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End of the 4th Reich

Hello. I’ve been a bit quiet for a while. Yes, this is a Spiritual site, but I do get to comment on the demise of Darkness from time to time.

Let’s talk BREXIT. It is supposed to happen on October 31st, 2019. It looks like the Globalists are doing everything in their power to prevent the departure of Britain from the EU.

Let’s get back to my timetable; as of September 15th, Right-Spin had 30$ of the powre in our world (actually, our local Universe). On October 1st, it will go to 35% and on October 15th, 40%.

Now, remember, Light already has 40% and has been messing with Darkness for the past two and a half months (Darkness only has 20%). For whatever reason, Light was not able to use it’s powre against Darkness until it got to 40%. The same applies to Right-Spin’s 40%; it will not be usable against Darkness until after the 15th of October (say 10/19 or 10/22 as they are the next 14-Days/Creation Days).

You ask how Light has been messing with Darkness? Italy and Hungary. The departure of May and arrival of BoJo. The coming collapse of China. The increasing win-win-win by Trump in all areas, especially the US Economy. Then there was the G7 for another win.

What about my title? We all know that twice in the last century, Germany tried to conquer Europe; we call them the First and Second World Wars. Hitler called his Germany, the Third Reich. Starting with the ashes of that defeat Germany was allowed to rapidly develop while the rest of Europe was shackled by Socialism. This led to the development of the European Free Market which was free trading between European countries and became a free movement of people and goods.

Somehow, this European Customs Union morphed into the European Union which gradually seized control over the political processes of its member nations. Members of the EU Parliament cannot propose laws, can only vote on final acceptance. The bureaucrats make the rules upon rules upon rules independently. The EU has now set its sites on becoming an “Empire.”

What people do not realize is that the Germans have, finally, conquered Europe; it is called the European Union (EU). Germany is the most equal of equals. Britain is, now, about to escape the control/bondage of the EU. People question whether it will happen, or not. It is not a question of if, but, rather, when. Light and Right-Spin energies are both supporting the destruction of the EU, the Party of Davos and the Chicoms (all of the Globalists).

What is control/bondage? Just another form of Fear, Force and Control or Darkness. What was “normal” in the past is no longer being supported; Darkness only has 20% and, soon, both Light (40%) and Right-Spin (40%) will be able to mess with everything Darkness has built over the past thousands of years. Light will always tend to go after natural buildups of power and use earthquakes, ice ages (low solar radiation), tsunamis/floods and subsidences to oppose Dark powers. Right-Spin will be able to go after many of the man-made efforts like the United Nations, the EU, the Chinese Communist Part (CCP) and the Banksters/Deep State/Rothchilds.

Light workers will be supported by Light, but they are also the foundation of those who become Right-Spinners. The Light Forces will have 40% of the powre. But….the Right-Spinners will also have 40% of the powre.

Just a note to tell all of you that we are still on track for gigantic changes that are coming at us. Yes, we do, live in INTERESTING TIMES.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Am an Elder Now

In the Good Book, we are told that we have three score and ten years as an expectation of life; today, I achieved that time on the planet. I am 70 years old. Fortunately, I am in good health and look forward to many more years of service.

This achievement does not mean anything significant on Earth; you are just an older, but wiser person. But among certain sub-groups, you can be invited to become an Elder, as in the Hopi Elders. This is an honor that recognizes that you walked the narrow path of seeking enlightenment without being corrupted. This can be very difficult for many.

So….Today, I am an Elder of Earth and can take my place with those who are like me, but, perhaps, much older.

I invite other Elders to make contact with me; I am ready for the next step.

In my travels, I have encountered several people, all women, who have had an amazing gravitas; they were all striking visually and looked to be around middle age, but had eyes that were very old. These are the Elders that I am writing to today. They are all from other places.

How do I know that I am an Elder? Simple, my Guide, my inner voice, has told me so. Now, I can step off of the narrow, straight path and do other things. It’s like inventing things, when the project or device or alloy is completed, it, visually, lights up like a Christmas Tree. That is happening to me now; I have reached a certain level of completeness and am looking around for my next project.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Darkness vs Light vs ?????

Throughout Human history, it has always been a struggle between Darkness and Light. In each new Age (or House of the Zodiac), there was always a dominant energy; either Darkness or Light. For the past several Ages (5), Darkness has had 80% of the power in our world (and near-Space).

That has changed, now, for the Age of Aquarius; it is dominated by Light and, a new force in the Universe/Multiverse, called Right-Spin. These energies have an equal share in the 80% that was formerly held by Darkness. Now, Darkness has, only, 20% and Light has 40% and Right-Spin will have 40% by the end of October, 2019.

Here is some additional information on what this new force is and how we can use it.

Right-Spin energy is somewhat similar to Light in that it is oriented towards more Freedom, Choice, Truth, Love, Self-Reliance, Self-Responsibility and Trying to Do-the-Right-Thing. The kicker is that it can also be Left-Spin energy, meaning that it can be very similar to more Fear, Force and Control. This Spin Energy is a new, third force that is kind of, sort of, neutral ground between them (Light and Darkness).

I have written about the Lucifer and Michael Experiments where one-third of the Host of Heaven (the Planets of the Multiverse) were set aside for 80% Darkness/20% Light; that was Lucifer’s. Michael get an equal third with 80% Light/20% Darkness and the One/Spirit kept one-third as a control at 50/50. After 300,000 years of experimenting, Spirit decided that Light should have 67% and Darkness 33%, but…… there were howls of rage from the proponents of Darkness in the heavenly bureaucracy. Like here, the Heavenly Bureaucracy has its form of Deep State; as above, so below.

So………….It was decided to give Darkness and Light one-third of the power/powre each and keep the last third for a force that could be used to correct excesses. Here, now, on Earth, that third force is being applied as Right-Spin energy as Darkness has had most of the power for the past 10,800 years. There is a lot of re-balancing that needs to be done. So, for now, Right-Spin will have 40%, Light will have 40% and Darkness will have 20%. Why? Because Darkness has had 80% for so long, it was felt that it should be required to feel how 20% feels for one or more Ages (2,160 years).

So…Right-Spinners will be able to enjoy 40% of the powre in our world/universe for at least the next couple of thousand years. This site has been set up to Right-Spinners; they can transform themSelves and transition from Fire Beings to Earth Beings. Newmen, Newomen aka NewBeings will have the exclusive use of this 40% of the available Powre.

All Left-Spin power is being blocked; there is no way for a Dark or Left-Spin energy being to transform themSelve into a NewBeing.

What does this mean? The powres of both Light and Right-Spin can be used to create a much better world where most of us are, actually, Doing-the-Right-Thing all of the time (or most).

Darkness has Demons/Daemons. Light has Angels. What does this new third force have as active agents? Ninots; notice that Demon and Angel are both five-letter word (think Creation Number) and so is Ninot. So, Ninots are the equivalent to both Angels and Demons, but they can be either Right- or Left-Spin. For now, they are all Right-Spin.

