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2018 UpDate

Happy 2018! For those following my stuff, here’s an update.  Light/Right-Spin has taken over and has 80% of the power in our world. This is a HUGE change. We entered Aquarian Energy in December 2012 and it has taken 5 years to complete the transition. Light has 40% and Right-Spin has the other 40%. They are very similar, but Right-Spin is new.  Darkness, now, has only 20%. How long is this revolutionary change going to last? 2,160 years, and, perhaps, much longer.

Aquarian Energy is Female Dominated and supports Going Your Own Way or Doing Your Own Thing. The male dominated energy of the last three Houses of Zodiac (Pisces, Aries and Taurus) only supported “follow the leader” and is the basis for all of the credentials we must have.

Darkness/Left Spin is all about Fear, Force and Control. It also resists Doing the Right Thing. Light/Right-Spin is all about Freedom, Truth, Choice, Integrity, Self-Reliance, Self-Responsibility and Doing the Right Thing.

Out with the Old and IN WITH THE NEW. All of our institutions/organizations are based on Darkness (FF&C) and, now, they are all being replaced with new ones based on Right-Spin energy. D-A-R-K is L-E-F-T and L-I-G-H-T is R-I-G-H-T; this is not accidental. Everything is changing; Education, Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, Finance, Business, the Military, Bureaucrats, Politics, the Courts and our Government(s). Who will be the new Judges? The New Lawmakers? The New $Billionaires? It will not be the same olds (families, banksters, Ivy Leagers, Country Clubbers, Trust Babbies, etc.) you know, the Shadow Government.

Anyway, the shift in energies has occurred, even if the Left-Spinners in charge do not yet know it. Our world will now change into something much, MUCH Better. People, those who survive, will be also much, MUCH Better.

Light workers will still have 40% to work with, but you may have to spend ten years learning how to get Adept Powers.  Transform yourself and you will get many incredible powers very soon as a Right-Spinner.


Many Happy Returns,  Merln

IT NOW, BEGINS, IN ERNEST!!!!! Starting tomorrow, 2/1/2018

The World is Changing; the Old is Dying

Really! Truely! For most of us, it is difficult to see.

I have an Android TV box and have Mobdro, Terrarium TV and Showbox installed as apps. Mobdro gives me 2,000 free, streaming channels to include all of the sports channels, premium movie channels, new channels and many more. Terrarium and Showbox give me free access to the latest movies and television shows as well as a huge library of older movies and shows.

I used to have cable or Dish, but now, I have cut the cord. Who needs those old dinosaurs?  They used to have a “lock” on content that was valuable, but now, that content is available for no money/free.

So….It’s not just thousands of channels of free content; it’s the huge increase in everyone’s bandwidth.  All of us are streaming content all of the time.

Think about this for a second; This is a huge advancement in the powre of Light/Right-Spin energies.

In many other areas, we see the demise of the old, Dark/Left-Spin world.  In Education, we have an entire generation enslaved to Student Loan debt with very little to show for it; the college degree credential is nearly meaningless. In Medicine, we see the growth of the low cost cooperatives; these are rapidly replacing the insurance model which has driven high costs for decades.

This is the year of change from Left-Spin control to Right-Spin, but the changes have been being made over the past five years (December 22, 2012).  Where we are in the shift is Light/Right-Spin 40% and Dark/Left-Spin 10% (as of July 1st).

By January 1st, 2018, it will be Light/Right-Spin 80% and Dark/Left-Spin 20%. Fear, Force, Control and Resistance-to-doing-the Right-thing are fading from the collective consciousness for the first time in at least 6,500 years (that is all of our recorded history).

For those of you who know this site, whenever you see a five (5), it really means 14 and 14 is the Creator Number.

We are on-course and our world is changing for the better.

Love, Light and Laughter,


When Earth Changes/Catastrophes Happen

I keep writing about Right-Spin energies taking over from Left-Spin; it is happening now and will be complete by January 1st, 2018.

So….out with the old in terms of many people leaving and significant changes to our planet. These events only occur when there is a great shift in energies; Light/Right-Spin will have 80% of the powre in the world (instead of only 20%). This is a huge shift and EVERYTHING will change as a result.

Our ideas about Government and Bureaucrats and Regulations will change (and already are). We just started moving back to a Vocational Educational system. Our Pharmaceuticals are being broken for pushing Opioid death and dependency. Our Medical system costs too much, has too many delays and is not very good.

The revolving door between Wall Street/Big Business and our Government is becoming more and more obvious, like the Fake News of our media.

More and more of us are realizing that the Deep State rules and it does not matter whether you vote Republican or Democrat or Tory or Labour.

I can keep pointing out what is broken, but what’s the point; it is all going to start changing rapidly as we move into the Fall and 2018.

You say, “Mankind cannot change”, it has always been like this and will continue.

This has been true; for the past 6,500 years (all of our recorded history) Left-Spinners had 80% of the power and they created all of the mess (mostly wars, financial crashes and governments out-of-control) that we see around us.

