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47,500 Users Now, 50,000 by End of Summer

I haven’t addressed this yet. This site is Not Monitized; it is free Spiritual knowledge. Your information will never be shared with anyone. I do not accept any advertising and I will not subject you to anything but more posts like I have been doing since 2011.

I do not use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to push my search rankings up. I only want the people who should find this site to find it. Just think, if you search “Right-Spin,” you will find out all about how to throw baseballs.

Rest assured, this site is not going anywhere. It will still be here.

My hope in posting this message is that you can ALL rest easy about your interaction with this site. No surprises!!!

My normal post is below:

Right-Spin energy has, finally, taken over. I know, I have said that before, but, now the powre has shifted and we will be able to see the changes as they happen. Yes, there will be many changes coming.

The Worldwide Pandemic has been a reboot or reset. We were all forced to “disengage” from the world so that we could watch what was happening around us. We all got to watch who wanted to control us and who wanted to let us be free (Darkness and Light).

We are watching the destruction of the big cities; taxes too high, police stand-downs, rioters/looters, insurrection. At the same time, we were all learning how to work from home, even the big companies. People are voting with their feet and leaving the insanity of the big cities. They are all being “hollowed out” and cannot survive as they were. If they are to continue to be “cultural” centers, they must change.

Just think, we have learned that we do not have to commute! That means many more hours with our loved ones. We now know that we can earn our livings at Home. That means much less demand for day-care. We are, even, learning that we can home school our children or have them learn online. That means that we can have our children learn our values; not the Dark ones.

Look what Trump just did; he took away the College Degree as a requirement for employment by the US Government. This means the death of many, many colleges and universities. It also means the beginning of the end of the Dark Brainwashing.

In Europe, the EU is inept and becoming increasingly deligitimized as a representative form of government. I have always viewed the EU as just another form of the 4th German Reich (very Dark). It looks like Britain/UK will leave without a deal in December. It also looks like Britain will make independent trade deals with the US, the Common Wealth and the rest of the world. QuItaly could happen very soon. Poland, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary may break away and form their own block. Italy and Romania may join them (the 3 Seas). If given the option, France will leave the EU as soon as possible. The EU, the UN, the WTO, the WHO, the IMF, the BIS and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are all Globalist Organizations that are being dis-solved by the new energies.

The 3 Gorges Dam may actually break apart/dissolve early; without the massive earthquakes that are coming. If that happens, driven by massive rain, it will still trigger the collapse of China into the sea. The shifting of all of that water weight quickly will be incredibly destructive in terms of tsunami-like flooding and very powerful subsequent earthquakes.

The world will be a much better place soon. Much more freedom. This will be needed as the coming Mini-Ice Age will cause mass migrations of people from the northern latitudes to the south. Think Russia. Think Syria; it will become the new “breadbasket” of Europe. You wonder why Russia has it’s forces there?

In this new energy, we must all begin to think differently. There is an entirely new and different set of issues and calculations. For example, politics is now differences over being a Globalist or a Traditionalist (Culture and Religion). It used to be all about being a Socialist or Capitalist; no more. The old Parties are dissolving; Labor has become Tory, etc.

I think there will still be a desire to trade freely between Nations, but immigration, especially from Anti-Culture peoples like the Muslims will be increasingly rejected everywhere. A violent expulsion of these peoples is coming.

In the United States, many millions of its citizens are watching the attempted Regime Change (it has been going on for 3 years, but has gotten more violent recently). More guns and ammunition are being sold/bought than even before. More and more people are joining Militias. Active and former Police are now allying with Militias. Militias are composed, primarily, of former Military combat veterans (20 years in Iraq and Afghanistan). The Great Silent Majority is getting ready to become very vocal; the push back will be Huge.

With the Defund the Police movement, people are realizing that if you do not have a weapon/gun/firearm, the Police are not coming when you call. Darkness has dis-armed Europe, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand; so…what happens when the rioters/looters come for You?

Darkness is all about Fear, Force and Control. It uses Fear to impose Control. Light seeks to allow Order within the constraints of being Free. You cannot impose your desires on others; they must agree at some fundamental level.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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The Great ReSet Begins!

