseous. Like Fire and Ice Elementals, they are equal and opposite and bring different properties into everything in our world.  How does water go from ice, to water to steam? Obviously, ice has a lot more Ice Elementals creating it and steam has a lot more Fire Elementals creating it and the water is kind of in the middle depending on whether it is ice cold or boiling or “room” temperature.

Wait a second, you are saying that there are just two kinds of Elementals, but they do different things at different times. Yes, the Elemental do provide for our pleasure and pain, but their primary jobs are to create all of the solid, liquid and gas states that we need to function in our world. Only the most accomplished Elementals, the best-of-the-best, are allowed to come into our bodies to give us pleasure and pain.

Wow, you mean that gasoline is just a bunch of Elementals that mix with air Elementals to fuel our cars, trucks, buildings, planes and ships? Yes, it really is that simple when viewed closely, but more complex to us because we hide simplicity.

To use this analogy a bit further, the gasoline is created by pressure and heat; that is Fire Elementals who are Destructive? Yes, the oil from the ground is changed or created into gasoline which is an Ice Elemental state.  So… What happens when the gasoline is mixed with air and ignited in the chamber? Both the air and gasoline are Ice Elemental states and when they are ignited, an explosion is created; this is a Fire Elemental state. If it was an Implosion, that would be an Ice Elemental state, but that is a technology we are just beginning to understand.

OK. Let’s go in a different direction with this. What about burning sage? Many of us know that we can “clear” negative energies by smudging sage. How does this work?

Negative energies are formed by concentrations of Fire Elementals building negative structures that are not yet seen, but may be felt. By burning or smudging sage, Ice Elementals are attracted to drive out the Fire Elementals and their structures. This is also true with a wound that is infected, you get a shot of antibiotics and the infection/inflammation goes down and, hopefully, the would heals normally.

So…What about Majik or Magic or Spells? These are all energetic forces, do Ice and Fire Elementals provide these for us as well?

Yes, there is the Seen and the Unseen; both are created by Elementals that are equal and opposite, just like Left-Spin and Right-Spin energies.  You can call these equal and opposite forces Fire and Ice or Good and Evil or Darkness and Light or On and Off or Up and Down, etc., but they are basic energetic beings who provide many things for us.

Here is the deal; these Elementals are aware energetic beings and we can communicate with them in a limited fashion. We can only communicate with their leaders and only through our conversations with our Spirit Guides or Inner Beings.

Say we have a situation that we are not happy with; how do we communicate with the Elementals providing this service to us? How do we let the Elementals know that we want it to stop? Or, if it is a pleasant experience, to tell Them that we want it to continue?

The mechanism to do this is called asking for a Most Benevolent Outcome or an MBO. Whatever the situation, we can ask out Spirit Guides for an MBO and that request will be forwarded to the Elementals actually doing the work.

Now, whatever is happening could be a SetUp for you by your Spirit Guide as something that you are supposed to be experiencing, but you can always ask for a better option. But……You can only find out about something coming at you if you have the conversation already in place.

Having said that, for any situation, you can always ask for an MBO, whether you are speaking with your Spirit Guide or not. Who knows, when the MBO is granted, you may want to start a more robust dialogue with your Self.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Experiencing Pleasure and Pain

One of the things that We come here for is to experience pleasure and pain.

What is pleasure and what is pain? Well…We all know about our nervous system and emotions, but those are not very good answers to the question.

There is a form of energy that gives us both pleasure and pain; pleasure is cooler and pain is hotter.

There are very small, aware, energetic beings that are called Elementals; they are responsible for flowing the feelings of pleasure and pain.

Let’s talk about Pain first. We all tend to focus on pain and the avoidance of pain more than pleasure. Pleasure  just comes from time-to-time and we are grateful, sometimes very grateful.

So…There are Elementals who specialize in bringing pain and they concentrate to bring greater pain. Say you cut yourself with a knife, there is immediate pain, but there is also inflammation which can turn into infection which is more painful.  Pain, inflammation and infection are caused by Fire Elementals and our flesh actually gets redder or what we call inflamed.

Ok…The Medical community has discovered that Inflammation is a root cause of many of our diseases and is, a precursor to pain. But they have been concerned about stress for a long time as well.  Yes, stress is a precursor to inflammation and stress is brought to us by Fire Elementals.