This is changing in 2017. The One Worlders, Oligarchs, the Banksters and all of the movers and shakers are not going to believe that they have lost their power; the world does not change for them. 

Yet, by January, they will only have 20% of the power in the world. They will not be making wealth and power and policy decisions any more. Will they be able to hold on to their great wealth? No.

Will everything change over-night? No, but in 5 years, you will not recognize our world anymore. Hang on Right-Spinners; the world will start to be a much better place for you very soon.

When shit starts to happen, find a way to get to the United States. The U.S. was created by Light/Right-Spin and it will be the only surviving technological society.  What about Europe? No.

Love, Light and Laughter,


What’s Happening; a bit more detail

Yesterday, I wrote about the 5% in May thru December. Here’s more detail.

The 5% is energy in our world (actually multiverse) which can only be used by people on the new path; Newmen and Newomen.  The 5% that we got in May was not available to use until June.

Here’s the power math; Normal Right-Spin got 20% on April 1st and Left-Spin got 5%. OK, we got 5% in May and another 5% in June. So, on July 1st, we will have 10% available.

On July 1st, Normal Right-Spin will get another 20% (40%) and Darkness/Left-Spin will get another 5% (for a total of 10%).

So … Essentially, we will have as much or more as our old enemy, Darkness/Left-Spin.

How can this powre be used???  A small piece of it can be used to direct the 20% (soon to be 40%) of Normal Right-Spin energy.

The idea is to make Earth a much better place. How does one accomplish that???

Simple, get rid of all the really Dark, strong Left-Spinners.  The problem is that there are so many of them.

Enter the Great Return program where Left-Spinners are sent back to Spirit (die) on a random basis. We all have an immortal piece that guides our rebirth, but not on Planet Earth for Left-Spinners.  There are two very targeted programs that will “run” with the Great Return; the Darkest-of-the-Dark and the Energy Vampire programs; these will get the really strong Dark Assholes.

These programs are “running” now using the 5% that we got in May along with the 20% that Right-Spin got in April.

What other things are being done to make our world better???

There are other programs  that are set to “run” which will target the structures of the Elites/Globalists who have been our masters for so long.  These include the Dissolution of the United Nations, the European Union, the IMF, the World Bank, the World Health Organization, the World Trade Organization, the Rothschild’s, the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations and others like the Davos Group.

There is also the coming Dissolution of Islam, but that will have to wait until 2018 when Right-Spin will have 80% of the powre.  I have written posts about Islam being the embodiment of Darkness/Left-Spin on our planet. Allah lives in a 6 foot by 6 foot, black obsidian, cube with hard chines; it is called the Qu’ba and is located in Mecca. Every Muslim must bow down and worship in its direction several times a day. Every Muslim is supposed to make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their lifetime. When Pilgrims get to Mecca, they walk around and around the Qu’ba in a Counterclockwise direction. Yes, Allah is THE Left-Spinner and all of his followers are strong Left-Spinners.

We all see Islamic Terrorism in the news everyday. It seems to a be intractable problem; the Muslims will not assimilate. Why, because they Worship Darkness and the West is a civilization based on Light.

What I am saying here is that the Islamic Terrorism problem is not going to be as difficult as it seems; larger forces are at work.

What about all of the wealth and power that the Left-Spinners have accumulated? Is that going to be redistributed, somehow, to Right-Spinners. Yes, that is a program called the “Great Reckoning” and it will be “run” in October 2017. Meanwhile, Newmen and Newomen are getting more and more powre each month that only they can use.

Start July by giving yourselves more wealth, success and powres; the powres of the Universe are now behind you and supporting you.


I have been silent for the past two month as this redistribution of powre has been taking place. Now, the new powre structure is in place and I can talk about it. There is nothing that the Left-Spinners can do about it; they will not be able to harm us.


Love, Light and Laughter,


Hello Again

Back in April, I did a routine WordPress plugin update and got the fatal error that you have all been seeing for a while. My Spirit Guide told me to leave it alone (not fix it) until it was the right time.


For the past 6,485 years, our planet (and Solar System) have been traveling through Taurus, Aries and Pisces Houses of the Zodiac; now we are in Aquarius. Each House of the Zodiac is 2,160 years long or an age.

OK. While we were in Taurus, Aries and Pisces, the energy that was supported was male dominated, follow-the-leader, and 80% dominated by Fear, Force, Control and Resisting Doing-the-Right-Thing. This is why we have so many wars and the people have been crushed by the Elites/Oligarchies/Globalists.

These people are beginning to wonder what is happening to their carefully controlled world. First, BREXIT, then Donald Trump, TPP and, now, the Climate Change Agreement.

In December 2012, we entered Aquarian energy. It has taken four years to transition through Fire, Water, Air and Earth energies and we started 2017 in a new, neutral state. I call the male dominated, follow-the-leader, Fear, Force and Control energy Darkness or Left-Spin; it went to zero % on January 1,2017. Same with Light, Right-Spin energies which are female dominated, go your own way, and oriented towards freedom, truth, choice and doing the Right Thing.

