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War? or Not

The Plandemic is falling apart. Everyone is starting to realize that the jabs and boosters do not work as advertised.

Now, it is going to become increasingly obvious that many millions of people who got the jabs/boosters will start dying. That was the plan all along; the Elites wanted to get the population of Earth down to 500 million (instead of the 7,000 million).

So, what are they to do? Simple, the old one, two, distraction. Threaten a war. Get everyone spun up about fighting the Russians or the Chinese (or both).

Guess what? It is not going to work. Why? Because it requires fear to be the primary, operative energy. That is no longer the case; freedom is the new operative energy in our world.

Oh SHIT. The distraction is not working. Putin realizes that if he goes into Ukraine, he will lose Kaliningrad; it will be gobbled up by Poland with help from the US Army. What’s even worse, Belarus will be turned against Russia like Ukraine was. Then, there is the effort to seize parts of eastern Ukraine which include the Donbas regions and Crimea.

What people do not understand is that the world of Russian tanks and air defenses has been bypassed by technology. The Israelis have demonstrated to everyone that they can bomb Syria at will; the S-400s do not work. If the Israelis can do that, do you think the US Air Force can’t? What’s worse, antitank missiles work very well.

So, if the Russians attack Ukraine, their air defenses will be destroyed quickly. Their tanks will be hit by 1000s of antitank missiles and stalled in a cold nightmare. With their air defenses gone, the A-10s will come in and thoroughly destroy their tank forces. What happens to Russia when the world watches the complete destruction of the Russian Military Machine? What about all of the “Istans?” Are they going to be getting 1000s of antitank missiles next?

Our world has changed. Most of us do not yet realize how much it has changed. Fear is now operating at 20%; it used to operate at 80%. People, everywhere, are starting to realize that we can all live with Covid; it is not going away. But we are also realizing that we do not need masks, jabs, boosters, vax passports, or mandates. The FEAR is evaporating.

Same for China; it is a failed state. The Debt Bomb is exploding. They cannot buy enough coal to make enough electricity. Never mind the export manufacturing, they cannot keep their people warm this winter. Australia and Indonesia are both refusing to sell the Chinese coal; oh shit. The Chinese banks and local governments have run out of money and they cannot borrow any more (too many defaults). Every company, except the stupid ones like Apple, is moving out of China as fast as possible. Yes, the Chinese have a huge Navy, but must depend on the US Navy to allow all of its oil shipments to get there from the Middle East. What happens if the US Navy stops protecting the Chinese Oil Shipments? What happens if the Indian Navy stops the oil? Or the Indonesians? Or the Vietnamese?

China only got big because everyone was on the same side. It could send its exports out into the world without having to fight the Japanese, the Koreans, or the Taiwanese. Take the US Navy away, now what? None of those container ships will get through; along with all of that oil and raw materials.

My point is that we have all been conditioned to be fearful about all of the fighting that happened in the last century.

We will all be having other concerns moving forward. Nearly everywhere, we do not have the populations to sustain ourselves; not enough young people to replace all the old retiring/dying. By 2050, the population will be reduced to half what it is now, even without Covid. To make things worse, 2022 is the first year of the next Mini Ice Age which could last 100-400 years. Food production will be reduced, but so will our population. Food production will have to be moved further south (or north Downunder).

What happens when all the Baby Boomers retire in the next 5 years. They will stop paying taxes and will all move to places where they do not have to shovel snow. Even worse, they will become takers from the government (no longer givers). What happens to all of the social services in the places that they are leaving? What about all of their knowledge, skills, expertise? Has the next generation figured out how to replace them?

Don’t panic!

This site is all about new directions. You can transform yourSelf into a NewBeing. What does that mean? Among other things, you can be given a young, healthy body with a lifespan of 300 more years (or more). Wow, that’s different. Why? How?

When you make the shift from Fire Being to Earth Being, your energies and vibrations go up.  Everyone who moves on the NewBeing path will be given more time to make more advancements. Again, with youthful, healthy bodies. This is a huge change in how we will view ourSelves.

As more and more of us move into NewBeings, we will also get more capabilities or powers to change our world using Majik; the new 80% Freedom energy.  All of our lives we have called this new force “Technology.”