If you have transformed YourSelf using the Guided Meditation on this site (even if you did not make it all of the way to the cube), you are now under the protection and are being guided by Ninots. Yes, there are Archninots, just like Archangels. Here’s some great news; as of August 15th, the Ninots are just as powerful as the Demons and can drive the Demons out of your bodies, your electronic devices, homes, cars, websites, finances, etc.

What are the implications of this new third force? Essentially, we have trained ourSelves to think in terms of Binary forces; male/female, darkness/light, up/down, on/off, full/empty. Now, there are, officially, three forces; there is an in-between or neutral force like having half a tank of gas.

In this new world, Binary will continue to work for us, but we must begin to transition to a Trinary view of our reality. That means our computers will have to be able to us the X-, Y- and Z-axis’s. It also means that our bits and bytes will be positive, negative and neutral. Same for our electrons. Now, they are all neutral.

Just imagine how data bases will be changed (or can be) by writing, reading and deleting Left, Right & Neutral bits. How is this going to change our notion of data integrity? How is it going to change the data in our communications? How about encryption? or Data Security? Sorry, but it is becoming an entirely new, different world.

One of the powres of the NewBeings will be to have some control over the +, -, or ^ electrons, bits and bytes. This applies to wind, rain, snow, heat, cold and magnetic polarity.

At the start of this post, I began with we are in the Age of Aquarius. Aquarius is female dominated and, as such, the Neutral Force will be oriented towards the Female. Sorry Males, you were dominant for longer than our recorded His-story; what does that tell you about all of the destructiveness of our past?

For those who seek to communicate with Spirit, it is now a bit more complicated; there is the Dark Force, the Light Force and the Neutral. There are also new rules of engagement between them; Darkness no longer has the power to intervene or interfere in the internal communications of a Light Being/Worker or a Right-Spinner. Angels and Ninots have agreed not to mess with each others beings. Right-Spinners come from the pool of Light Beings/Workers exclusively.

So… when you use my suggested method of tuning into your head nods and shakes, Darkness will not longer be able to mess with you. Tell you Guide or Inner Voice that you want Truth or say Nothing; no more lies. Yes, I, too, have been lied to many times; but mostly having to do with timing.

Love, Light and Laughter,


China is the last, best hope of Darkness

This site is all about the transitioning from Darkness to Light or Right-Spin. Here an update on that; on June 15th, Light and Right-Spin energies both reached 40% (each). This completes the Energy Transitioning that has occurred in 2019; Darkness got 20% early, in January and February. Light and Right-Spin both got their 40% (each) in the March, April, May & June months. So… Now, Darkness has 20%, Light has 40% and Right-Spin has 40%.

Whoa! Hasn’t it always been a war between Darkness and Light as binary opposites? Is Right-Spin a third force or third party. Yes, but Right-Spin is a tight ally of Light against Darkness. Light and Right-Spin have many of the same attributes like more freedom, choice, integrity, truth, transparency, self-reliance, self-responsibility and doing-the-right-thing.

So…The 80% Powre shared between Light and Right-Spin has been split down the middle. What that means is that “Light-Workers” will have 40% to do their “Light” work and that Right-Spinners or NewBeings (Newomen / Newmen) will have the other 40% for their use. In reality, most of the 80% will be put into action against Darkness. The followers of Moloch, the leadership of the Catholic Church, Judaism and Islam, all of them very Dark, will be destroyed. Same for the One Worlders, the Deep State, the Globalists, the UN, the EU and the US GOVERNMENT.

This brings me back to China. In 1991, China was allowed into the World Trade Organization under a strict set of international trading laws. This is how the Globalists started transferring the wealth from Europe and the United States to China. China immediately refused to follow all of the trading laws and has amassed huge wealth in the past three decades. The idea was to strip the US and Europe of its wealth and allow the tyrannical, dictatorial Chinese Communist Party to seize control of the world. This was to be the last gasp of Darkness as it started losing its power in 2013-2018.

China has just, barely, been stopped from deploying a killing technology into the west; it’s called 5G. The frequencies used are the UltraSound band which is safe for seconds of exposure infrequently. 5G networking and phone use will expose all of us to these frequencies all of the time. The result? Mass killings in every place this Chinese (or European) technology is deployed in. The primary means of killing would be brain tumors and break down in our nervous systems. You must resist the deployment of this killing technology as much as possible. A minimum safety precaution would be to make sure your head is at least 10 feet or 3 meters from a 5G transmitting antenna. This includes your phone so plan to keep your 4G phone.

Fortunately, 4G phones and network infrastructure (cell towers/servers) can be modified to increase their existing bandwidth by 300-500 times (using the same frequencies). This is a much safer approach and will get us to the same explosion in data rates and usage. This approach will get us to 5G, 6G, 7G and beyond, but gradually and safely. See my other website at

Anyway, China is driven by Dark forces; we just watched them try to seize power in Hong Kong this past week. Light/Right-Spin forces have taken over and prevented THEM. The Chinese Communist Party will not be able to give up their theft of Intellectual Property, Espionage, Forced Technology Transfers and Subsidized goods used to bankrupt their competitors. Their Belt and Road loans are a new version of Colonialism; the loans don’t get paid back and the Chinese seize valuable ports, transportation networks and natural resources. They are being stopped from seizing ships in the South China Sea.

Trump will put an additional $300-325 Billion of Chinese exports into the United States; this will collapse the Chinese Economy by Christmas or sooner. Bank failures are already an issue in the Chinese interior; 100s of small banks have failed and their real estate market balloon is popping. 1000s of companies are moving out of China to avoid tariffs. As these bank failures hit the medium and bigger banks, the US will have to cut the Chinese banks access to US Capital Markets; that will be the coup de gras.

Trump is disrupting all of the plans of the Globalists and undoing their damage as fast as he can. As the many manufacturing plants come back to the United States, he can transition away from the Central Bank (Fed, ECB, PBOC) economies and move the US Dollar to a Gold/Asset-Backed US Treasury Note. The US is now the largest oil and natural gas exporter in the world. The US has gigantic gold reserves hidden away in abandoned salt mines in the US Heartland; much of this has come from a mountain of pure gold on the Moon. You wonder what US Space Force ships have been doing; at least, in part. We have many US Ships in space; all of them are capable of dropping big rocks on either the Chinese or Russians. Then, there are the energy beams; don’t be alarmed about hypersonic missiles. Trump has, even, defeated the Rothschild forces in space.

What is happening here is the destruction of the Globalist World Trade plan that was going to transition to open borders, mass migrations of impossible to asimulate (Muslims) people and the destruction of national / cultural /religious values. Trump is busy destroying the Global Supply Lines/Chains that have been built up over many years; moving them from China to other places and back to the USA. He is also destroying the Perpetual War Machine or the Rothschild Bankster Empire that has been ruling over us ALL for at least 300 years, maybe as much as 1,000.

Darkness is losing; BIGLY. Light and Right-Spin are, firmly, in charge – NOW!

Love, Light and Laughter,


Big Changes are Habbening

The Molachers/Deep Staters/EUers/Davos Elites are all beginning to lose. They have had most of the power in our world for 1000s of years and were confident that they would prevail in any fight. Not true anymore; Light/Right-Spin forces are taking over or, have taken over.

