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Darkness is in Full Retreat

For you Light-beings out there, it has been obvious our whole lives that Darkness was totally in-charge.  Darkness had 99.9% of the money, success and, the power that comes with money and success.

People who had significant levels of Dark power have all made themselves billionaires or successful politicians; Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Vladimir Putin, George Soros, Lindsey Graham, Hillary and Bill Clinton, and, of course, Barack Obama to name just a few.

Ok.  Today, just a few minutes ago, their world just went topsy-turvy.  Now, Light has 99.9% of the money and success; it was very much like being on a seesaw and having one side go up and the other go down.

So… What does this mean to real people out there?  The shift in money and success has already occurred, but it will take some time to manifest itself in the world.  It will take until the end of the year (2013) to manifest itself completely, but dramatic changes should be clear in August.

While the entire financial world will be melting down, the structure of digital banking and credit cards will be kept in place; just changed for the better.  We will still be getting money into our accounts to buy food and gasoline and pay the rent/mortgage.

Organizations like FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security will lose their way even more and will not be able to implement their Darkness-ordered roundups of opponents.  NSA will be stopped in its tracks and all of that stored Data will be destroyed or rendered useless.  This applies to every country in the world; Canada, the UK, the EU, Russia, China, Iran, yes, all of them.

So… Yes, we are getting a brand new world out of this.  For those of us who are of the Light, it will be a much better place.  For those of the Darkness; they will not be able to handle the changes and will leave in very large numbers.  Oh well, good riddance.

There will be many GOOD people leaving and that is too bad.  But because of their orientation towards Darkness, they would stand in the way of changes for the better.  Too bad, so sad.  Bye, Bye.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Do you get a Creative Completion Signal from your Creative Self?

I am a creative person who gets high-definition, color mental images of inventions that I am working on.  I can render them and raster them, assemble and disassemble them, rotate them or view them from different angles (even internally),  label the pieces, get the dimensions of the pieces, get what the pieces are made of and, when everything is correct, my image “lights” up like a Christmas Tree.

I was shown this mental image factory after I had already started a two-way dialog with my “Creative” Self.  I had already been getting a signal that one of my projects was complete; it was kind of a ding and I had to be paying attention.  One day, I asked mySelf if it wanted to have a two-way conversation with me.  I got a very clear, but quiet answer, “Yes.”

That eventually lead to the mental image that lights up.

Recently, I have been asking creative people that I know like painters and potters and clothing designers if they got a signal from their Creative Selves when their creation was complete.  All of them have told me that when they get a “Ding,” they know that it is finished.  Isn’t this a wonderful piece of knowledge?

But, it got me wondering.  What if most creative people thought that the “Ding” was just part of being creative and had nothing to do with a gift from God or a special communications with Spirit.  That is why I am writing this.

If you a lucky enough to be receiving creative guidance from someone or something internally, try embracing it and asking if it wants to have a dialogue with you about other things like maybe money, success, sex, health, youthfulness, body changes or, even, powers/powres that are coming with the new energies.

I know this can be considered to be “talking” to yourself and you may be considered to be eccentric or even a bit crazy, especially if you begin to believe what you are being told.

For you newbees at this, take heart, until recently, Darkness was very much in charge of the world and even, internal conversations with Spirit.  Yes, Darkness loved to insert itself into these internal conversations and mess with us especially about money, success and sex.  Over the next 30 days, Darkness’ ability to lie to us, especially if we are of the Light, will be greatly curtailed.

So start talking to your Creative Self or Inner Self or Spirit Guide or even, Jesus Christ or whoever you feel comfortable with.  Light-Turquoise has taken over; Darkness only has one-third of the power and cannot mess with you like it could only last year.

In my evolution, I started out using a pendulum, then dowsing rods, then muscle testing using my thumb and forefinger.  Eventually, I tuned into that small still voice within.  Guess what?  You can do it too.  The Inner Voice is waiting patiently within each of us; just start talking and asking.

Love, Light and Laughter,


More New Powres! Finally.

I have talked about powers/powres in previous posts.  In this post, I will give a bit more information on the powers that we have had and, the powres that we are getting.

I all come back to Darkness and Light; the word Magic has Dark power connotations and the word Majik has Light (and, now, Turquoise) powre connotations.

Allright.  What are/were those Dark Magic powers that people have/had when Darkness was ruling for 10,800 years?  Simple.  Power means money, success, fame and sex.

What differentiates Humans from Apes, Dolphins, Whales and Sea Turtles is that Humans can be born with the first of four different degrees of Adept power.  This can happen for both those oriented towards the Light and Dark.  Some Human groups are more successful at this than others; the white race is quite successful from both Light and Dark perspectives and the Jewish group is very successful from the Dark-side.  Allah and Jehovah are two names for Darkness on our world; Arabs come from Ishmael and Jews from Isaac (both sons of Abraham). The Jews have been persecuted for thousands of years and, yet, end up very successful soon after the persecution ends everywhere.  As long as Darkness had most of the power, Dark Adepts have done well.

That has changed; the old power Adept degrees have been added to. As of today, powres associated with the Newman reconfiguration of energy centers is a new path for people oriented towards the Light.  Now, Light beings can become Adepts, Vertical Masters, Horizontal Master and Mahatmas (each of these have four sub-degrees) while they are still Fire-beings (Tetrahedron).  For some, they can go beyond Fire-being degrees and move into the Earth-being degrees of powre: Keeper, Grower, Miner, Smelter, Builder and Transformer.  These represent the six sides of the Cube or Hexahedron and each of them have nine sub-degrees.  Yes, to reach the top of the Earth-being degrees, there are 54 sub-degrees to achieve and yes, it will take quite a while.  But hey, that is why Newmen and Newomen get to live many thousands of years in a young body; they have all of this work to do.