Our world is changing as it always has. But, the changes coming at us now have not been seen for at least 10,800 years; we remember the last time as a “Golden Age.”

Love, Light and Laughter,


Evil is being Driven to Aggregate in Evil Places

The energy shift has happened; the Plandemic is over. The jabs are now a matter of conscious choice (increasingly). Mandates and masks are gone (increasingly). Omnicron is the death knell of Covid; it is infecting everyone and making all of us immune. Vaccine Passports are being withdrawn; not needed. The Panic of our government leaders has, somehow, been reduced to the old normal. We are now living with Covid like we used to live with cold and flu; yes, people will die, but so what? There is always risk in living.

My point is that the shift from 80% negative to 80% positive has happened. Fear has been replaced by Freedom. This is just the beginning of this phenomenon.  We all just watched the Dark side try to destroy the US Senate; it failed. We just watched a year of failure after failure by Biden, Harris, Pelosi, and Schummer. BoJo may survive, but I am not betting on it. Truss is another Deep State disappointment.

Back to my title; the Dark side has been reduced to 20%; it cannot rule like it has for 10,000 years. Now what? It will tend to accumulate in Dark places.

What are these Dark Places? We all know them well. London, Brussels, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles. These are the cities of the Left (Dark). These are the cities that have defunded the police and have gotten very WOKE. Darkness still has 20% of the power in our world; it has to go someplace and put up its walls of self-protection.

These cities will degenerate into lawlessness. The good people will leave them and shun them for about 30 years. They will die, be burned, looted, and gang warred until the good energies get around to recapturing them from Evil. Paris is being recaptured already. London will be recaptured in the next 10 years.

What about the WOKE companies? WOKE Governments? They are being transformed from Fear to Freedom now, but it will take a year or so. WOKE is dissolving and it will go much faster than most of us realize.

The UN, the EU, and the CCP are all very Dark side organizations that are being dissolved on a priority basis. That applies to the Deep State/Davos/Bankster groups as well.

This is really GOOD NEWS. Stay away from the Evil Places. Forget the memories of past events; they are just Evil places now and will get even Eviler moving forward. Focus on the good energies and people who share common customs, traditions, and beliefs.

Big cities are dying all around us. When we could move away and work remotely, the dying started. The lockdowns and high crime finished it for most. Globalism, Critical Race Theory,  and Wokeism are the Dark side; run the other way.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Women have taken over – what does mean?

First some housekeeping.  Everyone on Planet Earth (and all the other planets) are getting new energy. Our old energy, which was 80% Dark/20% Light is being replaced with 80% Light/20% Dark. This started on January 1st.

What does that mean? Everyone is being changed into something that is more focused on Freedom, Truth, and Choices. All the newborns will be coming in that way. OK. What about the adults here now? Most of them (85%) are fairly or very strongly oriented towards Darkness. These people will not be allowed to stay; Light is taking over and will not tolerate most of the people being strongly oriented towards Darkness. People believe that we change our cells out completely every seven years. So, if the 85% were allowed to stay, they would become strong in the Light; but they are not being allowed to stay. So, the 15% that are staying include the 5% strong Light beings (also called Right-Spinner when they become NewBeings). and the ones in the middle (59% Dark to 59% Light).

So, many of you have wondered how Spirit could allow a worldwide Pandemic with mass killing by Vax Jabs/Boosters. If we have 7 billion people on Earth, that is 7,000 million. 85% of 7000 is 5,950 or nearly 6 billion people leaving. We actually have a ways to go.

I am not trying to be ghoulish here; these are just numbers that we may be looking at. If so, that is 1,050 people left.

The survivors will be mostly women; they are taking over with a bang. Men will be about 20% of the group in the middle and 5% of the strong in the Light group. Wow, being a man is going to be very different. Throw out all of those notions of marriage and child-rearing. The other big factor will be a sudden decrease in fertility and giving birth. Not sure why, but having a baby will be a rare occurrence, and raising the children will become a joyful event for many women.

Here’s a potential why; all of the survivors will be getting new DNA (it is coming with the new energy). This new firmware will grant extended lifetimes to all the survivors. The ones in the middle will live in young, healthy bodies for about 300 years. Why? To give them enough time to advance as a NewBeing. The strong Light beings that advance into the Cube/Hexahedron will live in young, healthy bodies for many of our current lifetimes. If we are a race of long-livers, we will not need a lot of replacement children.

