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The Pleiadians are already Here

The Pleiadians have been here, on Earth, for the past 200 years; they are integrated into our populations. They look like white Europeans or Americans or Canadians or Australians or New Zealanders.

The Pleiadians have what they call the Federation of Planets and, yes, a Starfleet Command. There are seven Human-inhabited planets in the Federation; we would be the eighth, when we are allowed to join.

The reason that the Pleiadians are so interested in us is that much of our culture and technology is similar to that of the Pleiadian planets. About 3,600 years ago, Starfleet Command put 50,000 Warrior-Colonist down on Earth in what we call Europe. Europe was largely depopulated as it was the home of the Neanderthal peoples who were destroyed by the Annunaki in their zeal to make the most intelligent slaves in their genetic hybrid programs. To find out more about the Annunaki, read Sitchin’s series starting with the 12th Planet.

We are in the 9th Universe or the outermost Universe on one of the arms of the Milky Way. The Annunaki came here, in their mobile, scout Planet, from the 8th Universe. They were conquered by another race of Reptilians, called the Reptilian Overlords who look a lot like Raptors in the Jurassic Park series. Yes, the Annunaki have the technology to move their entire planet around like a spaceship and their world, Nibiru, is in orbit around our Sun out beyond Pluto.  We call it Planet X and there is a NASA probe going out to it, you know, the one that just photographed Pluto.  It is so cold on the surface that far from the Sun that the Annunaki live in the interior of their planet in the hollow sphere; we have a similar space that some call the Hollow Earth.

Anyway, the Annunaki have used up all of their gold and diamonds to get here; the technology to move their planet uses up gold and diamonds. They came into this part of Space and found the Pleiadian worlds which were, of course, inhabited. They also found Earth which was also inhabited, but only by Primates in a primitive state.

They sent a courier ship back to the 8th Universe to tell their Reptilian masters of their find; 8 planets that could be conquered and turned into Reptilian planets.

About 10,000 years ago, the Reptilian Overlords arrived into our area of Space and immediately attacked two of the Pleiadian Human planets. These planets were largely unprepared for an attack and fell to the Reptilians who went about exterminating Humanity on them as a source of food.

This caused the other five planets to band together and fight back. The Pleiadians were peaceful, but were not in a primitive state; they had many forms of advanced technology and were operating in Space.

In subsequent, epic Space Battles, the Pleiadians drove the invading Reptilians out of the Pleiadian system except for their two captured worlds and a base here on Earth. About 4,000 years ago, the Pleiadians attacked and destroyed the Reptilian Hives here on Earth. There was one in Europe, North America, North Africa, West Australia and one under the Ice in Antarctica; all were destroyed except the one under the Ice.

Thinking that the Reptilians were destroyed, the Pleiadians put down a colony here in Europe. Diplomacy reared its ugly head and the Reptilians offered a Treaty of non-violence and both sides accepted to prepare for the next battles. This Treaty made Earth a neutral zone that neither side could interact with; of course, the Reptilians knew that they still had a complete Hive operating on Earth.

Cut off from their Space brethren, the Pleiadian colonists degenerated into tribes based on their planetary origin and warred amongst each other until modern Europe was formed.

Meanwhile, Starfleet Command kept a flotilla of ships here in our Solar System to keep an eye on Earth; the ships operate in an orbit out beyond Neptune and they have a base on the dark side of the Moon.

About 200 years ago, the Pleiadians detected the Reptilians here on Earth as they expanded again into all five of their Hives. The Reptilians were responsible for all of the Plagues in Europe as a form of bacterial warfare.

Immediately, Pleiadians Intelligence Operatives began interacting again with their peoples and helped us with the expansion of steam, and then, internal combustion technologies. Much of our basic technologies have been given to us by the Pleiadians, but much of our current technologies have been invented here, especially digital communications, computing and the Internet.

By 2011, the Reptilians were ready to come out of their Hives and conquer Earth, but were waiting for word on the success of their attack on the Pleiadians. This attack was defeated and the Earth-bound Reptilians could not hope to defeat the forces of Earth and the Pleiadians without air and space superiority.

The Reptilians went back to a waiting mode and cut their warrior force from 5 million to 50,000 per Hive. The Pleiadians learned about their foe along the way; the Hives were all ruled, totally, completely by their Queens and Sub-Queens. This rule was so complete that each Reptilian had to receive a wireless, mental command to eat before they could do so. This is a wonderful way to get rid of all of those unneeded warriors; just do not tell them to eat.