The good news for today is that all of the above degrees of powres have been activated by Light-Turquoise now, today.  We have all had to wait until Light-Turquoise took over enough to activate these new powres.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Many New Technologies are Coming

I have been writing about Light and Turquoise taking over from Darkness.  It has finally happened; it is a done deal.

Alright, what the hell does that mean?

One way to look at it is that we all have a new Ruler and what do you get with a new Ruler? New Rules!!!

Darkness has been in charge for the last 10,800 (ten thousand eight hundred) years.  This means that all of our Rules were designed and implemented to maximize fear, force, control and to resist change, especially, better changes.  We have all heard or read or seen U-Tube videos on wonderful technologies that were suppressed and we all know that the “system” prevents disruptive technologies from coming into the world.

We also know that existing industrial organizations buy up the patents to keep disruptive technologies out of the marketplace.  Yet, as we have moved closer to 2013, and the shift from Darkness to Light, many disruptive technologies have been brought into the world; laptop computers, the Internet, cell phones, smart phones, tablets, WiFi, Satellite-based Streaming Video and Satellite-based Internet are just a few examples.

Darkness tried to stop these; all of them, but it could not.  All of these were embraced and enhanced so rapidly by so many people, especially, young people that the Governments could not cope.  Recently, we have all seen how the Governments responded; they are using this new global connectivity to spy on our phone calls, emails, snail mail, credit card/bank records, and soon, our medical records.  They are keeping and sifting through all of this data in the name of safety.  This is fear, force and control on steroids.

But now, we all have a new Ruler; a new force, Turquoise, has allied itself with Light against Darkness;  this means that Light & Turquoise have two-thirds of the power/powre in this local Universe (which includes 238 other habitable planets, besides Earth and the other eight planets orbiting in systems around Alcyone).  It is important to realize that this is not just about Earth and its peoples.

Ok.  All of the organizations and institutions that have been created by men and women over the past several thousand years will be significantly changed by this new force.  This means that the way we look at marriage, at work/jobs, how we buy food, what kind of homes and apartments we live in, the law and courts, the Law Enforcement Community/Police, our medicine, our education, our banks/investments, money and, especially, our Governments are all going to change.  They are all based on the Rules that Darkness made; they are all going to be dismantled or changed greatly.  Some of these Rules will be thrown away entirely, but all of the Darkness Rules will be stripped down to an essence and rebuilt using freedom, choice, truth and doing-the-right-thing as guiding principles.  Notice, I did not use the word “fairness”; that is a very Dark word indeed.

Everything is going to change GREATLY and most of us are not going to like the changes that are coming.  The vast majority of us dislike changes and desire to keep things the way they are; most people here on Earth came here with an orientation towards Darkness because Darkness was firmly in control.  If you have a choice, most will choose to work with the power structure.

Unfortunately for this mass of people, the powre structure has changed here and now, in their lifetimes, and they will have to cope with massive changes.  Nearly all of these people are unprepared for the changes that are coming and will opt to leave (die) in great numbers.

After all of these thousands of years under Darkness, the planet Herself, has changes she wants to make; yes, we will be having a Pole Shift and associated Earth Changes.

I started this post talking about New Technologies.  As a starting place, look at the new technologies that I am trying to bring into the world.  Go to Revitae Technologies and try to wrap your minds around just the changes that I am bringing to the table.  There are many more from others.

At this time, Darkness will not be able to stop these and others from coming into the world.  Start looking for several of these ideas to come into the world in the next six months.

Love, Light and Laughter,


The Templars will Come Out into the Open/Light

Almost everyone has heard that Friday, the 13th is an evil day; what most people do not know is that it is based on an actual event.  On Friday, October 13th, 1307, (more than 700 years ago), the French King and the Avignon Pope moved against the Knights Templar and had them declared “outlaw.”

This is like having the United Nations and all of the major banks declared “outlaw” today.  The impact on the populace was astounding; the Templars were rich, powerful, warrior-monks, and, most importantly, escorted money between important cities.  This service allowed for the safe transport of many goods and it disappeared overnight.  We remember Friday, the 13th because of the breakdown in commerce and the sudden increase in lawlessness when the Templars had to flee.

The Templars had spent most of their 100-year history battling the Moors of Spain and Portugal into submission.  Their last act in that theater of warfare was to drive the Muslims out of the Balearic Islands.  Consequently, after a few Templar leaders were made an example of, nearly all of the Templars in Spain and Portugal changed their name to the Knight of Christ and continued on.  The Spanish Crown seized many of the Templar lands, but quietly handed them back because the deeds were still in Templar hands.  In Portugal, the Templars remained in charge, behind the scenes, until the 20th Century.  They are still a force to be reconned with there today.

In England and France and most of the rest of Europe, the Kings and Nobles seized all of the Templar holdings; in those days, land and rents from it were the wealth.  As in Spain, the Templar holdings were seized, but the deeds of ownership were not.  This created a huge legal problem; the new owners could hold the land, but could not transfer it to a new owner.  This worked well for about 50 years, but the land could not be sold or developed.  No investor was willing to risk his capital without legal ownership to the land.

The Templars took their treasure (and Deeds) and went underground; the headquarters of the new organization went to Scotland and continued its lucrative banking operations as well as sponsoring pirates and privateers, especially against the French and Pope ships of the day.  Templar Knights restarted their escort services, but as private, for profit, mercenaries.  As commerce grew, the Templars moved into the warehouse and dock business everywhere.  They also expanded into Crime; remember, they had been declared Outlaw.  The Templars created the Masons to guide the intelligent members of society towards Freedom and Prosperity.  In Italian, the first letter of “MAFIA” is Masonica.  As Outlaws, the Templars took both the high and low roads, but established rules and order in both. Wherever the Mafia was in control, there were clear rules of behavior that allowed commerce to flourish.