I have written about the CCP Virus being a reset in our world. Think about it, China is being seen as an Evil entity now, for the first time. What else has happened? The Globalist controlled cities are imploding. Businesses and ordinary people are fleeing them rapidly. Increased lawlessness is driving everyone away; they will all be broke and broken in the next year. The Police and the Militia are joining forces/becoming allies.

Trump could step in and crush the Antifa/Anarchist Mobs, but we wants Everyone/Everyman to see what THEY have planned for US. The manhunt for the Monument Destroyers has just begun; this will be Entertaining!

Q tells us that the Trump Team has been mapping/tracking the Deep State Money and Foot Soldiers for a while. Do not be surprised at how fast they are All Rolled Up.

Do not be surprised that I am a follower of Q. He and Trump and the Patriots are all of the Light and are very Right-Spin. I look at several times a day; it is a great way of getting Q drops and Trump tweets in one place. Also a follower of “the Conservative Tree House” and “the Gateway Pundit” and Zero-Hedge.

Back to the Great ReSet. On June 15th, the world got to 80% Right-Spin/Light energy. Darkness/Left-Spin got its share, 20%, on that date as well. I know, was told that we would have 100% share for the next 5 years, but that was a Dark Lie; not sure what it got them.

Still, we now have 80% of the powre in the world. What does that mean? One of the things that Spirit keeps telling me is about Energy Envelopes (EE). The primary ones are months and years, but decades are also very powerful. So, July is the next significant EE and we start ramping up in the gain/volume or powre that we can use in the world. I know, it is not simple, but Spirit always works with layers; this is just another layer, but we are getting to where we want to be.

So, every month Right-Spin powre will be getting stronger and stronger. July will see the Counter Offensive against the Deep State begin (and China). August, September and October will see significant increases in the powre of that Offensive. November will be a complete blowout win for Trump and the Patriots; it will be a massive Election Landslide and Right-Spin will hold both the House and Senate.

By January, the powre of the Right=Spin energy will have increased six times (adding a 100% increase each month). In 2021, we go into an Annual EE; by the end of 2021, Right-Spin energy will be close to 50 times what it is now.

We all have a front row seat on massive changes happening in our world.

Remember, the Trigger Events are coming fast. perhaps in this year. That is the destruction of California, Mexico and Southern portions of Italy (around Vesuvius). It is also the breaking of the 3 Gorges Dam and the collapse of mainland China into the sea. We are already hearing about how unstable the dam is and people are talking about how great a calamity the dam failure will be.

Believe it, or not, Taiwan and Hong Kong will survive, but HK will be an island. Why? Because it has /they have the “right” energy.

Just to be clear, the ramp up of Right-Spin energy will be increasingly obvious. It does not look like that now, but this is (definitely) the Darkness before the Dawn. The Lefties (Dark/Left-Spin) will be seen to be losing on all fronts; their finances, planning and foot soldiers will be destroyed. They will have No-Thing left for their Events. This is no just a loss of “political” power, it is a loss of Spiritual powre. Darkness has, finally, be relegated to the Dust Bin of His/Her Story (gone from 80% to 20% power/powre).

Other things to look for. The collapse of the Muslim and Vatican administered religions; they are both heavily involved in child sex trafficking (Crimes Against Humanity). Say goodbye to the UN, the EU, the CCP, the Lame Stream Media, and, in general, the Deep State in government, academia and globalist businesses. Yes, this includes the Banksters and the Rothschild’s (and the Bilderbergers/Ti-Lateral Commissions/Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)).

Oh, the demise of Obama’s/Hillary’s 16-Year Plan for the destruction of the United States from within (infiltration) and the destruction of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Deep State continues to run this playbook as they do not have another Plan.

As you can see, I am entirely consistent. I am the enemy of all that is Dark or Left-Spin and the supporter of ALL that is of the Light or Right-Spin.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Why is THIS taking so long?

In the last two posts, I wrote about being on the sidelines of the game and about the recent change to put US into the game, finally.