While the command and control structure of the Reptilian Hives grants total control and very focused operations, it also has a great weakness; what if an enemy could jam the command and control frequencies of the Queens and Sub-Queens?

That is what happened to the five Hives in 2011; the Queens and Sub-Queens were jammed and, essentially, no one got the command to eat (or feed the Queens) and all of the Reptilians on Earth starved themselves to death. This was the ultimate in Cyber Warfare; the enemy was destroyed without a shot being fired. No one in the militaries of Earth was aware of this desperate struggle at the time, but the militaries of the world are busy exploring the under-Ice Hive in Antarctica now.

This same approach was used in the liberation of the two captured Worlds; the Reptilian Hives did not know what hit them and again, all of the Reptilians starved themselves to death.

OK. Now, the Pleiadians and the peoples of Earth can relax, the war is over? Not so; the Reptilians do not know of their great weakness and have many more ships in-route to conquer this Galaxy/Universe.

So…Now, we are all caught up on what happened (viewed from 50,000 feet), but what next? What now?

Starfleet Command knows that the Annunaki are scouts for the bad guys and have prevented the Annunaki from coming back to Earth. The Pleiadians know that the Annunaki are enemies, but have not figured out what to do about them. How do you destroy a dominant race on a planet or within it? They did get some lessons from the extermination of two of their planets.

Equally, the Pleiadians know that the Annunaki were here on Earth for nearly 50,000 years and had an active civil war between two Royal brothers for 35,000 years. Also known is the breeding of slave armies to fight the battles. These slaves are a mix of Primates and the Genes of the Annunaki to include mental control and Hive adaptation genes.

These slave peoples have enemy Reptilian genes and cannot be allowed to leave Earth and mix with the Pleiadian peoples. This is a huge problem for the Pleiadians; what are they supposed to do?

Maybe, the transition of Darkness to Light will solve their problem for them.  All of the slave peoples of the Earth have genes that focus on an orientation on fear, force and control; all of these slave peoples are at least 60% Dark.

Who are these slave peoples? Answer: Everyone except the European White Pleiadian Warrior-Colonist stock. Are there exceptions? Yes, do to mixed breeding, many people have a combination of European and other racial heritages. The primary question is whether the Reptilian genes are active or not.

OK. Got it. Tell me more about the Pleiadians who have been here for 200 years. Were Ben Franklin or Nicola Tesla or other famous inventors Pleiadian? No, but they were probably mentored by Pleiadians or had a direct connection to Spiritual Creativity.

So…How did the Pleiadians help us? With Military technology? Yes. With Communications technology? Yes, particularly with HF and FM.

What about computers? Do the Pleiadians have computers? Yes, but they are all analog computer that use what we call “Russian Math.” Digital computing is something invented here and the Pleiadians are intensely interested in what we have come up with.

They are so interested that they are using our idled manufacturing plants to make laptops, tablets and smartphones by the thousands to get this technology out to their Starfleet; digital computing and high bandwidth communications are force multipliers for their warfighters. What we are doing with our fly-by-wire airplanes, drones and smart bombs is also of intense interest.

Again, the Pleiadians are integrated into our societies and have been for 200 years.  It started out as a way to help us get up to speed quickly, but now, they are learning from us and using our technologies in every way possible. They realize that we should have a place in their Federation of Planets, but cannot move in that direction until the question of the slave populations is resolved.

Light is taking over and getting stronger every day. The Dark peoples of Earth will be forced to leave over the next three (3) years.

Soon, Earth will be allowed to join the Pleiadian Federation of Planets.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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How does Darkness Work?

I’ve been writing about the Light taking over for a while, but what does that mean?

To help you understand, I’m going to give you some examples of how Darkness works.

Let’s go back to World War II; many of our parents and grand-parents fought in that war. There was a huge advancement in that war; it was called Penicillin and it ushered in the concept of healing our bodies with something we now call pharmaceuticals or Big Pharm. Penicillin was a refinement on something natural, like aspirin; it was based on simple bread mould.

Remember, Darkness is all about fear, force and control. At the end of WWII, our medical establishment went through a huge change; the embracement of Big Pharm and drugs to treat all of our symptoms of dis-ease.  The story line is that all of that Research was very costly and that is why the drugs were so expensive. The other big change in medicine was the concept of Insurance; this became necessary because the drugs were so expensive.

