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No One believes How Bad it will Be!!!

Dear Readers,

Please begin your preparations (if you haven’t started already). By this time next year (2021), basic food items will be 4-7 times higher in cost than now.

Start buying rice, pasta, dried potatoes, dried peas, and canned protein and veggies of all sorts. Store these in water-tight containers (air-tight is better). Make sure that they are stored above flood levels (yes, flooding will be a problem).

Why? The Grand Solar Minimum or not so Mini-Ice-Age is beginning to hit us hard. This one could be on a 2,000 year repeating cycle; that means it could last 400-800 years. Really? Yes, no shit!

OK. What does that mean? In Europe, all of the farm land North of the French and Italian borders will have growing seasons that are just too short. Yes, potatoes and cabbages can be grown, but corn, wheat and other grains not so much. Yes, the Ukraine will have shorter and shorter growing seasons and the cold/snow will come earlier and earlier (sooner). The same thing will happen to the grow areas in the United States; draw a line from Northern Arizona to Southern Virginia and anything North of that will be too cold. Yes, all of Canada will be too cold.

This will get worse and worse as we move into this new climate. It is not warming, it is getting much colder, quickly. So growing food in the Caucuses will not be an option. Where can Europe get food from? Simple, Syria. Why do you think Putin has his forces there? Hopefully, Northern Africa will become a new grain belt like it was during the Roman Empire. China is making moves to control that whole area; it will begin to have famine this winter.

On China, this is the worst year in more than 400 years for Typhoons and heavy rain. This is not accidental, it is the Jet Streams changing. Many of the 1000s of dams in China are collapsing/have collapsed and flood waters have ruined the crops (and the computer chips). The Chinese Infrastructure has also been destroyed; the food that they have will be much harder to distribute, especially to the countryside.

So… What I am saying is that much of the world will have to adapt and move its growing areas South (or North for the Southern Hemisphere). In the United States, the Desert Southwest will become well watered soon as the Jet Streams move South and carry moisture. This will also bring water to Northern Africa.

Wow. Food security will become a big problem for much of Europe. Yes and No. American farmers must move their operations into the Southern States. This way the Americans will still grow a lot of food. This strategy will not be so easy for Europe; will Europe re-colonize Northern Africa?

What else can be done? Technology may be the answer. Think of all the abandoned warehouses (and castles) in Europe. These can be transformed into vertical farming operations that grow many kinds of vegetables. Hay for the animals will have to be grown in the ground, but hay is a grass and will be able to be harvested until snowfall. Soybeans can be grown via vertical farming. So can potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbages, carrots and others. Mushrooms as well. Grains are going to be hit hard, but they are mostly sugar (or produce a lot of glucose). Many of us are moving away from grains in our Keto Diets. In these high-tech growing operations, fish farming is (or can be) built-in. Fish can eat soybeans and so can pigs.

Note: Much of the Ukraine has three meters of top soil. This could be a wonderful source of rich dirt to supply these vertical farming operations.

This is already beginning to happen in both Europe and the United States and is spreading around the world.

What else can be done? Simple, the temperature of the ground is 12° C (or 54° F) two meters (6 feet) down. This is true whether it is in the deepest winter or hottest summer. So, we must take a backhoe and dig down two meters, lay some plastic pipes (be able to put your fist into), cover them up, and hook them up to a fan. We must put enough of these buried pipes in the ground to pick up the heat from the ground and recirculate it in our buildings; taking our cold air and pumping it into the ground pipes. This one operation will provide a continuous baseline of 12°C/54°F; that is nearly the perfect temperature for growing plants and is a much more cost-effective start for heating to Human comfort zones. This is something that can be done in Canada or Russia for those who want to brave long, cold winters.

Then, there is the option of moving underground as well. In our past, we have had entire civilizations move underground to escape falling debris from asteroids or meteor showers. When rocks start falling from the sky, our roofs and vehicles are not make for that kind of punishment. Anything above ground will have to have strong steel coverings. Look up places like Cappadocia and its vast labyrinth of underground dwellings in Turkey. These ancient people dug these stone dwellings out by hand; something severe must have driven them to do so. Our Astronomers are telling us that we are moving into an area of increased meteor activities, what does that mean?

Because of our technologies, if we move quickly, we will be able to grow enough food to maintain our civilization (not so many as now).

So,,, ,whether we are using backhoes or something bigger, getting heat from or getting protection by going underground may be in our futures.

Love, Light and Laughter,


More on Energy Vampires and Such…

I have written about Energy Vampires on this site before; us the search to find it. Here is some more. I will be repeating some of what I have shared again for the new readers.

This site is for Right-Spinners. We are of the Light and tend to think of ourSelves as “Light Workers.” As such, we are like “Lighthouses” that send their beams out into the Darkness; we can be seen a long ways off by the energy manipulators.

Who and what are these energy manipulators?

Energy Decoys

The lowest level I will call Energy Decoys. These people are quite strong Dark/Left-Spin beings who are on the path to become Energy Vampires. Unlike Vampires, they are able to passively collect our energy and hold it. They look a lot like Right-Spinners to us. If we ask ourSelves if they are “Right-Spinners?” We will get a Yes as they have a layer of Right-Spin energy around them. That is the wrong question; it should be “are they Energy Decoys?” They look like us but do not act like us. But, unlike Vampires, they do not suck our energy and drain us; it is more subtle. They tend to operate in a group and are associated with a Vampire that is apprenticing them to become a Vampire.

Energy Vampires

We tend to be unaware of Decoys as they collect our energy passively. That is not true of Vampires. Frequently, when we are with a group of others, a Vampire will get close and suck our energy. If they can, they will completely “drain” us and it will only take a moment. Many of us do not realize that these Vampires exist and do not understand what just happened. But it keeps on happening.

Vampires are very strong Dark/Left-Spinners. They suck our energy to get stronger and stronger. They actually are striving to become a Demon Holder (next advancement).

You mean there is a hierarchy of Dark ranks here on Earth? Among people? Yes, just like there is a hierarchy of “Church” ranks from Priest to Bishop and up to Pope. Unfortunately, the Church attracts and promotes these Dark Beings (like our existing Pope). Not all, but most senior religious leaders are Vampires. This also applies to Politicians and CEOs. These successful Vampire love to have strong Right-Spinners around to suck from.

Demon Holders

The most senior rank of Dark/Left-Spin people is that of Demon Holder. You can be a High Priestess of Darkness like Hillary, but you must be a Demon Holder first.

Demon Holders get promoted from the most successful Vampires. They are rewarded by carrying around one or more powerful Demons. These Demons are ancient Spiritual Beings that have developed kinetic powers and cannot “fly” around. The Demon Holder brings the Demon to its intended target and provides the Set up for the Demon to enter.

Wow, you mean that Demons can actually take over a Human? Yes, whenever you see a “truly” Evil Person, they have been taken over. To become a Demon Holder, you must allow yourSelf to be taken over by a Demon.

How do WE Protect ourSelves?

First. WE are all biological computers. Some of us can program ourSelves. Others must approach the programming/reprogramming with sacred geometry, ceremony, candles, essential oils, and such. Do whatever works for You. For those who can program themSelves, say the program and then say, “Install it and run it.”

Here are the two programs that I recommend that you install.

“My energy is my own. No one may take my energy without my permission.”

“My energy is my own. No one may give me any unwanted energy without my permission.”

The first one prevents Decoys and Vampires from stealing/sucking your energy.

The second will offer significant protection against Demons and the Spells of Dark Magicians (Dark Witches, Warlocks and Sorcerers).

I know, this is fantasy or fiction, but then Energy Vampire exist, don’t they?

Next. After installing the two programs you must ask about the people around you. Remember, we are like Lighthouses and they are attracted by our energy. We can be seen a long ways off and they want what we have.

Yes, this is also about money. They can use our energy to advance along their paths for more money and power. Up until recently, Darkness had 80% of the power in our world. Advancing in Darkness was the chosen path for nearly everyone seeking power.

How many of you have realized that you were living with a Decoy or Vampire and threw them out? After a while, they could not hide who they were. Drawing your energy sexually is one of their favorites. Be very careful about who you go home with. She may be beautiful, but she may also be a Vampire (not blood, but energy).

It is not good enough to ask if “they” are like me. They steal/suck our energies and “look” a lot like US. The correct questions are: “Are they a Decoy, Vampire or Demon Holder?”

Yes, we tend to most interested in the Vampire question, but then the Decoys get a free ride. If we get a yes to Vampire, then the next question should be Demon Holder. Then, you know who and what you are dealing with.

My Experience with a Very Powerful Demon

I did not know about Decoys and Vampires at this time, yet.

A Decoy who I trusted introduced me to a Vampire/Demon Holder. I cam to trust him as well and started working on technologies with him. I spent time with him at his house. One afternoon in his living room, he pointed out that the light fixture with four light bulbs hanging from his ceiling was turning one way and then the other on its own. He said it was strange and maybe his house was “haunted.”

For whatever reason I was “prompted” to walk over and reach up with my finger. I do not know where the prompted came from, but maybe the fight that came was a SetUp.

