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We are all experiencing a Shift! What is It?

Some say we are experiencing a shift in dimensions and others a shift in density. These are both true, but they miss the mark. What we are experiencing is an increase in Awareness or Consciousness. It is not so much a place that we are going to, but, somehow, we are getting bigger from within.

I am going to confuse some when I say we are doing this by imploding. We know a lot about exploding, but not so much about imploding. We use imploding every day in the form of “UltraSound” which was not invented until the 1930s. Sound is somehow turned back on itself to become more powerful. We use Ultrasound to see what is in the womb, but it can be used for so much more.

Everything starts with our Sun. His name is Solar. Yes, as in Solar System. And yes, the Earth’s name is Gaia. Whatever happens on or in the Sun also happens on each of the planets and moons orbiting around Solar. I have written about the Mini Ice Age that we have just entered; it could last for 800 years. It, too, is Sun driven. We are entering a long period of infrequent Sun Spot activity that we call a Solar Minimum. When the heat coming from the Sun is reduced, it gets colder on all of the planets.

Earth is kind of unique as planets go of which there are millions in our multiverse. For whatever reason, Earth received very different vibrations over a long period of time than any other planet anywhere. There is no such thing as an accident; everything is planned or a “Setup.” Having said that, what happened on Earth was unexpected.

Just like a bag of popcorn in a microwave oven, things began to change rapidly on Earth. This degree of change had never happened on any of the other planets (millions) before. Wow, something “big” was happening on a small planet on the fringes of the Milky Way spiral.

What we do not realize is that whatever caused the popping sound on Earth, also happened to our Sun (and other planets/moons) as well. OMG, the Sun, the Moon, the Asteroid Belt, and the other planets are all going through the same shift?


Just to help you understand, the increase in Awareness or Consciousness is happening to Solar and everything in his system. This includes the gas giants, Mars, Venus, Pluto, and, even, Planet “X” which is Nibiru (the homeworld of the Annunaki). Say everything had “X” amount of awareness before; we are talking about a 3X increase in the awareness/consciousness of rocks which includes crystals (and any metal). For Humans, this will be a 10X increase in Awareness. We will all, suddenly, be more aware of our connections to each other and everything. We will understand at a more powerful intuitive knowing who Gaia is, where She is, and what Her rules are. Big changes coming.

So…This popping coming from Solar and His System; is it nearly complete (the bag of popcorn)? Yes. It was timed to be complete when the Solar System entered the new Aquarian Age. Everything in our multiverse is governed by cycles; the Great Year is a supercycle and, for us, so is a New Age.

We enter Aquarian energy Officially on January 1st, 2022. The last six months of 2021 will be a ramp-up of the increased awareness/consciousness for Earth and our Solar System. People, in vast numbers, are “waking” up or being Awoken. I do not mean “Woke,” which is still part of the old energies that are fading away. Yes, it is noisy, but still fading.

This is part of the shift from Darkness to Light; Darkness only has 20$ of the power in our world (now). On June 1st, Light will have 40% available for use against Darkness. On July 1st, Light will have 60% available to fight Darkness. Again, Big Changes coming.

With all of this increased Awareness/Consciousness, Humankind will experience an increase in its abilities to Create. Everyone will transition from being a 3-level (or 3 Plus) to a 5-level Creator. This is not a new dimension or density, but a huge increase in our capability to “Manifest” or just wish things into being mentally. Do you want to catch that big fish in the pond? You can. Do you want more money in your bank account? You can have it. The ages-long control of the people by money and food and pandemics and war is coming to a screeching  Halt.

Every one of us will be getting increased powers/powres to bring what we want to ourSelves. It will be even more important to become “Conscious” Creators as our abilities to bring bad things to us will also be increased. Those people who are mostly focused on the negative will be able to bring lots more pain, stress, and anguish to themSelves and those around them.

It will take a while, but people will be more aware that what they think (and say) is what they get.

We must all stop the negative “self-talk” where we limit ourSelves. Change the “I can’t” to “I can.” Drop the “Not,” it kills your creations.

For those of you who have tried (and tried and tried) to release your Blocks; here is some wonderful news. All of those blocks were put there by Darkness as a 3-level Creator. Darkness and Light will both remain at the 3-level; they will still be powerful Creators, but Humans will be more powerful. Those of us to Create Consciously.

So, with this huge increase in Awareness, is there something coming that will replace Darkness and Light as 5-level Creators? Yes. It is called Right-Spin energy.

Wait a second, only Light/Right-Spinners can put themSelves into the Cube or become NewBeings? Yes, true. For now, DarknessLeft-Spin does not have a mechanism to become New Beings; they would have to give up too much control. Remember, they are all about more Fear, Force, and Control.