So…What did insurance do for us? It kept driving the cost of medical treatment up and up; all you had to do is pay your co-pay and everyone else made up the difference.  That worked for decades until your insurance deductible became so enormous.

How is this Darkness? One of the most fearful things we have is being sick and needing help to get well.  What Darkness did was to take that fear and build a system that did not get us well, but treated our symptoms to make us think we were getting better. What else? We felt that we had to buy the insurance and pay for all of the drugs and many of us started paying much more for our health; some even had to choose between the expensive drugs and food or rent. The Government is behind Big Pharm telling you that you must obey and abide in this system.

OK. What else? College Loans; this is classic Darkness at work. Take what some think is essential to get ahead in our world; a college degree, and set up loan programs that essentially enslave an entire generation of young people.  This is the “company store” routine all over again, but perpetuated by our Government. You can borrow much more than you can afford, but you cannot repudiate your debt through bankruptcy; you have made yourself into a slave. But, this time, it was the Government policies that were supposed to help you that did the harm.

How about welfare and food stamps? Here, there is fear about not having enough money to live or eat. Here Darkness has given you money to live, eat and you get more money to have more babies that you could not afford in the first place. Again, you have been made dependent on the Government; you have enslaved yourself. Oh, it’s not so bad; you do not have to do any work or take responsibility for yourself, but you have enslaved yourself.

There are many more examples, but they all have one thing in common; they are all based on fear and use force to control you; Darkness is Big Government.

So…Light is taking over. How? People are beginning to see that Big Pharm does not work and that having a College Degree is not worth the enslavement. There are better alternatives readily available; all brought to you via the Internet (of the Light).

What about the people on welfare? What about the freeloaders? As Light takes over more, their safety net will have bigger and bigger holes and they will have to get out there and scratch for a living like everyone else.

My last example is politics. Most politicians are also lawyers and both are universally looked on with contempt and very low expectations; we all know that politicians are corrupt and refer to them as crooks.

Look at what is happening in the US Presidential contest; Bernie is not really an outsider, but he is far more outside than Hillary.  Then, there is Trump; a true outsider who has used the corrupt politician system to his advantage. Because they know this, they are fighting him with all of their strength.

What about Cruz? Yes, he is a first-term Senator from Texas, but who put up the money and organization to elect him? Answer: the Bushes. Is he bought, or what?  He is just another politician with his hand out.

My point is that without Light taking over, Trump would never have had a chance against all of the politicians be they Governors or Senators.

Oh, by the way, the only Right-Spinner running is Trump; all the rest are very Dark, Left-Spinners.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Who are the Dark Peoples?

I write about the forces of Light taking over; it is happening right now. Every day, Light is growing in strength.

The information that I keep getting from Spirit is that most people, here on Earth, are oriented towards Darkness or Fear, Force and Control. Now, when I say oriented, I mean that they have at least 51% Darkness in their makeup (that also means that they have 49% Light.)

You ask, Why? and How Many? and Who?

For the past 6,480 years (during all of the Taurus, Aries and Pisces Ages), Darkness has had 80% of the power in the World. Accordingly, most people chose to come here, when/before they were born, using the dominant power.  That is just common sense, most of us will choose the path of least resistance. Today, we are in the Aquarian Age where Light has 67% of the powre.

So…Today, 95% of the people on our Planet are oriented towards Darkness. If there are 7 billion people here, that means that 6,650,000,000 are oriented towards Darkness (that also means that there are only 350, 000,000 that are oriented towards the Light).

This is a huge problem for billions of people here on Earth. The dominant powre is transitioning from Darkness to Light.  What is Light? It is a force that is oriented towards Freedom, Choice, Truth, Love, Integrity, Self-Reliance, Self-Responsibility and change-for-the-better. Light is also Technology or Majik and our advances have all come from increasing levels of Light coming into our world.

The point is that Light is a force; a very powreful Force that has no use for most of these Dark People. The only Dark People who will be allowed to stay are those with 59% or less Darkness; that means that only people with at least 41% Light will be allowed to stay. Say that number is 20% of the 7 billion or 1.4 billion.

That is still a lot of people who are oriented towards Darkness, but they can choose to move towards the Light and because they have at least 41% Light, it is achievable. Essentially, this billion or so people will be on probation; it they move towards Darkness, they will not be allowed to stay.