When I touched the light fixture, it stopped and a Demon came down my arm. It was exalted and sang as it came, “I have eaten many like you and will eat you” and “You are mine.” This came through to me mentally.

I waited and watched. When it got to my elbow I, mentally, told it to Stop. I wasn’t sure what was happening and what to do about it, but it stopped. It was not happy and started telling me how very powerful it was and that I could not keep him from eating me for long. It even said that it would finish me off when I fell asleep.

Mistake. I knew then that I must take actions against it. How? What? From somewhere I knew what I had to do. I put a sphere of golden light around the Demon (in my arm). I made the sphere very strong. I, then, put 143 other golden sphere around the first sphere. I created a very strong holding tank for the Demon.

The Demon was not happy and told me that I could not hold the shield while I was asleep. I was not sure that was truth, but could I take a risk? I told the Demon that I would allow it to retreat back up my finger to the light fixture. It laughed at me and told me that “I was its meat.” It gave me a mental image of what it would do to me. It was planning on going up my arm, across my shoulder and into my spinal cord. Once there, it was going to move into my medulla and control me.

I said, “you are a very powerful Demon with great respect among other Demons? “Yes”, it said and again told me that I was “its meat.” I asked it to leave once more and it refused.

I then put 144 golden tooth picks (that were also straws) into the ball of spheres. I asked one more time (three times) if it would leave. It answered, “No.”

I began “sucking” the awareness or, perhaps, its power, out of the Demon. I was doing to it what it had done to so many others. I was not keeping this energy and just released it into the air around me.

The balls of golden light were about the size of a basketball (larger than a soccer or foot ball). I shrunk the globes of light down to the size of a softball and asked again. “No.” I shrank the globes down to the size of a pool or billiard ball and asked again. “No.” I kept going until it was the size of a pea and asked again. “No.” So, I kept going until the Demon globe was the size of a grain of sand.

I thought that I might go down to a mote, but that may be too far. I wasn’t sure that it was my task to “kill” or “terminate” this Demon being. I asked my Spirit Guide if I should continue the reduction in power.

Got a big Stop. I had already reduced the power of the Demon down to the lowest rank of Demons (from the very highest). OK. Now, what was I supposed to do with it?

No reply. So I asked if I could hand it off to an Angel? I mean if there are Demons then there must be Angels. I got a Yes and handed the weakened Demon over to Michael. I slept well that night.

I realized that I was a powerful being in my own right and was put here for some reason greater than I knew. That realization put me on the path to this site – the Earth Being Transformation.

I share this story so you will know that you can fight back if/when you are attacked by a Demon. Not only that you can, but how.

Not all Demons will be as full of themselves or as over-confident as mine was. If they attack hard, counter-attack harder; there will be no meeting of the minds.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Being Lied to…

Whether we like it or not, Spirit is a binary space; it has both good and evil or darkness and light. We too struggle with the same issues; we are moving towards either Right-Spin or Left.

I have, like all of you, struggled with my responses from Spirit. Some, I knew immediately to be TRUTH but many were half-truths at best, especially when dancing around WHEN. The WHAT is generally much better, but it too has its issues.

Our problem, as Spirits-in -a-body, is that we are not respected by our Heavenly Host. The bureaucracy of Heaven is made up from a group of Being called TriUn Selves. They are Humans who have managed to merge themSelves into a being that is both sexes; I know, quite a feat. This is a “normal” evolution for Humans. What happens next is that these Sexless Beings are tested; they must separate into the two sexes again and put themSelves back together without succumbing to sexual intercourse.

Those who pass this test are made into Powerful, Immortal Beings that are given Spiritual Guidance powers over us. They call themSelves “Governors of the World” and move up into Heaven Bureaucracy from there. Those who do not pass this test are put into the wheel-of-life to be reborn over and over again until they find another path forward. That dear reader is all of us here on the Earth plane. You can read more about this in one of my recommended reading books called “Thinking and Destiny.”

So, to the bureaucracy of Heaven, we are all failures; we had our chance and did not pass the test. We are lesser beings and are treated as such. What this means is that it is OK to disrespect Us or to lie to Us; we are just Human.

Now, you can begin to understand why Bureaucrats can be so capricious and arbitrary; as Above, so Below.

So… Humans always find a way. What did we do? We figured out how to vibrate ourSelves into higher and higher realms of existence; we are on the ninth plane and vibrated ourSelves onto the eighth, seventh, sixth and fifth. We were half-way back to Spirit or the One. This is what an Ascended Master is and this is the Ascended Master path.

So, remember our Bureaucrat Masters have disdain for us. This was a way around their control; they stopped us from going any higher than the Fifth level; that is the original “glass ceiling.”

I was one of the beings that kept on hitting that 5 level block and came back in this lifetime to find another way. Yes, many of you who visit this site have been Ascended Masters in several of your past lives.

This part is critical to understand. Humans and TriUn Selves were, and are created as Fire Beings. The Tetrahedron is the fire shape and two of them intertwined make up the MerKaBa. My point here is that our Heavenly, Bureaucratic Masters are “jumped up” Fire Beings. They are derived from our baseline; their symbol is still the Tetrahedron.

When anyone first comes to this site they see a rotating cube with a six-pointed thingy in it. The six-pointed thingy is composed of six spinning Tetrahedrons configured to point to each other from three planes; it is a corner times six.

For those of you who can reconfigure your Tetrahedrons and put yourSelf into a cube (see my Transform YourSelf – A Guided Meditation page), you are now an Earth Being. Your symbol is now the Hexahedron or Cube.

Anyone who is able to change their Tetrahedron – Fire Being configuration is also on this new path – the New Being path. Newmen and Newomen can all become Earth Beings, then Air, Water and, eventually, Spirit Beings.

So, our Bureaucrat Masters in Heaven stopped the Ascended Master path. Do you think they were happy about this new path? Not. Why, besides the obvious? This new path goes around their power/powre; it enables we Human to transform ourSelves from Fire Beings into Earth Beings.

The Heavenly Bureaucrats have done everything they can to slow the adoption of this new path and to put obstacles in our collective way. They have slowed down/delayed the arrival of Earth Being powres as long as they could.

Imagine, we have been fighting a battle with the Host of Heaven opposed to Us. Well, the Bureaucrats, but not the Angels; Michael is with US.

Fortunately or unfortunately for Us, this new path, New Beings, was timed with the arrival of Aquarian Energies. The transition began back in December of 2012 (that is a five year or Creation Year) and will be completed (number 9) by December 2021 (another 5 year).

What this means is that Earth Beings (those within a cube) will have powres separate and above those of Fire Beings. The Heavenly Bureaucrats are not happy; we have gone around them. What’s worse is that they cannot do anything about this change. They will have to adapt to an uncomfortable paradigm shift; Earth Beings, even though we are still Beings-in-a-body (here in the Hard) are a more advanced Spiritual Being. They will soon be inferior beings.

Meanwhile, they will continue to lie to Us or, as they like to call it, deceive. There is supposed to be no malicious intent; just their disdain and disrespect.

Is there anything that we can do to shut this Deep State/Resistance down? Yes, everyone on this New Being path (that includes Adepts, Vertical Masters, Horizontal Masters, Mahatmas, and anyone in the Cube) can use the New Being symbol as a shield.

Visually place yourSelf into the center of the cube where the six-pointed thingy comes together. Anyone can do this.

From that point/place, you have invoked Earth Being powre; you have stepped into a higher realm. The TriUn Selves cannot mess with you or lie or deceive you. It does not matter whether They are Dark or Light or what their motives are. They are not allowed to show anything but deep RESPECT to higher-level beings.

I hope that this post has provided some clarity on how and why we Humans get so much discord in our Spiritual communications. Put yourSelf into the cube for TRUTH and AMITY.



What happens when SHTF?

There are more than 50,000 subscribers to this blog. I am going to make an assumption; I know it is dangerous. I am assuming that there are at least 25,000 people who have put themSelves onto the New Being path. Perhaps, there are 50,000 or even 75,000. Maybe more; it really does not matter.

If there are thousands of Advanced Spiritual Beings who have figured out how to put themSelves into higher states of being and made themSelves Adepts, Vertical Masters, Horizontal Masters and Mahatmas, then these people will have additional “Majikal” powres or capabilities.

Even better, there may 1000s of people who have put themSelves into the various Earth Being states; inside the Cube or Hexahedron. Those states are Keeper (bottom of the cube), Grower (side 1), Miner (side 2), Smelter (side 3), Builder (side 4), and Transformer (top). These beings will have greater Majikal powres than the Fire Beings above.

So, what is going to happen when the massive changes start to hit us? It is not going to matter what those changes are; the first thing that will happen is that the trucks will stop delivering food. Likely, the power will be gone, and drinking and/or flushing water will not be available. What happens next? People degenerate into desperadoes who will do anything to find water and food. This is what I call SHTF and it will be far worse than anything the Pandemic gave us.

Most people will not have put food and water aside. Those who have will probably be wisest to wait where they are; hunker down, lock yourself down and defend your stash. The objective is to wait for civilization to return (hopefully). The other reason to wait is for the crazies to leave looking for food and water.