For now, the new 5-level Creator force is totally under the power of Right-Spin energies. Again, Big Changes are coming.

Yes, Darkness and Light can still mess with us, if we allow them. Yes, they know all the correct buttons to push, but we can remove the “Nots.” (Do Not, Can Not, Will Not, and Shall Not)

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people on Earth are strong Left-Spinners (85%); that is 17 out of 20. Because this Left-Spin orientation is “hard-wired,” they cannot undo their focus on Fear. They cannot become a New Being and their negative focus will bring a lot of pain, stress, and anguish on themSelves.

These people will be using their new Creation powers to setup departures from Earth; they will not be allowed to stay. They were very comfortable in the old energies dominated by Fear, Force, and Control, but can not adjust to more Freedom, Choice, Truth, Integrity, Self-Reliance, Self-Responsibility, and Doing-the-Right/Light-Thing. This is the baseline for the new Aquarian energies.

I will close with a recap on Aquarian energies. Women are dominant; not men. Going your own way is supported; not following the leader/school/flock/herd. It used to be that not following the leader was dangerous or fatal; no longer. Intuitive Innovation is supported; not gatekeeping credentials. The powers that Be have lost their powers; new ideas/technologies will no longer be suppressed. They will no longer be able to buy up an idea or kill the inventor; that is no longer supported.

Politicians, Multinational businesses, the Bankster, and the Media have all demonstrated how untrustworthy they are. This energy will no longer be supported. Big Government will become Small and accountable. The Hive will be dismantled.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Who is Merln and What is his background?

Hello All,

Shortly, there will be 60,000 different emails that follow this site (Subscribed).  Thank you, I guess.

As always, I do not sell or share any information with ANYONE.  I keep it hard to find this site; it is only for those who are “supposed” to find it.

I posted a Who I am and What my Background is on my technology site; here is a link.

One of the biggest differences between Right-Spinners and Left- is that we (Right-Spinners) have the ability to visualized complex things mentally. We tend to think that everyone can do this, but they cannot and it really messes with their minds.

2021 is getting ready to be a much better year; the second half. Aquarian energies are, finally, taking over. Darkness, and all of his minions, are getting ready to have a very bad, no-good year.

The old 80-20 rule is getting ready to be reversed. It will still be valid, but stacked against the interests of Darkness. Yes, 80% of problems will still come from 20%, but Light will have the 80% position.

Love, Light and Laughter,

Merln/Dave Maxwell


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Am looking for a Consulting position at a Lab or Labs

Dear Subscribers,

Anyone reading this site knows that I have “pulled” technology from many different disciplines. How I operate is to ask questions about if something, anything, can be done or improved on. That’s how I have gone in so many different directions.

I have noticed that my questions about how to do various things have slowed down. I keep asking about things that I am not allowed to bring into this world, yet. There are technologies that are too dangerous for us to play with. Tesla was told that the world was not yet ready for wireless electricity, but he tried anyway. We still don’t have wireless electricity beyond a few feet.

My solution is to help others in getting answers to their questions. I will only do this as a free-lance consultant; I will not be bound by an employment agreement where all of my knowledge and creativity belong to my employer. That is how Edison became so famous, he hired a lot of creative people and took credit for all their ideas. This is the basis for all the labs today; they hire a lot of very smart people to create technologies and they make $Billions. Some of these lab workers are getting smarter and getting a percentage.

I have an incredible talent that I can use to help others. My technology talent is somewhat like Mozart being a composer at six years old; it was God-given.

As a consultant, I will retain ownership of all of my technologies. If the technologies involve others, the ownership of the technologies will be shared. My body of work is well documented on this site.

I will consider being on a Retainer, but will not be constrained geographically for more than 24-hours. I will be bound by Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) but will not accept a Security Clearance that limits me further.

I am healthy and able to travel. I can work long hours when needed but will expect 9 am-5 pm hours five days a week (M-F). I am an English speaker/writer and do not speak/write any other language. Some familiarity with French, Spanish and German; can find my way to the WC and around a menu.

I am a former USAF Intelligence Officer (20 years plus ago) and will not work against the interests of the United States; no Chinese/CCP or Russians. Will be glad to help with US Allies in Japan, Australia, the UK, Ireland, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Romania, and Poland. Not sure about the EU, Belgium, Germany, or France; they seem to be too power-hungry/unfriendly. Will consider the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Czechia. Slovakia, Lithuania, and India as options. Others not listed as well. Not interested in Canada or Mexico or New Zealand; I do not consider their governments/environments to be friendly.