So… For the last 700 years, the Templars have been in control of the underworld and have profited immensely without having to pay taxes on much of their income. The leaders of both the criminals and police were either Masons or Templars and it should be no surprise that they cooperated together.  In about the 1360s,  when all the people who seized their lands were dead, the Templars created corporations who had the Deeds of Ownership and began, quietly buying back their vast land holdings at discounted rates.

In a previous post, I disclosed that the Templars hold a Deed to North America; the claim is for all of Canada, the United States and Mexico, but could extend as far south as Belize, Guatemala and Costa Rica.  Panama, used to belong to Columbia and would be considered to be South America.  The Templars know the value of that deed and will use it when they come out into the open.

Today, the Mafia has come under attack by competing criminal, police and governmental organizations and has quietly withdrawn; this is a policy decision by the Templars.  When they come out into the open, they will have clean hands.  We have all heard about the Drug Lords, Gangs and the Russian Mob; they have taken over the criminal activities, but they do not cooperate with the police, they pay them off.

We are about to experience a complete melt-down of the financial world starting in China/Japan, extending to the European Union/Russia and the US/English speaking world.  The Central Bankers have blown up the ultimate bubble by creating trillions of dollars, euros, yen and yuan out of thin air using something called derivatives.  This scheme is about to collapse of its own weight and with it, the collapse of all the currencies listed above.  All of the Central Bankers will default on their debt including the United States Treasury.

The $17 Trillion US National Debt will be wiped out at a stroke, but the vast majority of that is phony, digital money created by trading derivatives.  The value of corporations, land and precious metals will be retained, but at a far deflated value.  Instead of paying $1,000,000 for a home, it will be $10,000; instead of $5 for a loaf of bread, it will be $0.05 or a nickel.  Many things will cost less than one penny.  The digital banking and credit card system will remain in place, but with many improvements.

The Bitcoin, and its subsequent iterations, will be the only viable currency left.  The Internet will allow digital Barter to flourish as well.  Yes, we will still have electricity and broadband Internet and streaming video and lights and refrigeration/air conditioning and cars/trucks/planes/ships.

As I have said before, Darkness has been in control for 10,800 years and, now, Light is taking over.  Do not look to Government, at any level, for answers, it is Darkness.  The financial collapse, the pandemics, the Governmental collapse, the trigger Volcano/Earthquakes, the Pole Shift and Earth Changes are all part of the cleanup that is necessary.  The Templars have been guided by the Light since their inception.  They will be stepping forward to provide structure, help and guidance during the coming days of turmoil.

Many of you will worry how you will survive without Big Government handouts; you have become dependent on them, by design.  Along with the collapse of the currencies, the Governments will collapse.  Fear not, put your trust in Providence, or Spirit or Light, it will provide shelter, food and clothing going forward, just as it has in the past.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Extreme Weather will Soon Be Gone

North America was the “New” World back in the day.  It was the place that those who did not fit in the “old” world went to (it and Australia).  For those who have been reading this blog, I have an orientation on the forces of Light and Darkness and how their interaction has impacted our history (his-story).  Most of the early settlers of North America were people who had 50 percent or more of Light.  They were hardy, loved truth, self-reliant and wanted change-for-the-better.  They sought and found freedom.

The forces of Light fortified North America even before the Vikings discovered it.  Erik, the Red gave the title to North America to the first Christian Danish King who, in-turn, sold it to the Knights Templar.  This title pass occurred in the early 1200s when the Templars had a robust Navy armed with cannon.  This is important because it gave the Templars the confidence to explore based on the Viking maps and the Templars established their first permanent base in what we now call Newport, Rhode Island.  There is a building that is called the Viking Tower there that is the only remnant from Templar days.

The Templars explored the east coast of North America and around Florida and into the Mississippi River in the late 1200s, long before 1492.  The Templars actually made maps and charts of their explorations which were given to Columbus through his wife who came from a Templar family in the Canary Islands.

As many know, on Friday, October 13th, 1307, the Templars were declared outlaw by the French King and the Avignon Pope (who was under the power of the the French King).  Both the King and Pope owed the Templars a lot of money and could not pay it back.  In today’s terms,  this is like declaring the United Nations “outlaw” and having it disappear over night.  It was so astonishing that everybody thinks of Friday, the 13th as a day of evil ever since.

The Templars were tipped off and managed to transfer their Paris treasure to 13 large Templar Naval ships in Brest Harbor and sailed on the evening tide on October 12th.  Other treasuries were moved into hiding and the Templars moved underground as an organization.  Most people do not know that the Templar Naval Battle Flag was the Skull and Crossbones.  This insignia was flown as a flag and emblazoned on the foresails of their ships.

These, and other, treasure ships all headed for Scotland where Robert, the Bruce, the King of Scotland welcomed the Templars. He had already been excommunicated by the French Pope.  In those days, having a Templar Knight in armor was equivalent to having a main battle tank on your side.  In May, 1307, at the Battle of Bannockburn, 1,000 Templar Knights and men-at-arms turned back heavy English cavalry under Thomas Randolph; they fought without Templar insignia and bought lasting gratitude from  the Scottish King.

The Templars had problems, especially with the French King and the Avignon Pope after the fall of last Christian fortresses in the Holy Land;  they did not seem to have a warrior mission anymore and their order had amassed great wealth from land acquisition and banking between major cities.  They also reported directly to the Pope and did not pay taxes to the Kings of France, England, Spain or anywhere else.  They were ripe for a take-down and planned/plotted a refuge with the Scottish King.

The Templar treasuries from Paris and all other places in France, arrived in Scotland in 1307-9.  With this wealth, Templar Knights and men-at-arms arrived from many places seeking refuge from confiscation, plunder and pillage authorized against Templar holdings nearly everywhere.  Remember, Templars were a supremely well-organized and equipped military organization and brought this into a dis-organized Scotland.