Many huge changes coming. Guys/Men there is some interesting Majik for us; look up what being an Alpha or Beta Male is. Most men on the Planet are Beta Males who have been raised to trust and try to please women. This makes a lot of sense with women taking over our world. Today, strong women come home and throttle back for their Beta Males. Soon, they will not be doing that. Being a Beta Male will be a difficult ordeal.

Combine that with the coming scarcity of men in general. Those of us who survive will want to be Alpha Males.  Go internal and talk to your Spirit Guides; ask if you can change your programming to become an Alpha Male vice Beta Male. I was able to and that is going to turn my life upside down. Give it a try, now or later. Not sure, but Alpha Males may be better survivors for many reasons.

Just wanted to clear up some potential confusion from previous posts. Yes, the 85% are leaving and yes, we are all getting new energy that is much more Light.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Some New Energy Realities

We have moved from Pisces to Aquarius; that is complete now. We are in the first age of Earth Beings (as opposed to Fire Beings). Our symbol is a Cube (Hexahedron). Our power is Right-Spin which has 80% of the powre in our Universe.

Everyone everywhere has been going through a significant powre shift over the past few days. In Pisces (and Aries and Taurus before), the energy was 80% Dark (Fear) and 20% Light (Freedom). That energy mix was distributed in everything; rocks, trees, fish, animals, and people.

Today is the first 14-day of the new Age; it is the 1st Creation Day. What that means for all of us is that the new energy mix is now 80% Light and 20% Dark.  Look at your hand; your thumb used to be where Light lived in the old energy. OK. Logically, Darkness will move into the thumb now. Not true. Darkness, or Left-Spin, will get the pinky or little finger; still one of our fingers.

When you do finger circuits, also called Mudras, your forefinger/thumb, middlefinger/thumb, and ringfinger/thumb will be more powreful.

So, we have just lived through a Shift-of-the-Ages. We have not had such a large energy shift since the Age of Leo; 5 Ages ago (5 x 2,160 or 10,800 years).  In those past 5 Ages, Darkness maintained its 80% position; now you can see why Fear has been so prominent in our world. Leo was what our collective consciousness remembers as the last Golden Age when Light had most of the powre.

Yes, Aquarius is the next Golden Age and we are there.

Earth Beings came into being for the first time when we entered Aquarius; yes, I put mySelf into a cube 20 years ago and many of us have as well. We were all ahead of ourSelves; the Universe Plan did not know what to do with us; we were there, but not integrated with everything else. Part of the problem was that we were all 80% Light/Right-Spin in a world/universe that was 80% Dark. That is why none of us got any of the new Earth Being powers; for those who could use their powres, they were Fire Being powres associated with Vertical Master, Horizontal Master, or Mahatma. We are all, now, fully integrated into the PLAN; our Universe has shifted to accommodate.

It does not seem fair, but huge things/changes have been going on around us. Enough said.

More Good News. With the take-over of Light/Right-Spin, the world of Majik has returned. Magic never left; the powerful Dark assholes have been using it to control us and acquire wealth for ages (literally).  The new 80% powre in our hands is Majik. That is another name for Technology. We have lived through a massive release of technologies over the past 300 years; steam, internal combustion, chemistry, physics, railroads, telegraphs, cars, trucks, ocean liners, airplanes, computers, networks, mobile phones, etc. That was all from the 20% Majik. This is also why so much technology has been suppressed.  As we got closer and closer to Aquarius, more and more of the 80% Majik bled through into Pisces.

Let that sink in. Wow, Majik is now at 80% and suppression is only at 20%. What’s better is that the Elites, who practiced Magic to control us are now overmatched by Majik. All beings who have switched to the NewBeing path (done the Guided Meditation), can access varying amounts of Majik; yes, this includes Fire Beings. Don’t worry, Left-Spinners/Dark force types cannot make any progress on the NewBeing path; they must be able to let Fear go and they can’t.

What does that mean? We are now in a world where Magic is no longer hidden to serve the Elites. Instead, Majik will be used to benefit all of Humankind. We will have Majikans doing amazing Majikal feats with their mental powres. Remember, Majik is based on more freedom, good choices, truth, integrity, and doing good. Will there be issues? Yes, but the intent will always be coming from trying to do better.