We just watched Europe return to a desire for social, economic and cultural nationalism over the opposite focused Globalists with their uncontrolled Islamic migrations. It not only happened in Europe, but in India, Australia, Brazil (and much of South America). Of course, 2016 kicked it off with Brexit and the election of Donald Trump.

The Deep State tried to move all of the wealth (financial and manufacturing) from the United States and Europe to their client – China. Trump is reversing that rapidly in the US. Companies/Factories are leaving China at a dramatic rate and are going to Vietnam or back to the USA (Not Mexico). Big China Tech has been stopped in its track. Even though they got big by stealing technology and having subsidized, low cost products, the requirement to spy for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) finally brought enough attention on what they were doing.

We are seeing the dismantling of China, which is so very Dark/Left-Spin. China’s approach has been to sell subsidized products low, steal everyone’s ideas/technologies and suppress their own people. China has been part of the Deep State since entering the WTO. What the hell, they were the last remnant of Communism on the planet and the Deep State loved Communism even more than Islam.

What just habbened? One of China’s Regional Banks just failed and was bailed out by the CCP/Government. The problem is that there are three (3) more biggish banks about to go bust (knife edge) and another four (4) more banks that are likely to go bust in the next 14 days. What the CCP is desperate to avoid is a classic bank run. The bank runs will happen; this is Light/Right-Spin taking control. China will be ruined, shortly, and it could not happen to a better location anywhere. China will, very rapidly, degenerate into fiefdoms of War Lords. Never mind the One Belt – One Road and China 2025; not going to be.

When China goes, what happens to Europe? Not good. The EU Deep Staters have been China’s biggest supplier of funding; they will be the most exposed to massive Chinese defaults. Bye Bye Deutsche Bank, many other European Banks and the European Central Bank. Think about withdrawing all of your money from the banks and keeping it in cash or other valuables.

It will be tough for the United States as well, but not nearly so. Trump has been very busy creating/restoring a non-Central Bank economy. The Fed and Wall Street will be hit hard (the Deep Staters), but Trump has another plan for Main Street. Somehow, Trump has seized $25 Trillion from the rogue CIA and another $300 Trillion from the Deep State/Rothschild; he (and the US) will be able to ride out the turmoil. Remember, the US National Debt is $23 Trillion. Trump will not be bailing out the big Investor Banks or Banksters; just the depositors.

This will be the end of the Central Bank Debt-based system/economy in the United States, Europe, China and the rest of the world. People have been talking about/wishing for a Global Currency Reset (GCR) to occur for decades; it is in motion. The final piece is the meltdown of China and the destruction of the Central Bank in China, Europe and the US. The US Treasury Note will be based on Gold (and? Natural Gas/Oil) and will be devalued at least 10:1, but could be much higher. Gold will go to $10,000 per ounce and, perhaps, much higher.

So…All of these changes are happening on the people to people level. This is wonderful and will bring joy to many. Be aware. There are many more Earth Changes coming; there must be a balancing of forces between Darkness/Left-Spin and Light/Right-Spin. The audit is nearing completion and the energetic accounts WILL be BALANCED.

Look for China to dissolve in June. Look for Phase One; the Trigger Events to happen shortly thereafter. China’s islands and artificial reefs will collapse into the sea with parts of Indonesia as a preview of what is to come for China itself.

For tuned in Right-Spinners, the Naples area is in great danger from Vesuvius; make plans to move away soon.

Be Blessed by Spirit,

Love, Light and Laughter,


A More Detailed ROADMAP

Phase 1:  Giant Earthquakes (14 Richter) California and Mexico; Major Cities in both, largely destroyed and/or sink into the sea. All of Baja California sinks into the sea. Violent, destructive eruptions: Montserrat & Vesuvius. Many other, undersea volcanoes erupt.  Also, part of the Philippines and Indonesia sink. California will become the Isles of California; San Diego, Santa Barbara, the Redwoods. Much of Northern California and the Wine Country will be spared, but the Cascade Volcanoes will all be erupting.
Phase 2:  China: Giant Earthquake, 3Gorges Dams breaks. China bucks and sinks into sea. Also, the rest of Philippines and Indonesia (except Bali). Parts of Southern Japan, Eastern Russia and North Korea sink.
Phase 3:  All of Saudi Arabian Peninsula sinks along with Israel, parts of Lebanon, Syria, Southern Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and India.  All of Central America sinks. All of the Western Caribbean (Jamaica, Cuba, Cayman Islands, Haiti/Santo Domingo and Puerto Rico sink. Rest of Japan.
Phase 4: The Earth will slow down, stop, briefly, and start spinning in the opposite direction; Sun will rise in the West. This is a Magnetic Pole Reversal and lots of water will slosh around from West to East. The West Coast of the US will be hit by tsunamis several 100 feet high.  Same for the Western Coasts of Europe, Great Britain and Ireland, Africa, Mexico, South America,  India & Australia. The Globe Expands/Pops from 25,000 to 40,000 mile circumference, suddenly. The Amazon River becomes the Amazon Sea.  Africa sinks leaving 3 big islands: Kenya, South Africa and a piece with Madagascar. All of Northern, Western and Central Africa sinks. The Great Giza Pyramid’s top sticks out 6-8 feet above the waves. 
Eastern Long Island will be relatively safe. The Hudson River will flow from West to East flooding the NYC/NY Harbor/Eastern Long Island area (say 20-30 foot tsunami). The Eastern side of the Great Lakes will all experience tsunamis of around 100 feet. Western Florida will have tsunamis, but will be relatively small (around 100 feet). Same for most islands.

The World will be a mess and many of us will die, but not all (300 million survive). The oceans will be 80% (land=20%) and the Continents will be 1,000 miles further apart.
When?  Sometime this year, possibly/probably.  Could start in June, but could be delayed until July or August for Phase 1.  Not sure of the timing, but Spirit wants me to put the warning out; it is coming soon. The timing on the phases could be as little as 30 days, but could be longer, say 90 days, but is all based on a creschendo of cascading energy events. The first 3 Phases are being used to create enough energy to do the Polar Reversal and Global Pop.
All of the above is totally separate from the Mini Ice Age/Grand Solar Minimum that is now, descending upon the planet; it is going to become much colder, much dryer in places and much wetter in places. Flooding and large hail will destroy much of our food, housing and transportation. We must shift to growing crops in large buildings covered with strong metal roofs or underground or within a shielded energy dome (see
Right Spin/Light energies will be at 80% by July 1st and get to their full strength by September 1st. There will be a significant push back against Darkness which has had 80% of the power in the worlds for past 10,800 years.  Darkness is Left-Spin, hence, the planet/orbital shift in spin from Left-Spin to Right-Spin (Magnetic Pole Shift).
Read about Joshua and the conquest of Jericho in the Old Testament; the Sun (and Moon) stopped in the sky for a day. This was a spin/orbital shift that is recorded in our cultural, historical documents.
During these events, the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Europe and Australia/New Zealand (except their West Coasts) will be, largely, unaffected. Their major challenge will come from the cooling of the planet. They must stop this wrong focus on Global Warming; it is GLOBAL COOLING that is coming.

