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What is happening in our Woke World?

Everyone is seeing the sane people leave the big cities in droves; it is happening worldwide. So… What is going to happen to these cities?

Anyone with wealth has left or is leaving. Stores are being boarded up or have been for months. Defund the police has become smash and grab or city-wide muggings; the rule of law no longer exists.

When a government loses control, anarchy happens. When all the good people leave, anarchy happens. The Gangs are going to take over and when that happens, the Gangs will fight each other for turf. These Gang Wars will be atrocious with many evil things done to the Gangsters, but also to the left-behind innocent bystanders. What will happen when the Gangs attack the suburbs? Or the Exburbs? People will have to organize to defend themselves, their families, and their property. Call it a Neighborhood Watch, but it will be much more soon.

People think that this cannot happen. Nonsense, we are seeing good people turn against good people just because they will not get a Jab. Good people are putting Anti-Vaxers into Indefinite Detention Centers or Concentration Camps; all in the name of Safety. What do they have to fear, they are already Vaxed and Boosted. But, it is turning out that they are still getting the Covid Flu. Why did they let themselves be injected with a poisonous blood clot and heart-damaging experimental (not safe) prevention tool being mandated by our Governments who want even greater control of us all (the Elites Great Reset).

The Plandemic is over. The Omicron variant is a dud; it is very contagious but is nothing more than a mild cold. The Elites and their bought politicians will try to lock us all down again and force us to have Vax Passports, but this will be a big fail. More and more of us are looking at places that do not require jabs, masks, or proof-of-jabs; what do the authorities want? Control, pure and simple. They want to take all of our Freedoms away by Dictatorial Dicate/Fiat/Mandates.

They actually told us that they would be doing it; they called it the Great Reset. There is going to be a Reset, but the Elites are the ones that will soon be running for their lives. Where on Earth are they going to be able to hide?

What is Wokeness? It is part and parcel of Globalism.  That is a one-size-fits-all approach to everything with the technocrats deciding everything for us. Think Fauci who, with the Chinese CCP, brought us Covid; he is largely responsible for the death of millions.

Increasingly, we are questioning the “Science” as that has been hijacked by the Elite Technocrats and is no longer reliable. The people making decisions for many of us have investments in the Jabs; they have been bought. There is no other explanation for their insanities.

Fortunately, most people can see Wokeness for what it is. Go Woke, Go Broke is working, even for the big multi-national corporations. I used to love Coca-Cola, but will no longer buy it as it is Woka-Cola. Same for Walmart and many others. We can all engage in the opposite of a Boycott; we can buy things from companies that we believe in, it is called a Buycott. Stop buying from the Woke. Stop doing business or supporting the woke. Stop watching and cheering for the woke sports teams. Wokeness is our enemy!!!

Fortunately, Amazon stopped its drift to Wokeness and has come back to sanity. Not sure, its too big and controlled by too few . Be watchful.

The shift or great reset has already happened. We have never had a worldwide pandemic before. We have never had worldwide lockdowns before. We have never had so many people terrified by their governments before. We have never shut down so many electrical generation plants powered by coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear before. What were they replaced with? Wind and Solar are not enough. Many millions will be very cold this winter; all in the name of reducing carbon and saving the Planet. Is it Global Warming or Global Cooling? We are entering a 100-year Mini-Ice-Age. As stated above, many millions are leaving the lockdown cities because they can work from home, but also to escape the fear and lockdowns. That is a huge change. Now, add in the global supply chain breakdown and energy shortages (engineered by the Elites). All of this has happened in just two years. If anyone had predicted or forecasted these events, even three years ago, no one would have believed it.

So, yes. We are all fully immersed in the Great Reset whether we know it or not. But, it has started falling apart. Throughout the world, thousands are saying no to more lockdowns and Vax Passports. Millions are saying no, no way, to getting jabbed.  We are all watching more and more jabbed people die suddenly. They are desperate to get us all “vaccinated” before massive numbers of the Vaxxed start dying. And now, Omicron is just a mild cold; how are they going to keep us scared of dying with that? Even if it is 40 times more contagious, it is still just a mild cold. When we get mad and turn on them; where are they going to hide?

Why is this happening? What could the Elites want from this? Simple, the Elites truly believe that our world can only support 500 million of us.  We are at 7,000 million and THEY want to kill 6,500 million of us to create a sustainable world. These Elites are Evil Monsters and so are their bought politicians.

Google the Georgia Stones. Just like they told us we would be having a Great Reset; they told us that Earth could only support 500 million. They had a Plan; it was the Plandemic.

We are entering a new Age on January 1st, 2022; that’s just 4 days away. Happy New Year!!!