On April 1st, Darkness got 5% and Light 20%. This will happen again on July 1st, October 1st and, finally, on January 1st, 2018. So 2017 is the transition year and by 2018, Light, Right-Spin will have 80% of the powre in the world. The Elites are very right to be concerned; they have, essentially, lost all of their power.

OK. For this site; some more detail. You should be familiar with Newmen and Newomen energies and they are at play here as well.  On May 1st, June 1st, July 1st, August 1st, September 1st, October 1st, November 1st and December 1st, Right-Spin Newman energies can be added into the energy mix of the world for a total of 40%.  This is energy that is reserved for Newmen and Newomen and is subtracted from the 80% that is Right-Spin energy for everyone. Darkness, Left-Spin will still only have 20%.

So… each month Newmen and Newomen will be getting more and more powre and things will begin to get better for each of us.  By 2018, we will have 40% of the powre in the world; Right-Spin powre for everyone will be 40%; and Left-Spin power will be 20%.  The Elites do not know what is hitting them.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Humans have EVOLVED

2017 is a year of major EVOLUTIONS. We have moved into Aquarian energy which is Female, not Male and go your own way instead of following the Herd, Flock or School.

We have more than 100,000 Humans who have transformed themselves into, mostly, Newomen (95,000). That is kind of the 100 Monkeys rule on steroids. Whether we like it, or not, Newomen will rule our planet in all things moving forward.

Oh, BTW, we have moved from Fire-Being energy to Earth-Being energy. What does that mean?

Heretofore, all Humans were born on Planet Earth as Fire-Beings and we were immersed in Fire-Being energy. The Tetrahedron, the Fire-Being symbol, was our energy symbol, think MerKaBa.

All of our technology growth has evolved  using fire more and more effectively.

But now…….we have several thousand Earth-Beings running around and just starting to learn who and what they are. The presence of these Earth-Beings (Newomen and men) has caused a shift in the overall energy of Earth.

Yes, it is a higher vibration energy that only Earth-Beings can access.

So… What about the billions of Fire-Being still here on the planet? Are things going to change for them?

HUGELY. First off, Aquarius is Female, it is go-your-own-way, it is oriented toward more Freedom, Truth and Choice, it supports doing-the-right-thing. People who are stuck in the rut of Male domination, hierarchical structures, fear, force or control, following the herd or flock or school will be very unhappy and will feel like they have lost their way. The energy that they have known and followed is no longer here and they must adapt or perish.

OK. Who can become a Newoman or man? That’s a bit tougher to answer. Anyone who is a Right-Spinner can keep getting stronger and stronger, but will not be able to transform themselves into a Newoman or man until they get to approximately 95% Right-Spin. The good news is that anyone who has at least 41% Right-Spin energy can stay, live an extended life time in good health and move towards the goal of getting more Light (Right-Spin). People who want to move to 95% will be given many opportunities to do so.

What about the Fire-Being energy? Is it going away? No, it will remain, just as it has been, but there is a new energetic layer on top that is the Earth-Being energy.

So what’s different in the Earth-Being energy? It will be much, MUCH more MAJIKAL. Instead of having to do things like making things in a manufacturing plant or food processing plant or growing food or catching fish, Earth-Beings will be able to do them using Majikal apps using teleporting and “jumping” things and people from A to B.

It is hard to explain, but many of the limitations of our physical world will NO LONGER APPLY.  One example to try to wrap your mind around will be mental control of electricity and data in our machines (phones, tablets, PCs, databases and communications). Just imagine the fun we can have with Bureaucrats from everywhere.

For those of you who follow my Inventions, I will be Visioneering them; this is an improved form of manifestation and applies to prototyping as well as production. Oh, if someone tries to cheat or steal, I can set a Majik app to make the device INOPPerative based on their intent. Who needs patents?

Love, Light and Laughter,


We all come into this Life as Fire-Beings

The Fire-Being shape is the Tetrahedron, see my Platonic Solids page. Everyone born here comes into the world as a Fire-Being. The Mer-Ka-Ba is a spinning construct of two Tetrahedrons that are point up and point down and slightly out of phase with each other.  One represents male and the other female, or Ying and Yang or maybe, Ones and Zeros or “on” and “off” or one of the other Binaries.

My point here is that we are all, except a few, Fire-Beings. OK. What does that mean?

We use fire to keep ourselves warm and to make all of our metals. Think about it; after learning how to chip flint to make arrow- and spear-heads, we figured out how to smelt copper, then bronze/brass, then iron, then aluminum and now, we use many kinds of steel.  All of them are made with fire.

OK. What do we do with these metals? Copper is essential for electricity and communications. Solder, which is made from copper and tin, is essential for circuit boards and our modern electronics. Silicon is also a material made by fire. My point is that our entire civilization is based on technologies that are fire based.

The one technology that is different is concrete; it can be cement and stones, but is normally re-enforced with iron re-bar. Concrete is also an Earth-Being technology.