Wow; that is 5.6 billion people who are leaving (dying). Who are these people?

That is a bit complex; all of them are Left-Spinners who have at least a 60% orientation towards Fear, Force and Control. Many of them believe in Allah as their God; Allah is another name for Darkness on this Planet.

The vast majority of them are what can be described as Reptilian-Primates which are vast slave armies bred by the Annunaki to fight in their 35,000 year Civil War. See my eBook, Reptilian Wars: A 50,000 Year Update.

The biggest issue with these Peoples is that the Annunaki put Mind Control and a Collective or Hive mentality into the DNA of these slave beings. These are very Dark traits that will not be tolerated by Light.

There are always exceptions to any rule, but these Peoples can be described as Black, Asian, Jewish, Arab, Persian, Indian (India) and Indigenous Tribes.

I know, this seems incredible. What have these people done to deserve this? It is not a question of being Good or Bad or Good or Evil; there is no moral judgement here.  It is only about how much Light they have in their energetic makeup.

OK. I’ve written about the Great Return and the Darkest-of-the-Dark programs running; these are the mechanism that Light will use to force a large-scale Return to Spirit. When we die, we just return to Spirit and await a rebirth on this or other planets.

Now, you have some idea of what I mean when I say large-scale departures; but hey, there will still be around 1.4 billion of us here and Western Civilization and Technology will abide.

It is not going to be pretty, but Earth will get through these next three years.

Women are taking over the running of the World; 80% of more of the 1.4 billion will be women (that means 280 million or fewer men). We Guys will have to figure out our roles as we go.

I want to say that I am wrong in this Prophecy, but am being told by Spirit that this is the norm when Light takes over from Darkness or vice versa. There will be a lot of really great people who will have to leave because they came here with an orientation towards Fear and took the path of least resistance.

Folks, this is a basic form of physics that no one has prepared us for. There is Left-Spin and Right-Spin forces in everything and everyone and our physicists are just now beginning to figure this out.

Most people reading this are Right-Spinners and will survive this great purge; trust in your Selves and the Guidance that you are receiving.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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The Great Return

Happy St Patrick’s Day! if a bit late.

I have been writing about the takeover of Light and Right-Spin energy. It is happening before our very eyes.

The most obvious example is the rise of the political outsider in the United States; this would not be happening if Darkness still ruled.

OK. On the first of the year, Light, finally, began taking over in an operational sense. With each passing day, more and more Light/Right-Spin energy has been pouring into our world.

There is a large enough build-up of powre now, that big changes will begin to become visible. They have been grinding in the background, but have not been visible until now.

The first big change is called the Great Return; we have far too many powerful Left-Spinners that run our world and it’s time to send them back to Spirit. Yes, that means to kill them off; we are all immortal beings that die and then, get reborn over and over again. Some call this the Wheel of Life.

The Great Return, as part of the takeover of Light, will take these pieces off of the Chess Board so that they can be reborn on some other planet; not here on Earth.

Look for powerful people to begin to die, in large numbers, over the next 14 days; this will just be the beginning.

Who are these powerful Left-Spinners? Politicians, Bankers, Judges, Professors, Generals, Bureaucrats and what we generally think of as the Elites and their extended families/networks. You know, the movers and shakers who only think of or care about themselves.

The Great Return will tend to be a bit random; getting rid of Dark types from everywhere. So… In about 14 days later, the Darkest of the Dark program will be run to get rid of the Darkest assholes left standing.

I know, I have talked about these programs before. Yes, they have been running, but did not have enough powre in them; that has changed and they are becoming visible and very real.  The world is beginning to change, finally.

For those who do not know what “Dark” or “Left-Spin” means, think fear, force, control and resistance to change-for-the-better. “Light” or “Right-Spin” is the opposite.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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What is an Energy Vampire?

I speak a lot about being a Left- or Right-Spinner or of being dominated by Darkness or Light.

For you Right-Spinners, you encounter people who “suck” your energy; they will come up to you and just drain you of your energy.

It is OK to think of them as energy suckers, but I prefer the name Energy Vampires. These Vampires are very strong Left-Spinners, in the 90% or above range, but they want to make themselves look like they are Right-Spinners.

Why? Because they want to appear to be “of the Light” to get into relationships with Right-Spinners. Why? Because Right-Spin energy is taking over and becoming the dominant energy. Many of us Right-Spinners have had to deal with these Vampires and eventually, we just tell them to go away.