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We are in the last week of the “Old”; the ways of doing and thinking. In seven days, we will, finally, be in Aquarian Energies. Lookup on YouTube, the “Times, they are changing” by Bob Dylan and the “Dawning of the Age of Aquarius” by the Fifth Dimension; they were both very prophetic.  Also, “Ticket to Ride” by the Beatles. The Universe was telling us to get prepared for changes and those changes are upon us.

I will try and give you some idea of what is coming at us.  Let’s take Christianity; it is a worldwide religion that many millions practice. Energetically, it is about 80% Dark (controlling, especially the Old Testament), but the New Testament is 20% Light; that’s where the hope comes from. On January 1st, 2022, The amount of Darkness in Christianity will drop to 20%, suddenly. The amount of Light will stay the same. Christianity will move forward with only 40% of its current power/powre; it will still be significant, but much weaker.

Since we are talking about religions, let’s address Islam as well. Allah is also Ba’al and also Malach. Islam is 100% Dark. So what’s going to happen to Islam next week? It will, suddenly, drop to 20% of its power. Oh shit, not good. Aquarian energy will be dominated by the female; Islam is toast. Also, Aquarian energies will no longer support “follow the leader, school, flock or herd.” Go your own way will be supported.

I’ve probably stirred up some juices, but my point is that everything that we have been thinking and doing is going to undergo similar changes to the two examples discussed above. Marriage, law, business, banking, education, militaries, government, courts, medicine, Everything. Worldwide, we are already seeing millions tell their bosses to shove it. This is not accidental; it is a power shift of massive proportions.

Suddenly, Darkness will drop to 20% and Light will be able to put its 80% power anywhere it wants. Light is not necessarily going to pump up anything that Darkness has been running for 1000s of years. It may, or it may go off in an entirely new direction(s).

Massive changes are coming. Be prepared. We are in the first year of a 100-year Mini Ice Age. It is going to get very cold in the Northern and Southern parts of the Globe; review the weather patterns of Australia this year, snow in Summer. It is not Global Warming; that is total BS. Just look at the impact of that nonsense; not enough coal, or oil or natural gas or, even, nuclear power. Many millions will be very cold this winter with not a lot of choices. Oh yes, the Elites want to take our cars away; it will be easier to control us.

But…….next week our world moves into the energies of more freedom, more choice, more truth/integrity, and more doing-the-right-things.

The Dark assholes do not realize it……, yet, but their massive 80% power based on fear, force, and control is gone; it is now only 20% and is being opposed by goodness. They cannot get to their planned objectives anymore. They will be hunted down and killed soon, everywhere. They have even pushed Davos back to the Summer; are they losing control?

Our world is changing. Bitcoin and other cryptos, Brexit, the collapse of the EU, the irrelevance of the UN, the Deep State (to include the Vatican, the Rothschilds, the Banksters, and the CCP). The shift to socialism in the United States was killed (Build Back Bankruptcy bill) and the Corrupt Politicians Bill (takeover of elections by the Feds) was killed as well. The Deep State Biden Presidency is toast and polling is as low as 22% (VP at 12%). They stole the election, but cannot do anything with it; they are being opposed by the Universe!

So…, it may look like everything is going to Hell in a Handbasket, but good things are happening. Everything is being “teed up” as in Golf. 2022 will bring more massive changes than any of us know. Buy, pack and keep a “bugout bag” handy; be ready to run on short notice.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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It appears that THEY are stomping on Us; don’t worry or be fearful.

Government leaders everywhere are pulling all the stops out. They are imposing mandatory vaccines and vaccine passports. They are busy taking all the rights away from those who will not follow their Covid Vax Tyranny.

The excuse this time is the 4th wave, called Omicron. Guess what? 79% of the people who have gotten it are fully vaxxed and 32% have also gotten their “boosters.”  This is coming from the US CDC.  So…. Getting vaxxed to protect yourSelf is Bull Shit’ it is all about CONTROL

What’s next? There will not be enough fuel for cars or heating. There will not be enough electricity for everything else, including heating. Food will begin to be in short supply.

This is all part of THEIR Reset; THEY are going to seize control. The ELITE will be in charge; we will all live like they do in China.’

That is according to their plan.

What else? They are going to make us into Serfs again. How? Take our cars away; they are already talking about eliminating millions of cars to “SAVE” the environment. It is all about CONTROL.

Remember, the Darkside of the Force is all about Fear, Force, and Control.

THEY are going forward on their plans at full speed; this is THEIR opportunity and THEY do not care if we see who they are. Every day, it becomes easier and easier to see who wants to enslave us and how.

We are in the last days of the transition from Darkness to Light. It has taken 9 years (since December 22, 2012). On December 22, this year, all of the residual power that was stored up over the past several 1000s  years will be zeroed, deleted, or wiped out.

What does that mean? The Darkside will be reduced to just 20% of the power in our world. More importantly, the opposition to the Darkside will be empowered to 80%; yes, that actually happens next week. That will mean that the Universe no longer supports THEIR plan(s).