If you must leave, do it at night and drift along like you are Special Forces behind enemy lines. If you have weapons be prepared to use them. Anything that you have can be taken away.

So. Where to go? If you have a cabin in the woods, that’s an option, especially if you have food and supplies there. But remember, the crazies have spread out hunting for whatever they can steal. You may not be welcome at your cabin; the locals may lump you in with all of the crazies.

Holy Shit!!! Yes. This is going to happen everywhere. It will become very difficult to survive. But…..there will be survivors. With all of the Earth Changes and the Magnetic Polar Shift maybe one in 10 will survive or optimistically one in 5.

Even those who have prepared and stored food, water and weapons in a “Bug Out” location will have to get there and then, they will have to defend their stores from all the hungries out there. The survivors will have to band together and form survival communities.

This sounds grim. Are we all going back to the stone age?

All over Europe there are 1000s of villages that supported 200-600 people. This is probably what a survival community will look like.

New Beings will have some interesting new capabilities. Many of them will have extended senses that will tell them when outsiders are approaching (without setting up tripwires). Some will be able to IDentify whether the visitors are friendly or not. This will be critical to the defense of the community; other survival actions can be done like shelter, warmth, growing food, hunting, and fishing.

Remember, there are 1000s of New Being and all of them will have some of these additional capabilities. Survival communities will be formed around these Beings. Earth Beings (in the Cube) will be much more powerful. They will be able to put shields up to keep anyone but their group from entering. They will be able to “envision” or “materialize” or “teleport” things like food, seeds, tools, and spare parts. Some of them will be able to mentally transport themselves or “Jump” over long distances instantly. Some of these Beings will be able to do many amazing things. It is difficult to imagine what those are; that will be revealed in time.

What I am saying is that Spirit has allowed a transition from Human to Newman to occur. These 1000s of Newmen (mostly Newomen) will be there to form these survival communities. It will not take long for these New Beings to find each other and link up into larger and larger communities.

When that happens, the pool of survivors will have all of the skills needed to jump-start our civilization and technologies again.

But, you must realize, this is a giant reset. The Pandemic was the first stage of this ReSet. Millions of people are leaving the cities and everyone has found that they can earn a living from anywhere. Many more have a better chance of survival, but they must think, and plan ahead.

When the SHTF happens, that will be the start of the second ReSet or Phase 2. All of a sudden, our complex world of convenience will be gone in a flash. We will have to return to how things were done 100-200 years ago. Inform yourSelves about the Lost Ways. Learn how to build a fire in the rain with wet wood. Learn how to get safe water. Learn how to preserve food without refrigeration. Learn how to grow food. Put together survival tools and food; knives, rope, hooks, snares, fire starters, and shelter.

Technology will return. Conveniences will return. Cell Phones and Computers and Networked Data will return. But, it may take 5 years or 20. Meanwhile, you will have to survive.

If you are reading this, there is a good chance that you are one of the 1000s of New Beings who will form the backbone of our new civilization. You should begin collecting survival books on your phones and flash drives. You will be able to keep your phones going and must be able to share knowledge. Think about mobile solar panels; I have one that folds down from 4 panels to the size of my cell phone. Put together your survival tools as well.

Know that your new powres/capabilities will open new ways of doing many things. We may grow food, hunt and fish very differently in the future, but many of us have to get there.

This Giant ReSet will also be a reset for our technologies. Many of the technologies that we have been using will be replaced by something new and better. Be open to this.

This is all part of the changes that are coming with the New Aquarian Age which begins, formally, in 2021.

Be Safe. Look forward, but check your six.


Even More Changes!

Just look at what is happening in the Middle East; the Endless Wars are ending. The Deep State Wars are ending. The Petro-Dollar is almost finished. The US will be pulling its military forces out of the Persian Gulf with all the Peace that is breaking out.

The US is energy self-sufficient now and will not be spending $Billions on defending the Middle East further. Look for the 6th Fleet to leave and re-deploy to India’s East Coast. Perhaps it will be co-located with the Russians.

The Dam hasn’t broken yet, but the CCP is on its last legs; it has lost the “Mandate of Heaven.” Floods, floods, and more floods. Not enough food. With all of that muddy water, do you want to buy contaminated chips from China? Millions and millions of chips and silicon wafers (still unmade chips) have been rendered unusable (unreliable) by the floods. Don’t buy the cheap phones and other stuff that will be coming from China.

Brexit looks to be increasingly “Clean” or “No Deal.” The EU looks to be collapsing from within; Germany will not pay and Italy will not stay. What is Ireland going to do? The only way it has to get products to the EU is via Britain/UK or air freight. Not good choices; Ireland will be leaving the EU rapidly. Look for it to join the New Commonwealth.

Is Europe going to step up and protect its oil delivery pipeline from the Middle East? Or, will it get more from Russia? Or, will it get more from the US? Or both. Will the Middle East turn towards China? Not likely, it is like a popped balloon. Look for hyper-inflation in China, but it will be with the “digital” Yuan; printing by pressing keys.

Bitcoin will get to $20,000 USD soon and may get to $50,000 by the end of next year (2021). This will be coupled with a rapid rise in the price of gold. When an ounce of gold gets to $20,000, the US Dollar has been tremendously devalued. All other currencies will be devalued as well. Move to silver and gold as fast as you can.

The Federal Reserve Note will be abolished soon. It will be replaced with Treasury Notes that are backed by Gold. Yes, Trump has enough gold. The new Gold Dollar will continue to be the Reserve Currency. Coins are disappearing because a Quarter (¼ Dollar) will buy 20 or 30 times what it buys now; start saving your coins. A penny may actually buy what a dollar does in the future.

The Central Bank system will collapse when Trump moves to the new Dollar (Dollar Reset). The Federal Reserve will be forced to declare bankruptcy wiping out 20 or 30 $Trillion of US National Debt. This forced bankruptcy will happen worldwide. Again, you will probably want to get into silver or gold.

Don’t buy Chinese Gold; it is/will be counterfeit.

Lastly, one of my predictions has come true on time. Today, before the end of Summer, this site has more than 50,000 subscribers (50,002).

Am still being told by Spirit that SHTF is coming; prepare accordingly. Be safe.


Is it Left-Spin or Wrong-Spin?

As it applies to Darkness versus Light, Left is Dark and Right is Light. L-E-F-T is D-A-R-K and R-I-G-H-T is L-I-G-H-T: that is not an accident.

So, for years I have been writing and talking about Left-Spinners versus Right-Spinners and the concept stuck; it seemed logical and descriptive. Left-Spinners were oriented towards fear, force, and control and resisted Doing-the-Right-Thing. Right-Spinners are the opposite and are oriented towards more freedom, choice, truth, self-reliance, self-responsibility and Doing-the-Right-Thing.

Just today, I was thinking about doing the “Right” thing versus doing the “Wrong” thing and I realized that those were the two power/powre words. They are both five letter words meaning they are the most powerful words. See my home page for information on the Creation Number (5 or 14). Think your fingers and thumb, your big toe and littles, your torso and limbs, your mouth, nostrils and eyes, and even the 14 teeth upper and lower that you were born with. To take it in another direction, think 32° F (Freezing), 212° F (Boiling), and 221° F (Steam); they all add up to 5 or 14 and are Creation Numbers. Now, you can see why we are still using US Measurements (not Metric/not Centigrade) .

My point is that the five letter words are the most powerful. Think Earth, Water, Stone, Solid, Woman/Women, Heart, Brain, and many more. Accordingly, I will now begin to call all Left-Spinners by their true name: Wrong-Spinners.

This is a newly discovered and released energy in our world. Yes, we all know about and have experienced Darkness versus Light and that conflates to Good and Evil which does not translate directly to Good and Bad.

So……for those of us who are Right-Spinners, we will have additional powres in our world. By 2021 (soon), we will have 80% of the powre to Do-the-Right-Thing. Wait a second, isn’t that Light? Nope, it is a separate, new powre that no one knew about before. Yes, we all knew that water drained out of our tubs in either a clockwise or counterclockwise funnel and some of us picked up on the Left- or Right-Spin of our weather systems. Our computer scientists are even using left- and right-spin electrons to save data, but nobody thinks of this energy in terms of being as powerful as Darkness and Light or Good and Evil.

Wow. You mean that there is an additional force for doing Right? Yes, Light will have 80% and Right-Spin will have 80%. Yes, Darkness/Leftness will have 20% and Wrong-Spin will have 20%; as with most things the good comes with the bad.

What I am saying is that those people who have found this site and have become Newmen/Newomen or NewBeings; they have tapped into a new kind of energy or Force (the Force Be With You) in our world.

This is a new path or new way back to Spirit. As such, it has new energy forms that make it easier to discern Rightness and Wrongness; it has become much more visible as left- or right-spin in people.

As we move forward on this new path, we can transition from beings of Fire to beings of Earth. Further down the road, we can transition from beings of Earth to beings of Air and Water and, eventually, of Spirit. That will take eons, but is achievable. The pathway is open; not blocked like the Ascended Master path was.

With this new energy we will be able to transform our world, for the better, much easier and faster. All of the ways that we have been doing things will be changed/revolutionized. We did not have this powre in the past. It is New and we are New Beings.