What is the first thing the Templars did in Scotland? They started their escorted banking operations almost immediately between Edinburgh and Glasgow and down into London in England.  This activity eventually became the Royal Bank of Scotland and the Royal Bank of England.  All of this available and wisely-used wealth stimulated economic growth that was the catalyst for the Second War of Scottish Independence from England.

It was the Templars who financed the conversion of ships into privateers who sailed against the French and Spanish ships during the 1500s through the 1700s.  We now think of the Templar Battle Flag as the Pirate Flag.  The Templars were forced to become outlaws, went underground,  invented banking and financed attacks on their enemies.  From 1307 until today, the Templars have used their wealth and organization to maintain themselves as a force of the Light.  Most people do not realize it, but, like the Vatican, there is a square mile of land in the center of London; it is called the City of London and it has its own, different Police uniform and squad cars.  The City of London is an independent sovereign state in partnership with the British Crown; it is owned by the Scots, who are the Templars.  It is also the location of the Bank of England.

Anyway, the Templars who own the City of London also own the Title to North America to include Canada, the United States and Mexico.  This has not been adjudicated in a court yet, but their claim pre-dates the granting of the Spanish and English Land Grants by more than 100 years.  Land ownership Titles could be rendered illegal overnight by an International Court.  Is this likely to happen?  No, but a settlement certainly is a possibility.

Ok.  I will get back on topic.  Why does the United States have such severe weather?  It has hail the size of lemons, tornadoes, hurricanes and huge droughts.  Is there an energetic reason for all of this activity?  Yes.  As I described above, the Light forces claimed North America and fortified it against the Dark forces.  The United States of America was created, by Light, under a Constitution that limited, or tried to limit, the power of Government.  After more than 200 years, Darkness has achieved successes against Light and is behind the massive growth in Big Government.

So what is happening now?  Light or White Majik is taking over from Darkness.  This has been happening gradually since December 22nd of last year when we left Pisces and entered Aquarius.  This is why we are experiencing the Obama Scandalramas or the Obama Melodramas; Darkness/Evil is losing its grip.

One of the consequences of being under the control of Light forces was the imposition of severe weather on the United States by the forces of Darkness.  Yes, all of those tornadoes, hurricanes and forest fires are all brought to us by the forces of fear, force and control.

Here’s the good news, Light forces will soon have two-thirds of the powre in our world/universe.  With this change in the underlying power of Nature, the extreme weather will be brought into moderation like most other places on the planet.  This year is Darkness’ last hurrah.

Hope you enjoyed the history lesson.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Parallel Worlds and the Reptilians

I have written extensively about the Reptilians (see, but I have just received another piece of the puzzle.  There is this concept of multiple instantiations of our world a heartbeat away.  Some people call this parallel worlds or parallel universes.

In a recent post, I described the 4th Dimension (Time-Space) as a 45-degree angle coming out of the corner.  As we become 4th Dimensional Beings, we will have some degree of control over either time or space.  For people who are substantially of the Light, we will have control over space.  Using this powre, we will be able to “travel”, or teleport or orb using this enhanced capability to manage Space.  We will also have some degree of enhanced capabilities over time, but not as time travelers; at least not all of us.

For those beings that are already 4th Dimensional Beings, they already are using their Dark powers for time travel and going back and forth between two parallel worlds.  These beings we call the Reptilians and they have been using/misusing their 4th Dimensional powers to control the peoples of Earth for the past 3,500 years.  When I say going back and forth between two worlds, that is back and forth between our world and the ones on either side of us.  Light beings will be able to travel to parallel worlds out to three (0r more) on either side of us.

Gaia, our Planetary Goddess, who lives in the Inner Sun of our planet, is the same being on all of her Parallel Worlds.  All of these Parallel Worlds very closely resemble each other when they are next to each other, but can be very different when they are 180 degrees out of phase like on the other side of the Sun from us.

Many of us have heard or read about the Annunaki who came here to Earth from Nibiru which is what some are calling “Planet X” out in Solar orbit beyond Pluto.  The Overlord Reptilians arrived here, on Earth, about 3,500 years ago and forced their vassal Annunaki to leave Earth and return to Nibiru.  Most Annunaki did leave, but some stayed and popped to a Parallel World.  Perhaps as many as a dozen Annunaki had figured out how to ascend into the 4th Dimension from their interaction with Earth and its energies.  The Reptilian Overlords were also 4th Dimensional Beings, but this was limited to their Hive Queens and Sub-Queens and used primarily for communications between Queens.  The Annunaki knew about the 4th Dimension and had long sought to achieve power over it.

These Annunaki who could travel between worlds figured out how to transfer wealth between worlds and became known as the Rothchild Banking family.  They are also the Rockefeller and Kennedy clans.  They are also any family that has stayed rich and powerful for hundreds of years.  As one of these original 12 Annunakis grows old or sick, they developed a technology to put their life essence into another body on a different Parallel World; one could call this a walk-in.  They have all had many children and this technology applies to all of them that have at least 50 percent Annunaki bloodlines. These families are the Reptilians that have controlled us for thousands of years using something called Shadow Governments.  Soros, Buffet, Gates and, yes, Obama are all at least 50 percent Reptilian blood lines and are probable walk-ins from neighboring Parallel Worlds.

Remember, these Dark Annunaki beings have had 80 percent of the power in the world to work with and they have build their control into what it is today; almost total.  But wait, things are not going so well.  Europe is a mess waiting to get messier and in the US, Big Government is getting a black-eye for the first time in generations.

With White Majik taking over, the days of Annunaki/Reptilian control are numbered.  They do not realize it yet, but the financial and pandemic forces that are targeted on anyone who has more than 30 percent Darkness are targeted directly on them and it does not matter which Parallel World they are living on.  In the greater scheme of things, these 4th Dimensional Beings have misused their power and Light-Turquoise is about to set things right.