Love, LIght and Laughter,


We have More Powre than Moloch!

The Shift of the Ages has, finally, occurred. Today, at 5am, I could use 25% of the powre in our world against Moloch, who only has 20%. Let that sink in.

Moloch is the real, power name of the Devil or Satan. He is also the real name of Allah and Jehovah. Christianity, Judaism and Islam are ALL called the religions of the “Book,” meaning they are all related to each other via the Old Testament. Abraham is the father of the Jews through his son, Isaac and, also, the father of the Arabs/Muslims through his son, Ishmael. For Christians, the Old Testament is part of our Bible.

So, who is this Moloch and how does he fit into this story? Remember, when Abraham was asked, by God, to sacrifice his son, Isaac? Abraham was so relieved that he did not have to sacrifice Isaac, but, supposedly, he substituted a lamb instead. Who is this God who was demanding Human, Child sacrifice? His name is Moloch and you can read all about him; he is the ancient God of Child Sacrifice and Abraham was sacrificing to Him. Guess what, Moloch was not placated with a Lamb; some other child was sacrificed to him. What does that mean? The sacrificed children are used sexually, ritually killed on an alter and, then, eaten as part of the ceremony.

This story of Abraham and Isaac goes back 3-5 thousand years (look at the Jewish calendar). It is safe to make the connection (the dots) that the Jews have been sacrificing children to Moloch for that long. Same for the Muslims. The Jews have been thrown out, as an entire people, from all of the countries of Europe over the past 1,000 years. What could be so revulsive as to make an entire population so unwelcome? It is not the money; it is the child sacrifice to their God. This is what has driven Anti-Semitism through the ages.

On this site, I write about Darkness (the Devil, Satan, Jehovah, Allah) as being in charge of our world for the past 10,800 years. That is, approximately, how long child sacrifice has been going on for. But, it wasn’t just Children and included captured men and women; think the Mayans and Aztecs and their bloody God.

So, Darkness had 80% of the power in our world. That means money, wealth, land, titles, health, immunity from retribution and political power (enslavement). We all know about “selling” our soul to the Devil; it is out there in plain sight. But, how, exactly, does one do that? Simple, you had to start sacrificing to Moloch. If you wanted riches and power, you had to join the secret society of pedophiles and cannibals that ritually sacrificed our children to Moloch. The powerful invited you in; power begets power. This worship of Moloch went from father to son (and to daughters as well).

Enter the Catholic Church. They ruled Europe for hundreds of years during this rule of Darkness. They excluded women from being priests; all of the pedophiles were welcome. Where did they do their sacrificing to Moloch? In the Cathedrals, of course; down in the catacombs. Where do you think all of those gargoyles and demonic figures came from? It is surely, not of the Light. We all know about the Marquis of Sade; do you think, maybe, he was a Child Sacrificer to Moloch? He was caught and made an example of, but the ruling elite of Europe, the United States and the World have all been sacrificing to Moloch for 1,000s of years.

You may wonder how the abortion movement got to be so powerful? What was happening to all of those aborted fetuses? Yes, they were being eaten by the Satanists. It has gotten so outrageous that demands are being made to kill children just after being born. Who could, possibly, want to do that?

Do not despear, as of 2019, Moloch has lost most of his power; he is at 20%, now. His opposition, Light and Right-Spin are ramping up in powre and, today, got 25% each. Both are more powreful than Moloch. By June 15th, both will have 40% each; twice as powreful as Moloch. This is why all of this is coming out now; the Satanists/Molochists are being exposed and will be punished. Retribution will be the Spiritual level as well; think having to experience, in long duration, the pain/feelings that you have inflicted on others (Hell).

For those of you who stayed with me thus far, here is the so what. One of the biggest problems all of us have, me too, is the internal voice that lies to us, especially about timing. While Moloch had 80% of the power, he could mess with us. He could mislead us. He could, even, influence his people, the Left-Spinners, to do awful things like being a terrorist bomber. As Light had 20% of the powre, we could get truth at least 20% of the time. For those of us more powreful in Light/Right-Spin, Darkness/Moloch could only mess with us 20% of the time. That is no longer, the case; Moloch cannot mess with Light Beings or Right-Spinners at all. Moloch’s power over us is GONE!

Here’s how to stop Moloch from messing with you now. First, invoke Light or Right-Spin, or both, “I am a powreful being of the Light/Right-Spin.” Use his Name. Say “Moloch, go away.” or “Moloch, I terminate your access” Say whatever works for you at least three times, but as many as nine times. We have the powre to do this, for the first time, now. We must, all, shut the door, disallow access, to this Evil Being.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Trigger Events are Here

In my last post, I provided the energy allocation shifts that are happening. On May 1st, Light and Right-Spin will each have 25% of the powre in our world. Darkness, only has 20% and could counter any uncoordinated moves against it by either Light or Right-Spin energies.

On May 1st, Wednesday, that will no longer be the case. Light and Right-Spin may take any actions against Darkness and they WILL. It is important to understand that Darkness has had the vast majority of power (80%) in our world for 1,000s of years; Darkness has made everything here in its image. All of our organizations and institutions are based on the use of fear, force and control. Even worse, we are starting to see (be awake) to the demands that Darkness made from his worshippers; lots of blood from children and innocents. The recent, seemingly senseless, attack on Christians and Tourists in Sri Lanka are an example; that was a sacrifice to Moloch. We are reading about our Elites being involved in Satanic Rituals and, it all makes sense; that is how they got their fame, fortune and power. That’s where the power was; in order to get it, you had to ask for it from Darkness/Moloch.

No longer the case. Now, the powre is in the hands of Light and Right-Spin and all of the achievements of Darkness will be tumbled, crumbled and scattered. There will be a Cleansing coming; the Dark stain/stench will be washed away in many ways. The Deep State, the Rothschild Banksters, the EU, the UN and the US GOVERNMENT are all being dismantled/cleansed now. But, these are very minor issues compared to what is coming.

Most places on Earth are neither places of Darkness or Light, but there are places that are sacred to both. California has become, increasingly, a place of Darkness. Same for Mexico (at least in part). What parts of the world have been under dictatorial, low-freedom, Communist rule for a long time? What parts of the world have been subjugated by Islam? The Home of Darkness/Moloch on Earth is in the Kaaba/Qu’Ba, a 6 ft x 6 ft x 6 ft cube of black obsidian in Mecca. This cube has hard, sharp lines and corners; it was supposed to have fallen to Earth, like that, as a meteorite. Moloch, is Darkness, and, is the secret name for both Allah and Jehovah; same God, different names. Moloch is the ancient God of Child Sacrifice; think Abraham and Isaac.

Places and structures and organizations that are sacred to Darkness will be cleansed. How is this done? Two ways, destruction by earthquake and/or volcano and washing it with the sea. This is what is about to happen to California and Mexico City. It will also happen to China, Indonesia, the Middle East and much of Africa.