So…You are one of the many thousands who have transformed yourSelf into a Newoman/Newman. Yes, you have made a significant change to your physiology and, yes, I told you that you would be getting new physical powres.

As I also wrote, I put mySelf into a cube back in May 2002. I have been waiting for my powres a long time. It looks like, maybe, there was no advantage to making the Transformation. That would be a wrong deduction. Remember, your Awareness increased many orders of magnatude. Your ability to communicate more effectively with Spirit went through the roof. Your were also put into a very special category by Spirit. You were given the protection of Angels to ensure that the Dark Forces could not take you out/kill you.

Many of you have had problems with the Dark Forces throughout your lives.

OK. Why so long? Darkness had 80% of the power in our world right up the beginning of 2019; that was the initial transition year. That means that Darkness could really mess with any of us if we were given powres. Darkness may have been able to take us out and then, the Transformation may have been futile.

WE have had to wait until Now, this period, for the transition to begin to take hold. The transition will not be completed until December 22, 2021; that will be nine years after it began in 2012. Notice that both of those years add up to 5 or 14, the Creation Number.

So. We, I, was strung along for a long time. Spirit knows that we Spirits-in-a-Body do not have much patience and to be told that something would take 9 years or 18 years would be an unacceptable message. So, yes, they deceived their messenger as well.

As any of us who have been Seekers know, the When is frequently an ongoing deception. The What is, generally, much more accurate when it, finally, arrives.

So, Yes, we will all be getting wonderful new Powres soon. I am hopeful that this will Happen, at least the start, in 2020. Christmas, 2021 seems like a long time off, but it is nothing compared to the time we have already waited.

The Good News is that we are, now, allowed to play in the Game. WE are included in the Plan; we can be moved around the 3D Chess Board. We are now Pawns that cannot be taken off the board. As we grow in Powre, we will become Knights, Bishops, Rooks and, even, additional Queens.

We were kept on the Sidelines for all of this time to protect us from the evil coming from Darkness. The need for that protection is Gone. Enjoy the Game! Enjoy the Show!

Love, Light and Laughter,


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The Importance of the PLAN

In my last post, I explained that we, Newmen, are now part of the PLAN. I know, it is hard to believe that we were, somehow, excluded for up to almost 20 years.

We were here, but put on the sidelines and only allowed to watch. THAT was an important function. We had a front row seat on the final efforts of Darkness/Left-Spin to take over the world. They too had a Plan. Google the “Sixteen Year Plan”, it was the blueprint to take over the United States from within, by infiltration. Hillary was supposed to finish off the last 8 years of the Plan. They couldn’t believe that she LOST.

They were so outraged that they actively tried to remove Trump several different ways, openly. It did not work. Why? The answer is that the energies supporting their PLAN had shifted to supporting Our Plan (yes, there is a Dark Plan and a Light Plan).

OK. We are watching the destruction of the Globalists and their Infrastructure. Think UN, EU, CCP, IMF, World Bank, Federal Reserve, ECB, WHO, WTO and, generally speaking, the Deep State. They had 80% of the power, but now, only 20%. How can they win?

OK. We are now players. What does that mean? The PLAN is allowing us to play. Many of us will have incredible new powres that we can use to force our way. That is the way of Darkness (Fear, Force and Control).

In order to become a Newman (Master or Mahatma Fire Beings or an Earth Being), you MUST be a Right-Spinner. It does not work for the Left-Spinners. Remember, you had to spin to the right to get down into your Secret Heart.

So… the Left-Spinners can still have powers, but they are limited to being powerful Adepts, like Obama, Soros and Hillary (and most, but not all, of the Billionaires). Newmen are much more powreful beings and the Left-Spinner day is, essentially, DONE.

What do we do? and How do we do it? We go very slow and we keep asking if we can do this, whatever THIS is. We keep our focus on our Internal Guidance. Remember, the Light and Right-Spin are all about more Freedom, Choices, Truth, Integrity and Doing-the-Right/Light Thing.