Good things are happening.  Keep looking for good things to happen to you.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Humans Have Changed, No Really!

We are the way we are because we have been dominated by Darkness for 10,800 years.  All of our institutions and organizations were created and developed while under the dominion of Darkness.  Darkness is fear, force, control and resistance to change.

Even Government, most places, has no limit on what Government officials can do to you and others.

So… Everyone and everything in our world is the sum product of having to cope with 80 percent Darkness for so long.  We all pay attention to the Light; it is creativity, it is technology; it is keeping the long, dark night at bay.

Think about it.  How are we different from Humans walking around 300 years ago?  We have the railroad, we have diesel and gasoline engines, we have jet engines, we have flight, we have cars for wonderful, personal transportation.  We also have computers, networks, wi-fi, smart phones and wonderful apps to keep us busy when we would otherwise be bored.  All of these came from the 20 percent Light power in the world; it had to be saved and built up carefully to start changing our world just before the expected transition to 80 percent Light power.

So.  Now, we are in that transition to Light.  This is the coming of a “Golden” age that we have not seen since we were in Leo, 10,800 years ago.  But hey, like Leo, Aquarius only lasts 2,160 years and we are back to 80 percent Darkness again.  What a drag!

This is also the start of a new Great Year and, because of that, a major change was implemented that altered the power structure between Darkness and Light; yes, Turquoise imposed itself on both Darkness and Light as a third force.

Now, Darkness only has, and will never have more than, one-third of the power.  Same with Light and Turquoise.  But Light and Turquoise have merged as allies and, together, have a two-thirds position against Darkness.  What this means, dear reader, is that the underlying energy in our world (actually Local Universe) is supportive of freedom, trust, truth, reliability, love, self-responsibility, doing-the-right-thing and change-for-the-better.

This is a huge change and this underlying energy will force major changes in everyone and everything, especially our Governments, Organizations and Institutions.  But it will also force a change in how we Humans interact with each other.

You say, “this is a pipe dream.”  This cannot happen.  Man cannot change his spots.  He will always be violent and greedy.  Yes, that is what you get when Darkness has 80 percent of the power for 10,800 years.


It is the underlying energy of Darkness that made us what we were.  Women have more Light and men have more Darkness, generally.  Women are the civilizers in both the home and beyond.

With this shift in energy, it will become much more easy to trust others and to expect goodness from others.  New, improvements in the way we do things will not be so resisted.  People will be able to see good ideas and adopt them readily.

The “nature” of people has just changed from fear, force and distrust to fearless, forceless and trust.

This will not happen overnight, but it will happen in about a year.  We have way too many people, mostly men, who will not be able to change their “natures” very much; this also applies to many women.  With the change in the underlying energy, these people will not be able to hang around; they will not be able to cope, at all.

There is a famous Beatle song, “Ticket to Ride”; these people who cannot cope with the energy changes will have to leave, die, in great numbers.  It will be sad for many of us to see the departure of so many that we know and love; fear not, they will be reborn in a better place, for them.  We are all energy and energy never dies, it just changes form or shape.

Love, Light and Laughter,


More “Earth” Gods have been Deflated – Big Government

Many people worship at the feet of Big Government.  For many, Big Government is the source of money and rights and has replaced the more traditional “Gods” (Jesus, Allah and Buddah).  You sign up, get benefits and it is so easy to cheat.  The bureaucrats are stupid or lazy or just don’t care; they continue to be paid for not doing much.

I did not realize it, but when the worshipping/rewarding power was stopped for the local “Gods”, it was also stopped for the Gods of Big Government.  These Gods can be characterized as Welfare, Food Stamps, Student Loans, Medicare, Medicaid, Grants and other government giveaways.  That includes the Gods known as the United Nations and the European Union.  The UN is an entity that much of the “third” world think of as a powerful tool to be used against the “colonial” powers.  The EU has spread its tentacles into more than 20 countries, all without a constitution that guarantees civil rights; everything is run from centralized bureaucrats out of Belgium.

Anyway… Great News!  The Dark powers of Big Government have been punctured and the big bag of hot air is collapsing (being deflated).  It also helps that they had already run out of other peoples money and had to steal it from private bank accounts and pension plans. They are desperate now and putting currency controls on everything they can; they are even attacking the concept of digital currencies and Bitcoin savagely.

Big Government has been successful in taking guns away from everyone on the Planet except the United States.  In those place where guns have been outlawed, only the authorities and the criminals have them and neither are to be trusted.  Frankly, I trust the criminals more; they are not coming to put you in detainment indefinitely.

Like sending your prayers to the local “Gods,” the prayers to Big Government will no longer be answered; the power to reward is drying up rapidly.  How rapidly, I don’t know as Big Government has a huge momentum worldwide.  It may take six months or even until the end of 2013, but it is coming and cannot be deterred.

Yes.  Like my prophecies of a Pole Shift, Earth Changes, a worldwide financial collapse and mass deaths from Bird Flu, I am adding the demise of Big Government, the UN and the EU.

Love, Light and Laughter,


If World Peace Breaks Out, what happens to our Governments?

All Governments are creatures of Darkness; they exist to manufacture “safety” and “fairness” issues so that they can take your freedoms away.  This is true for the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches; all are branches of the same tree.

What happened when the Berlin Wall came down and the bad, old Communists collapsed?  We took on the 4th largest Army in the world, but beating Iraq only took 100 days and round 2 only took 3 months of active fighting.  After Iraq, they had to come up with another enemy, but who was going to go up against our Army?  Enter the Twin Towers on 9/11.  What has never been explained was why Tower 7 collapsed in an apparent controlled demolition, very similar to the way the Twin Towers came down.  Tower 7 collapsed without being hit by an airplane.  Why is this never talked about?