The Trigger Events are the first of the coming Earth Changes. It will start in Northern California near San Francisco and travel to Los Angeles; this will be giant, never before felt, Earthquakes. This violence will move to and be felt in Mexico City, as well. Am talking about 12-14 on Richter Scale; not much left. Large parts of California will subside into the sea leaving islands where the Redwoods are, Santa Barbara and San Diego. All of Baja California will subside as well. This event will extend across the Caribbean to Montserrat, where the volcano will destroy the island. About the same time, Mount Vesuvius will have a major, distructive eruption near Naples, Italy.

When? In early May; perhaps in the next two weeks. Many have been warning of the “big one” that California is overdue for. It is this Darkness to Light energy shift that has happened. On May 15th, Light and Right-Spin will get to 30% each and by June 15th, it will be 40% each. All of this powre will be put into a cleansing of the Earth. There will be more, significant Earth Changes in June and July. By the end of Summer, 2019, the Earth will be a very different place.

With the subsidence of China, Indonesia/Philippines, much of the Middle East, much of Africa, the Amazon basin and Central America, there will be enough energy to drive a sudden expansion of the circumference of the Earth; it will go from 25,000 miles around to 40,000 miles around. There will also be a magnetic pole shift where the Earth will slow down, stop and begin rotating in the other direction; all in about 24 hours. Read about Joshua in the Old Testament; the Sun stopped in the sky for a day. We will change from rotating counter-clockwise (Left-Spin) to clockwise (Right-Spin) on both our axis and our orbit around the Sun. The Sun will rise in the West and set in the East. Lots of water will slosh around killing many millions. All this and a Mini-Ice Age as well; lots of cold, wild weather, floods, not enough rain and scarce food.

Is this the end of the world? No. There will be 300 million of us that survive. Our civilization and technologies will be stressed, but will come through stronger. The old ways and the old guard will be gone and replaced with something much better. For the first time in 10,000 years, fear will become a minor issue for most.

This is now, the Age of Aquarius. Light and Right-Spin have the powre; isn’t that wonderful? Women have the dominant energy and will be a large majority of the survivors; there may be as few as one male in twenty females. The world will, definitely, be changing.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Timing: What We have been Waiting for

In previous posts, I have written about 2018 being the transition year. By that, I mean the power allocation year. It began with both Light/Right-Spin and Dark/Left-Spin energies at zero. Both got 5% on the first and fifthteenth of each month; 10% in January, 10% in February and so on. Dark/Left-Spin energy got its allocation by the middle of February; 20%. Light/Right-Spin got its allocation by the middle of August: 80%. Then, everything went quiet until 2019.

In 2019, the allocations made in 2018 were powered up. Dark/Left-Spin energy got powered up first; it was the new, minority party. It got 10% in January and February for a total of 20%, but with working power to impact the world and all of us. Light/Right-Spin energy got 10% each, in March and April and will get 10% more, each, in May and June.

In the past, it was always about Dark(ness) and Light as two opposing forces from time immemorial. Now, there is this new additional, or third, force which I call Right-Spin. It was brought into our world (Galaxy, Local Universe, Multi-verse) as an ally of Light; Darkness had 80% of the power for the past 10,800 years. While, for now, it is an ally of Light, it is a true third force; think of it as Neutral. This is similar from going from drive to reverse in your car; you must go through neutral.

So…how does this Right-Spin, neutral force fit into the powering up of the allocations? After Darkness got its power, the other 80% is being split between the energies of Light and Right-Spin; 40% each. How this is being done is that each is getting 10% in March, April, Many and June. Both will have been powred up (power is Dark/powre is Light/RS) to their 40% by mid-June.

So… the new powre allocation for our world is 40% Light, 40% Right-Spin and 20% Dark(ness). There is a future, potential, allocation of power for Left-Spin, but that is 1,000s of years away, if ever. Now, we all know the attributes of Light; it drive Dark(ness) away. Darkness is, always, fear, force and control and, always, resists doing the Right thing. So, what is this new, third force; Right-Spin? It is more freedom, truth, integrity, self-reliance, self-responsibility and, always, doing the Right thing. That is a good fit for the attributes of Light which is why they are such natural allies.

How is this alliance going to work? Light will go after Dark(ness) in its traditional ways and shut down the gains Darkness has made in our religions; denial of women priests, pedophilia, child sacrificing (see Old Testament – Isaac ) and worshipping the Devil, Satan, Selling your Soul.

In all three of the Old Testament religions, Jewdeism, Christianity and Islam, the primary, hidden God being worshipped is Moloch, the ancient God of Child Sacrifice. Remember, Darkness has had 80% of the power in our world since before history (his-story). How did Darkness hand out its favors to those seeking fame, fortune and political powers? It demanded, and got, child sacrifice by those selling their souls.

Moloch is the secret name for Darkness. Moloch is, also, the secret name for Allah and Jehovah. The Black Obsidian Cube in Mecca is the home of Darkness (Moloch) on this planet. Moloch is pure Evil; he feeds off the energy of innocent children, women and men being offered to him.

What is Right-Spin going to go after? Corrupt man-made structures that are based on fear like governments, the Banksters, the Deep State, the Cabal, the New World Order, the United Nations or UN, the European Union or EU and all of their allies in the law courts/legal/police/prisons, media, business, medical/pharm, education, military and Global Warming/Eco-nonsense. We are moving quickly into a Mini-Ice-Age or Global Solar Minimum where the Polar reaches are getting very cold and, will, force mass movements of people looking for scarce food supplies. Most Scandinavians, Russians and Canadians will have to move south.

There is overlap in our religions. They are driven by Darkness and Light, but they are administered and used as control mechanisms by men. The Catholic Church is fully engaged in the worship of Moloch; every Cathedral in the world has an underground alter dedicated to Moloch where Satanic sacrifices are made (yes, children are raped, ritually killed and eaten). Every senior Churchman in the Catholic Church got there by sacrificing to Moloch; yes, the Pope, Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops and below. If you are a homosexual, and, perhaps, like sex with children, the Church has been your home for centuries.

I have been very hard on the Elites of our world; they have been worshipping Moloch for thousands of years. This is how they were able to sell their souls; there always had to be a mechanism for the deal. You had to be TRULY EVIL to be able to make the compact.

What is happening that is exposing this Evil? See the re-allocation of powre, described above, that has been taking place in our world over the past two years. Humanity is going through a Great Awakening! Look for an acceleration of this exposure/awakening as we move into May and June and beyond. Justice and pain and retribution are coming, but not enough.

Love, Light and Laughter (when possible),


How to Red Pill YourSelves

Many of you will know what I am talking about; the ability to see through the Illusions of the Matrix (See Matrix movies). The issue is taking a Red Pill to see the underlying, illusion-free reality or taking the blue pill to stay in the illusion or, even, amplify the illusion.

Isn’t it interesting that Red is the color of the political Right and Blue is the color of the Lefties, aka Left-Spinners (I am writing as an American). The Deep State is very Left-Spin; all about Fear, Force and Control.

Today, I am going to tell you how to Red Pill yourselves without having to take a pill; that is a Big Pharm, very Left-Spin approach. What is the primary issue here; the essence of the problem for all of us stuck in the Matrix? We are stuck in a series of overlapping illusions that we must dissolve before we can begin to see the underlying, “what is” reality.