The Takers have driven the Makers Away

The people have had a ringside seat on the Tyranny of the Left. By that, I mean the abuse of the people by the Left-Spinner Mayors and Governors who have mandated excessive lock-downs during the Covid19/CCP Virus.

This virus was the perfect opportunity to use Fear, Force and Control to push their agendas and they have done so relentlessly. From driving the old, frail and most vulnerable seniors to their deaths in the nursing homes to not allowing people to worship to keeping most businesses closed, the agenda was to prevent any freedoms and to try to kill the economic activity in our big cities (All ruled by the Far Left).

It did not matter how far the destruction was going; their plan was simple, keep the lock-down going until the November Election. Destroy the lives of millions of people just to ensure that Trump was not elected again.

This Left set of politicians are all Mind Controlled Implants. They were all doing as they have been told to do. It did not matter to the Puppet Masters behind the scenes, the people would complain, but they were even more Mind Controlled and would rebuild like ants repairing their nests.

That is an important analogy; most of our big cities are populated by people who have genes that are supportive of the Hive Mind. This is a legacy of the creation of most of the world’s population by the Annunaki. They mixed their Hive mind genes with primates to establish slave populations around the world.

The Hive Mind is one that supports crowded conditions where people are living on top of each other. These people are uniformly oriented towards fear, force and control. Yes, the vast majority are Left-Spinners.

In any city there are always two groups of people. You can call them the law abiding and criminals, but a better term is the Makers and the Takers. The Makers are the hard working people who plan ahead, follow the law, pay their taxes, send their children to school and thank their God. They save and invest for the future. The Takers are the opposite.

Society is always in tension between these two groups. As long as the Makers are being supported and the Takers being “controlled,” things tend to progress “normally.” When the political class decides that the Takers can roam/riot freely burning, destroying and killing, the Makers realize that they can no longer make anything. Their choice is either to hunker down and wait until the Takers are put back in the “controlled” category or to leave.

What is happening in our great cities, all over the world, is an exodus. Technology has evolved, suddenly, which enables millions to work from home. They no longer have to stay in the cramped, crowded, expensive, jam-packed cities and can work from the suburbs or, even, the exurbs further out.

Those who can are leaving. Many of those leaving are more well off and have less of the Hive Mind.

This site talks about a shift in energy going on in our world. The Hive mind is very dark, it supports many packed into a small area and requires that everyone follow the rules of the collective. No individualism allowed. No individual freedoms allowed.

What we are seeing in our big cities is the fleeing of the Makers. I just saw a video of New York City’s 5th Avenue all boarded-up with no one/no people on the street. It seems that apartment vacancies are at crises levels and will continue to worsen. What does this mean?

The tax base is leaving. The police are being defunded and de legitimized. Crime and violence are on the rise rapidly. People (the Makers) are not safe.

These once great cities are degenerating into lawless cesspools of mostly Takers. What is going to happen when the Takers run out of things to take? Simple, they will move out to the suburbs where the Makers are. In the US, look at Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and NYC. In Europe, look at London, Paris and Rome.

We are about to find ourselves in a new kind of Civil War. This is not going to be about labor versus capitalism (the old Left vs Right), but about the destroyers versus the builders (Takers vs Makers). Darkness has lost a lot of its power and is desperate to hold on. The Left has moved much further Left and has embraced anarchy in the form of Antifa. This is a worldwide phenomenon.

In the United States, the Makers still have guns and lots of them. When the Takers come out of the cities, the suburbs will become the war zone. In much of the rest of the world, the Left has disarmed most of the people. Firearms will become legal again soon. The police will not be there and the military may or may not secure the peace. Militia groups will rise everywhere armed with whatever is available. The Police and former Police will be joining in large numbers.

Sadly, this is all part of the Energetic Shift going on. The Shift began in late December 2012 and will be completed by January 2022. The transition from Pisces to Aquarius will take nine (9) years; nine is always the number of completion.

Take heart. We only have sixteen months before the Left loses all (or most) of its power. Perhaps, this craziness will only last until November, but, then, the destroyed cities will have to bailed out. Is that going to happen?

Once we hit 2022, the energies will have shifted. The tantrums of the Left will not be allowed to continue. More importantly, they will not have the power to do so.

All of the Energetic Changes are likely to be completed by 2022. That means all of the Earth Changes as well. All of you Makers, look to each other. Band together and get a far away from the cities as you can.

Civilization will come back quickly in 2025, but that is a long 5 years from now. Plan for SHTF in many parts of the world. Be well.


What about Mind Control & the Implants?

For those of you who follow this site, one of my themes is the ongoing battles between Darkness and Light. I frequently describe it as a battle between Left- and Right-Spin as well.

What is going on now? The Deep State, working with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) unleashed the Covid-19 or CCP Virus on the world. The target was to be the removal of Trump. They tried every other tactic and they all failed. So their last ditch ammunition was to destroy the economies of the world.

Their other last ditch plan was to overthrow the US Government from within. They called it their “16-Year Plan” and it involved moving their deep cover people into key positions of the US Government. This was an “Infiltration” coup, not an invasion.

As we all know, the Coup failed and is now being exposed slowly, but thoroughly.

We are also seeing a raising awareness to the rampant Human and Child Sex Trafficking that has been demanded by our Elites everywhere. Our Elites think of themselves as superior beings who have acquired immense wealth, political power and are above any of the laws of God or Man.

For many of us, this way of thinking is inconceivable. How can a Governor send 1000s of people to their death just to push the Virus Death Totals up? Not just one, but several.

How is it possible that these people can think that they can get away with sex slaves and cannibalism. Yes, many of these sex slaves are killed and eaten by our Elites. Got to do something to keep it secret. Search on Molech, the God of Child Sacrifice (use DDG) for a clue as to why.

So. Being Right- or Left-Spin gives us a clue about people’s orientation. And yes, these Elites are all hard Left-Spinners. That is a given, but it is not enough. How does a Mayor let rioters run rampant through his or her city based on political justifications. This goes beyond a failure in “common” sense; these people are, somehow, being guided by others.

What is this guidance? Let’s call it advanced technology; it is a very effective tool for mind control. Many of us have read about various CIA programs for Mind Control (think MK-Ultra). Say this technology actually exists.

What if you are a powerful group of Elites who have been in charge of our planet for 100s of years. You are the ruling Oligarchy whether you are called the Rothschilds, the Central Banksters or whatever.

This ruling Oligarchy, especially with the digital printing of $Billions in Fiat Currency, are the agents of Corruption in our world. They use this incredible wealth to buy everyone. That includes Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, Judges, CEOs, Generals and on and on.

So, sometime in the 1980s, this elite set of rulers finds out about Mind Control. The biggest problem the Elites has always had is the risk of another Elite deposing one of them.

This kind of goes back to Constantine the Great; he was a Roman Legion General who deposed the previous Emperor. He had to fight another Legion General to keep his spoils. Constantine decided to disband (defund) all of the Legions to keep from having to fight every few years or so. He got behind the creation of the Church as the new control mechanism for the people. Trouble happened when the Barbarians attacked; they were not Christians (Yet).

In the 1980s and 90s, the Elites developed an Implant that could be inserted into the people who wanted to join their Club. This was a wonderful Implant; it could feed thoughts that were supportive of the desired narrative and could measure resistance.

The Deep State was born. All of those people who wanted to join “The Club” lined up to receive their Implants. Not only that, they clamored to have their children implanted as well. This was a way to guarantee that their children and grandchildren would be part of the ruling Elite.

Wow, how big is this? In the US of A, it is about 50,000. Around the world, it is about another 25-30,000. Who are these people? Anyone with Power to include Political, Judicial, Financial, Bureaucratic, Business, Military, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Educational, Unions, NGOs, the UN, the EU, the CCP, etc.

So, most of those people who graduated from the Ivy League over the past 30 years are probably “Implants.” These Implants have taken over big business, the Wall Street Investment Houses/Banks, the Big Multi National Corporations, the Federal Reserve, the Hedge Funds. Think, how else were they able to send all (or most) of our manufacturing over to China.

What else? They took over the entire Big Education system; they are the leaders of the Universities. Same for the Judiciary at the Federal and State levels. Same for the Governors and Legislatures. Same for Senators and Congressmen/women. Wherever there was power, these people took over.

Important note: not everyone is a member of this club. Some have refused to join (must be Right-Spinners). Some have wanted to join, but were not allowed. We do have some people in Government who are there to do the Right Thing.

Wow. This explains how so many people can think so very wrongly. They were “Implanted” with Darkness on steroids. Yes, they all had to be Left-Spinners to even want the Implants, but the Implants allowed them to go much further Left; even more Fear, Force and Control.

There are 50,000 people in all of our positions of power (and wealth) who are being guided by someone behind the scenes/curtain? Yes.

Trump is not part of this club; they have tried to take him out continuously since he came down the escalator.

So. When the Ruling Oligarchy started rolling out their “Implant” program were they still concerned about the “controlled” Implantees going rouge. Yes. This was a wonderful new technology to achieve their 1000 Year Quest to control everything – the New World Order. But they had to be sure.