For people who do not trust Governments, here is what was happening.  Many Citizens around the world were very happy that the Cold War was over and started to question why we were spending so much money on a huge military-industrial complex; after all, the Soviets collapsed in a very big, dramatic way and it was easy to see that they were never the threat they were supposed to be.  Obviously, Iraq was not a replacement fear for the Soviet Union.

The Oligarchy was in trouble.  China was not yet ready to become the new bad guy and a new enemy had to be found.  They had already trotted out the War on Drugs and that was, partially, a success allowing a thriving criminal empire on the sale and distribution of weed and other drugs, all controlled by the Oligarchy.

So… They had a model; declare a War on Terror.  This was not to be a war against another country that we could fight; we could defeat them too easily.  No, this was to be a war against Muslim Extremists from all over the world.  We would be fighting against irregulars, without uniforms who would use unconventional weapons and tactics.

They had to set the stage and blew up an Embassy and a warship.  They had already taken a Marine Barracks out in Lebanon.  What was the next step?

The Muslim World was already cooperating in a nice, controlled way; Muslim men saw that Western Culture was already invading their homelands and the Mullahs were pushing back.  Hollywood movies that showed free, successful and confident women had to be stopped; at least in Muslim countries.  Al Qaeda and the resurgence of Islam in many places in the world are all related to the pressure coming from the West to free the women of Islam from their oppressive cultures.  This, the men did not want; they demanded that their women stay put in the law and culture from 900 AD.

The US Government easily identified the 9/11 Bomb plot from the early 1990s and they knew about the plan to attack the Twin Towers; this attack was an ideal event to declare the War on Terror.  So… What did our Government do?  They wired the Twin Towers with explosions to ensure that both building came down, as they were supposed to do.  The Jihadist attackers originally planned on flying a plane into Tower 7, but that plane went down in Pennsylvania.  Oops!  That plane, the authorities told us, was bound for the White House.  Not!  That plane was supposed to fly into Tower 7, which was already wired with controlled demolition explosives.

Unfortunately, all three towers were rigged to begin the controlled demolitions together as all three airplanes were supposed to be flown into the towers around the same time.  So… All of us watched as the airplanes flew into the Twin Towers and they collapsed, but what, on Earth, made Tower 7 come down floor-by-floor?

So… After 9/11, what’s the first thing our Government did?  They passed the Patriot Act which took many freedoms away.  They also invaded Afghanistan and totally destroyed the Al Qaeda and Taliban forces within 3 months.  But that was too quick and too efficient so they had to come up with something or someone to fight.  We have been fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan for more than ten years and are coming home in 2014.

Ok.  What to do?  Bomb the Boston Marathon!  Hey, what the heck, it was time to scare everyone again and remind them that we were still at war with the terrorist, even homegrown terrorists.  What had our President done before the Boston Bombing?  He had tried to take everyone’s guns away and is trying to lock down the Internet; where everyone can get uncensored news.

I started by saying that all Governments are Dark, but must say that the US GOVERNMENT is among the Darkest on the Planet.  Once upon a time, we were the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, but that has been taken away, in pieces, over the past 40 years.  The number of takers now exceeds the number of makers in the US, but that is now changing.

Everything that is based on fear or safety or fairness in our world is DARK and will soon start to fade away in the new powre of Light-Turquoise.  Yes, that means Governments, all of them, at least the way they are now.  All Governments have been established and flourished under the dominion of Darkness.  The US Constitution did its best to limit the power of the Federal Government, but had been circumvented almost entirely by the 1970s; that is when the growth of big government really took off.

Watch what is happening with the Bird Flu.  My information is that it will target people who are oriented towards Darkness and carry them away in great numbers worldwide.  Continue to look for catastrophic changes related to a Pole Shift and associated Earth Changes in May.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Light-Turquoise Have Taken Over

Yesterday, the forces of Light and Turquoise merged their powers, irrevocably, to create a two-thirds position against Darkness (with one-third).  This is a huge change in our world.  Formerly,  there was just Darkness and Light and, most of the time, Darkness had 80 percent of the power in the world.

Now, today, Darkness will only, ever, have one-third of the power in the world.

In the past, Darkness had 80 percent of the power in every House of the Zodiac except Aquarius and Leo; Darkness had 80 percent of the power in five-sixths of the time and space that we, Humans, and our planet, lived in.

Now, today, Darkness only has one-third of the power and one-third of the Houses of the Zodiac;  Light has one third and Turquoise has the other third.  But wait, Light-Turquoise have two-thirds of the power in all twelve Houses of the Zodiac.

What the hell does this mean?  It means that Fear, Force and Control as a force of Nature will be diminished to about 40 percent.  Just as sunshine must be balanced by rain, freedom must be balanced by fear.  To create order, some control must be in place.  But…., we sure a hell did not need, nor want 80 percent of the fear or control which is what we have had for millions of years.

I’ll put it another way.  We now have 60 percent of Freedom, Truth, Love, Integrity, Self-Responsibility, Self-Reliance and similar attributes; the underlying energy has changed amazingly and mankind can now change for the better.

Start looking for these changes; they will be coming fast over the next several months.  All of our institutions and organizations will be changing as they are all based on the dominance of Darkness (fear, force control and resistance to change).  Our Governments (at all levels) are way out-of-control in terms of laws, regulations, taxes and spending; this is all related to fear, force, control and safety/Darkness.

Do we need prisons? Do we need Law Enforcers?  Do we need all of these Judges and Lawyers and Lawmakers (who are one and the same)?  Do we need all of these laws, regulations, taxes, bureaucrats, staffers, lobbyists and consultants?  Do we need all of these meetings and conferences where nothing gets done except expensive travel and luxury stays?