The issue is all about external Authorities. We are taught, by the Deep State, Everywhere, that we must subsume our Internal Guidance, or what we Know to be True or Correct or Right, to that of our Government, the State, the Courts, Big Medicine/Pharm, Big Business, Big Education, Big Media, Big Social Media, etc. It is these External Authorities that have worked hard, all of our lives, to enslave us in their web of illusions. Think about Public School; its primary function is to “socialize” us, not educate us. This has now been extended to politically correct colleges and universities which are being used to financially enslave us, as well.

Are you ready to take the Red Pill? If so, here is the way; connect to your Internal Guidance/Spirit Guide/God-Self.

Look up Kinesiology on the web and read through several pages. You will find that the Medical Community is now using it as a feedback mechanism on your own health; you go into a Doctors office and someone, frequently, the doctor, asks you to put out your arm and he/she places their hand on it and asks a series of health questions mentally. What they are doing is muscle-testing you; if your arms drops, even slightly, the answer is a no and if your arm stays steady, that is a Yes. You do not know what the questions were, but the doctor is getting answers from your body about your health.

OK. This may work for a doctor or nurse, but how do I use this mySelf? When I first started using this technique to talk to mySelf, I used both hands. I formed a circle with my thumb and forefinger on both hands. I interlocked them and pulled them apart. If the circle came apart easily; that was a No. If the circle did not come apart; that was a Yes.

I could use this anywhere; in business meetings, on a date, to ask about investments, to ask about my health, to ask about whether someone new in my life was “good” or “bad” for me or, generally, what to do now. I could always get my Internal Guidance on any topic.

I found that the two hands technique did not work so well when I was driving and switched to a single hand technique. Take your thumb and touch your forefinger. Press them together lightly. Now ask your question. A good question to ask is “This” my first name? A Yes is the thumb and forefinger staying firmly together. A No is the thumb and forefinger sliding away from each other. This is the same muscle-testing that the doctor does, but, it uses your hand. Using this one-handed approach can be used anywhere unobtrusively, just put you hand under the table or behind your back or down, next to your leg. Again, you can ask any question, at any time.

I still use the one-handed technique, but have evolved it to the best muscle-testing technique for me, and, for most people. I was guided to start paying attention to my head nods and shakes; even minute, imperseptible ones. Everyone of us are nodding and shaking our heads all of the time; we just do not tune into it. It is our Inner Beings talking to us. TUNE INTO IT; a nod is a Yes and a shake is a No. To calibrate this, ask your first name question again. Then ask if your Inner Being wants to have a full-up, two-way conversation with you? This is a great question no matter what muscle-testing technique is used.

Some of us are more intuitive than others. Women tend to be much more intuitive and can get answers in their hearts. Sometimes the heart and head are giving different answers and the muscle-testing techniques above can help. Men tend to be much less intuitive; yes, some of us can get answers from our hearts, but, it is much more difficult for us.

I do get Heart messages all of the time, especially when I am writing; it is almost a form of automatic writing. But, I incorporate head nodding and finger sliding all of the time. All of these ways of communicating with ourSelves are important for both men and women; use them all.

Right-Spin energy has taken over, but it is still quite weak; iIt will get stronger and stronger with every month. We Right-Spinners will have 80% of the Powre. All of us must learn how to use this powre and part of that is learning how to get guidance (from within) on how, where and for whom to use this powre.

YOU WILL NOT GET THE POWRES WITHOUT, FIRST, LEARNING HOW TO GET GUIDANCE. What is the point, External Authorities have been used to enslave humanity for thousands of years. Right-Spinning is Red Pilling!

Love, Light and Laughter,


Shift in Axis/Orbit Spin

In my last post, I explained that we were all going to be having a SHTF moment coming soon. We are already having a sudden drop in the strength of the Magnetic Field and that means we are also having a sudden increase in the level of Cosmic Rays. It also means that the mechanism for keeping the jet streams where they are “normally” located is diminishing, rapidly, as well.

The rapidly increasing Cosmic Rays mean rapidly increasing volcanic and earthquake activity on land and under the sea. It also means more cloud activity; that means making things cooler. It also means very high wind speeds; Hurricane winds where they should not be. It also means sudden, loud, electrical explosions and ball lightening in the sky during the day and night.

The Jet Streams in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres are untethered and will tend to bring frigid polar air downward. We will be getting much more rain and snow. When the snow melts, soon, we will experience more severe flooding. The crops are not getting planted into the ground until late. The problem is that the cold will be coming much sooner and the crops will not ripen or freeze before harvest. This is particularly true in Canada, the Mid-to-Northern United States, the Ukraine and Southern Russia. China is moving to take all of the food that can be grown in Africa; food conflict coming.

The other major problem is that areas that used to be wet, will now be dry or drier and vice versa. We are seeing huge amount of rain fall into/onto the driest parts of our planet. In North America, in most of the Sourthwest of the US, it will become farmland with enough rain to grow crops and it will be South enough to avoid freezing the food before harvest. This includes the desert areas of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Same for the Northern Mexico Sonoran desert; it will become wet enough (those Jet Streams) to grow lots of food. In Europe, Iraq and Syria will become the food growing belt. In the Middle East, southern India and Myanmar will be the food growing belt. In Asia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Thailand will be the food growing belt.

OK. After the Magnetic Reversal, we will be rotating on our axis in a Clockwise Manner; what does that mean? We will be spinning to the RIGHT. Are you Laughing? Do you think, maybe, that this is some sort of accident? Right-Spin energy is taking over right now and it will be like a “new broom sweeping clean” to all things Left-Spin. All of the STUFF that we will be going through will be a “Cleansing” of our Planet to get rid of Dark/Left-Spin energy as quickly as possible. That means most of the Left-Spin people; if you are a Right-Spinner or in the Middle, you will survive. It will not be fun, but you will make it.

Moloch, the Ancient God of Child Sacrifice – Google and read several sites. This may be called a Canaanite God, but has been brought forward to the now as the hidden, primary God of the Jews and Mohammadans (secret name of Allah). Moloch is the archetype of Satan.

Everyone is hearing about Sex Trafficking and Child Trafficking in the news. It is not quite blaring, but is getting louder. We are reading and hearing about Pedos being prosecuted. We are also hearing about our elites being involved in Satanic events. This is Right-Spin energy working; it is bringing things long held in complete Darkness into the Light. Moloch, is an ancient God who demands child sacrifice from his believers. His symbol is what we call the Star of David (it has nothing to do with David). It is the symbol of the modern State of Israel. Many, if not most, of the people in power in our world (yes, everywhere) are enablers, followers or true believers of Moloch. They kidnap or buy children, abuse them sexually, kill them ritually and, then, eat them. Moloch is the primary Jewish God. Does anyone ever wonder what could get an entire people thrown out of most of the countries of Europe, sequentially; Moloch and missing children are the answer.