The Implant kept on being improved and the Elites had to keep coming back for the upgrades. One of the improvements made was a “kill” switch that would release deadly chemicals. This was their “Insurance” Policy.

What this means is that all of the Implants must comply with instructions, or they can be killed. Even worse, not only can they be killed, but their family members as well. This is the ultimate form of Blackmail.

The Implants live wonderful lives; rich, famous, sought after, but they must OBEY. They are actually, quite terrorized. Feel sorry for them? Don’t, they made their choices.

The above is all background. Many of us have been having a very difficult time trying to wrap our minds around how these people think. Why do they do what they do? It just did not make sense. This is an answer.

We are in August 2020. Somehow, the Trump Team keeps on winning against the Deep State even with their “kill” switch. How is this possible?

It goes back to the primary premise of this site; Light and Right-Spin energies are taking over/have taken over from Dark and Left-Spin energies. Yes, the Elites have been in charge for 100s and perhaps, 1000s of years, but that power was based on Fear, Force and Control.

The Deep State was going to crash the economy of the United States to stop Trump. That did not work, so they tried to crash the entire economy of the world (CCP Virus). It worked on the world, but not on the US. Meanwhile, Britain is leaving the EU without a deal and Italy is getting ready to just walk away.

China has become a pariah. It released the Covid-19 (CCP) Virus as a biological weapon on the world. This was an act of war and Trump has had to downplay it to keep the world out of a world war. That is exactly what the Deep State wanted. It would provide cover for the collapse of the Central Bank debt system.

Debt is and has been the primary method of controlling people everywhere. Fifty years ago a dollar could buy four loaves of bread; today, it costs $25. Back then, the male was the breadwinner and mom stayed home to raise the kids. Only the rich had credit.

Now, both parents must work to pay the bills. Everyone must have credit cards and the more credit you have, the higher your scores. An once of Gold was worth $35 back in 1930. That same once of Gold now sells for around $2,000 today. The Deep State/Central Banksters have designed this system to keep everybody enslaved.

This system is collapsing now. There is just too much debt and countries cannot pay it back. Even worse, vast groups of people cannot pay it back either. The Deep State desperately needs/wants a war. New debt can be taken on to replace the old cancelled debt, but the people’s debt is forever.

Bottom Line: The Deep State/Banksters are very Dark EVIL and have far too much power in our world.

What is Light and/or Right-Spin energy going to do about it?

I know this is going to sound way out there, but there is this concept called Hubris. When you set yourself up for a fall, it happens. Just as China set itself up for destruction by building the Three Gorges Dam (3GD), the Deep State set itself up for destruction by putting a “kill” switch in all of its operatives.

Not sure how it is going to be done; it does not really matter. Sometime soon, the Kill Switches will be turned on for all of the Implants. Suddenly, over the course of 30 days, 1000s of our Elites in Washington DC, Hollywood, Wall Street, and everywhere are going to start dying. This will happen in every country in the world, even in China. This will include the Implanted children. Is there going to be panic? Are they all going to be headed to a hospital to remove the Implants? Yes, but that was planned for.

This event is an integral part of the shift from Darkness to Light. Right-Spin energy is helping Light to get around to this a bit sooner. Just think, many of our rich, famous and powerful elites will not be around on Election Day.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Unusual Addendum

I get my prophecies from my conversations with Spirit. Why do I share them?

I am told to share them. I do not promote this website. Only people who have been sent here come here.

I first put mySelf into a Hexahedron in May of 2002. I was the first one, hence Hexahedron One. There are nearly 400,000 people on Earth who have become NewBeings or Newomen or Newmen (according to my Spiritual Information).

We are the 10th Human Inhabited Planet. The other nine compose what they call, “The Federation of Planets.” Yes, it actually exists. And yes, “Star Fleet Command” also exists. The Federation put 60,000 of its warrior-colonists down on Earth about 3,600 years ago. They became the Europeans.

They chose Europe as the Annunaki had hunted the Neanderthal peoples to near extinction by kidnapping their women to have hybrid Annunaki-Primate slave children. The Neanderthal were the most advanced Primates on Earth at the time and the Annunaki sought after the Neanderthal children as Administrative Slaves. We call them the Jews today.

So. That is where white people come from. Of the nine other planets, three of them orbit in close proximity around the same sun. These are the home planets of the French, Spanish and Italian speakers. That is where the Romance Languages all come from. There is another sun that has two Human planets orbiting; they are both the home of the Polish. There is also a Sun with the home planet of the Germans and another with the home planet of the Slaves. All of these planetary systems (Suns) and Human Worlds orbit around the same large Sun, called Alcyone. Our Solar System also orbits around Alcyone. It is called the Pleiades System.

All of the other people of Earth are hybrid Annunaki-Primate slave peoples bred for slave labor or soldiers in the Annunaki wars.

The Federation warrior-colonists all came from the various planets described above. They all evolved from a Neanderthal like Primate and are able to breed with other primates, even hybrid reptilian-primates.

So. All of us are Aliens. We all have genetic material from people or being that are not from Earth. The Annunaki’s Home World is Nibiru. It is parked in orbit around our Sun quite far out beyond Pluto. We have a NASA craft getting close to it for images now. It is about three times the mass and diameter of Earth and has four large moons and six smaller moons in orbit around it. We call this Annunaki planet, “Planet X.”

Whoa, isn’t it too cold to live on the surface of a planet out that far? Yes. They live in the hollow interior of their planet. They have the polar opening blocked up and have an interior energy ball, like a Sun hanging in the center of their world.

This is also true of the Earth, the Moon, our Sun and all of our fellow Planets in our Solar System. Look up “Hollow” Earth on DuckDuckGo (don’t ever, Ever, EVER use Google).

OK. Back to the addendum part. When I put mySelf into a Hexahedron/Cube, I was granted a huge increase in awareness. This is true for everyone who does so as well.

So, when we get this huge increase in Awareness, we get a much more robust ability to talk to Spirit and get answers. The answers also get better and better as we use this two-way communications channel.

So, the Federation of Planets/Star Fleet Command have been operating among us for several hundred years. They have helped us with technology along the way. Nikola Tesla was an Earthman, not a Federation agent. I, too, was born on Earth to Earth parents.

The Federation has many of their agents living here on Earth. They look just like anyone of European Heritage and live/raise their families amongst us. They are particularly interested in the explosion of advanced technologies that we are producing in communications, computers and metallurgy as it is different from many of their technologies.

Like Earth Beings, many of these Federation Beings have been sent to this website and many of the peoples have the Federation have shared in the Transform YourSelf Meditation. There are more than 300,000 of them in the nine other worlds that have put themSelves into a cube.

There are quite a few of us.

Remember, we have transformed ourSelves. What does that mean? New DNA. New senses. New powres, New ways of doing things. It is just starting to happen now. The world, and all of these other Nine worlds, are just getting the 80% powre that will drive these changes.

Bottom line:

I get my information from a Being called Right-Spin. He/She is a close ally with Light and can both use this 80% powre. This is also where we, Right-Spinners, will get our powres from. And yes, we will be getting help from Right-Spin Angels.

Light has decided to take responsibility for the Earth Changes that I have been writing about. Accordingly, some of the changes will be different. Most will be the same, but with different emphasis. China will cease to be as part of this; it is the home of Darkness on our Planet.

Light is also taking on the responsibility to cleanse the Dark Oligarchic Controllers of Humanity. This will include the Dark organizations, institutions and companies. Think Xi, Soros, Obama, Pelosi, Gates, but also Apple, Google, Twitter, Amazon, the UN, the WHO, the WTO, the EU and the CCP. Include the Central Bankers, the Rothschilds and Banksters in general.

Most of these people have been implanted with Reptilian DNA and/or chips for wireless, remote mind control. This is what the Greys were doing when they kidnapped us. These people and organization do the work of the Reptilian Hive, not Humanity.

There are more than 10,000 of our leaders and organizations that have been mind controlled for decades. Their goal was a One World Government controlled by the Elites. Who were the Elites? The Lizard People. The Reptilians and their mind-controlled puppets.

Light and Right-Spin are re-establishing Order. Our positive culture, traditions and faiths are being returned to us. The LEFT is losing.

Love, Light and Laughter,


How do Angels Spin?

Last post was a huge expansion on spinning. It turns out that Right-Spin and Left-Spin are just as important as we have been thinking. The “hard wired” impacts are still the same. Right-Spinners (clockwise) are still motivated/oriented towards more Freedom, Choices, Truth/Integrity, Self-Responsibility and Reliance and, generally, Doing-the-Right-Thing (Light Thing).

Left-Spinners (counterclockwise) are still motivated/oriented towards more Fear, Force, Control and Resisting Doing-the-Right-Thing. They are more interested in doing the Dark or Wrong Thing.

OK. Just wanted to bring everything back to Earth. So, now we know that we all spin both horizontally and vertically and that we switch our spinning as we evolve towards either Darkness or Light or a host of other binary options. We know know that for every binary option, there is a neutral position halfway towards each of the choices. Wow, that means it is No Longer Binary; at least not in the sense that it was.

