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Shift of the Ages

For those of you who are paying attention, you know that I am all about Darkness and Light; I am on the Light side of the equation.  You know that we are in the middle of a transition from Darkness having 80 percent of the power to Light having 80 percent of the powre.

Good news.  Today, March 28th is the beginning of the shift; Darkness only has 60 percent today.  Tomorrow, March 29th is the tipping point where Darkness and Light have equal shares of 50 percent.  Saturday, March 30th, Light will have 60 percent.

From Sunday, March 31, 2013 on, Light will have 80 percent of the powre coming from the Sun and the Moon.  But, we are only half-way through the transition, huh?  Yes, true, but there is momentum to overcome.  It will take the next 45 days to begin destroying all of the Dark structures that have been built up over the past 10,800 years.

Where to begin?  How about the United Nations; nothing united about them?  How about the European Union?  How about the US GOVERNMENT?  As opposed to the United States of America.  How about Big Medicine?  Big Pharm?  Big Education?  Big Oil?  Our wonder-ful Law Enforcement Communities?  How about our corrupt Judges and Lawyers? They are one and the same.

Anyway, the list is too long for this forum.  But hey, the shift of the Ages will be over by Sunday and all of this butt-ugly Darkness will, finally, start to fade into oblivion. The really great news is that Light is Freedom, Truth, Love, Laughter, Respect, Responsibility, Strength, Fearlessness, Forcelessness, Controlessness, Order and every other thing you can think of that is the opposite of Fear, Force and Control (Darkness).  Light is also the enabler of change for the better; all the improvements to our lives have come from the Light; Darkness always resists change, unless it creates more fear, force and control.  Like living in the stone-age under Allah.

On a previous post, I wrote about templates changing from Dark to Light; that will happen over the next 45 days.  For example, there is a very Dark template for the UN and the EU and the US GOVT; these are three things that Darkness has invested in heavily.  These templates will be allowed to dis-solve into nothingness; they will not be renewed by Light.  Once their current energy is used up, they will collapse like a house of cards and then turn to energetic dust.

We are now, truly, in the energy of Aquarius (or will be on Sunday).  The symbol for Aquarius is a Woman at the top of a sharply pointed mountain.  This Woman is carrying a water jug and pouring it onto the pointed top of the mountain.  What does this symbolism mean?

It means that every droplet of water can find its own way down the mountain.  There is no one way down.  In this energy, we are all free to find our own way to do anything.  There are no more Piscean Schools of Thought to deal with; they are dying with the Shift.  For the many on the planet who cannot imagine this freedom, the world will become one of great chaos and they will be as rudder-less boats.

To help you understand the Shift a bit more, for the last 6,480 years (which is longer than our recorded history), we have been in the energy of Pisces, Aries and Taurus.  This equates to schooling fish, flocking sheep and herding cattle.  We have been in follow-the-leader energy and all of our institutions are male dominated, hierarchical and require us to look to authority figures or leaders for all of the answers.  Think President, Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, Law Enforcement, CPAs, Financial Planners, Professors, Congressmen, Senators, Secretaries, Generals, Bureaucrats and Bosses in general.

The energy that supported this hierarchical bull-shit will be totally gone by May 13th, 2013.  Just think, this new energy will support the emergence of suppressed technologies or totally new technologies that could not be brought into the world under the old, Dark fear and force regimes.

We will still have leaders, but they will be strongly of the Light; they will not operate from fear, force and control.  They will do the Right (Light) Thing.  These Light Leaders will be guided by Light, just as our Dark leaders were guided by Darkness.

Love, Light and Laughter,

Merln, the Majikan

We are at the Tipping Point; Time to Use Your Majik Wands

I have written about the 90-day transition from the control of Darkness to the control of Light.  This 90-day period started on February 13th and has nine (9) ten-day periods that my Spirit Guide asked me to call “Innings,” as in the American Baseball game.

On Monday, March 25th, we entered the 5th Inning.  This is the middle Inning of 9 and represents a significant shift from Darkness to Light.  Over the next few days, we will pass through a “tipping-point” similar to a see-saw and will see a dramatic shift in power to the Light.

Fortunately, unlike a see-saw, this increased powre of the Light will last for another 2,160 years before another tipping point is reached.

So… In celebration, I have a gift for all of you.  Along with the shift in power from Darkness to Light, we are shifting from Magic (Dark) to Majik (Light).  To use Majikal Powre, you must have a Majik Wand.  Unlike Harry Potter, we all carry our Majik Wands around with us all-the-time; it is our forearms with a special fist.

To create this fist, take your thumbs and put them into the center of your palms and then wraps all four fingers over/around your thumb.  This works for both hands; yes, we have two Majik Wands (most of us).