So…What brings on the Stress? Why do the Fire Elementals bring this kind of energy and do we have any kind of control over it? Yes, stress is brought about by frustration; find a way to stop being frustrated and your stress levels will go down.

To recap, frustration brings stress which brings inflammation which brings pain and they are all descriptions of energy flows brought to us by Fire Elementals.

OK. What about Pain Relievers or Pain Blockers? These are chemical inhibitors to the Fire Elementals; yes, they do work to block or slow down the Fire Elementals for limited periods of time, but the pain keeps coming back. Fire Elementals are aware beings and will find a way to do their job however we try to block them.

All right, we know we should control our stress and find a way to reduce our inflammation and, hopefully, that will make us less susceptible to disease and pain.

Just as frustration and stress are precursors to inflammation, calmness is a precursor to wellness which is a precursor to pleasure. Ice Elementals bring us Pleasure, Wellness and Calmness; all of these are equal and opposite energies to stress, inflammation and pain.

What I am saying here is that cultivating or choosing to flow calmness energy directly counteracts the Fire energy of stress. Calmness is an Ice Elemental energy. When you can calm yourself down, you lower your adrenaline and boost your endorphins; adrenaline is an aspect of Fire Elementals and endorphins are an aspect of Ice Elementals.

There are always equal and opposite energies in our physical world; there is left-spin and right-spin, male and female, up and down, thin and thick, Darkness and Light, etc. And yes, there are Fire and Ice Elementals; they are very real.

OK. Let’s talk a bit more about Pleasure.  We get Pleasure from music, visuals, touch, food, drink, doing something well and, of course, sex. Yes, Ice Elementals are Right-Spin beings and are more creative than Left-Spin Fire Elementals. Various kinds of Pleasure are much more complex than various kinds of Pain.

There are chemical blocks to Fire Elementals because we have created them to avoid pain. Think about it, we spend a huge amount of effort developing substances to avoid or limit pain. Alcohol is a substance that we use to block pain, but it is also a substance that gives us pleasure when used correctly. What about chemicals that give us Pleasure? We create them as well. It is not just Marijuana, Cocaine and Heroin that come from natural plants, but what about all of the laboratory made drugs. Many of these things that we take for Pleasure turn out to bring Pain when we become addicted to them.  There is always a war going on between the Fire and Ice Elementals just as there is always a war going between Darkness and Light; equal and opposite.

The odd thing about both Pleasure and Pain is that we are not allowed to remember how they feel when we are experiencing them. Why is that? Because they can only be experienced or felt by a concentration of either Ice Elementals or Fire Elementals and when the Elementals disperse, the feeling goes away.

So…Some of us have learned that we can cultivate calmness, wellness and pleasure by meditating and choosing to embrace positivity. What is positivity? You guessed it, Right-Spin energy; we choose to allow the Ice Elementals to have dominion in our bodies. We tell ourselves that we want calmness, wellness and pleasure to be maximized (and, at the same time, stress, inflammation and pain to be minimized).

Work with your Spirit Guides to communicate with the Leaders of your Elementals (within your own body).  Elementals are aware beings and do their jobs within a hierarchy; they understand commands to minimize stress, inflammation and pain and to maximize calmness, wellness and pleasure.

You cannot do this yourself. You cannot just say to yourself, “Do This”; it does not work that way. You must get your Spirit Guide to agree with your objectives and that requires a conversation or dialogue between the two of You. It is your Spirit Guide who can communicate with your Elemental Leaders, they cannot communicate with you except through pleasure or pain.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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This is for Women Creators

So you want to or are having a baby. Once you get pregnant, it is a slam-dunk; everything is on automatic?

This is a belief that many of us have; once the fetus is created by the “Spark” of Life, the cells just keep dividing and multiplying and viola, a child comes forth out of the womb.

OK. That is true to a point. However, I talk about Creation Days on my Home Page; these are days that add up to 14 or 5. These Creation Days are the difference between “Good” days and “Bad” days.

All of us are created in the image of our creator; that is accepted dogma in all religions and, yes, it is true. If you think about it, it is not just that we look like our creator (yes, you Mom), but that we can also create.

Oh, you think I am only talking about procreating the species? NOT.