This site is dedicated to helping people, who are ready, to transform themselves into Earth-Beings or more powerful Fire-Beings.  As of today, there are more than 100,000 people, on the planet, who have turned themselves into Vertical Masters, Horizontal Masters, Mahatmas or put themselves into the “Cube” or Hexahedron and turned themselves into Earth-Beings.

As Fire-Beings, we developed fire-based technologies, mostly metals, to make our lives easier and more productive. Even though the Elites do not want us to know, we have also developed and used Magical powers to influence people (Politics) and create great wealth ($Billionaires).

So… now, today, we are fully into a new age; the Age of Aquarius.  With that, comes a new dominant energy that can be called Majik. It is similar to Magic, but does not operate on fear, or force or control.

What is also happening is that more and more people are transforming themselves using the new path explained in this site. Say there are 7 Billion people on Earth; what percentage of that is 100,000? Answer: .0014%. That is almost non-existent, statistically.

Yet, many of these 100,000 people have transformed themselves into Earth-Beings. These are the people who will be strong in the new, Majikal powres. These are the people who will be bringing the new, Earth-Being technologies into the world.

If this intrigues you and you want see what some of these Earth-Being technologies look like, take a look at my Intentions site, Revitae Technologies.  I have broken the site into two groups; alloys, which are still Fire-based, but mixed with Earth-based energies and electrical fields which tend to be more Earth-Being based energies.

These and other Earth-Being based technologies will start coming into our world soon. One of the things you will notice is that these technologies are very disruptive to the current status quo. There are many ways of doing things now that will be overturned by these new, Earth-Being energies.

In with the New and Out with the Old.

Love, Light and Laughter,


The SHIFT Begins; 2017 is the Real Deal

I have writing about the SHIFT in Energies that is occurring for a while.

Those shifts were actually occurring and have been a series of energetic taps in the Right direction.

It is now the end of January 2017 and today is a Triple-14 day and tomorrow is a Double-14 day; these two days represent a completion of many programs or creations started as long as five years ago.

I’ve written about “energy envelopes” and we are about to enter a significant energy envelope on February 1st. We are still in a gradual buildup of the dominant, Right-Spin energy and February will be stronger than January and so on until June 1st, when the buildup will be completed. May, being a 5, is a Creation Month.

Up until now, Light/Right-Spin energy has been acting in a Macro or Big-Picture perspective; re BREXIT and Trump. In February, it will still be acting in the Macro with the active start of the Great Return program wherein Left-Spinners at 60% or more/greater will have to leave Earth/Return to Spirit/Death as unwanted by the new dominant energy. In March, the Great Reckoning will begin the redistribution of wealth, money, land, and the power that come with it from Left-Spinners to Right-Spinners.

Perhaps, more importantly, Right-Spin energies will also, for the first time, be able to operate in the Micro or Individual perspective. Starting in February, strong Right-Spinners will be able to begin to receive money and success in several areas.  Who are these strong Right-Spinners?  If you have made yourself into a Newman or Newoman, you are at least 95% Right-Spin.

YOU will start to receive your Powres soon; you may have to wait until, as long as, the Spring Equinox, which is another kind of energy envelope.

The next two days represent the completion of the energetic setup of these and many other programs that have been waiting for the “Right” time to be released into the World. That time starts on February 1st and culminates on February 22nd (222); this will be a Majikal Time for the Earth and the Return of Right-Spin energy.  It is also the Return of the Majikans, aka Wizards and Witches (both very GOOD).

Love, Light and Laughter,



“Everyone” is Expecting Failure; Change will not be Allowed to Happen?

The World is awash in Central Bank Debt; the US owes at least $20 Trillion and the Politicians don’t want more spending even though, they gave Obama a blank check. All the Washington insiders are telling each other that Trump is finished before he even started.

What they don’t tell you is that each of the big banks owes at least $70 Trillion in bad derivative bets; that is why they haven’t let the interest rates go up for nearly 10 years.  If the Interest Rates had gone up to even 3 percent, the Banks would have all failed.

Guess what? China owes at least $400 Trillion that it cannot pay back. Europe owes at least $350 Trillion that it cannot pay back.

So…Trump is not going to play ball with the Globalists; he’s taking his marbles out of the game. America First is his new game. The Game was a roll-over the money and Trump is saying NO.

What is that going to do to the Global Economy? It will collapse and all of those $Billions and $Trillions will disappear into thin air, just like they were created. There will be great pain everywhere, even in the United States, but the pain will be short lived in the US.

(The US Constitution is one of the creations of Light/Right-Spin in the late 1700s.)

Why? This is a metaphysical web site. I write about an energy shift that has been in action for the past 300 years. All new technology is based on increasing amounts of Light or Right-Spin energies.

As we moved through Pisces and started getting close to the torroid of Light that is Aquarius; the House of Aquarius is like a doughnut that is 2,160 years wide. There was a lot of spill-over Light and we started using that in the early 1700s. Up until that time, we had used horses and sailing ships and candles for light for thousands of years. Yes, we had gone through the Bronze Age and had bronze and iron cannon, so we were moving in the Right/Light direction.