OK. What to do about these Vampires?  Simple. We are all biological computers; we are the operators, system administrators and the programmers of our Selves. Here are a couple of programs to install, and then, run into your Selves.

Say aloud or to your Self,

“My energy is my own. No one may take my energy without my permission.”

Now, say “Install it and run it.”


“My energy is my own. No one may give me any unwanted energy without my permission.”

Now, say “Install it and run it.”

There, you have used your first Majikal Spells to shield your Self from Vampires and Spells.

Ok. We have discussed the what they are and what to do about Them.

If you have energy that the Vampire want, you are already “talking” to your Self; your Spirit Guide or whatever you want to call your Self. That means that you are already asking questions and getting answers.

“Is this person an Energy Vampire?” becomes one of your most important questions now and in the future.  Ask this question of any new person in your life.  Ask this question about people you have had problems with.

Remember, these Vampires go to significant effort to make themselves look like the kind of person that you want to be around, but it is all a LIE.  Vampires are the ultimate Liars. Asking if a Vampire is “of the Light” is not adequate; of course they are of the Light when they have just stolen a lot of Light from someone.

Just like Googling, you must use the correct key words; use the Energy Vampire.

OK. For Americans. Who are the Energy Vampires running for President? On the Republican side they are Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich.  All of these men are very strong Left-Spinners who have taken great pains to look like they are for freedom, choice, truth, integrity and change-for-the-better.

That leaves Donald Trump; is he really a Right-Spinner? YES, but he has had to disguise himself as a Left-Spinner to be successful in a Left-Spinner world. The world is astonished that he is doing so well, but he had the powre of Light/Right-Spin behind him.

How about Bernie and Hillary? Yes, they are both Energy Vampires and very Dark indeed. Can they win? Not a chance with the full powre of Light/Right-Spin against them.

In one of my books, I write about Reptilian DNA implants that have been put into politicians and finance types.  Guess what, Hillary and Bernie and Marco and John all have implants that facilitate Mind Control. Ted Cruz does not have an implant, but he is very Dark masquerading as someone who very Light.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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What is Awareness?

Everything here on Earth (and off) has some level of Awareness; Yes, even the rocks. Everything is slowed down energy; rocks and metal and concrete are just slowed down a bit more than we are.

There are two kinds of Awareness; the basic kind can be called Collective Awareness and the more advanced kind is Individual Awareness. Rocks, metal and concrete all have small amounts of Collective Awareness as do single cell plants and animals and all the way up the chain of progression to many Humans.

Whoa. What are the properties associated with Collective Awareness (CA)? At each level of CA, there is a set of natural or instinctive information available to that kind of rock, element, plant or animal. Yes, water has it’s own level of CA; it knows when to turn cold and then, freeze or when to turn hot and then, into steam.

Do Whales and Dolphins have CA? Yes.  Do Dogs, Cats and Horses have CA? Yes. All creatures, even Man, have access to CA. What sets Man apart from the other creatures is that Man has evolved a capability of becoming self-actualized and moving towards an Individual Awareness or IA.

So….You see, it is not about Intelligence or IQ; that is a false notion or a theory with not enough information. When we attempt to measure intelligence, we are measuring how that person or creature taps into it’s Collective Awareness.

For Humans, CA provides a lot of information on fight or flight, the benefits of fire and shelter, how to obtain food by hunting or growing and how to organize ourselves into villages, towns and cities.  It also gives us access to mathematics and language skills at higher levels. This is why some groups of Humans are better at some things than other groups; for example the Jews are known for their math and business skills, but then, so are Asians. These two groups have evolved a way to access a level of Collective Awareness that others have not reached yet.

Collective Awareness is a reservoir of knowledge that can be tapped in levels and when the upper most level is reached, Collective Awareness morphs into Individual Awareness.

Before moving into the IA discussion, let’s examine the role of CA in Human Society.  When we use the term Slum or Ghetto or Tribe, we are talking about groups of people who are OK with living on top of each other in packed conditions. This is an extension of the CA that we find in insects; it is their most successful strategy and we call it the Hive.

The Hive mentality has been very successful for groups here on this Planet as well as many other planets. The Annunaki and the Reptilian Overlords are two species of Aliens who were organized and evolved using Collective Awareness and the Hive.