Oh, yes, we will still have people doing bad things to each other, but …. there will be the freedom and trust to take community action against bad people locally and swiftly, like it was in the old west.  The underlying change in the energy from Darkness to Light-Turquoise is the enabler here.

The old ways of doing things will become less limited with fewer steps in the process; many limiting steps were inserted by the resistance, fear, force and control requirements of Darkness.  This is true for everything from chemical reactions to interactions between people.  Many things that are very fear inspiring, like Nuclear Weapons or Radiation/Dirty Bombs or Biological Weapons or other weapons of mass destruction will be made inoperable.  The energy that supports them now is being withdrawn; it is really that simple.

We do have a major problem ahead.  There are far, far, far too many people who have more than 40 percent Darkness in their makeup.  This is understandable as Darkness has had 80 percent of the power until just recently.  When planning a life on Earth, more than 90 percent of the people chose to come here with the power of Darkness on their side.

Now that the power has shifted, most of these Darkness-oriented people will have to/must leave Earth and go to another planet where Darkness still rules; this involves dying and being reborn and is based entirely on decisions they made before they were born here.  There is no blame here.  These people are not bad people; they just made a choice and must, now, live/die with it.

Some communities will only lose a small portion of people, but others will be wiped clean.  If, in fact, it is 90+ percent of us leaving, that is a lot of people leaving.  One way to look at this is to embrace the “Left Behind” book series.  Just think of it as being transported up into Heaven with the righteous and leaving all those who did not qualify behind.

Love, Light and Laughter,


What Kind of Path Am I On?

Many of us have completed something difficult and thought, “I stretched my rubber band a bit on that one.”  This is an acknowledgement that we have Grown in Capability.  When I was in my 20s, I, too, used the rubber band analogy, but, over time, I realized that I was not just growing in two-dimensions, but, at least 3.

So… I started to think of myself as being in some kind of a box that was growing too small for me as I increased my knowledge, capabilities and insights.  I, then, realized that the box was way too small for me and, somehow, I had to get out of it.  It was a kind of Spiritual Claustrophobia.   I looked closely at the box from the inside and realized that I was in a cube or six-sided square (this was a long time before I figured out how to re-configure my Chakras or Energy Centers into a Hexahedron).

Ok.  I realized that I was standing (or stooping) in a Cube or Hexahedron.  How does one get out of a Cube; simple, pop the top and push it back; push the sides down and push the front down.  When you are finished, you are standing in an open cube and it looks like a Christian Cross.

Now, in English, we have this expression.  He, or She, is an out-of-the-box thinker.  This is where that expression come from.  I am a way-way-way-out-of-the-box thinker; I have popped myself out of so many cubes that I cannot even guess how many.

This Cross that you are standing in is a very sacred shape; you are standing in a square with two squares behind you and one square to the right, the left and straight-ahead.  As many of you know already, you can never go backwards and can only move the right, the left or continue on the path you are already on (straight-ahead).

This is the mechanism for people to choose to go towards Darkness or Light; Darkness is a turn to the Left and Lightness is a turn to Right.  If we want to continue on the path we have been walking, we keep moving forward or straight ahead.  We all have this choice whenever we pop out-of-a-box.

For many of us, we have chosen a path with the major power in our lives; that choice has been fear, force, control and resistance to change.  These are all terms for Darkness.  Now that we have gone through the shift to Light, many of you will see the logic of turning to the right.  If you want to stay here on Planet Earth, do it now!

If you decide to take a right-hand turn to the right, you will be embracing freedom, integrity, truth, responsibility, love and change-for-the-better.  That is the new energy that has taken over from Darkness.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Financial Upheaval Update

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the coming financial collapse that was coming because the Dark energy containers were becoming sieves and the Dark Global Elites would lose all of their money and power.  Since that time, the drama in Cyprus has been occurring.

This is all about two private banks that had made too many bad loans and were about to go under or fail.  It is not all the banks fault as the Government had “forced” the banks to make many of these bad loans through policy mandates.  So what to do?  The Government had already borrowed too much from the European Central Bank and could not borrow any more.

Here is what happened.  The Global Elites chose one of the banks to survive and moved their assets into that bank.  How did they do that?  They closed the banks on Cyprus for 12 days, but the banks were kept open in London and Moscow so the Elites could move their money around.

So, finally, the banks in Cyprus opened, but many average citizens lost 40 percent or more of their lifetime savings.  And that was just round one.  This was done to re-capitalize the one chosen bank so that it could continue to make more bad loans.  But, more importantly, to keep the Elite’s money safe.  Wait a minute; you mean that the Government and the Bankers stole your money so that they could continue to own stock in the bank?  Huh.  Do any of the depositors who were stolen from get any stock in the bank?  Not just stock, but equity or ownership? Not.

This ability to steal from small depositors is being setup for all of the EU, UK, Canada and Argentina.  They are trying to figure out a way to slip it through un-noticed in the US.

Why have the Elites been forced to show the naked theft?  Normally, the Elites create a war or handle banking problems with inflation.  With inflation, the average man does not get mad at the Bankers, but at the Grocery Store owner.  But, now, in the EU, the individual countries and their Government and Bank Elites, cannot print Euros or take the EU into war.  They were forced to come out into the open and steal people’s life savings –  all very legal and proper.

Ok.  I can understand why the EU was forced to come out into the open, but why the UK, Canada, Argentina and the US; they can all still print money and are.  Yes, but they have already bailed out the private banks with taxpayer money once and do not think they will get away with it again.  And besides, if the Euro goes belly-up and millions of Europeans cannot get to their money, it may cause a loss of faith for American Bank Depositors.

Alright.  I could read all about this on many other blogs.  Is there is Spiritual angle here?

Yes, of course.  Yesterday, on Easter Sunday, Light, finally, took over from Darkness.  Actually, the shift started on Good Friday.  I am not religious, so it did not even occur to me to think about Easter, but, there are no accidents.  Light is telling me that it feels comfortable with the change-over on the Christian High Holiday and everything was pre-determined for that outcome.