We are already seeing massive opposition to THEIR plan(s). In the US, the mandatory jabs have been stopped cold by judges of the Light and like-minded Governors (Florida, Texas, and others). How are THEY going to seize control without the US?

One other way they may try is WAR. This has already been busted; the US Military is still “jointly” controlled by Patriots.  The Israeli and US have been working together against the Russian air defenses in Syria. The Israelis demonstrated that they could defeat the Russian S-399 and S-400 surface-to-air missile systems. What did the Russians do? They shut off their air defenses; did not want to lose face before the world.  That forced the Iranians to come in with their own air defenses.

What else? Earlier this week, a US Air Force F-35 flew into Russian Air Space undetected. It was carrying missiles and bombs and could have taken out its air defense systems (S-300 &S-400).  When it was exiting, it turned on its identification and the Russians knew they had been had. Holy Shit!!!

The Russians will not fight without an Anti-Access/Area Denial system; their S-300, S-400, and, now, S-500 systems. Big problem; can the F-35 defeat their S-500 as well? The other problem, they do not have enough of the new S-500s. Can they invade Ukraine if their air defense systems can be defeated? If the A-10s (Warthogs or Hawgs) can fly overhead, their tanks, artillery, and supplies will be toast. Putin can go ahead, but it will be a disaster; he is too smart for that. The Russian air defenses were defeated in Armenia by Turkish drones, but they were not the top-of-the-line S-400s.

What would happen to Crimea? How about Kaliningrad? And the Donbas?

What about the Chinese? They are already saying that the Russian S-300 and S-400 are worthless; the Israelis bomb Syria at will. So…, the Chinese have copied the Russian air defense systems; can they stop United States F-22 and F-35s from destroying their air defense systems and ships? Once the air defense is gone, all the islands and missiles and ships, and tanks will be gone as well. Can they invade Taiwan? No, not successfully. Besides, China is crashing economically, electrically, and politically before our very eyes.

The only thing that would drive the Chinese CCP to try would be to seize the Taiwan chip industry, but the PLA knows it would fail.

The forces of the Darkside are all working together. Russia, China, and the Deep State (US, UK, and EU) have all worked together throughout the Plandemic; THEY have used Covid and the vaccines to get us used to being controlled or enslaved. THEY are responsible for the death of millions and do not care at all. There will be Nurenburg Trials 2.0 and many of them will or should Hang!

Love, Light and Laughter,



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Everything is a Balance!

Hi. Today I will write about how things work in our world.

We create everything around us. What we see and touch and eat/drink, our furniture, our homes, our cars, our computers, our jobs, etc. We also create the people around us. Yes, it is like the Matrix, but we create it for ourSelves. That is a mouthful, but that is the starting point for the rest of the discussion.

Take your vision or eyesight. How does that work?? When we look at something, anything, whether it is our monitor, out the windoes, at ourselvf in the mirror or anything else, we send out our vision of ourself and receive the vision of whatever we are looking at. So…this is a form of two-way communications; we provide our half and the other side (whatever we are looking at) provides its half.

What a second, how does a dinner plate know how to send its half? Easy, it is a form of energy that we have created. We gave it capabilities to communicate with us in this and many other ways. So, it does not have to be alive? Everything that we create has awareness (or life) that it borrows from us. Yes, even rocks, trees, water and sky. Yes, weather too.

Here’s what I am trying to tell you; everything around us a send-receive whether it be vision, sound, touch, balance, speaking/listening. heavy/light, big/small. Wow, that makes everything a lot less complex, but the simplicity hides in our complexities.

For example, say your vision keeps getting worse and worse. What do we do? We got to an Eye Doctor  and get a more powerful set of glasses or contacts.  Sometimes that works for years, but we end up getting another set down the line. Here’s a totally different take on what we can/should do. What if you can find out, via internal questioning (the nods/shakes), whether we are sending at 50% and receiving at 50%. OMG, I am sending at 52% and receiving at 48%. That is what we call far-sightedness. Maybe you are sending at 45%; that is near-sightedness. Obviously, it is a bit more complicated that that as we have other issues with out eyes like glaucoma and catarachts and, even blindness.

Want to be invisible? Stop sending your half. Yes, you can control that with a bit  of effort. Thhis would also apply to the sound of your breathing and your heat signature; they are both signals that you send out. Think about RADAR, it is sent out and only gets a return signal when it bounces back.  We are like that, but more efficient.

Same applies to hearing loss; we tend to think (or have been told) that it is permanent.  If we are sending too powerfully, maybe we are drowning out/blocking the incoming signal.

Using the internal questioning, we can find out whether we are in balance for many things in our lives. If we are out of balance, we can tell/command our bodies to get back into balance. It may take a few hours, days or weeks, but our bodies will return to balance.