Yes, it is still a primary set of options between two choices, but neutral is now much more important than it was. Also, there is a system for us to understand about leaning towards one choice or the other. This applies to all of the “Binary” choices that we have in our world.

As we move towards one Primary Choice Pole or the other, we go through two 45° points where we switch from vertical to horizontal (and vice versa) spinning. It is at these points that we stop spinning and restart in the other direction; Up versus Sideways or the reverse.

These “Stop” or “Static” points are at 45°, 135°, 225°, and 315°; these are the points on a Compass that we think of as North East, South East, South West and North West.

These points have significance. They enable us to shift our spinning between horizontal and vertical; they must be powerful energy points.

What else are they good for?

We are all told that Angelic Beings are here with us. We do not “normally” get to see them and yet, they have the power to help us. So, how do they Spin? How do they enter and leave our space?

At 45°, they spin downward to the left in a clockwise (Right-Spin) manner. At 135°, they spin downward to the right in a counterclockwise (Left-Spin) manner. At 225°, they spin upward to the right in a counterclockwise (Left-Spin) manner. At 315°, they spin upward to the left in a clockwise (Right-Spin) manner.

So, these Beings do not spin either Horizontally or Vertically; they stay at 45° angles to the Left or Right (like the symbol / or \).

Got it. There are four different types of Angelic Beings. Do they have different powers or properties?

Yes, there are Angels and yes, there are Demons. There are powerful and less powerful versions of each.

The Angels operate at the 315° and 45°.

At 315°, it is the space where Earth Beings (Spirits in a Body) are moving from the Right-Spin Neutral Horizontal Spin to the Right-Spin Primary Vertical Spin. This is where Angels have the most power to help Right-Spin beings. From this position, Angels have significant powers to help Earth Beings who are in the Right-Spin Neutral Zone to include all those back to 225°, but at diminishing levels.

At 45°, it is the space where Earth Beings are moving from the Primary Right-Spin Vertical Spin (aka Light) to the Left-Spin Neutral Horizontal Spin. This is where Angels have the least power to help Right-Spinners. From this position, the Demon take over support as Earth Beings move through the Left-Spin Neutral Horizontal Zone to 135°

The Demons operate at 135° and 225°,

At 135°, the Horizontal Spin transitions to Vertical. The Demons have the most power to support Left-Spinners as they move towards the Primary Left-Spin Vertical Pole (aka Darkness) at 180°. From this position, Demons have significant powers to help Earth Beings who are in the Left-Spin Neutral Zone to include all those back to 45°, but at diminishing levels.

At 225°, the Vertical Left-Spin transitions to Horizontal Right-Spin. This is where the Demons have the least power to help Left-Spinners. From this position, the Angels take over support as Earth Beings move through the Right-Spin Neutral Horizontal Zone.

Our natural world is very structured. Our relationship to Angels and Demons is no different. Depending on where are are, we can call on the support of both the Angels and the Demons. If we are at the Vertical Poles (Light or Darkness), our calls for help have the most powre/power. If we are leaning one way or the other, our calls have less powre/power.

What most of us do not realize is the presence of a Left-Spin or Right-Spin Neutral space.

These Neutral Spaces are aligned with our decision boxes. These boxes are the cubes around each of us that we grow out of. We open them from the top, push the top and rear back, push the sides down and the front down. When it is opened, we are standing in the center of a “Christian” Cross; a very powerful symbol of an open cube.

So, we are standing in an open cube. What are our choices?

We CANNOT GO BACK. Whenever we try, the energy of the people and the places have changed. Energy is always flowing and ever changing.

That leaves moving Forward or to the Left or Right.

Moving Forward is the “default” choice if we do not wish/want/not aware we can make a choice. Many of us are on “auto-pilot” and far too busy with life’s distractions. Moving Forward keeps us on the same path that we have been following. If we are leaning towards the Left (Darkness) or Right (Light), we will keep moving in that direction.

So. The real choice that any of us has is to turn to the Left or the Right. For those who want to move to the Left faster, turn Left. Same for those who want to move to the Right faster; turn Right.

Neutral Zones have another property. They are places between the Primary Pols (of the Binary Choice). As such, they have the least amount of pull or attraction. These (both of them) are places where the Earth Being can look back on their choices and decide whether to shift from one Neutral Zone to the other (move from Left-Spin to Right-Spin or vice versa).

This is a simple, instantaneous choice that any of us can make when we are in the Neutral Zones (75-105°) and (255-285°). How does this work?

Instead of moving forward on Auto-Pilot or choosing to move forward consciously, we all have the option of moving to the closest Neutral Zone. All of us experience things that change who we are and how we are thinking. When we get these “life-changing” events, we get an opportunity to pop out of our Decision Cubes.

What are these events? Graduating from High School and/or College. Going into or leaving the Military, Getting Married, Divorced or Breaking Up with a Long Time Partner, Having a child, Opening or Closing a business, Having a huge windfall or disaster financially and others like these.

Yes, we have many boxes that we pop out of. We have many bites at the apple as to whether we move towards Darkness or Light.

For those who are “locked” in position at the Poles; they have decided that they are either Dark or Light and that is a valid choice. But, for those who are not sure where they want to be, they are allowed to keep seeking for information. When these being get into a Neutral Zone (either), they can change their minds.

If you are still with me, how does the powre or power in our world impact the support that the Angels (and Demons) can provide?

This is why our world is so F**Ked Up. The Left-Spinners (and Demons) had 80% of the power for the past 10,800 years. That is a very long time; it is five Ages or Houses of the Zodiac (2,160 years each).

Yes, Right-Spinners (and Angels) had 20% of the powre. The Angels had to pick their battles very carefully and generally adopted a strategy to building up their forces in specific locales over long periods of time. Think North America for 1000s of years to enable the creation of the United States. That meant that Europe was abandoned to the Left-Spinners; we call that the Dark Age or Ages.

What about now?

The Demons only have 20% of the power. Now, they must pick their battles more carefully. They are in Trouble. They have been used to having all/most of the power for so long, that they still think they are unstoppable or unbeatable.

Look what is happening in our world. Brexit is actually happening. Reciprocal Trade is breaking out everywhere. Evil China is losing everywhere. The EU is collapsing. The UN/WHO/WTO is increasingly seen as captured by the Globalists/One Worlders/Deep Staters. The Human/Child Traffickers are being Exposed and Dealt With. The Banksters are dissolving.

ItalExit or QuItaly is happening. FrExit may happen. Even Germany is losing. This is actually amazing as the EU was Germany’s attempt at establishing the Forth Reich.

Do not be alarmed about the US Election in November. When the Three Gorges Dams breaks, China will cease to be. Many other Global Change Events will happen. Chances are, the Electrons all over the planet will be delayed or cancelled to allow governments to deal with the catastrophes everywhere.

Right-Spin energies are in Control now. That really means that Order is in charge. And yes, the Angels have 80% of the powre. The Left (Left-Spinners) are going all out to seize (back) power. All it is doing is making the vast majority of people on Earth question whether they should jump to Neutral to change course.

This is wonderful NEWs!!!

Love, Light and Laughter,


What about all of this Gender-Bender Stuff?

This being male or female is very straight forward, right? It is like “Yes” or “No” or “On” or “Off” or “Dark” or “Light”, Yes?

These are all binary states and we tend to think of them as very Black and White yet, we all know that there are many shades of grey.

Let’s examine the various different states between Male and Female. Yes, there is MALE and FEMALE. That is the two states that we all know so well. Yes, there are three more states: there is Neutral which is halfway between them and then there is a Male Leaning and Female Leaning halfway back from Neutral.

Never mind the emotions; this is very logical. This is like looking at a Compass or a “Compass Rose.” In a circle, there are the four Cardinal Points (N, S, E & W) and the inbetweens (NE, SE, SW & NW). These eight points apply to any binary thought process, but most of us have not been ready to wrap our minds around this, yet.

So, if there were five different states between Male and Female (see above), there are also five different states between Female and Male, but on the West side of the circle.

What we do not understand is that Neutral was always there. We understand that when we get in our cars and put them in “drive.” We must move out of “Drive” to go into “Reverse.” And yet, in electronics, it has always been Positive or Negative (On or Off). Something is missing in electronic theory.

So, if there is a Neutral, there must be two Neutrals (both East and West) and, if there are two Neutrals, there must be two leaning North and leaning South. This applies any “binary” condition. Yes, even to Male and Female.

The Universe is telling us that it is time for us to wrap our minds around this reality. Yes, most of us are firmly in the Male or Female category, but we have many in the other states. Many are Neutral and many are leaning one way or the other.

In my Invention site,, I just posted a more detailed description of the 8 (or 16) different states of an electron in a page called “Different Electron States.” This site, Hexahedron1, spends a lot of time talking about the different Spins and how important they are in our functioning world. We now know that we are either predominantly Left-Spin or Right-Spin and that means something to us.

You may want to review that Electron Spin article; it goes through the transition from vertical spins to horizontal spins and back. North and South are vertical spinning and East and West (Neutrals) are horizontal spinning. North spins vertically clockwise (Right-Spin), South spins vertically counterclockwise (Left-Spin), Neutral East spins horizontally counterclockwise (Left-Spin) and West Neutral spins horizontally clockwise (Right-Spin).