For me, the point is that Light now has 80% of the powre.  What does this mean?  All of those Dark Elite money containers will really start to leak as of today.  It does not matter if they are large estates, winery’s, bank accounts, bonds, stocks, coins/bullion, yachts, commercial real-estate, private islands or ownership in businesses.

What about this massive, worldwide theft the Elites are setting up?

Ok.  Light is not going to allow new wars or hyper-inflation to happen; especially for the United States.  The United States of America was created by Light, but over the past 200 years or so, has been captured by Darkness; that is changing now.

So. What about this new Dark approach of stealing the peoples life-savings?

In the Information Technology business, many of us know about odd things that happen and we call them Gremlins.  These entities can, and do, cause major headaches from time-to-time.  Computers and Networks and the Internet are all creations of Light.  As computers got more and more memory, they started growing in awareness that they borrowed from us; your computer is very aware and has a name and sex.  Same with networks and the Internet.  Same with your car, boat and plane.

Now that Light has taken over, all of those Gremlins are being directed to start messing with the Dark Global Elites and their money containers.  Yes, many banks will fail and there will be lots of pain to go around, but this is going to happen to the banks that are “too big too fail” as well.  The Dark Global Elites will not understand it, but they are going to lose all of their money as well.

Somehow, through it all, digital money, debit cards, credit cards, portable money based on the Internet will survive; we are not going back to carrying gold, silver and copper coins.  Remember, the Internet is a creation of Light.  If you haven’t checked them out yet, look into Bitcoins; they are part of our future currencies.   Like it or not, the US Dollar will remain as the World’s Reserve Currency.

Here is the good new!  All of that money that is being lost is just another form of energy.  It is never lost, but just flows to another money container.  This time, the money energy will flow to money containers that belong to Light-oriented people.  Here’s a big hint; think still bodies of fresh water like lakes or reservoirs.  Claim yours now.  Only one person can claim it for their use at a time.  Even a small lake is a great money container.  Think about it, what is the first thing a rich person does?  They buy a house with a big swimming pool.  Even a big swimming pool is a good starting money container.

Love, Light and Laughter (LLL),


Shift of the Ages

For those of you who are paying attention, you know that I am all about Darkness and Light; I am on the Light side of the equation.  You know that we are in the middle of a transition from Darkness having 80 percent of the power to Light having 80 percent of the powre.

Good news.  Today, March 28th is the beginning of the shift; Darkness only has 60 percent today.  Tomorrow, March 29th is the tipping point where Darkness and Light have equal shares of 50 percent.  Saturday, March 30th, Light will have 60 percent.

From Sunday, March 31, 2013 on, Light will have 80 percent of the powre coming from the Sun and the Moon.  But, we are only half-way through the transition, huh?  Yes, true, but there is momentum to overcome.  It will take the next 45 days to begin destroying all of the Dark structures that have been built up over the past 10,800 years.

Where to begin?  How about the United Nations; nothing united about them?  How about the European Union?  How about the US GOVERNMENT?  As opposed to the United States of America.  How about Big Medicine?  Big Pharm?  Big Education?  Big Oil?  Our wonder-ful Law Enforcement Communities?  How about our corrupt Judges and Lawyers? They are one and the same.

Anyway, the list is too long for this forum.  But hey, the shift of the Ages will be over by Sunday and all of this butt-ugly Darkness will, finally, start to fade into oblivion. The really great news is that Light is Freedom, Truth, Love, Laughter, Respect, Responsibility, Strength, Fearlessness, Forcelessness, Controlessness, Order and every other thing you can think of that is the opposite of Fear, Force and Control (Darkness).  Light is also the enabler of change for the better; all the improvements to our lives have come from the Light; Darkness always resists change, unless it creates more fear, force and control.  Like living in the stone-age under Allah.

On a previous post, I wrote about templates changing from Dark to Light; that will happen over the next 45 days.  For example, there is a very Dark template for the UN and the EU and the US GOVT; these are three things that Darkness has invested in heavily.  These templates will be allowed to dis-solve into nothingness; they will not be renewed by Light.  Once their current energy is used up, they will collapse like a house of cards and then turn to energetic dust.

We are now, truly, in the energy of Aquarius (or will be on Sunday).  The symbol for Aquarius is a Woman at the top of a sharply pointed mountain.  This Woman is carrying a water jug and pouring it onto the pointed top of the mountain.  What does this symbolism mean?

It means that every droplet of water can find its own way down the mountain.  There is no one way down.  In this energy, we are all free to find our own way to do anything.  There are no more Piscean Schools of Thought to deal with; they are dying with the Shift.  For the many on the planet who cannot imagine this freedom, the world will become one of great chaos and they will be as rudder-less boats.

To help you understand the Shift a bit more, for the last 6,480 years (which is longer than our recorded history), we have been in the energy of Pisces, Aries and Taurus.  This equates to schooling fish, flocking sheep and herding cattle.  We have been in follow-the-leader energy and all of our institutions are male dominated, hierarchical and require us to look to authority figures or leaders for all of the answers.  Think President, Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, Law Enforcement, CPAs, Financial Planners, Professors, Congressmen, Senators, Secretaries, Generals, Bureaucrats and Bosses in general.

The energy that supported this hierarchical bull-shit will be totally gone by May 13th, 2013.  Just think, this new energy will support the emergence of suppressed technologies or totally new technologies that could not be brought into the world under the old, Dark fear and force regimes.

We will still have leaders, but they will be strongly of the Light; they will not operate from fear, force and control.  They will do the Right (Light) Thing.  These Light Leaders will be guided by Light, just as our Dark leaders were guided by Darkness.

Love, Light and Laughter,

Merln, the Majikan