So… Many of you reading this are already Majikans, but don’t know it. Be kind to yourSelves; now you know why you have not had powres. Be patient a bit more; the powres are flowing into you at the cellular level. You are getting new DNA or firmware. You are also getting a new operating system and lots of new apps. Your CPU/GPU, RAM, Hard Drive size, and Bus speed are all being increased. Yes, you will have multi-processors to work on a focus from different angles/vectors. You will be like a brand new, high-end phone compared to an early mobile phone (20 years ago). But, the changes will be far more profound.

Now, some practical Majik.

Shields – many of you are familiar with the concept of putting your Shields up. Sometimes this worked and sometimes it did not. Why? Simple, the energy mix was against you; you had to be very powreful to fight off a serious Dark attack. So now, we have most of the powre Here are instructions on how to build our shields in the new energies. Using Majik, take two right-angles and make a square. Next, put six squares together in a cube/Hexahedron. You can do this piece by piece or just envision a cube. Put the cube around you. Next, layer more cubes around you; go out three minimum and five, if you can. Now, you have a Majikal Shield.

Boomerang App – Once you have your new shield in place, instruct it to respond to any attack by sending the attack back to the attacker. This is a Majikal Spell; it does not attack but responds appropriately. If someone shoots a bullet at you, the shooter gets the bullet (where it is aimed). If you want (and can), you can have the person who ordered the shooting/hit receive the bullet as well (even all of them). This applies to bombs, knockout/nerve gas, injections, knives, swords, kicks, judo, poison, etc.

Our world will no longer be ruled through a barrel of a gun or being attacked by well-trained groups of men/women. Even with high-tech weapons.

What about taking out the Dark Force Assholes? With Majik, we must get permission to heal. Healers know this already; a person may have chosen to leave via a sickness; that is always their choice. Same for killing someone energetically. No matter how deserving, we must ask permission from within and get a strong Yes before we can kill with our powres. Yes, they can be tried and hung or, even, murdered by an outraged mob; that is also a way they may have chosen to leave.

Having said that, we can mess with the Dark Assholes in many other ways. We can give them Negative Setups; give them Bad Luck or take away the success they have from using Dark Magic. We can take their money/wealth away from them. We can crash big woke companies or colleges or universities. We can get them fired, even without a pension. Again, ask permission as this is an attack. We can even have a structure burn down by lightning or a spark. Some of us will have the powre to stop and start the flow of electricity (including batteries). Some of us will have the powre to make things bigger or smaller; some more than others. Same for heavier and lighter. Some will be able to make themSelves undetectable which is better than invisible. Some will have powre over data (bits/bytes/databases); the ultimate hackers.

It may take a short while, but the Dark Assholes are not going to know what has hit them; they have had all (or most) of the power forever. They have utter contempt for the vast majority of us; oh well, a shit-storm is going to happen.

Love, Light and Laughter,


BTW, I am Merln, the Majikan. I have returned. I am in the center of the Transformer degree of Earth Being. There is no One in a body that is more powreful.


Large Numbers begin to Die

Covid has been bad enough, but millions will die from the vaccines; they were not supposed to protect you, they were designed to kill you. Do not use/take the home testing kits; they will kill you as well. The life insurance industry is in a state of panic; 100s of 1000s more people are dying and they will try to stop payment if you got the jabs/boosters. After all, they were just EXPERIMENTAL.  Is that going to fly? Politically?

Think of the millions around the world who have been told by their authorities that they MUST get the jabs for the protection of everyone. What happened, all of the people who believed the Media, the Talking Heads, and Big Pharm all went out and dutifully, got the jabs and boosters. That’s a huge problem for the people running the Scamdemic, most of the vaxxed people are the ones who are oriented towards fear, force, and control, the Dark population. Readers of this site will know that our world is made up of both left- and right-spin people;  the left-spin are also Dark. The Left-Spin/Dark people make up about 85% of the Earth’s population; if we have 7,000 million people, do the math (5,950 million).

