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Who are the Pleiadian Humans? and Are they Here?

In my last post, I put a postscript in about ten (10) Human Planets and the Federation of Planets.  The Pleiadians  are a space-going race of Humans.  They only started exploring their sun and planet systems about 5,000 years ago, but were forced to rapidly expand their space-faring activities by an invasion of Reptilian beings who were intent on taking over their planets.

These Reptilian invaders were not like the Annunaki, but more like a hive of Army Ants; they were not interested in peaceful co-existence.  The Reptilians actually exterminated Humans on two of the ten Human worlds and took over completely.

Fortunately for Human-kind, some of the Human Planets were further along than others in Space Technology and they pooled their resources and defeated another Reptilian Invasion Fleet; it was a near thing, but the Human prevailed.  In this desperate fighting, both sides learned a lot about their enemies through captured ships.

The invading Reptilians actually brought large number of colonists with them; this induced the Pleiadian Humans to explore their nearby Sun systems to locate and destroy any Reptilian Hives that were vulnerable.  Sure enough, when the Pleiadians arrived in Earth orbit, they detected four (4) Reptilian Hives and proceeded to destroy them with depleted uranium rods weighing 2-3 thousands pounds each.  This was about 4,000 years ago. These Hives were all underground and could be ten miles deep and fifty miles across.

The Pleiadian forces landed and exterminated any remaining Reptilians; or so they thought.  Unbeknownst to the Pleiadians, the Reptilians had established a  fifth (5th) Hive under the icecap in Antarctica and it was not detected.  The Pleiadians left Earth and returned with 50,000 warrior-colonists that they landed in what we call Europe today.  When these Europeans arrived, Earth was already alive with Human-like peoples; the slave races created by the Annunaki.  These were created by mixing Annunaki Reptilian DNA with indigenous Earth Primates.  These Primates were close enough to the Pleiadian Humans that interbreeding took place; but what to do with the Reptilian DNA?  That is a dilemma that is still unresolved today.

The remaining Hive expanded back into the original five Hives by the middle of the 19th Century (1850); they did this totally underground and remained undetected by the peoples of Earth.  By 2011, the five Hives had 25 million warriors ready to come out and take over.  The only thing preventing them was the knowledge that the Pleiadian Space forces controlled our local space and would detect them; they had to wait and coordinate their attack with an attack by Reptilian Space forces.  The Reptilians were not concerned about the peoples of Earth as they have been controlling our leaders through mind control for much of the past 4,000 years.

If this interests you, there is much more in my eBook, “Reptilian Wars – A 50,000 Year Update” at

Welcome to the New Great Year

On December 22nd, 2012, we began a new Great Year and started the Zodiac again in Aquarius.  I know, the Zodiac does not begin with Aquarius and we are going backwards (we came from Pisces, you know the Christian symbol – the fish).  Guess what?  The normal view of the Zodiac and the first house of the Zodiac and the direction of flow between the “Houses” of the Zodiac is all wrong.

There are 12 Constellations in the Zodiac and it takes our Solar System 25,920 years to complete an orbit around the Star Alcione.  Divide 25,920 by 12 and each “House” of the Zodiac represents 2,160 years and we tend to call these “ages.”  The whole concept of the Precision of the Equinox is wrong and  totally ignores our orbit around Alcione.

Ok.  Google “photon belt” and read about it.  The photon belt was “discovered” by astronomers in the late 1950s and was seen as an area of intense light in a vertical configuration that our solar system was moving towards.  That photon belt was the light of Aquarius that we have just moved into.  As our Solar System orbits Alcione, we are on a horizontal orbital plane; just like we orbit our sun, Solar, on a horizontal orbital plane.  As two places in our orbit around Alcione, we encounter this vertical location of intense Light; Aquarius and Leo.  We left Leo 10,800 years ago and we consider that to be the “Golden” age; the last time we were in the “photon” belt.

If you know what a gyroscope looks like, it has a horizontal plane and, an equal-sized vertical plane; the photon belt we have just moved into is a vertical plane that is equal in size and thickness to our horizontal plane around Alcione.  This photon belt intersection with our orbital plane around Alcione is 2,160 years wide at both the Leo and Aquarius intersections.