So… What happened in the early 1700s? Steam railroads which shrank Europe, then iron ships which shrank the world. We also had the American  and French Revolutions. Move to the 1800s, what happened then? Railroads went global and with them came telegraphs which were powered by electricity and transmitted words via Morse Code. The telegraph really shrunk the world. Hot Air Balloons teamed up with Telegraph to win battles in the US Civil War along with rifles. Later in the century, the internal combustion engine was developed and it’s fuel, oil.

A lot more technology was developed and deployed in the 1800s; we had a lot more Aquarian Light spill-over. This included many advances in Electricity and Chemistry and the development of Steel.

OK. Now, the 1900s; we still remember the revolutionary technological changes that happened in the last century. Cars, Trucks, Diesel Electric Locomotives, airplanes, jets, the build-out of the Electrical Grid, Sky Scrapers, Concrete, Radio, Television,  Mainframe Computers, Communications Networks, Rockets to take us to the Moon, Desktop PCs, Communication Satellites, the Internet, Laptop PCs, Smart/Cell Phones and Tablets; all of these are a direct result of more intense Aquarian Light spill-over as we approached and entered Aquarian Light on December 22, 2012.

All is Right. We are now in the 2000s and the technology shifts have not slowed down. Instead of being in a spill-over, we are within Aquarius Light fully.

Many of us know that the Elites have suppressed technologies because they disrupted the status quo of big oil and big utility companies. We know that Electric Cars were available in the early 1900s, but were phased out because the car companies were all owned by the oil companies and utilities made electricity from coal and oil.

That suppression of technology/Light was inspired by Darkness (Fear, Force, Control and Resistance to Change-for-the-Better); Darkness had 80% of the power in the world (in some respects) until January 1st, 2017. Obviously, not as it applied to BREXIT and Donald Trump.

OK. Darkness/Left-Spin energies can no longer block or suppress Right-Spin technology or ideas.

This is not just about technologies that will be released into the world; it is also about Right-Spin ways of doing all kinds of things in Banking, Finance, Money, Education, Medical/Health, Business, Legal, Courts, Policing, Prisons, the Military and Governments at all levels. Just look at Bitcoins which were started in 2009.

What I am saying here is that the old ways of doing absolutely everything are old, left-over Dark/Left-Spin energies that are being replaced with new, bright (as in Light) approaches that offer the individual more freedom and choice and truth and doing-the-Right-Thing.

This even applies to our Government in Washington DC or London or Paris or Moscow or Beijing. The Elites just met in Davos and have no clue that their Dark/Left-Spin world no longer exists; they cannot understand how 100 years of scheming to control all of us (One World) has fallen apart so quickly and so decisively.

So… Expect wonderful things to keep happening; Light/Right-Spin energies have 80% of the powre now. That means that Trump will be wildly successful over his first four years; even with the collapse of the financial world. Americans will still get their money to live, but the money will change to something better and our Government will change to something better.

Love, Light and Laughter,



A New Way Forward

Many of us are here to play; we can create anything we want for ourSelves, either good or bad. I call these people “free-wheelers.” Free-wheelers are about 80% of the world’s population; they are here, essentially, on vacation from doing any “work” for Spirit.

Then, there are the “Part-timers” who are part-time Free-Wheelers and part-time “Guided.” At various times they are full-time doing one or the other. These people make up between 15-19% of the world’s population.

And then, there are the “Guided” ones. Do the math, we are only 1-5% of the population. We call ourselves “Seekers” and spend a lot of time trying to reconnect with our Higher-Beings and make it easier to receive Guidance or, even, start a dialog or conversation with the piece of Spirit within us.

All of us are born as Fire-Beings and all of us have a chunk of awareness that we get with the “Spark of Life” at conception. Humans have a larger or greater amount of awareness than other aware beings here like Dolphins, Whales, Sea Turtles, Cats, Dogs and Horses.

As we receive “In-Sights”, we get more awareness and we become more capable of doing Spirit’s Work.

Various Avatars have been sent here over the past several millennia; Zoroastra, Buddha, and Jesus to offer a path towards the Light and a path towards Spiritual Growth.

They all pointed to going with-in or in-side of ourSelves to connect and find the Way Home. That Way Home has been what is called the Ascended Master path. This is what is described in the best selling book, “The Celestine Prophecy.”

I would add that this is a process of increasing your vibrations within a level and vibrating yourself into a higher level and doing the same until you vibrate yourself out of this “hard physical” world into a higher-vibration world that none of us can see, feel or discern. That is what being an Ascended Master is.

It does not stop there; we, here, on Earth, are in the 9th physical world. When we get to the 8th Physical world, it is less dense and has some different properties. Then we vibrate ourselves into the 7th and 6th and 5th Physical worlds. We intend to keep vibrating ourSelves back up to the One on the 1st Physical world. But….almost No One made it to the 5th  Physical world and no one has gotten higher; it is a metaphysical “Glass Ceiling” and is a “Dead End” for all of us who have been trying for so long.