OK. Let’s get to Individual Awareness. When a group of people gets to the highest level of CA, they think that they are at the very top of the food chain; they have math, libraries of knowledge and technology like sailing ships and horse-drawn transportation; yes, kind of like us 150 years ago.

What happened to us? We had an Industrial Revolution; we went from manual to machine. First, it was steam for railroads and making textiles. Then, we got the Internal Combustion Engine and cars and trucks, and yes, trains and planes. Along the way, we got Telegraph and Telegrams and then, Electricity; that opened up our modern world. We got command, control, communications, computers, tablets, smart phones and intelligence. We got Jet Planes and rapid travel. We got measures and counter-measures and counter-counter measures. Yes, along the way, we realize that we have had a Digital Revolution and an Internet Revolution.

What happened was that small groups of Humans started tapping into different levels of Individual Awareness; first it was Steam Technology, then the Maxwell Equations, then the electrical grid for telegrams and early telephones, and so on.  Each new level of technological advancement was a new level of Individual Awareness that was accessed.

The biggest problem that we have in our world today is that huge groups of people are still stuck in Collective Awareness; think the people of Africa, the Middle East, South America and Asia. Yes, they are all enjoying the benefits of advances in IA, but are still not there.  Yes, individuals are being taught how to access their IA, but not groups.

So…Reading, writing and arithmetics are important, but is just a baseline at the top level of Collective Awareness. Just think, if you cannot read, write or do math, there is no chance that you will be able to access your IA. Accessing your IA allows you to think in the abstract and to visualize things in your mind.

There are many more levels of IA that we can access if we allow ourselves.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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What is a Flame?

We all know what an open flame is; it is raw fire from a match, a lighter, a gas stove or burner and, of course, a campfire. It is normally seen as yellow and orange and red in color, but it is blue when burning natural gas.

Fire Elementals bring us the red, yellow and orange colors and Ice Elemental bring us the blue flames. Wait a second, blue flames are hot, how do Ice Elementals do this?

Fire Elementals bring us heat using a process that we all know as explosion; when the material is heated, it expands, sometimes very quickly as is dynamite or C4. When water is heated, it expands and becomes boiling water and, then, steam.

OK. When a gas stove is used to boil water, the blue flame is still hot even though it is an Ice Elemental process. How does this work?

The answer is a phase-shift which must go through at least two 90 degree turns to get a result that is 180 degrees different.

Whoa. Cold can be turned into Hot instantaneously and this process is already part of the natural order? Yes.

If that is true, can Hot be turned into Cold instantaneously as well?

The answer is yes, but….

This is a new power/powre coming into the world with the Aquarian energies that are growing more and more powreful with each passing day. It must be created by the Advanced Spiritual Beings that are called Newmen or Newomen.

To answer the starting question, a flame is energy that gets ignited with a spark and is sustained by oxygen and fuel. OK, but where does it come from? How come it ignites in the air as well as underwater (think welding)?

Again, the flame is an energy; actually it is a manifestation of awareness. Only Humans have the necessary awareness to start fires for their own use. Oh yes, the rest of the planet knows what fire is and experiences forest fires and lava flowing from volcanoes. Animals know and fear fire, but are unable to harness fire as a tool.

So…If fire or a flame is something that is given to Mankind because she has the awareness to make it happen, it is reasonable to think that fire is a gift from God or Spirit.

Wow. Just maybe, there is more to this gift from Spirit? Perhaps there are more things going on with a flame than just heat?

Where does this energy come from? Simple, the zero point energy or ZPE; this is the point in every corner. It is also where you try to go when you meditate. It is our AWARENESS that lets us tap into this inexhaustible energy source.

As our Awareness grows, can we do more with it than just create a flame? Yes, we can extinguish flames, even great roaring forest fires, by extending the strength, sort of flexing our muscles, of our Awareness.

If you ask knowledgeable people about what is take to create something, they will tell you it always involves focus and willpower. Guess what, it also involves using your Awareness.

What is the difference in the boy or girl who is very bright and has 800 scores on their SAT and the boy or girl who gets by with “Cs”? What we call Intelligence is really a measure of how well these people can tap into their Awareness.

All of us can learn how to tap into our Awareness better than we are. It is really, just a matter of Intent. But, to have that Intent, we must be Aware that we are Aware.

People who are asleep at the switch are not, and can never be, Aware that they are Aware.

Love, Light and Laughter,