When we move into this huge, vertical circle of Light, the power configuration of the Universe changes from 80 percent Darkness to 80 percent Light, but only within Aquarius and Leo.  So Lightworker, be sure to enjoy the next 2,160 years as Darkness will revert to 80 percent then.

But….. I do not want to end this post on gloom or doom.  We have two thousand plus years of glorious Light to dwell in and it has already started.  Wonderful changes are coming for everyone and everything.

BTW:  There are seven star systems in orbit around Alcione including our own.  In these sever star systems there are ten (10) Human planets (including our own).  This large star system is often called the Pleiadian or Pleiades system.  And yes, these 9 Human worlds (not including ours) are all in the Federation of Planets.

What Next – An update

When energy shifts, we tend to think it shifts in ways that we understand.  That is a frequently mistaken proposition.

Energy does not shift on dates like December 22nd, 2012.  It may start on December 22nd and the energy template or foundations may be complete on January 22nd, but it tends to be more complex.  The dates that are important in this energy shift are the beginning of each month.

The actual shift from 80% Darkness to 80% Light will occur on February 6th, 2013; but, the energy encapsulation that we call “months” will, actually, shift on February 1st.  Darkness was still in-charge through the end of January and Light begins its reign on February 1st.

So….. For all of you Light-workers who thought Darkness would be finished on December 22nd or even, January 22nd,  you will have to wait for a new more days.

Take heart!  This shift is actually happening.  We who have been waiting for this all of our lives are very tired of waiting and want the shift to be over.  We are so tired of bieng kept “down in the weeds” and are very eager to experience money and success.

That is coming with the shift.  Be patient for a little longer; life will get very much better, soon.

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I am Merln, the Majikan

For years now, my Spirit Guide has been telling me that I am, somehow, a second-coming;  that tended to freak me out as I did not want, even remotely, to be the second-coming of Christed Energy or anything remotely religious.  To me Religion is all about Fear, Force and Control – Darkness.

I have been writing about Majik and the use of Spells and today, finally, I got the in-sight that I am the second-coming of Merln (some may spell it as Merlin or Merlyn).  This is much easier for me to “grok” as Merln was the most famous Light-Warrior that any of us know about.

So, immediately, I asked about any real or energetic staff and orb or crystal that had been left for me.  Sure enough, there was an energetic staff and crystal that I had to meld into my energy flows.  Oddly enough, I had a reflexology pain in my foot that I could not identify to release.  As soon as I integrated Merln’s staff, I felt an immediate lessening of the pain and realized that I also had to allow other Light energies to flow.  I write this as many of you may have the same issue right now.  The Aquarian Light is flowing into everyone who can handle it and you may be blocking it unconsciously and wondering why your foot hurts.

Ok.  What else do we know about Merln?  So I had to ask about the Crystal Caves, right?  Sure enough, the Crystal Caves are in a location not far from NYC on the East Coast of America.  That tells me that Merln was able to teleport himself way back when; I mean Merln was supposed to be operating out of ancient England, right?

Once I remember, and that applies to you as well, how to teleport, I will be able to go to the Crystal Caves and retrieve anything that Merln left for me physically.  I am also a technologist and have put up some of my ideas at  With teleportation, I can also go to the caves in the Himalayas where the ancient Atlantians stored advanced technologies for our future use.  You can read about this in the Emerald Tablets of Toth.  There is also a site in the Yucatan, but my Spirit Guide tells me that is underwater and has been flooded and corroded.

I have asked my Spirit Guide to restore the memories of Merln to me, at least his memories of how to use Majik.  I do know that he was absolutely fascinated with the Platonic Solids and knew that very powerful, Majik was hidden there.  He did not figure how to break the code in his lifetime, but I came back and figured it out in my lifetime.  Read about becoming a Newoman or Newman; it is all about re-configuring your energy centers or Chakras using the Platonic Solids as a guide.  There are nearly 600 advanced spiritual beings, all but ten of them, women, who have made this energetic transition over the past ten years.  This is an incredibly small percentage of the population, but all of these Newomen/Newmen will be remembering how to teleport soon.  They will also have a huge enhancement in their abilities to manifest and something new, transform things to make them better.