Lest anyone think I am beating up on the Jews, I am, but the real, secret name of Allah, is Moloch. Islam, the Mohammadans, or, the worshippers of Allah, are just as guilty. OK, let’s talk about the Catholic Church; they, too, are heavily involved in Moloch and have been for thousands of years. Many, if not most, priests are pedos and the church has been a great enabler. This also applies, to perhaps a lesser degree, to the Seventh Day Adventists and Mormons. Main stream Protestant sects are, perhaps, not Guilty. If you wonder why you were never religious; at some level, you knew.

Many of our leaders have, literally, sold their souls to Moloch/Satan. What have they gotten? Riches and Power and Immunity from their Evil: think Hillary. All of these evil, disgusting people are among the very Darkest-of-the-Dark or strongest Left-Spinners; they will be leaving in great numbers starting in April, 2019. Do not be surprised, they are everywhere.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Even More on the Magnetic Reversal

Yes, everything I wrote about in my last post, More on Earth Changes, is still as described, but there is MORE. The Magnetosphere or the Magnetic Field of the Earth is growing weaker rapidly. The Magnetic Pole Shift could come as early as September, this year (2019).

What I did not realize is that the Magnetic Reversal, when it comes, will be even more complex for all of us.

In the Old Testament, there is a section, Joshua 10: 13, which describes Joshua and his army attacking Jericho. We all know about the ten times around and the trumpets blowing. Here is the important part: “So the sun stood still, and the moon stopped, till the nation avenged itself on its enemies, as it is written in the Book of Jashar. The sun stopped in the middle of the sky and delayed going down about a full day.”

I include this reference because it can be viewed as a historical fact, even though it is recorded in one of our Holy Books. What do we have going on here? The Sun stops, stands still. It must be late in the day, as they can see the Moon rising. The Moon, too, stops and stands still. But then, we are told that the Sun stopped in the middle of the sky (probably still late in the day). And, here is the kicker, the Sun and Moon, apparently did not seem to move for a “full” day.

What is being described here is the deceleration , stopping and acceleration of our Planet Earth’s shift in axis and orbital direction. This, too, comes with a Magnetic Reversal. So….Back in Joshua’s time, what, about 3300 years ago, they document the time it takes for a reversal in the orbit direction to occur. Prior to the Battle of Jericho, the Sun rose in the west and set in the East. After the Battle of Jericho, the Sun rose in the East and set in the West (our experience).

Now, we all know that our Planet orbits around the Sun. It orbits around its axis and in a path around the Sun in a Counter-Clockwise manner. All of the planets orbit around the Sun in a Counter-Clockwise manner. Will this still be true after the Magnetic Reversal?

No. The Earth will orbit around its axis and around the orbit of the Sun in a Clockwise manner. The Earth will experience this Magnetic Pole Shift on instructions from the Sun; they are in constant communications. The same thing will happen to our Moon and the other planets as well.

Think about it, we are revolving on our axis at about 25,000 miles or 40,000 kilometers per hour. Ok, that gives us 10 hours to decelerate, 2 hours for the core energies to stabilize and then, 10 hours (roughly) to accelerate in the opposite direction.

What about all of the water in our world? Will it slosh around in Giant Tsunamis that are miles high? Good news, sort of. Much of the stuff in my previous posts will be happening about the same time. This will, probably, be the trigger for the collapse of Central America/Western Caribbean and the Far East Island nations. It will also be the trigger for the Big or Gigantic Ones in California and Mexico. All of Baja California will be gone (sunk into the sea) and Mexico City will be totally destroyed. These events will be calming events on the large movements of water. You will not want to be vacationing at the seaside; try the Alpine regions. The Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean will move eastward with waves as high as the Great Pyramid of Giza.

There is still going to be a huge increase in volcanic activity and large or very large earthquakes. There is still going to be a Mini Ice Age and there is still going to be mass movement of people due to food shortages.

Are you tracking what is happening to the weather in Europe, the flooding throughout the Middle East in the dry deserts and the massive flooding in the primary growing regions of the United States. The Jet Streams are getting structurally loosened by the weakened magnetosphere; they are bringing the torrential rains and the massive snow and cold down, This is just the beginning and it will get worse in 2020-21 and again in 2024-25. Our ancestors built cities underground; why? Probably, to escape giant hail stones that killed everything, including our sheep, goats, cattle and horses, out in the open. Yes, our building and cars too. Even worse, US, too.

Lightening and Electric Storms will become very frightening as well; they will be incredible to behold and will last for hours.

‘We are going to have to move our food and pot growing indoors with very strong steel roofs; check out and others like them. Our homes must also have welded steel roofs with extended hang overs.

Go to I have some technologies that can be brought into the world now. These will help in the preservation of our civilization and technology.

We are living in “Interesting Times.”

Love, Light and Laughter,


More on Earth Changes

Recently, I wrote about the coming of Permanent Winter or a new, Mini-Ice Age; it is actually happening now or the beginning is. In the past, I wrote about Earth Changes and a Polar Shift; they did not happen, … yet.

OK. Go look at a couple of web sites: and . I have been led to these sites recently. You can download “By Ice, Not by Fire” for free; DuckDuckGo it. They both talk about a coming Magnetic Reversal that tends to coincide with rapidly increased volcanic activity in our oceans and on land, coming severe ice ages, the extinction of many species and the evolutionary leap of new species. The oceans heat up, make a lot of water vapor, the volcanoes on land push a lot of cooling ash and gases into the atmosphere and glaciers form and expand rapidly. This increased volcanic activity is caused by a weakening of our magnetic field which is weakening rapidly and may soon flip-flop (North Pole to South Pole – magnetically).

I did not realize that the Pole Shift info that I was getting was not physical pole flip, but magnetic; a Magnetic Reversal.

What does that mean to us as Earthlings? It means that the cold will come faster and be more intense; the Permanent Winter in the northern and southern reaches of the planet will be here soon.

With more ice, the ocean levels will drop, not rise. The Global Warming stuff is wrong and is political propaganda anyway; when Communism/Socialism failed, the Deep State/Cabal had to come up with a new “Ism” and we got Environmental-ism or Global Warming-ism.

There are many catastrophic things that can come with a Magnetic Reversal like more cosmic rays messing with our communications and technologies; these have been the probable cause of evolutionary leaps in species.

My Spirit Guide is telling me that our next ice age will be a mini one and that it will last 99 years. I am also being told that our communications-computer technology will survive the magnetic pole shift. The sunspot activity will increase and our magnetosphere (magnetic field) will become strong again.

Having said that; there are going to be some serious Earth Changes related to the magnetic Pole Shift. As stated above, there is already a significant increase in volcanic activity worldwide, especially in the oceans. This is particularly true in Central America and Indonesia. This activity will increase and bring major earth quakes; all related to increased cosmic rays/decreased magnetic field. Most of Central America and Indonesia/Philippines will collapse into the sea (subduction). Most of the western Caribbean (Jamaica, Caymans, Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico) will collapse along with most of Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Belize and most of Guatemala. When this happens, it will be sudden and all of the land will be thousands of feet underwater. There will be 1,000 miles of open ocean between Columbia and Mexico along with new currents. When? After or during the Magnetic Pole Reversal; sooner than we know.