So. In the binary decision between Darkness (the Southern Pole) and Light (the Northern Pole), we are vertical and horizontal spinners. If we are strongly of the Light, we spin clockwise (Right-Spin) vertically. If we are strong in Darkness, we spin counterclockwise (Left-Spin) vertically. For those of us in the Neutral zones, we spin horizontally.

In the “Different Electron Spins” above, there is a Static state at 45°, 135°, 225° and 315°. These are the inbetween (45°-like) positions in the transition from Vertical or Horizontal spins where the opposite spin direction occurs (just like your car, you must be in neutral to change from forward to reverse).

This brings me back to our reality on Earth. The vast majority of us are Dark or leaning Dark. Think of the circle as having two sides (East and West). There are two processes going on: those who are moving from Light (North) toward Dark (South) and those who are moving from Dark (South) to Light (North).

I write this post to share an underlying process that applies to everything and everyone. It is very difficult (and takes great focus/effort) to shift from leaning Dark to leaning Light (or leaning Left or leaning Right politically). Yes, it can be done, but it take time and effort and the right awakening information.

Eighty (80) percent of the world population are either Dark or strongly leaning Dark. What this means is that they are spinning vertically or toward vertical. Five (5) percent are leaning Light (but close to Dark). These are still on a steep slope, but are trending horizontal. Five (5) percent are Light; these are vertical Light Pole spinners. That leaves Ten (10) percent who are Neutral or leaning Right (close to Light).

Where people are in this algorithm determines how much Darkness or Light (Left-Spin or Right-Spin) that they have. This applies whether they are spinning horizontally or vertically or somewhere inbetween.

Again, those people who are leaning Light and have moved beyond 225° (changing and ramping up Right-Spin energy) and reduce their Left-Spin energy to 59% (getting closer to Neutral (West)) will be allowed to stay. As they are already on the path towards the Light (leaning Light), it becomes more likely that they will continue through Neutral towards the Light.

That leaves 85 percent of the worlds people who will be leaving Earth for rest and rebirth on another planet. If there are 7 billion people, that means nearly 6 billion will no longer be with us. This is very saddening, but the dynamics of the switch from Darkness to Light are driving this SHIFT. There are just too many people who are oriented towards Darkness (Fear, Force and Control) and who cannot make the transition to Light.

It also means that there will be 1,050 million of us who remain. Of that, 85 percent will be Neutral or leaning Right (Horizontal Spinners) and the rest will be Vertical (or trending) Spinners. Still a lot of us to do whatever is coming at us.

Our world has always been more complex than we knew, but we have been given tools to understand. We apparently, are ready for more tools and more Understandings!

Love, Light and Laughter,


What if?

Hi, I hope you are all safe and well. Things will be getting darker, but the full force of the Light is coming.

What happens if the 3GorgesDam breaks early? Say, in the next day or two? What would that do to my timetable?

It would kick off all of the changes sooner. When the dam breaks, it will be catastrophic; think a 600 foot tsunami rolling downstream to Shanghai. Bye bye China’s Navy and their only Financial Center left (Hong Kong is gone). That will kick off the rolling earthquakes that will culminate in the collapse of Mainland China/Hainan Island.

This will also trigger the collapse of much of Indonesia. This will also trigger the events in California, Mexico, Central America, the Amazon Sea and the Pole Shift (Magnetic). Not sure whether the Northern and Central Africa happen before, or after the Pole Shift.l Same for the collapse of the Saudi Arabian Peninsula.

All of these events are “in-play” now and are interconnected. The base of the 3GorgesDam has just moved and the breaking point is coming fast.

China is experiencing one disaster after another. Massive flooding and related earthquakes. The fields are mostly flooded and the harvests will be largely wiped out. Then there is the Locusts. There is great unrest in China now; the Chinese believe that Comets are an Evil Omen and yes, we have a comet in the skies. The Chinese Communist Party is losing/has lost the “Mandate from Heaven.”

Not sure of the order, but all of these Earth Changes can happen is the next few weeks. The collapse of China will be a huge energy shift that will trigger all of these other changes.

Isn’t it interesting, the entire world is now focused on China. We are all finding out how “Evil” the CCP is; think mass killing for organ harvesting, suppressing religious belief and political expediency. China is the center of Darkness on our planet and it is about to swept away.

Light/Right-Spin has taken over. Otherwise, none of this would be happening. This means that our world will be moving in directions that bring more freedom, choices, truth, integrity, self-reliance, self-responsibility and, generally, doing more of the Right Thing.

China was being set up as the new Super Power by the Banksters and the Deep State types. All of the manufacturing from the US and Europe was moved to China. All of the Financial Centers were set up in Hong Kong and Shanghai to take over. The Banksters/Deep Staters had to do this to destroy all opposition to their Global Takeover or One World Government where they had the only military and tax power. The EU with the UN was the prototype or training wheels. Yes, they have been planning this for 100 years.

Oops. They did not plan on trying to complete their “Plan” during a major Energetic Shift. We entered Aquarius in 2013 and it has taken this long, 2020, for the transition period from everything Pisces. These Dark forces had 80% of the power in the world and could do whatever they pleased. Not true anymore; the powre has shifted to 80% against them.

Problem for them; they are clueless about what has happened. They know that, unexpectedly, they are losing battles on many fronts. They still think that they will win the “war.”

The Banksters/Deepstaters coordinated the release of the CCPVirus with the Chinese. It was sent out to the world on purpose; it was supposed to suppress all opposition to their increasing limits on freedoms. It worked for a while, but then they played their second event, the BLM movement. Both of these events were meant to be the catalyst for bringing down the entire idea of Western Civilization in the United States and Europe.

Remember, Pelosi held the Impeachment Articles until January 15th, the same day that the first Covid19 carrier arrived from China. That was also the date of signing the Trade Deal with China. Akin to the Japanese doing peace talks during Pearl Harbor.

Actually, it goes back to Hillary and her emails. She sold many military secrets to the Chinese. She was supposed to win and there would have been a war. She would have made sure that the US lost to China. Then, the US Government and “America” would have ceased to exist. They would have finally gotten rid of the US Constitution and its protection of individual rights.

Somehow, something intervened, and this did not happen, That same something intervened in the Brexit votes, Trump, Brazil, Australia, India and, even, in many European elections. You can call that “something” Right-Spin or Aquarian Energies.

We can all see the direction that this energy is taking us. It is away from the collective or hive mentality. It is back to customs and traditions that have served us for 1000s of years. These will be updated in the new energies, but in acceptable ways. Think more freedom and choices and more truth/integrity.

But, it is also bringing many new ways to do things. Think no more commuting to work; work from home. Think robotic tractors to do the farming; that is coming. The big cities are becoming “Ghost” Towns; everyone is leaving as they are too expensive (rent, taxes and cost of living), not safe anymore and under the control of the Lunatic Left (Darkness/Left-Spinners). Now, the suburbs, exurbs and small cities are the new destinations.

Yes, London and Paris will continue to be cultural centers and we will visit, but not as Londoners and Parisians. All of the big cities are losing their vitality now; in a year, they will collapse with no tax base, no people and far too many empty commercial offices/warehouses and residential housing. The CCPVirus is causing most restaurants to close and shut down. The fleeing people are doing the rest.

So, yes, we are having massive social and physical changes in our world. It is meant to be like this. Think 85% of the people on the planet will be leaving. This is going to be a series of shocking changes all over the place.

The survivors will get through it all and will inherit a very different, much better world with energy that will be described as “Golden;” we are, just now, entering the new Golden Age.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Disasters Happening!

I know, I know. I have written about coming disasters several times. The “what” has stayed very consistent, but the “when” kept on shifting.

OK. Take a look at our planet; there are disasters happening all over the place. We are just coming out of the CCP Virus that killed or infected millions. This event has brought the Global Economy to the brink of collapse. On the other hand, the virus is the ENABLER for the Great ReBoot or ReSet.

Yes, on July 1st, we entered into a new month (new energy encapsulation) after we got to 80%. What that means is that this new Riight-Spin dominant energy can be used.

So…What is the most Evil, Repressive, Aggressive Nation on the Planet? Easy, Communist China!!! What have they been up to?

Killing and Repressing millions of their own minorities that have different religions and look differently from the Han Chinese. They routinely kill thousands per month just to sell their organs.

Attacking their neighbors. It did not go so well with India, but was easier with Nepal. They just swallowed up Hong Kong and are turning it into an internment camp. And, believe it or not, they just claimed that the Russian city of Vladivostok is a Chinese City and the entire Russian Far East is theirs.

And, then, there is the South China Sea where they are trying to claim all of the fishing and oil/gas mineral exploration and setting up customs collection rights for all of the International Shipping that passes through (1/3rd) to include much of the shipping headed for Korea and Japan. They have built several military islands and want to forcibly build several more by taking the islands from their neighbors.

Oh yeah, they have built a surveillance state where they look at your face to see how you react to their orders. If your face gives you away, off to the camps for you. They are trying hard to export this system (and Their System) around the world; Orwell was not even close.