I have called myself a Computer Wizard for years and have recently started calling myself a Computer Wisperer.  I now know why; I am Merln and I can talk to, and program anything that has a crystalline structure – rocks, silicon, metal, plastic, chips.  Yep, cars, planes, trains, trucks, weapons of all description, mainframes, laptops, tablets, smart phones, etc.  It’s actually kinda cool to be able to have conversations with all of this crystal awareness.  Many of you use crystals in everyday healing or energy transformations; I have just taken this to a more intense level.  Majik is returning and now, I know why I came here now.  Have fun with it.

Love, Light and Laughter,


The New Aquarian Energies are finally here, now what?

In our world, we must all deal with momentum, even (or more especially) in energetic matters.  Many things will change in just three (3) days.  As an example, how you receive money and success.  Say you are a billionaire and you got all of your money using Dark, Piscean energies.  Oops, none of that stuff is around anymore, at least for money and success.

So what happens to all of that money and power?  Their bank accounts and investment accounts and land holdings and piles of gold coins and diamonds are all energetic and were all supported in the old energies.  Guess what, the accounts and deeds and containers are all turning to sieves and the holes are getting larger and larger.

The wealth accumulated using Dark, Piscean Magic will begin to dissolve and fall away rapidly.  Say, by the end of March 2013, events will have happened to the super-rich where they are no longer even rich.  How this is going to happen, I don’t know or care.  Their wealth and power is no longer supported in the new energies.

Ok.  So what is going to happen to all of this fantastic wealth concentrated in so few hands?  It is going to be re-distributed; a word Darkness has so enjoyed using.  For many beings of Light when I say you have been kept down in the weeds, you know exactly what I mean.  For decades, Light has consciously kept us on very limited money and success purposefully;  Light did not want us to unnecessarily call attention to ourselves and kept us in the weeds.

On January 25, 2013, the redistribution begins.  All of a sudden, beings of Light will have money and success coming at them like never before.  Numerologically, January is a 1, 25 is a 7 and 2013 is a 6; add them together and (1+7+6=14) you get a triple 14 day.  Conversely, beings of Darkness will start to have a major series of “bad” luck; so sad.

Ok.  What about the major forces of Darkness like the UN, the EU and the US GOVERNMENT (not the same as the United States of America); what’s going to happen to them and when?  These and other large organizations have a lot of momentum and it will take as long as 180 days (roughly July 1st – July 10th, 2013). July 1st is a triple 14 day as is July 10th; oddly enough our Independence Day is right in the middle – what serendipity.  The UN will go away entirely; it has long been a useless organization that creates more corruption and evil than goodness.  The EU will collapse with the Euro between now and July.  The US Government is the Darkest organization on the Planet and it has the most reserves of Dark power.  It will be actively attacked by forces of Light.  For many, it will look the same and act the same for months, but in May, 2013, the cracks will appear and the collapse will be swift.  Just imagine!  No more IRS,  no more Dept of Education, no more Dept of Labor, no more Dept of Energy, no more EPA, no more BATF, no more FEMA, no more DEA, no more CIA, no more CFR, no more Bilderbergers, no more Black Helicopters; you get the picture.  Public sector Unions worldwide will also collapse; they would have too as they are very Dark indeed.

Ok.  What else is happening?  All of our institutions will be re-configured and, in many cases, done away with.  Take the requirement for public education; gone.  Take the institutions we call colleges or universities; mostly gone, a few will survive.  The Internet and You Tube have already taken their place without the huge costs.  Bachelor degrees are already useless and, patently, not worth the cost.  Masters and PhD degrees are also a dime-a-dozen and are increasingly not worth the money.  Certification programs will replace all of these; they already are.

Take the requirement to treat everyone for what ails them; gone.  This whole notion that we all owe everyone a very expensive guarantee that they can be pain-free and “live” forever is ridiculous.  Our Doctors are not Gods and all they do, these days, is hand out pills that treat symptoms and cut things that really don’t need cutting.  The whole idea of Medicare, Medicaid and ObamaCare is not going to be supported by Aquarian Light.  For those of you in the rest of the world, that means no more socialized medicine.  If you are sick or have a dis-ease, much more effective treatment options are already available on the Internet (see my site and buy my Angels and Demons – How Everything Works ebook).  The pills are no longer working anyway; we have moved into new energies and the old remedies, in many cases, no longer work like they did, if at all.