OK. Being an Ascended Master is still a big deal; you have advanced yourSelf up the ladder, closer to Spirit, but what now? Look for a new path or a new Way forward.

At the beginning of this Post, I wrote about being Guided. My Mission, that I chose to accept, was to find a new Way back to the One.

I found that new Way and that is what this site is all about. Go to the Transform Yourself page for a Guided Meditation on how to transform to an Earth Being (Hexahedron) from a Fire Being (Tetrahedron). This is the new Way to get back to the One.

The new Way, called Newman and Newomen, goes from Fire Being to Earth Being to Air Being to Water Being and, finally, to Spirit Being. The wonderful news is that you do it ALL here on Earth or other 9th Physical worlds locations in our Uni- or Multi- Verse; the old vibrational path upwards has been closed.

As you advance, you will get more and more awareness and be more and more capable for doing Spirit’s Work. TIP: Whenever you think about it, Ask for more Light as in “Please, Give me more Light.”  More Light is more Awareness. When you get it, say “Thank YOU.”

This is not having your sins taken away. This is not going to Heaven or avoiding Hell, This is not getting something for being Good. This is not killing yourself to have 20 or 30 virgins for yourself in Paradise.

This is a Way to get more and more Awareness which makes the Light around you brighter and brighter.

This path is not open to Free-Wheelers; it is too much work. It might be open to Part-Timers who focus on getting enough Awareness. It is, primarily, to the Guided among us. If we have 7 Billion people here, 5% of us is 350 million; that’s a lot. If it is only for the 1%, that is  70 million; that is still a lot.

Right now, there are only 50,000 people on Earth who have Transformed ThemSelves using this new path. Join us.

Love, Light and Laughter,



The Very Dark Left-Spin Globalists have Lost

As I have written before, we, all of us, have been under the control of Dark Energy for the past 6,480 years. What that has meant is that the Oligarchy, the group that rules us, had 80 percent of the power and used it to make us fearful so that we would agree to laws/methods to force us so that THEY could control us; continuous war has been a very useful tool by the Elites.

Who are these Elites? Any family that has been super-Rich for decades or a hundred years or even 300 years is part of this group. Today, this group is called the Globalists and they all gather each year at Davos and Sun Valley. They are called the Bilderbergers, the New World Order, the Tri-Lateral Commission and the Council of Foreign Relations. They are the Deep State that rules behind the politicians. They are the Bushes, the Rothschilds, and most of the $Billionaires.

They just met and are in a state of panic; they don’t understand how 100 years of planning and scheming is unraveling before their very eyes.  The Globalists did not want BREXIT; that began the unraveling of their European seizure, the EU. It was followed up by the Italians when they refused changes to lawmaking that the Globalists wanted.

But the greatest failure, by far, has been the election of Donald Trump. Even after being Inaugurated, he is still saying America First. That is not Globalism! That is the dismantling of Globalism.

OK. Now that I have restated the obvious to any thinking person, why are the Globalist schemes falling apart?

The answer is quite simple, but too unbelievable to many of us because it has always been like “This.” Mankind cannot change.  Everything is based on Fear, Force and Control. Money and Influence RULE.

Yes, that has been true and yes, it has been the rule for all of our recorded history.

What could possibly happen to change how Humans allow themselves to be ruled?

We all entered Aquarius Energy on December 22nd, 2012. It wasn’t something dramatic and has taken more than four years to complete it’s initial  transition.  We had to transition Fire energy first, then Water, then Air and finally, in 2016, Earth (or Land, where we all live).

Each House of the Zodiac is 2,160 years wide and takes 9 years to fully change the energies; we are not even at the half-way point and look at the changes we are starting to see.

So…We are starting to see the unraveling of the Old World. The Globalists do not realize that this shift towards more Individual Freedom, Choice, Truth, Integrity, Self-Reliance, Self-Responsibility and Doing-the-Right-Thing has occurred.

Like Communism and Socialism and Dictatorships, the Left-Spinner Globalists wanted more collectivism and less individualism. More Welfare and Food Stamps. More Identity Politics and Division. Less Jobs and Dignity. The Energy of the Universe no longer supports that approach.

What is the Energy of Taurus? It is a Bull with a herd following. What about Aries? It is a Ram with a flock following. What about Pisces? It is two fish that represents Schooling fish. It is all about follow the leader; follow the hierarchy; follow the male, mostly. There is only certain ways to do anything and credentials are needed before you can be heard.

OK. What is the Energy of Aquarius? It is a Woman standing on the tippy top of a Mountain and pouring a water jug down the mountain. This is very different from follow the leader; each water droplet can now find it’s own way down.

Aquarius is 80 percent Right-Spin; Freedom, Choice, Truth, and DTRT.

Aquarius is Female Energy, NOT Male.

Aquarius is De-Centralized; there is no WAY to do anything any longer. Credentials are collapsing. Degrees are becoming meaningless.