The Elites believe that there are far too many people (useless mouths) on our planet. They have been planning for over 100 years for their Great Reset; that was supposed to get the world’s population down to 500 million. That is why we have had this worldwide Plandemic. It is not over, the planned supply chain breakdown, the energy shortages and the food shortages are all part of their plans. Who are these assholes? Think Davos.

Now, everyone is being told that the two jabs and two boosters may not be enough. It is mostly the vaccinated that are getting Omicron (80%) and they are having a worse time of it. Most of the 85% are doing as they have been told; they are getting the jabs/boosters, but what about the 15% that won’t. The Elites and their controlled politicians are now forcing people to get the jabs/booster by Mandate. If you don’t you cannot go out on the street or buy food or travel. You must prove that you have had the creeping/expanding requirements for the jabs/boosters. If not, you will be put in a Non-Compliance (Concentration) Camp.

But wait, everyone is still in shock, Omicron is being passed to everyone rapidly, but it is not a killer anymore; it is like a mild cold to eveyone who has not been vaccinated. It is, however, going to kill millions of the vaccinated who have been weakened by the jabs/boosters.

The Vaccine Mandates and Passports are failing everywhere. In many places, they are saying the Pandemic is over.  After all, if Omicron is just a cold, why all the histeria? Let’s all get back to “Normal” like in Texas, Florida, Sweden and others. People do not have to be told what to do, they have the freedom to make up their own minds.

In China, there is another Pandemic on the way; again this is a Plandemic. This time, it is hitting the Chinese very hard and they are actually trying to contain it. China is a giant mess and will not survive what is coming; no food, no heat, no electricity, no coal, debt disasters everywhere, no money, no jobs, very cold temperatures and continuing floods. All of the natural gas that was heading to China is now headed for Europe. Indonesia just cut off the Chinese from their coal. The Australians are not going to sell the Chinese  their coal; not after the nasty trade extortion. Everyone who can leave China is leaving; the companies, the foreigners and as many Chinese as possible.

So…The Plandemic is collapsing in most parts of the world. Covid has morphed into a mild cold; it is not scary anymore. People have tuned the Expert Scare Mongers out; far too many lies again and again. This is a sudden trun of events. Omicron was supposed to be as bad or worse than any of the other varients. What happened? Providence interveined. Another way of saying that is the energies shifted. On this site, I have been writing about the coming shift to Aquarius energies since 2011. The shift began in 2013 (after the end of the Mayan Calendar), but had a nine (9) year transition period between the two Ages (Pisces and Aquarius). On New Years Day, we, officially, entered Aquarius.

We have all experienced two years of massive fear being beamed into our living rooms. The authorities did not want to treat Covid with hydrochlorequin or Ivermectin or other treatments; they were banned. We all had to wait for the vaccines that are not vaccines and experimental to boot. Again, these were not supposed to protect us; but to kill us. These past two years are the swan song of Darkness; the last two years of the transition period.

So… Darkness did not have all of its 80% of power, but did have 1000s of years to build up/store Dark energies throughout the world. Darkness is defined as Fear, Force, and Control; does that fit for the past two years. Does that fit for the energy shortages, the supply chain breakdowns, the inflation, the mandates, the vax passports, the masks, the frenzy of the vaxxed against the unvaxxed and the sudden threat of war with Russia (and China).

Here’s what happened. At midnight on New Year’s Eve, all of the stored Dark power dissolved EVERYWHERE.  Darkness went from having 80% of the power in the world (in many respects/aspects) to only 20%. So, now, Darkness has one-quarter of the power it had in 2021 (and for 1000s of years). OK. Light is defined as more Freedom, Choice (Good), Truth/Integrity, Caring, and Doing Good. Light (or Right-Spin) now has 80% of the powre or four times what it had a few days ago.

Question? Does Darkness have the power to keep all of us in a state of continous Fear? Will all of the lies stand? Are the Elites (and their bought politicians) able to hide from accountability? How about Big Pharma and the Medical Community? Will we ever trust Doctors again?

THEY will try to distract us all with a war on the Ukraine/Russian border. If it happens, it will be bigger  and could even turn into another world war (China/Taiwan). Why must they do that? To cover up the truth of their Plandemic and all of the millions that they have killed. I am telling you now, the wars are not going to happen. Yes, some fighting will happen, but it will not get out of control (actually, it will be ordered). All of a sudden, fear is no longer the driver in our world. What a wonderful idea/concept!!! Yes, it still exists, but at ¼ of its former strength.