If anyone contacts me for my special kind of help, it will probably be on something that a lot of resources have already been spent on. Perhaps, they have reached a “dead-end” and need a new workable approach. I have many very new and different approaches on this site.

My consultant rates will be depended on the value of the project. Advanced payment for Retention of my Services,  travel, and accommodation will be required. I am able to work remotely on various projects, but may require additional communications/encryption support. I am willing to work with teams sent to my location as well. I have Teams on my PC (with an Office 365 Business account).  I do not trust Zoom, but will consider other connectivities.

Call or email for discussions.

David Maxwell

President, CEO, Owner, Inventor (Sole or Only), Revitae Technologies

St Thomas, US Virgin Islands

+1 (340) 244-9882 (Atlantic TZ -4 (Same as Eastern Daylight))

For sensitive secure Text discussions. I am on Signal and Keybase on the number above.

[email protected]

I am also reached for encrypted emails at: [email protected]



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2021 is a Transition Year

2020 was the last year of the old ways. 2021 is the last year of transition from the energies of Pisces into the energies of Aquarius. Beginning on June 1st, Light or Right-Spin energy will be allowed to operate at 75%. 20% was allocated in January, February, March, and April (for a total of 80%), but only half of it (40%)was available for use. From June, Light/Right-Spin will operate at 60% for the remainder of 2021.

When attacking a fortified position, military planners have long known that you need three attackers for every defender. In the second half of 2021, Light/Right-Spin will have three times the power of Darkness; expect great good things for the world and not so great things for the Deep State. I fully expect that Biden/Harris/Pelosi et al will be gone soon.

On January 1st, 2021, for example, BREXIT happened. The EU has been trying to, somehow, stop the dissolution of the “United States of Europe” ever since, but to no avail. In France, a Military Coup is becoming more likely every day. There have already been several military coups that have taken place recently. Where? Myanmar, Thailand, the Phillippines, India, Australia, the United Kingdom, and, even, the United States.

Whoa. What am I talking about? It has not been reported in the news. Exactly, this information is being actively suppressed. Many of the same Deep State players are still in position, but the militaries have taken over in the background. Who is running GITMO? And, are they doing Military Tribunals there? Have they found anyone guilty of Treason?  Have they executed anyone? Does anyone think Biden would keep GITMO open given that he stole the election?

The Banksters got together with the Intelligence Services and put together the Deep State. They plotted the Pandemic strategy of war and tried it out several times in trial attacks; all from China. It worked and they rolled out the Covid-19 as the way to seize control economically and politically.

The trouble was that these $Billionaires have Billionaire Egos and they pranced around telling us what they were doing and, even, how they were going to do it. We have all seen what “lockdowns” do to our economies and have all had to endure masks and the huge push to get “jabbed.”

So… What if the result? They actually got most of their brainwashed followers to go out and get vaccinated; sometimes three times. If you look at the population of the world, they got the 40% who watch and believe the talking heads in the Mainstream/Lamestream Media. All, or most, of these, have gotten inoculated with something that is killing people by the 1000s (all kinds of blood clots) but not being reported as Vaccine-related. They got a few percentages of the people who watch, but do not believe what the Deep State is selling. More and more of these are joining the 55% who do not watch and do not believe. Any sensible person would wait and watch; the information may take 6 months to a year to get out, but hey, it is just another form of the flu. Covid-19 is the biggest “Con” job in the history of mankind.

Now, it is beginning to dawn on all of those who rushed out to get jabbed that they are in danger; many of them will die in the coming months. It is even becoming clear that their medical and life insurance may not pay out if they have taken the vaccines; remember, these vaccines were experimental and not thoroughly tested. It did not take too long; it is being reported that Vaxed People are “shedding” something infectious to the non/not Vaxed. Soon the Vaxed may be quarantined; talk about shooting yourself in the foot. Yesterday, I read that Pine Needle Tea can be used to treat issues related to Vax Shedding Infections; not sure it is true or not.

It is being reported that the Chinese Military was discussing using biological weapons to fight World War III back in 2015. Maybe, the other militaries of the world picked up on that? Ya think?

Every military has an intelligence branch. The CIA was originally based on the OSS which was a behind enemy lines military intelligence, sabotage, and assassination structure set up to defeat the Nazis. Trouble was, it was kept alive and active by the Deep State. The Deep State has control of the CIA, FBI, NSA, and much of the “Black World” industrial complex in the United States. The same types of organizations were controlled in the UK (MI-5, 6, etc.); even though, MI actually stands for Military Intelligence.