Alright, got it. So…What’s happening to China?

Nobody is buying from China. The supply chain factories are being pulled out. Why? Because they spread the virus around the world on purpose; they lied and many people have died. The Chinese economy is collapsing. Employment has been reduced by perhaps as much as 75%.

Their Shadow Banking system is just now, collapsing. This is how they paid for all of those Ghost Cities where no one lives. This is a $20 Trillion bust. Whoa, how did this just happen? The Chinese Communist Party got caught counterfeiting gold bars; as much as 40% of their Gold is fake. This fake Gold was used as collateral on many Shadow Bank loans. Poof, the ability to pay back the investors just vanished. Now, when the CCP wants to buy something with Gold, it is going to be closely examined; they are going to drill holes in the gold bars.

As I said, the CCP is Evil and they have just shot themselves in the leg. They lie about everything, especially about money and their GDP. After this Gold swindle, no one is going to trust the Chinese.

And then, there is Hong Kong. Again, no one is going to trust the CCP after they broke their Treaty with the British over Hong Kong.

So… The financial world is not in such great shape for China. They have to pay for everything in US Dollars; yes, all of the oil, raw materials like iron ore, imported food, etc.

On the food, China does not grow enough food to feed itself. It must buy soy beans from Brazil or the United States to feed its favorite meat; pork. It must also buy additional rice, corn, wheat, barley, etc. to feed 900 million people.

So, How is that going? Not well. China already had significant flooding earlier in the year, but the farmers got their crops in. For the past 35 days, China has had torrential rains. The dams are full to bursting and the CCP has had to release billions of gallons of water. Twenty-nine provinces and cities have been severely flooded; yes, they have lost all of their crops. There is going to be a huge problem with food shortages. Even if the United States will sell China food, it cannot produce enough food that China will need.

What else? A major dam in China is just about to collapse; it just got pushed/shoved/moved a bit and the water is already flowing around it. And then, there is the Three Gorges Dam; it has a bend in it and the authorities are dumping water as fast as they can. Unfortunately, all of that water coming down is still too much and the big dam is too full. Actually, the Chinese have 1000s of dams and many of them are about to break.

What else? Swine Flu, Bird Flu and Bubonic Plague have broken out in China. The Swine Flu can be transmitted to Humans and may be another virus that the CCP releases on the world. Same can be said for the others.

What else? 1 Trillion (that’s 1000 Billion) Locusts are about to hit China. Their food production woes are not bad enough?

OK. OK. Got it. What is your point?

It is becoming increasingly clear to anyone who looks at it; China is incurring the wrath of God.

It is about to get worse. The rain is likely to keep falling briskly, if not in China, then on the Tibetan Plain which flows into China. The pressure on the dams is going to continue and many of them will fail.

What about the 3Gorges? Getting there.

On August 11, 2020 (or there abouts), the Trigger Event that I have written about will happen. What is that? It will start with a giant, no GIANT, earthquake in California. We are talking about a Nine Plus, perhaps as much as a 12. The LA Basin will collapse and there will be 4000 feet of ocean where it was. Most of San Francisco and all of San Jose and most of Sacramento will be covered with water. California will become the Isles of California. San Diego county will become a large island. Santa Barbara up to San Francisco will be an island. Parts of the Central Valley will be inundated.

This GIGANTIC Earthquake will head south to Mexico City being incredibly destructive throughout Mexico enroute. It will strike Mexico City like a large meteorite at round a 14 on the Richter Scale. This will last about six minutes and will be followed by a 12 about half-hour later. Mexico City will be utterly destroyed.

This incredibly destructive earthquake will head for Vera Cruz and then, to a British island in the Caribbean – Montserrat. It has had a incredibly destructive volcanic eruption already. It is going to have an even worse one. Most of the island will be destroyed in this eruption. All part of the California-Mexico Earthquake.

Next. This same destructive energy will head directly for Mount Vesuvius, near Naples, Italy. Yes, Vesuvius will blow its top massively. For Italians, head to Sicily or North as soon as you hear about the California event. You will not want to be anywhere near to Vesuvius.

Is that all? No. All of this incredible energy will be released into our world. It will look like things have calmed down, but, nine days later (on or about August 20th), the rampage will start again.

This time in the Pacific. Large parts of Indonesia will be struck by Gigantic Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions. Some islands will sink. Not Bali. The Southern Chinese island of Hainan will sink and Southern China will experience some large, 6ish earthquakes.

There will be a very large Earthquake (perhaps bigger than LA), under the Three Gorges Dam. It will be shallow and will totally destroy the dam instantly. The reservoir will be full and 180 meters or 200 yards/600 feet high of water will surge downstream. There are 500 miles of water about 600 feet wide. This will be much worse than a flood; it will be a tsunami flood. Every Chinese city downstream of the 3Gorges Dam will be utterly destroyed to include Shanghai.

Wow. It sure looks like China is being punished. Is that all?

No. When all of that water flows south and destroys everything in its path, its incredible weight will be, suddenly, shifted (think 18 hours). So, now, billions of tons of water are no longer compressing the land. More Gigantic Earthquakes. There will be a series of Giant Earthquakes in several parts of China and the entire Chinese Mainland will collapse into the sea.

Yes, we are talking about the sudden death of 1/4 of Humanity. Why? No one knows, but there is that hubris in building the dam in the first place.

The world will soon be a different place; more water and less land.

Anything else? Yes.

Think about it, the collapse of China is a major energetic event for our Earth. Again, there will be a buildup of power and the rampage will strike again. Sometime in early September, all of Northern Africa (to the Atlas Mountains) will collapse into the sea. The Great Pyramid of Giza will stick out about six feet/two meters; it is approximately 400 feet tall. The Amazon River Basin will become the Amazon Sea. Most of Central America and the islands of the Western Caribbean (Puerto Rico, Haiti/DR, Cuba, Jamaica and the Caymans) will collapse into the sea (down 1000s feet).

So, this time, it is general mayhem in Africa and the Americas. Anything else? Unfortunately, yes.

Remember, California has sunk into the sea (or parts), Indonesia, Hainan, China, Norther Africa, the Amazon Basin, Central America and many islands in the Caribbean. Lots more water and much less land.

This is/will be a huge release and/or build up of energy. What else is going on. Many people are aware that the Magnetic Pole keeps on shifting around and that it is getting weaker and weaker. Some people think that we may be about to experience a Magnetic Pole Shift.

Yep, that’s next. Sometime around October 1st, the Northern Hemisphere will become the Southern Hemisphere and vise-versa. All of our airplanes, airports, ships etc. will have to be reprogrammed. So, we all know that the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West. Not anymore for a while. The Earth will slow to a stop and the Sun or Moon/Stars will appear to be still in the sky. The Earth will take about 18 hours to complete it’s stopping and starting again in the opposite direction.

Yes, this means that the Sun will rise in the West and set in the East. It also means that we will be changing the direction of our Orbit around the Sun. Don’t worry, the Sun is the one controlling this Pole Shift and all of the Planets in our Solar System will have similar pole shifts and orbital shifts.

We are not out of the woods yet. With the shift in the orbit direction, there is going to be a lot of water sloshing around. This will be true for oceans and lakes and rivers.

Am not sure, but more land collapses may be coming along with the Magnetic Pole Shift and sloshing water. Much or all of the Saudi Peninsula could sink and much or all of Central Africa could sink.

Oh, one last thought. We are about to enter into a Mini Ice-Age. The Northern reaches will be too cold to grow crops. There will be food shortages. Move south and learn how to grow food.

That’s it. It is a little more scary to write this now. WE have completed the transition to Aquarius Energy. Right-Spin has 80% of the powre now; whereas Left-Spin used to have 80% of the power. There is the old adage about a new broom sweeping clean.

The Dark/Left-Spin ways have been in charge for 10,800 years. New ways are coming and we will not have to wait long.

Then there is the Darkest of the Dark nation – China messing with everyone (including everyOne). It is looking like they are the target of this new broom, but all of us will have to ride this out. Be aware, keep your head up and get through it. Think about leaving California sooner.

I hope that I continue to be wrong about timing, but for those who read this make sure your bug out location is on high ground and prep for at least 90 days. I live on an Caribbean island at nearly 1000 feet above water. I also have water from my roof/cistern.

We are all getting a new world out of this. The Virus was just the first part of the ReBoot/ReSet.

Love, Light and Sadness,


How I use Security Tools

In the last post, I wrote about and other sites that I visit regularly. For those of you who cannot access these site (being blocked), here is the secure email that I use: Once you have a Protonmail account, you can download the ProtonVPN app for Windows 10, Android and iPhone and use your Protonmail account as your VPN account for Free! For secure messaging, I use Signal. If you want to chat with me securely, please send me an email at first and I will send (after Internal Guidance) my voice/text messaging phone number. It is a Samsung 9+; Apple is a very Dark company who has enabled a lot of CCP Evil.

I have been involved in code breaking and highly secured communications since 1969; a long time.

Be sure to check out my Inventions site at I have a new technology to add 20-30,000 additional variables (as a function call) to any encryption algorithm. Be sure to check out the New Physics pages on how to get to 3D computing.