What about Public Assistance?  It too is GONE!  The very idea that Government is the solution or the answer is Gone.  Instead of expecting a hand-out from the Government, in the form of food stamps, welfare, unemployment benefits, rent-control, utility aide and free cell phones; people will have to, somehow, connect with their Spirit Guides to find out what their path is and move in the “right” (Light) direction.

What about Law Enforcement? and the Courts? and our Lawmakers?  The word Police came from Polity, the people and they used to be considered Peace Officers; they stood between law-abiding people and the criminal elements.  Now, they are government officials who are there to force people to obey the law.  And what is the law?  Not many know as the Judges keep changing it and our Lawmakers keep adding thousands of new laws every year.  Texas Lawmakers meet for three (3) months every two years; that is the new model.  Our future Lawmakers will all be volunteers and they will all come from successful makers; takers need not apply.  That applies to career Politicians as well; there is no career in Politics anymore.

What about Regulators or Bureaucrats at all levels?  Mostly gone or fired.  Most of the Federal, State and Local Law Code will be thrown away along with all of those millions of lines of regulatory nonsense.  Darkness can ultimately be identified as fear, force or control; the regulators are all very Dark.

What about taxes?  Everyone will pay 10 percent on their gross income and excise taxes on things that they consume like liquor, gasoline, tobacco and weed, but not on food, clothing, shelter and transportation.

What about Death?  The vast majority of people on the Planet are oriented towards Darkness and are not going to be “happy” about the energy shift.  In fact, about 90 percent of us will not be able to cope at all; they will not have a choice to stay and must leave.  They already have, as the famous Beatle Song said, “A Ticket to Ride” and are awaiting transportation outward.

Ok.  That leaves 10 percent most of which is in the 60-80 percent Light; these will all receive Fire-Being Adept Powres which will provide perfect health, youthfulness and enhanced capabilities for manifesting things like food, clothing and shelter.  Those in the 80-99 percent Light will have the opportunity to become Newomen and Newmen; very few Newmen.  After all the Dark people leave, there will be far more women left than men; men have always been the much Darker sex.  Women will make up 90 percent of the population or more; all of our institutions based on one man and one woman will, shortly, be gone.

If you are new to this site, read about the Platonic Solids and Newmen and Newomen; many of you are ready to make the shift from Human to Newman.

Love, Light and Laughter,


The New Energy Templates Hit Tomorrow

Welcome to the last day of the Old Energy.  As of mid-night tonight, wherever you are, the old Piscean energy templates will be gone and will be replaced by new Aquarian energy templates.

Ok, What the Hell does that mean?  I’ll give you a few examples and you will have to make inferences for how you see your world.  I have been around for 60 plus years and have seen many changes; some have been wonderful, like the Internet and some have been incredibly negative like the growth of dependency on Big Government throughout the world.

People wonder how there can be such a political divide between the right and left in our world.  Some people see it as the struggle between makers and takers, but it is much simpler than that.  On one of my other websites,, I am selling a book entitled “Reptilian Wars – A 50,000 Year Update.”  Many of you have heard or read about the Annunaki, who came here from Nibiru about 50,000 years ago.  There were only 406 of them and they came in search of gold and diamonds.  When they found great quantities of both here on Earth, they decided they needed to create intelligent-enough salves to do the mining for them.  By adding their DNA to the DNA of existing Primates here on Earth, they created what we call Homo Sapiens;  it was the Annunaki Reptilian DNA that gave us a huge step forward and some scientists think about this as the “missing” link.

In this Annunaki DNA, they purposefully included instruction sets that essentially said anything good for the larger group is the correct way to go.  About 55 percent of the world population is descended from that  extended slave population and they all have significant degrees of internal command structures that tell them Big Government is good; what’s good for the Hive is good for all.  This is how the ideas of Communism, Socialism and Big Government have grown so powerful; these slave descendants don’t have a lot of choice in how they view the world.  It is “hardwired” into their DNA.