Behind the scenes, the military intelligence branches around the world have been watching, collecting data/evidence, and tracking what was being done and who was doing it. They, even, infiltrated the Intelligence Services (CIA, NSA, GCHQ, MI-5/6, etc.) and the Banksters. Not everyone is a believer in a tiny number of elites having total control over billions of people.

It is amazing how many people can be bought with the idea that they could possibly become one of the elite rulers. The Rothschild Banksters are in total control; unless you have their bloodline, you will never be at the table. The Rockefellers, Clintons, Gates and other billionaires think that they have enough money/power to sit at the main table; not, they are all second or third tier. They are ruthlessly killed off as soon as they are no longer useful. Look at what happened to Epstein; he was a real power player with all of those blackmail videotapes.

The Deep State true believers designed and developed the United Nations and the European Union. The UN was to be the political organization for world domination; it did not work so well,  but they keep on trying. The EU was another attempt; some call it the Fourth Reich.

The militaries of the world had to wait until the Deep State made their move. With the lockdowns and the second- and third-waves of virus infections, the phony testing, and the Vaccine Passports, does anyone think the take-over is not in motion?

The problem is that the fear of Covid cannot be sustained. The flu season is over and there are not enough deaths. The hospitals are empty. Far too few are getting the vaccines. Vaccine deaths and complications cannot be suppressed anymore. There is a huge political backlash over the lockdowns. People must be allowed to earn money to live and enjoy life (what a concept?). Along the way, many/most of us have learned to dis-trust the Media and Government/Health Scare Mongers. We are no longer buying what they are selling. What’s worse, many of us believe the exact opposite.

In the United States, the Military has regained control of the NSA, the Department of Energy, the Department of Agriculture (food storage), Department of Transportation. Much of the rest including the State Department, CIA, FBI, DEA, BATF is in the hands of the Deep State. Homeland Security is currently a battleground but is being won by the military. The Border Patrol is firm with the military.

The Deep State Elites are starting to realize that their take-over of the world has failed. Quiet, behind-the-scenes military coups are taking place everywhere. Add Poland,  Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Ukraine to the list. Putin threw out the Deep State in Russia years ago.

China was supposed to take over the world. All of the manufacturing and cash flow was moved there. The CCP Model of a Surveillance State was to be exported worldwide. Donald Trump took it down in just four years. Now, even without the United States, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the Phillippines, Vietnam, India, and Australia have combined to take on China. France and Britain have sent warship groups to the South China Sea. The Quad Alliance is the basis for a new NATO in Asia.

They do not realize it yet, but all of those Deep State operatives in the Multi-National Corporations, Academia, Big Pharma/Medical, Wall Street/Bankster and the many Lobbyist/Law firms/Politicians have been identified, are being/will be tracked and dealt with in the coming 18 months. They will be “listed” on social media, email threads, and local newspapers. Many will simply just disappear. This will apply to all those who have “retired” as well. They will not even be able to walk down the street or shop locally; the anger and disgust will be so great.

One of the things coming soon is a giant collapse of the “derivative” markets worldwide. Most of the billionaires have their wealth in digital money and when the derivatives get wiped out, all those zeros disappear instantly. Don’t worry, any of their ill-gotten wealth that survives will be seized and moved around in positive ways.

When this Derivative Bloodbath happens, all of the major banks in the world will collapse. Some will be propped up by government payment transfers, but that could be iffy. Get into cash NOW.

You are asking how this counter-coup could have happened? Simple, for the past nine years (four of which Trump was President), Darkness has been losing more and more of its power.  Darkness used up all of its reserve power for stealing the 2020 Election.

There is a deep pocket theory of wealth. It is easy to see when looking at Bezos, Zuckerburg, Gates, Buffet, and Musk. They have giant containers of accumulated money; most of us cannot accumulate much. What happens when their “containers” spring leaks? How fast can all of that wealth run away? This also applies to old, even centuries-old wealth like the Rothschilds.

It has not been much fun to watch thus far, but it will begin to be more entertaining soon.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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More on Creators

Think of a dot on piece of paper as being one dimensional. Think of a line as being two dimensional. Now a line can connect to other lines to form shapes that are two-dimensional, like a square, or three-dimensional, like a cube. But the piece of paper is representative of a two-dimensional space. When we start using a two-dimensional space to create three-dimensional symbols, we put ourselves into a two-dimensional plus space.