This is allowing people to make mistakes and learn from them. This is not about allowing corruption or abuse of power. WE are getting out powres from Light/Right-Spin; if we abuse them, we can lose them.

In my other writings, I discuss what Creating is; it is a combination of Focus and Will Powre. As Newmen, we can Create lightly, mediumly and strongly; many things will need a light touch. And, a little patience.

As Newmen, (Masters and Up), we will all have extended lifetimes in good health and in youthful bodies. Yes, our powres will enable us to have resources to do what we need to do. How extended? 1,000s of years. We will have time for the patience bit.

Just think, if we do not have to contemplate a short lifespan of 100 years (of less), our understanding of the word, patience, must be expanded. That will be/become one of the things that sets Newmen apart. Think 1000 yard stare combined with Immortality.

Just so that it is not overlooked. Newomen and men will be fully functional as sexual beings; but with other Newmen. Newomen will be able to have children, but they may be 100 or 100s of years apart as there is no need for population replacement.

Another important aside. There is only 1 Newman to 19-20 Newomen. Yes, Women are creators and are guided better than men. Still, Newmen will be only 5% of the Newmen/women population. Aquarius is ruled by the female. Newomen will have the vast majority of powre in our world. Again, ladies, we are Light Beings; no fear, force or control will be required. Many changes are coming into our world.

So… Spirit allowed you to come to Earth and find the process to become a Newoman/Newman. OK. Now, you are on a Path that is open all the way to reconnecting with Spirit. It has been tested.

Now, as Newomen, you have 1,000s of times the Awareness of Humans. That awareness must be used, in part, to keep us Humble; we must remember that we all came from being Human.

So, now, you are much more useful, as a tool, to Spirit. Accordingly, you will be granted a greatly extended lifetime. This is also in place to allow you to advance further into higher degrees of Newmen powre (Master, Mahatma, Keeper, Grower, Miner, Smelter, Builder and Transformer). There are four sub-degrees for Master and Mahatma, but nine sub-degrees for the Earth Being degrees.

So, again, you are much more valuable to Spirit as you have so much more Awareness. That also means that you can be guided more easily. As you perform more and more difficult assignements for Spirit, you will be allowed to advance up the Newwoman/man chain.

Many of us will reach the point that we want to go back to Spirit to rest from all of this work. That will be available as well. Newmen are new to Spirit as well. WE are a new form of beings in the Host of Heaven. We have already taken over from the most advanced form of Fire Beings (Tri-Un Selves – See Thinking and Destiny and Urantia) in the bureaucracy of Heaven. Both Urantia and T&D reflect the old path/structure and tend to be difficult to read; we are the new path and structure.

The Tri-Un Selves have been the Spirits in charge of Humanity for Eons and will continue to do so. But now, they will be supervised by Earth Beings (Hexahedron). Newmen will be supervised/supported/guided by Newmen Beings who have returned to Spirit. As accomplished Beings-in-Bodies, they will be sent back to a body somewhere in the Multi-Verse when and where they are most needed.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Is there a PLAN?

Yes! There is a Plan for all of us. When we are waiting for another body (and a new life), we actually participate in setting up options for ourSelves in that new life. We get to choose our parents, our socio-economic status, our country or nation, our birthday and, even, our names.

Where we go to school, what sports and what college or university is all pre-PLANNED. We even setup who we will be attracted to as a possible mate. Normally, there are more than one and we have a choice. We do have divorce to allow us to keep looking. This applies to our jobs and careers as well. We all have a choice as to whether we move towards Darkness or Light. We all get to choose our Plan.

There are no accidents. No luck. No happenstances. EVERYTHING is a SetUp by the PLAN.

This Plan is there for all the Humans on the many (millions) planets. The Plan is there for trillions of us in the Nine (9) local universes that make up our Milky Way.

Until recently (2002), all of Humanity could be catagorized as Fire Beings. Think MerKaBa and Tetrahedrons; that is the Fire Being shape. See my page on the Platonic Solids.