What then? These subductions and/with the Magnetic Reversal will provide enough energy to trigger more Earth Changes. There will be a gigantic Earth Quake(s) in California that creates the Isles of California. Talking about 14-16 on Richter Scale. The LA Basin will be under 4,000 of water, the Central Valley will be 2-300 feet deep, San Diego and Santa Barbara will be islands, the Redwoods will be an island and the Sequoias will be safe. San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Sacramento will be toast.

These Earth Quakes will travel down the San Andreas Fault to Mexico City and will be equally destructive. Then, they will travel east to Montserrat, where the volcanic eruption will destroy the island. Oddly enough, this energy will continue to travel east to Mount Vesuvius, near Naples, Italy. There will be a catastrophic volcanic eruption there with very destructive ash and pyroclastic flows, even across water.

In the past, I have called these the Trigger Events. The subductions in Central America and the Caribbean will set the stage, energetically, for the subduction of the Amazon River Basin (to become the Amazon Sea). Same for the subductions in Indonesia/the Philippines; they will set the stage for the subduction of China.

In China, there will be a rapid rise in volcanic and earthquake activity related to the Magnetic Reversal and energy building subductions. Another gigantic Earth Quake, in the 16-18 Richter range will destroy the Three Gorges Dam. All of that water (500 feet deep, 1/2 mile wide and 120 miles long) will suddenly be released to flow down the rivers of China. Never mind the destruction by flood; the weight of this sudden displacement of all of that water weight will cause China to buckle, bend and break in many places and cause the subduction of most of China into the China Sea. Taiwan, Okinawa, South Korea (now, an island) and Japan will survive this holocaust.

Are we done? No. One more huge event. The Magnetic Reversal combined with all of the volcanic/earthquake/subduction energies will be enough for the Earth to expand from her present size to something 40% larger. Think of going from a basket ball to a beach ball; the spherical model will go from 25,000 miles in circumference to 40,000 miles.

This has happened several times before. Early on, the Earth’s Continents touched each other (Pangaea) and then they “drifted” apart as the Earth’s sphere/physicality grew larger. This is just one more iteration in growth. Many people have been getting information about this as the Ascension of Gaia or the Earth.

When the Earth suddenly expands, there will be a lot of water moving in destructive waves. Seek high ground for safety; most people live on or near the ocean. That will not be safe.

There will be major additional subductions in Africa, the Middle East and India during the sudden expansion. Africa will have three large islands; one where Kenya is, one across from and with Madagascar and one in South Africa. All of Northern, Eastern and Central Africa will collapse beneath the waves. All of the Saudi Arabian Peninsula will be under 300-500 feet of water; this includes large portions of Somalia and Egypt. Much of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran will become shallow seas. The Red Sea and the Persian Gulf will disappear into a larger sea. The Caspian Sea will reconnect with this new sea. This new sea will also impact Pakistan and India in coastal areas.

Last topic: Evolutionary Leaps. This website is all about New Beings (Newomen and Newmen) who are advanced spiritual beings who have moved/are moving beyond what it means to be Human. It is important for all New Beings to read/re-read the Newman Manifesto. Coincidentally with this Magnetic Reversal, our World (Gaia/Earth) has moved/is moving from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius, from Left-Spin to Right-Spin dominated, from male to female dominated and from fear to trust.

Fear not; we have just entered a new Golden Age. The transition is going to be a bit rough.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Happy NewBeing Year!!!

NewBeings, Newomen and Newmen; this is the YEAR we have been waiting for since 2000. That was a long time ago. Please search this site for the Newman Manifesto post.

This is the year that Aquarian Energy is fully in charge. After each Age (the last one was Pisces) there is a five year transition which is a bit spotty and then a sixth year where the transition is completed; 2018 was that sixth year.

OK. Now, we are in the Age of Aquarius; what does that mean? It means that women are dominant. It also means that we can go our own way or choose our own way. It also means that the dominant energy is Right-Spin (spins like the clock) and is characterized as more Freedom, Choice, Truth, Integrity, Not Corrupt/Cheater/Lier/Thief, Self-Responsibility, Self-Reliance and, generally, always Doing-the-Right-Thing.

This sounds a lot different than what we have been through, doesn’t it? In the past, there were just two Houses of the Zodiac or Ages that were Right-Spin; Leo and Aquarius. See my Great Year page. Each Age is 2,160 years and all twelve are 25,920 years. After Leo, our last “Golden Age,” we have been in five Ages with Male Domination, follow the leader and differing credentials needed for success and wealth. In that 10,800 years, women had few rights and little wealth.

In the last three (6,480 years), we were in Taurus with the Bull and the following heard, Aries with the Ram and the following flock and Pisces with the Schooling Fish which followed Males, but some Females as well. If you think about it, that is where the noun School comes from; there are many types of schools and schooling and it all ties back to Pisces which started 2,166 years ago (sorry Christians).

Yea for us. We have come through 10,800 years of Darkness or Left-Spin Energy which can be characterized as Fear, Force, Control and resisting Doing-the-Right-Thing (always Doing-the-Left-Thing). Now, you see how and why our world is so very messed up; the men have been in charge.

Right-Spin is like a high pressure weather system; lots of blue sky, wispy clouds and sunshine. Left-Spin is like a low pressure weather system; lots of dark clouds, rain, driving winds (Gales, Tropical Storms and Hurricanes). Everything is a mix of both and we cannot have one without the other. As Left-Spin energy was dominant for so long, most Humans (95%) have opted to be Left-Spinners as their life would be easier.

All of that changed three days ago. The energy of the world now support women being in charge. That energy is called Right-Spin energy and it is 80% of the energy now; Left-Spin energy only has 20% now (after having 80% for the past 10,800 years).

The Left-Spinners have all of the wealth, power and position. They have all of the money, land, attend the best schools and universities and have the most powerful, well-paid jobs. Another name for this is Deep State and why not? If you had 4/5ths of the power in the world for the last 10,000 years, wouldn’t you or your family be among the ruling elite?

This is all changing and it has already begun. Donald Trump won and the Deep State has been trying to kill him or take him down ever since. Then, there is the dissolution of the European Union starting with Brexit, the almost departure of Italy and the huge unrest in France and Belgium with the Yellow Vests movement. The Deep State decided that their complete take-over would take too long under Christianity and opened the door to massive immigration by young, military age Muslim men; they decided that the Muslim Religion had to be imported via a reverse invasion. This plan has worked well in Europe, but not so well in the United States or Canada or Australia or New Zealand.

This is all starting to fall apart now. The energetic support for the EU is no longer there. The energetic support for the United Nations (UN) is no longer there. The energetic support for the US GOVERNMENT is no longer there. The energetic support for the Deep State, the Cabal, the Globalists, the Bilderburgers, the Davosmen, the Jackson Holers, the Rothchilds and all of the Banksters, in general, are no longer supported.

All of a sudden, the people who were so easily controlled for centuries are no longer doing as they are told to do; even by their Deep State-controlled elected representatives. This is happening everywhere. This is not an aberration. It is a shift in the energies. It is a Shift of the Ages.

Welcome to the New Golden Age.

Love, Light and Laughter,