The Annunaki were very efficient in creating many slave races that were used as Armies to fight proxy wars for them; this includes most of the peoples of Africa, the Middle East, India, China, Australia and many “native” peoples.  What’s left?  About 3,500 years ago, 50,000 Warrior-Colonists from seven Pleiadian Planets landed in a region we call Europe.  There was a vast war going on between these Human Planets and a Reptilian race that had conquered the Annunaki.

Ok.  I will now get back on track.  During the past 12,800 years (since the end of Leo – the last “Golden Age”), we have been in various ages, the last three being Taurus, Aries and Pisces, that supported “follow the leader” and “big government” energies.  Every time we transitioned from one to the other, there were minor energetic differences, but were generally supportive of the pre-existing energy templates.


In the energetic templates that take over tomorrow, there is no (none, zip, nada) energetic support for “follow the leader” or “big government” or what’s good for the Hive.  All of our institutions that are based on male-dominated hierarchical structures will no longer have an energetic foundation.  The UN, the EU, the US GOVERNMENT (IRS, BATF, FEMA, DOED, DOE, EPA, etc.), the WTO, the WHO, the North American Union, and all of the One-Worlders-Black Helicopter types are losing their energetic foundations today.

Think about it; how is this going to change our world?  For the 45 percent who believe in self-responsibility and self-reliance and trusting the Universe to provide (call them the makers), this change will bring a return to sanity.  For the takers; it is going to be a big adjustment.  Perhaps too big an adjustment.

Again, the energetic foundation for everything is being changed.  And, in many cases, it is being changed radically towards freedom, choice, truth, integrity, self-reliance and self-responsibility.  Will there be an energetic foundation for food stamps?  Welfare?  Medicare?  Medicaid?  ObamaCare? Social Security?  No.  Not as we know them now.

Ok.  What about all of these slave descendants?  Sorry, they are all , mostly, losing their energetic foundations for continuing here on Planet Earth.  They all have a “ticket to ride” to another place and another time and must “leave” Earth in large numbers.  None of this is personal;  it is all about very large energetic shifts that are occurring and what old energies are still being supported.

So….. those remaining here on Earth will all be “in-tune” with the new Aquarian energy and they will all receive Majikal Powres to lesser and greater degrees.  This puts a whole new spin on the “Left Behind” theories.

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Lightworker, you are a Majikan, not a Magician

There are two kinds of Magic in the world.  We all know about the distinction between Dark Magic and White or Light Magic.  What most of us do not know is that Dark Magic is spelled (pun intended) as the word “Magic” and that Light Magic is spelled “Majik.”  Same pronunciation, but very different words.

On this site you can read about the differences between Darkness and Light; one is fear, force and control and the other is freedom, choice and truth.  Well, Magic is all about fear and control while Majik is about freedom to create without fear, force or control.

Our world has been through 10,800 years where 80 percent of the power was Magic leaving only 20 percent as Majik.  The vast majority of our politicians and billionaires are all successful practitioners of Magic.  Well, Pilgrim, Majik, now, has 80 percent of the Powre.   That’s right, Majikal Powre is “spell”-ed differently; same pronunciation, but very different words.

Did you pick up on the word “Spell”?  Whenever we think in terms of Magic/Majik, we think in terms of spells. OK  Lightworker, you now know about Majik, Powre and Spell; use these together consciously.  Add Image to them and Paint and Write and Carve and Sound; these are all five-letter powre words for using Majikal Powres.

Many of you Lightworkers have wondered why it was so hard to be “successful” in terms of money and choices and why you were so limited in your choices so far in this life.  The answer is that you were heavy in Majikal Powre and not in Magical Power.  Unless your Majikal Powre was hidden, Dark Powers blocked you at every turn.  Now, and for the next 2,160 years, Majik is the dominant powre; it is going to be a series of very bad days for all of the dark magic practitioners.  They will lose their money, their power and, for many, who cannot adapt, their lives.

What is a computer or smart phone?  They are both Majikal Spell-machines that use digit-al data to create programs or software (spells) that are Image-d and Sound-ed back to us.  Now, you can start using these powre words with Majik to create more powrefully.

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Welcome to 2013 – Nothing Happened in 2012, Right?