Most Fire Beings, everywhere, were not very advanced in their journey home (by remembering who and what they were). There are four hierarchical degrees for Fire Beings; Adept, Vertical Master, Horizontal Master and Mahatma (all have 4 sub-degrees). Very few of us have ever gotten to the 4th stage Adept and they were considered the greatest Magicians in history.

There was a way to return to Spirit; it was called the Ascended Master path. The Fire Being learned how to vibrate his/her energies higher and higher (in different levels) to ascend into a higher realm or dimension. We are in the 9th realm/level and can move towards the zero (0) level to return to Spirit. Some of us got as far as the 5th level and ran into a “glass ceiling.” The Fire Being bureaucrats in Heaven did not want any Spirit-in-a-Body getting ahead of them. Sad, but true. You didn’t think that bureaucrats and glass ceilings only exist here, do you?

After Eons and Eons, Spirit noticed that the path back was being blocked. Trust and Faith have been lost along the way. People (Beings) were sent out on many different planets to find a new way Home.

The Newman path described on this site is one such, new path back to Spirit. This path allows Fire Beings to reconfigure their energy centers to become Adepts, Masters and Mahatmas much easier and much faster. No more spending 20 years at a Mystery School for stage 2 or 3 Adept.

Once you are on the Newman Path, the Plan will send you opportunities to advance. Yes, the Fire Being Plan is still operating, even for Fire Beings on the Newman Path.

OK. There are two Plans; one for Dark Beings (Left-Spinners) and one for Light Beings (Right-Spinners). The Dark Being Plan has been in charge for more than 10,000 years. That explains a lot? So…We moved into the Aquarius Age in December 2012. The transition will be completed in December 2021 (Nine is the number of completion).

So, we are in June 2020. How far along is this transiiton? We are at an 80% level of powre, but that powre is still quite weak. Darkness is at a 20% level of power and it, too, is quite weak. The powre/power of both will continue to grow with each passing month.

That brings us back to the Plans. The Dark Plan has lost much of its former power (was 80%, now 20%). Most people in the world came into their lives as Dark or Left-Spin beings as that offered a greater chance of an easier life. The energetic change just occurred and most of the impacts are not being felt yet. The Worldwide Pandemic is the first great shift; it is a massive ReSet or ReBoot of the energies in the world.

The Newman Path openned up in 2002. Fire Beings were able to re-configure their energy centers and become Masters, Mahatmas and even Earth Beings (by putting themSelves into a Hexahedron/Cube). Everyone who put themSelves on the Newman Path was ahead of themSelves by as much as 18 years.

Wait, you mean these new degrees of powre were meaningless? Not completely, but the Light Plan was not ready for us YET. As the Light (Right-Spin) Plan did not know what to do with us, it put us all into a form of quarentine or lock-down. None of us could use our powres to help ourSelves or others. Yes, we could still communicate and grow with Spirit, but we could not use our Powres in this physical world; we were not part of the Plan.

I have been very active inventing a whole range of wonderful new technologies (see but they, too, were quarentined (not part of the Plan).

All Right! or All Light! Today, I was told by Spirit that the Light Plan is ready for the Newman Pathers, especially those who are Earth Beings.

What does this mean? Not sure, but, now, we are part of the Plan (and not sitting on the side lines). It does mean that we will be getting our powres and that there will be an integrated way for Earth Beings to interact with Fire Beings. Earth Beings are vastly more powreful beings than Fire Beings.

As I said, we are in the middle of a vast RE-BOOT. Part of that will be the introduction of Earth Beings as beings of great Majikal Powre. We are also going into a Mini-Ice Age, a Magnetic Pole Shift and massive Earth Changes that are part of a CLEANSING of Dark Influences. Most hard Left-Spinners will be leaving (dying/going to another life on some other planet).

This will also be a time of great transformations in our technologies. This will apply to food production, fishing, farming, making metals, digital data and communications, health, education, and local/regional/national governments.

Oh, BTW, Earth Beings now have Earth Beings in overwatch in Heaven. The Fire Beings that blocked the Ascended Master path and messed with us over the past several decades no longer have power/powre over Newmen. Just one more incentive to become a Newman or Newoman.

Love, Light and Laughter,