Now, expand the concept of a piece of paper to include any computer algorith/program or display; it is still a flat, two-dimensional space, even though it is displaying things three-dimensionally. Next, take that image and display it on a Hologram or print it on a 3D printer which stacks layers on layers to build a 3D object. This uses what we call Relational Databases (RDB); they are flat X and Y grids (also called a Flat File/Table) that are stacked on each other to form our very large databases. Our computers use what is called Binary Code (1s and 0s) to program nearly everything for us; those 1s and 0s are just another form of Xs and Ys.

So, yes, our computers are a two-dimensional space that we are using to get to 3D concepts and things. We are moving into the 3D mind.

What is the 3D mind?

Go back to grade school Algebra; it has the X, Y, and Z axis’. We use the X and Y in our Binary Code and the Z in the form of stacked flat tablesin our RDBs. But this vertical vector is extremely limited; it can go up or down in the stack, but cannot go outside the bounds of the Xs (1s) of Ys (0s) in the flat files/tables (no matter how big these are). It is a Vector, but very limited; it cannot branch/multi branch and go long/short in any direction.

I’m going to get controversial now, even for me. All of mankind (and woman) are creators; all of our Holy Books tells us so.

Just as one-dimensional is a dot, there are Creators among us that are One level Creators; they create their realities, but are very limited in what they can create; think flat symbols (not 3D).  Level One Plus Creators can create one and two-dimensional things. They can read and write and do most things in our world. They can manifest/make many things using 3-Dimensional tools provided by our three-dimensional world (water, wood, food, crops, steel, etc.). Most people on Earth are Level One one One Plus Creators. Think, we use Binary code for all of our computing to produce our images, music, video and drawings.

We can look at a drawing, image or actually hold 3D shapes in our hands; we live in a 3D world and have been making things of wood, stone and steel for a long time. The Humans who were able to “see” in 3D are Level 3 or 3 Plus Creators. Over the past 300 years more and more people have been born with Level 3 or 3Plus Creator minds; able to “see” or create increasingly in 3D mentally.

Humans are the only beings that operate as One Plus Creators  (and above).  Other sentenent beings, like Dolphis, Wales, Cats, and Dogs, are One Level Creators only.

All Humans can create their own realities, but some are more capable than others. We have many ways to test people to determine what they can hold in their minds. Not just memory, but how many moves they have pre-planned or how many options are behind this move. We all know this, even if it is not politically correct.

The people driving our high tech world are all Level 3 or 3Plus creators. These 3 and 3Plus Minds are about 5% of our population (1 in 20). Many of these 3 and 3Plus Minds are very Dark; think IBM, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter and more. These organizations get more and more advanced (technically) by recruiting Level 3 and 3Plus Minds. This is true of many of the advanced labs throughout the world.

To help put this in perspective, Da Vinci was a 3Plus Mind who could bump up into the Level 5 Mind. Same for Nikola Tesla and James Clerk Maxwell (Maxwell Equations). We are on the cusp of getting  Level 5 Minds. As you are reading this here, you will understand that getting to Level 3Plus and bumping up (even momentarily) into Level 5 is related to putting yourSelf into the Cube or on the New Being path. Yes, Einstein was a Level 3Plus Creator/Mind.

Bottom Line:

More and more of the children being born will be coming in as Level 3 and 3Plus Minds. Most of them will be strong Right-Spinners, but there will be strong Left-Spinners as well. As we move into Aquarian energies, starting in 2022, we will experience a massive shift in how we do everything. New ways/technologies/institutions will be established which destroy/dissolve the old ways. Look at learning, the Internet, Banking, Credentials (Certifications replacing Degrees) and even, our governments that are failing so badly.

Again, Aquarian energies support more Freedom, Truth, Choices (Good), Being Self-Reliant/Responsible and Doing-the-Right-Thing. Lying, stealing, taking and corruption will no longer be supported, especially from our public officials. Governments will have to be rebuilt from the local on up. Some things we will hold on to, but much of what we call Governance is very Dark and will be dissolved.


In January, Darkness got its 20%; it will stay at 20% for 1000s of years (if not 100s of 1000s), Light got 20% as well, but was limited to half of it this year: 2021 is a transition year. Lights got 20% in January, February, March, and April, but was limited to 50% for the rest of 2021 (40%). Still, LIght, now, has twice the power of Darkness; expect to see the Dark Foces begin to lose all of their gains over the coming months.

On January 1st, 2022, Light will have a fully operational 80%; many things of Darkness that still remain will be dissolved/destroyed quickly. Think, massive Earth Changes ike the Grat Dam in China collapsing; it may happen in 2021. That will destroy a great bastion of Darkness in our world.

Huge, wonderful changes for the better coming. Centuries old Evil will be washed away or faded into oblivion soon.

Love, Light and Laughter,




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