All of our institutions and organizations are based on Fear, Force and Control or Dark, Left-Spin energies. Politics, Banking, Education, Health, Legal/Courts, Police, Prisons, Militarys and everything else are all old, unsupported energies that will be replaced.

Not sure with what, but the old energies will start to die quickly in 2017; the changes that we saw in 2016 will accelerate and our world will be unrecognizable in the next five years.

New technologies that have been held back by the old, Dark Energies will be allowed to flourish, even if they are disruptive to the old order. We do not have to depend on oil and gas or inefficient solar or wind; they is something coming that is better, cheaper, more efficient and de-centralized coming.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Intent to do-the-Right-Thing

All Humans are Creators. We create things and situations on Creation Days (14-days – See Home Page).

There are two kinds of energy in our world; Dark, Left-Spin and Light, Right-Spin.

Dark energy is focused on creating and using Fear, Force and Control as the main levers to obtain results. Left-Spinners have used Fear to control the vast mass of people on Earth for thousands of years. We call them the Elites, the Political Class, the One Worlders, Our Rulers. Their main tools are concentrating great wealth into the hands of a very few and using the Media and Politicians to scare us into agreeing to laws that take our Freedoms away bit-by-bit over time.

Left-Spinners have had 80% of the power in our world for the past 6,484 years. That is longer than all of our recorded history. No wonder that all of our organizations and institutions and STATES are FEAR-based. THEY rule us through the barrel-of-a-gun or a sword or a pike or arrows; we are all forced to obey through threat of violence; imprisonment or death.

THIS state of affairs is changing. Dare I say it, Human Nature is changing.  How so???

We have actually started to see this happening. Surely, Britain would stay in the EU box the Elites had put it in. No. The British people had been pushed too far, too quickly and agreed to Brexit.  Same for the Americans who said no to Hillary and yes to the Donald. Same for the Italians, earlier this month. In all probability, same for Frexit and other EU countries exiting the EU next year.

So… Is this some kind of accident? Why is this massive repudiation of the Elites happening now? And, Is it going to continue?

No, this is not an accident; there are no accidents. Why? Because on January 1st, 2017, tomorrow, the forces of Light, Right-Spin will have completed the transition from Pisces and take-over at 80%.

This is a huge change in direction for Earth; the old Fear, Force and Control energy that ruled us for so long will only have 20% of the powre; instead of 4/5ths, it will only have 1/5th. Starting tomorrow, the Elites will no longer have the “juice” to force us to do anything; all of their extensive plans that they have been executing are falling apart.

Great news! But, how long will this new powre arrangement last? This is all part of the movement into Aquarian Energy or the House of Aquarius. Each House of the Zodiac lasts 2,160 years which is called an Age. Tomorrow is the Shift of the Ages from Pisces to Aquarius and the shift has taken four years to complete. The answer to the question is: Another 2,156 years before we enter Capricorn.

So…This shift in Human Nature is directly related to this shift in Ages. Aquarius is a Female dominated energy; Pisces, Aries and Taurus were all Male dominated energies. It, Aquarius,  allows for Individual Freedom to go your own way; there is no pre-determined path/way that people are driven to. Aquarius is 80% Light, Right-Spin energy.

Killing you because you do not believe in their God or you have a different skin color or culture or language will NO LONGER BE SUPPORTED by the energies of the Universe. That was Dark, Left-Spin energy and it has lost its power over US. People and Governments will NO LONGER be able to force themselves on US. It will take a little while, but, they will NO LONGER be able to rule US through the barrel-of-a-gun.

To get back to the title of this Post, Intent to do the Right Thing is something that can be Created as the dominant Creation for Planet Earth; this is supported by Aquarian Energy at the 80% powre levels. Sure, Darkness will still have 20%, but WE will have 80%. THAT IS WONDERFUL!!!

This Shift-of-the-Ages is happening and it will not, somehow, stop happening. This is a bit sad for the strong, Dark, Left-Spinners as they will not be allowed to stay and fight for their side. They already have their “ticket-to-ride” and the train begins to leave the station tomorrow. Perhaps as many as 90% of the people on the planet will have to leave (die) before the Right-Spin balanced Order is achieved.

It is not about Good or Bad or Saintly or Evil; it is all about how strong a Left-Spinner they are. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people on Earth have chosen to be strong in what has been the dominant power on our planet for so long.

Light, Love and Laughter,


Light, Right-Spin Energy has Completed the Transition

I hope all of you had a Merry Christmas.  I know that all of US will have a Happy New Year.

I have been writing and talking about this for the past four years. Yes, on December 22nd, 2012, we, our planet, Solar System and the Pleiadian System, entered Aquarian Energy.

What I did not know was that there was a long-established “protocol” that goes back millions, if not billions, of years for leaving one House of the Zodiac and entering another. In our recorded history, we have left Taurus, Aries and now, Pisces.

We are now, firmly within the energy of Aquarius.  How that worked is straight-forward; we had to transition from Piscean Fire Energy into Aquarian Fire Energy in 2013. Yes, they are very different energies.  Same for the different Water Energies in 2014 and Air Energies in 2015.