THINK ABOUT IT! This applies to vision, hearing, diseases like diabetes or cancer, blood pressure, weight loss (balancing), joint pain, etc       I am not suggesting that this is a way to cure these issues, but it is a tool that you should consider using.

As you get better at this, think of the fun you can have changing the clothing or shoes or hair style/color. Change your eye color or your height/weight. If you control what is being sent, then you can do all of these and more.

This is something that is free and only you know how you are using it or not.

ANYTHING in our lives that is out of balance can be addressed using this tool. If the tool is blocked or limited, then you must use your unblocking/delimiting tool; we have many more tools than we can imagine.

We tend to think our OurSelves as powerless beings. Once you know how something works, it is much easier to use.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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December will be a Bad Month for THEM!

We don’t know who THEY are, but we know they exist. Now, they are trying to get us to go along with another massive Lock Down. THEY are using their old play book that THEY have used for 1000s of years; fear and safety. Give everything up to stay safe.

It has worked quite well over the past two years; they have lied and lied to us about Covid and vaccines. It turns out that people who have been fully vaxxed (two plus boosters) are still going to be quarenteened. What does that tell you?

I am of the belief that the vaccinations are bioweapons to kill millions of us; read about the Georgia Guide Stones. The Elites actually believe that our planet can only support 500 million of us; that is why THEY are trying so hard to killl so many of us. It really does not matter how old (or young) you are or what country you are from; to THEM, we are Useless Eaters.

Look at how many will die this winter from not having enough heat. It seems that our politicians are idiots/stupid; they shut down all of our coal fired electrical generation plants, and then, oddly (doesn’t make any carbon sense), they shut down all/many of the nuclear power plants. Meanwhile, we have all of those wind and solar farms that do not produce enough electricity. Where does that leave us? We can buy a lot of natural gas from Russia. Putin is our friend; do you believe it?

The Delta varient did not work so well. Now, they are trotting out the Omicron varient. It too, will fail. Why? We (writ large) do not believe the medical experts anymore; they have been caught out in too many lies. Trust the science. Not! Trust the Media. Not!!!

What is going on? Many more people are waking up or getting “red pilled,” if you like. About half of us have gone along and gotten our jabs. These are the sheeple and will do as they are told. The rest of us have said Hell No. That is really spooking the Elites. They have, essentially, killed off their Yes Master drones and are panicking over the large number of us who are saying no to the mandates and more lockdowns. Even the military is saying no; that does not normally happen.

If you have been a reader of this blog for any length of time, you know that we are all going through a massive energy shift. It is easy to say that we are completing a shift from Pisces to Aquarius, but what does that mean? To help you understand, think of Light and the amount of light being emitted on our world. 100 years ago, electricity was just starting to be rolled out to the masses. Prior to that only the large cities were large sources of light from gas street lanterns. If you look at the amount of light being emitted today (from the night time areas) it is astonishing. 100 years ago, most of the planet was in total darkness.

Here’s a thought. If Light is higher in vibration than Dark, we have been putting a hugh amount of higher vibrations into our world just by turning the lights on. In that same 100 years, we have seen technological change unlike anytime in our long past. The Light is driving the Darkness away; litorally.

So… what is darkness. We all know it is Fear because we can’t see whats out there. It is also Force and Control. Back to THEM, they are very Dark and have controlled us for 1000s of years using Fear, Force and Control. They think that everything is the same; nothing has changed.

Not! Everything is changing just because there is so much more Light in our world. THEY have figured this out in China; the lights (and heat) are being turned off. They are starting to realize that electricity has, and is freeing us from their clutches. All of this nonsense about Global Warming will kill millions; we are going into a Global Cooling period; it is called a Mini Ice Age. Look up the Eddy Minimum (and the Maunder Minimum as well).

That is a good visual, but, it is also true that we are, finally, entering into Aquarian energy in January 2022. Aquarius is an Age that is oriented towards (supports) more light. It will have 80% of the power; four times as much as in Pisces. Darkness will go from 80% to 20%. The ELITES do not yet realize this; their entire game plan is doomed to failure.

We were all supposed to give up all of our Freedoms in the name of being safe. It worked well in the past, but now, we can see the corners too well. We are just 30 days away from the big shift in Energy; that is why December will be a No Good, Very Bad month for THEM. THEY have lost their power and do not know it, yet. They will not understand when the trials, jail time and lynchings begin. They have killed so many calously that no torture will be too much for them.

Meanwhile, stay warm. Buy lots of candles. Wrap a blanket around your shoulders and a lighted candle will keep you warm, especially out of the wind. Think of putting up a tent inside to conserve body heat. Buy some sleeping bags/more blankets.

Lastly, Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Love, Light and Laughter,


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