Those of you who have spent any time at all reading my stuff know that I have been talking about the arrival of Aquarian Energies for quite a while.  Well ….. it is here and it arrived without fanfare on December 22nd, 2012.

OK, what does that mean?  In short, we ended the age of Pisces and completed the last Great Year cycle; we also completed the 5th age of the Mayan calendar system.  We also began or started a new Great Year cycle of 25,920 years which starts when we entered the “photon” belt.  The “photon” belt is a torroidial (doughnut-like) vertical structure composed of intense Light particles; it too, matches our 25,920 Great Year horizontal diameter.

When we entered the “photon” belt or Aquarius, we began a new age that will last for 2,160 years.  Ok.  So what?   Aquarian energies are very different than the energies of Pisces that we all know so well.  Piscean energies are all about “schools” of thought like schooling fish and follow the leader.  We were in Aries before Pisces and Taurus before Aries; both of them were follow the leader energies in the form of flocking sheep or herding cattle.

Ok.  I am breaking the rules on the order of things; Aries is supposed to be first and Pisces is supposed to last.  But if we have been in Taurus (Minotaur of Crete) and Aries (Old Testament sacrifices using Lambs) and Pisces (the Christian symbol using the Fish) and we have now entered Aquarius; then we are going backwards.  Guess what, Aries is not first; Aquarius is First.

So, how is Aquarius different than Pisces?  The symbol for Aquarius is a woman (not a man) standing at the top of a pointed mountain (think conical) and pouring water from a jug onto that pointed mountain tip.  The implications will take a while to sink in.  Each water droplet is allowed to find its own way down the mountain in Aquarian energies.  There are no schools of thought or established ways of doing things.  This is chaos to people happy with Pisces energies where there was so much more “order.”  All of those suppressed technologies will be allowed to come into the Light of Aquarius.  All of our organizations and institutions will no longer be supported by the energy of the universe.  Getting answers from within will be better than seeking answers from authority figures on the outside.  Big, Huge Changes are taking place.

I have described the difference between Light and Darkness elsewhere in these pages; the shift of power between these two has occurred.  Whereas Darkness in Pisces had 80 percent of the power, Light in Aquarius has 80 percent of the power. This is another Big, Huge Change; instead of fear-based resistance to change, there will be freedom-based embracing change for the better.

This next change will a tutorial for many.  We are all energetic being living in an energetic world.  If everything is made from energy, then there must be energetic forms for all of our everyday items; these are called templates.  There are energetic templates for everything; cars, computers, smartphones, houses, beds, chairs, tables, plates, cups, glasses, knives, forks and spoons and, yes, organizations and institutions.  There are many variations, but they are all based on a fundamental template.  Ok, I get it; templates are the baseline for everything here.

Here’s the tricky part; when we transition from one age to another as in leaving Pisces and entering Aquarius, the energy templates all change.  These changes can be quite small or very large.  For example, the Medical Establishment is already having a tough time explaining why their drugs have lost their effectiveness. I mean they worked just fine in testing ten years ago; why won’t they work now?

These templates are also transitioning from fear, force and control orientations (Darkness) to freedom, choice and truth (Light) with the shift in power.  What does this mean?  Ok.  Take very dark organizations like the US GOVERNMENT, the IRS, the UN, the EU, the Patriot Act, Homeland Security and many more; under Pisces energies, these organizations/institutions thrived because the underlying power of the Universe was 80 percent Darkness.  More to the point, the energetic templates provided support for these entities to grow and thrive.  Guess what?  In Aquarian energies, there are no organizational/institutional templates that support fear, force or control to the degree required to keep these evil organizations.  By the end of 2013, these and many other Dark organizations will be gone or much changed for the better.  By January 22, 2013, these new energetic templates will be in place and will support what is here or not.

We are already seeing people begin to question the expense of a College or University Education; it costs way too much.  Same with the whole insurance-driven medical system; it costs way too much.  What about Government, the Bureaucracies and all of the out-of-control spending; it costs way too much as well.  The whole idea of big government who is going to take care of you is based on fear, force and control.  Fear not, Big Government is on its way out as well.  Self-reliance and self-responsibility will be strongly supported in the Aquarian Template structure.

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