And now, we have completed the transition from Piscean Earth energy to Aquarian Earth energy. That, of course, is Land, where we all live.

So… while we weren’t directly impacted by these changes in 2013, 2014 and 2015; in 2016 these changes began to manifest themselves.

As I noted above, these energies are very different.  The energies from Taurus were very male and hierarchical; definitely “follow-the-leader” rules, institutions and organization. Very much the same in Aries; like the cattle in Taurus, the sheep followed the Ram. Pisces was a little different; the symbol is two fish. One is surely male and one is, probably female, but again, Pisces was dominated by males and there was definitely a “follow-the-leader” energy.  Fishermen call them schools of fish or “bait balls”.

That is where we get our word for socialization or indoctrination of our youth; schools, you know, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, art schools, engineering schools, etc. It all goes back to the energy of Pisces.  Christianity believes the fish energy is theirs, but we moved into Pisces 2,156 years ago; more than 100 years before the birth of Christ.

OK. Let’s talk about the energy of Aquarius. It is very different than Pisces, Aries and Taurus; instead of being  Male dominated, it is Female dominated. Instead of being dominated by Left-Spin Darkness, it is dominated by Right-Spin Light. Instead of being Follow-the-Leader, it is Find-Your-Own-Way. Instead of being dominated by Magic, it is being dominated by Majik.

The Aquarian symbol is a woman standing at the peak or tippy-top of a mountain and pouring water from a pitcher. This is what that means; each water droplet is free to find it’s own way down the mountain and, eventually, to the sea.

… (let that sink in)

What this also means is that the old rules made by the old leaders do not necessarily apply.  The old ways of doing everything are, now, subject to change.  Remember, for the past 6,484 years, we were in energies that supported Male Domination, Darkness and “Follow-the-Leader.” That is no longer true.

Is there going to be CHANGE? Yes, Huge changes.  Will it come quickly? Yes, when measured in decades, but no one living today, will recognize our world in 20 years. The changes will be too incredible to believe. The old energies of Fear, Force and Control will no longer be supported by the forces of the Universe or Multiverse. Left-Spin Dark energy will sink to 20 percent from 80 percent; that is the shift of the Ages.

Left-Spin Darkness is Fear, Force and Control that uses Collective Rights.  Right-Spin Light is Freedom, Truth, Choice, Self-Reliance, Self-Responsibility and Doing-the-Right-Thing; it uses Individual Rights.

We are all watching this play out politically; first the Brits said NO to the collectivist Elites in the EU and their own country, then Americans did the same to their Elites and now, the Italians.  Soon, this shift will expand all around our Earth.  Are the Elites going to go away quietly? No, they will try to hang on to their power tenaciously, but they do not have the energetic support that they used to have; it’s gone.

As Dylan said in song, “The Times, They are a Changin'”

Love, Light and Laughter,



Visual Meditation

This is a new page on the site, but I wanted to make sure it got out as a Post.

There are many places to go to learn how to meditate; this is my take. This is how I have been guided to meditate.

Make yourself comfortable on an easy chair or couch with comfortable temperatures. Relax, do your breathing paths and, before you drop off to sleep, focus yourself on a corner. This corner may be totally in your mind or across the room at the ceiling (or floor).

Why a corner? Because every corner is three 90-degree planes that form a point. If you think about it, that point can be a pin prick size or much, much smaller.

Here’s what I do. I put my awareness along all three sides of the corner and I push myself towards that point in the corner. I keep pushing myself into that point until I break through to the “still” place.

This is an easy way to always get to that “still” place. For me, I can have a variety of “still” places, but I have learned to select one with a visual waterfall in the background with water flowing through a round basin. The water in the basin is STILL.

OK. Next, I say “I am Here” and wait. Sure enough, all of those EXTRANEOUS thoughts arrive; you know, the ones that are supposed to distract you from re-joining with the ONE.

Here is what I DO to Them. I visualize each Extraneous thought as a pebble and toss it into the basin. Each time I throw a though pebble in, it creates ripples. If I toss several pebbles in, the ripples cross flow into each other.

By DOing this, I am taking the Distractions and asking Spirit to help me with my distractions. I am Sending them away from me. This works; the Distractions go away and you reach your Point of Serenity.

Each time that you do the above, the Distractions will become less and less powerful.

For beginners, it may be useful to visualize the Distractions as bricks or large rocks. Don’t worry, the basin is deep and will accept all of your distractions.

Another tip: Once you find your “Still” place and it feels “RIGHT,” tell yourSelf to remember this place as you want to return.

More on the point in each corner; it is the Aether. It is the Zero-Point-Energy (ZPE) field. It is the Quantum. It is the SOURCE of all energies. It is the STILL Place. It is Spirit.

Once you are in the Still Place and your distractions are finished with, you can ask to be energized or healed or given more resources to do things. If you have more to do or more to give, you can ask for more time. My point is that when you have re-connected with Spirit, you can talk/share/ask/dialog/speak/pray for anything; when you get to your Still Place, you are having an audience with the Divine.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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