On Creation Days, we are allowed to create ANYTHING that we can imagine or envision or describe fully to ourselves or Grok (wrap our minds around).

So…If we can create anything does that mean money, sex, health, success? Yes, and they are all worthy of creating effort, but what about the supreme creation of every woman; her children.

On Creation Days, you women should be thinking about your growing child and creating the most beneficial outcome for your child.  Let me restate that, you want the Most Beneficial Outcome or MBO and you can create that on Creation Days.

OK. You have the concept of MBO on Creation Days; what does this mean?  Say you want a healthy, normal baby. OK, Create that. Say you want your baby to be very bright and do well in school. OK, Create that. Say you want your baby to be well adjusted and be successful in life. OK, Create that.

You don’t think of yourself as the Creator, but when you are making a baby, guess what, you are. All I am saying here is that you have a greater role in creating than you may have imagined.

So… To create means to Intend.  What is Intent? In simple terms, it is Focus and Willpower. To get better at Creating or Intending, we must work at making our Focus and Willpower stronger. Some of us have great focus and little willpower or vise versa; to be successful at creating/intending, we must be strong in both.

Start using Creation Days to make life better for you and yours. Make that focus stronger. Make that willpower stronger. Use Creation Days to help others; that kind of focused good will comes back at you in multiples.

Start Creating with Intent!

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Is Light really taking over? Yes!

Just look at the race to be President of the United States; the politicians are getting nowhere and the leaders are two outsiders. Do you think that this is somehow by accident?  Politicians are all Dark and very Left-Spin; they are always looking to scare you so that they can pass laws taking your freedoms away.

Throw the bums out is, finally, getting traction and guess what? The entire political class in every country is there to feather their own nests; these people are the most self-serving group of beings on the Planet.

Ok. What about the Muslim terrorists? They have, finally, unified public opposition in the West and, finally, are having significant military action taken against them. Obama is, increasingly, showing his Muslim stripes; it was his orders to go slow on ISIS.

So… What about Europe and all of those “refugees?”  Most of them are young men of military age and there is going to be a big uptick of turmoil/chaos as a result.  The politicians have let them in and will pay the price.  The people will rise up and throw the politicians out as well as the refugees; there will be a revulsion against Islam as a political ISM (Mohammedanism) and its requirement for Jihad and Sharia Law.

Is Islam a religion? Yes, but it requires its believers to kill or enslave non-believers and it requires a totalitarian Theocracy to be put in place over existing Western laws and civilization.  Does Christianity or Buddhism do that?

This whole notion that Islam is just another religion that must be given “freedom” to is nonsense (that word is no sense or makes no sense).  When enough Muslims group, they always demand Sharia Law, even over the host country laws.

I have written this elsewhere, but Islam is the Home Religion of Darkness.  What is Darkness? It is Fear, Force, Control, Destruction, Chaos and a determined resistance to change-for-the-better.  It is men suppressing their women; Men tend to be Dark or Left-Spin and Women tend to be Light or Right-Spin.

The Qu’ba is the Home of Darkness on this Planet; it is in Mecca and every Muslim must face Mecca and bow down at least 5 times a day to pray to Darkness.  When Muslims go on a pilgrimage, they must march around the Qu’ba 14 times in a counter-clockwise  or Left-Spin manner.

Right-Spin or Light energy started to rapidly grow in powre on January 1st, 2016.  By the end of May, it will be at full powre. Between now and then, many negative things will be happening to the Dark Powers that think they still rule.

Just so that you know, it is not just the Muslims, but all of our institutions and organizations that are based on Dark Power (Darkness has had 80% of the power for the past 6,480 years). Everything from Banking, Government, the Courts, Bureaucracy, Education, Medical, Insurance, and Business is all based on Darkness and will be dissolved/deleted or changed for the better.

For those who were born before 2013, far too many of us have chosen to come here oriented towards Darkness or Left-Spin.  That is normal as Darkness had 80% of the power.  That has changed and now, those Dark people (anyone with 60% Dark energy or more) will not be allowed to stay here.  How many will be leaving (dying)? Approximately 95 out of 100 Earth-wide, but in the US and Europe it will be about 67 out of 100.  Yes, that means that some places will lose 100%.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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