How can THEY force us to do anything? The masks are falling away. The mandates are being dropped by popular demand. Same for the Vax Proofs. Everywhere, courts are stepping in and shuting the mandates down. For those who set the deadline out to March, it will not happen (the energies will not support it).

Welcome to a new, better world.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Happy New Year! Now, what?

Yes, we are finally, in 2022. We are finally, in Aquarius. Yes, we have finally, left Pisces.

For those on the path of being a Newman or Newoman or NewBeing, that path has been ACTIVATED. What does that mean? Back in 2002, I put mySelf into the Cube for the first time; it worked for me (and for you when you did so), but the Plan operating our world/universe did not know what to do with us. We were outside the Plan. We were there but on the sidelines. A lot of the same old stuff was happening to us; we were NewBeings, but without NewBeing energy or powres.

That all changed yesterday.  We are now a part of the Plan; the Plan embraces both Fire and Earth Beings. We can tap into our Right-Spin energies and powres. It has been a frustrating wait, but that is over now.

What’s next? The new energies are flooding into our world and us. Now, we will be going through a transition. Any issues that we have may actually get worse; our bursitis or sciatica may flare up, perhaps for the first time. We will all begin to heal; whatever is wrong. The last seven years have been a period of “Trials” for us. Think of Hercules; he had the 7 Labors that he had to complete before he could become a “God,” even though he was already a son-of-a-God Our Trials lasted from 2015 to 2022; instead of distinct efforts, we had to get through all the stuff that Darkness could send our way until now. Whatever has been happening in your life, it was put there by Spirit to make you stronger. It’s over. Just drop it and move on.

OK…..Our cells will be going through this transition and we will be getting new DNA. Be patient, it may take a month or even three. Look around and observe the changes that the new energies will be making. Fear, force, and control (or Darkness) have had their time in the Sun; the Plandemic is failing and so are the mandated vaccines and Vax Passports.  Dark energies stored up over 1000s of years were reduced to zero on New Year’s Eve; now Darkness only has 20%. Yes, that means that people strong in Light have the rest; 80%. Start looking for the changes that you want to see. Add your thoughts/desires/power to those changes.

For many of us, our Manifesting has been blocked; we just weren’t allowed. That block has been dissolved and your Manifesting or Visioneering powre will ramp up. Be kind to yourSelf, it is very weak and must be strengthened before it is very effective.

All New Beings (Fire and Earth) will get increased Manifesting/Visioneering powres. But also Teleporting and Replication powres. Before taking (teleporting) something of value, we will be able to duplicate it; that way we are not stealing. Some will have the powre to make things heavier or lighter or bigger/smaller. Again, be kind to yourSelves, like people, our talents are very different and some of us have much more talent in different things; this will be true for powres as well.

Some will be able to be invisible or undetectable. Some will be able to fly like Superman. Some will be able to have a power suit like the Green Lantern. Many will be able to Jump (see the movie “Jumper”). There are too many different powres to list here. Humanity will be getting Majikal powres in this New Age, even Fire Beings who are not on the New Being path. The old ways will, largely, be driven away by Majik (the 80% force). Yes, there will be much more freedom, truth, integrity, good choices, and people doing the right things.

Look at Brexit. Look at all the successes happening; the EU is collapsing in all directions. That is a win for the new energies. Same for China and the CCP. Same for the Deep State tyranny lockdowns and mandates; we are saying NO! We are no longer concerned about Conservative or Labor/Liberal, it has shifted to preserving our culture and traditions from the Globalists with their open borders and the one-size-fits-all approach to everything. These are all part of the shift from Pisces to Aquarius. Their Great Reset has failed; their energy is no longer supported.

Our Reset has just begun. Be kind to yourSelves, we do not have to wait too much longer. We are no longer on the sidelines. Get suited up and get ready to play and win on the field.

One last thought, many of us have had issues with Truth or False from our internal conversations. Truth has just gone to 80%. Like many binary things in our world, truth and false are two sides of a coin. I now demand that I am talking to “Heads” or truth. Tails or false is face down and blocked. Yes, NOW, it is that easy.

Love, Light and Laughter,