Try this out.  Make the fists with both hands.  Now relax.  You do not have to worry about when to use your wands or even how to use them.  You now have to pay attention to when you make this special fist.  It will seem unconscious or automatic, but your Spirit Guide will tell you to use your Majik by making the fist for you; you just have to pay attention to the circumstances that you are in.

Do not hesitate.  Put your wand or wands up and point them in the needed direction and release your Majik.  It is really that easy; no Hocus-Pocus or magic words necessary.

The first time you use this, it will probably be to help someone you know.  You cannot use it to help yourself directly, but you can use it to help a group that you are part of.   What the Hell are you talking about, you ask?

You can form a Triumvirate or a group of three people.  This group can be family, friends, and loved ones or special Light-workers that you know.  Only form Triumvirates with people that you know and trust.  Once the Triumvirates are formed, you can use your Majik to help everyone in the T-Group, even yourself.   If it doesn’t work our, you can dis-band the Triumvirate; after all, you are the one who created it.  Ask for guidance from your Spirit Guide or Inner Being; they can help a lot.

Will this work for everyone?  No!  It will only work for those who have at least 70 percent Light.  If you have 50-69% Light, then you must find a way to move more to the Light.  Ask you Spirit Guide to move you more to the Light; it is that easy.  But, you have to start paying attentions to what your Spirit Guide is trying to do for you to get there.

Love, Light and Laughter (LLL),

Merln, the Majikan

Your “Green Lantern” Energy Suits are Almost Here

Ever wondered why we had Super Heros in comic books and, subsequently, in movies over the entire life span of the baby boomers and younger generations.  This has been Spirit’s way of telling us that, we too, will have and use Super Powres.

I have been prompted by my Spirit Guide to watch Iron Man and Green Lantern frequently and I keep asking why?  Am I going to be getting an Energy Suit that protects me and keeps me warm/cool and breathing while I am doing super things?  I keep getting yes.

We are into the 4th Inning of Light’s Take-over from Darkness.  The 3rd Inning was largely devoted to filling up all of our cells with various kinds of energy that we can tap into or use as powres like flying and building energy constructs, like in the Green Lantern movie.  Apparently, that movie presents a good understanding of the kind of powres and energy suits we, Newmen and Newomen, will have soon.  They will be Purple, not Green, and they will have a rotating Tetrahedron (for Fire Beings) or a Hexahedron (for Earth Beings) instead of the Green Lantern on the chest.

If you haven’t seen “Green Lantern,” go get it from NetFlix or find it on-line.  It is worth trying to wrap your mind around, but without the drama of bad guys; our bad guys are the very dark Humans who will resist their loss of control.

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Do the 5th Tibetan Rite Now!

Today is the end of the 3rd Inning or 30 days into Light’s take-over from Darkness.  It is also the last day that Darkness can mess with you if you are a powerful Light Being (at least 70% Light).  It also happens to be a 14 day; so use the creating powre to enhance the power of right-spinning.  Regeneration is one of the gifts from Light as part of this take-over.  Remember, Darkness has been in charge for 10,800 years, so it has been a long-time since anyone could regenerate themselves.

For those of you who do not know what the Tibetan 5 Rites are, they are a group of exercises that the Tibetans have used for thousands of years to keep the body and mind young in function and appearance.  This too, was a gift from Light, but only for a tiny number of people who were lead to the information.  The first four exercises are designed to keep the energy flow to the spine at an optimum, but the most important exercise is the 5th; it is very simple, you spin clockwise, or to the right, in groups of 7 for no more than 21 in the morning and at night.  To do this spinning, plant your feet about 14 inches apart and raise your arms until they are perpendicular to the floor sticking straight out from your sides.  Go slowly, you will get dizzy at first; the object is not to fall down and hurt yourself.

OK, how does this stuff work?  We all know that the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West.  That means that the Earth rotates on its axis in a counter-clockwise manner.  When we are born, we all come here with a very specific number of rotations of the Earth; when that number is reached, it is time to leave, you time is up and you will die.

So you have a set number of days to live on Planet Earth; we all kind of knew this, but what does this spinning have to do with it?  OK.  You set your intention that this right-spinning has a multiplier effect; say 7-to-1.  Using that number, doing 42 right-spins a day, you are rolling back the clock 294 days for each day that you spin 42 times.  Each time that you spin clockwise, you are, energetically, rolling back at least 3 days that you have lived here so far.  In effect, you are giving yourself 3 more days to stay here.  But when you spin for at least a month, or two, you will, actually make yourself younger.

Wait a second, think this through.  I am saying that you will make yourself nearly a year younger in terms of staying here longer and being younger after just one day of spinning.  Yes, using 7 as the multiplier.  In 90-days of right-spinning, you can get younger by more than 70 years.  That is not believable; the most you can get out of one getting-younger cycle is 30 years; so do the math and stop spinning after 21 days (just 3 weeks).

How long do you have to wait until you can get another 30-year bite of the apple?  One year.  You must give your body a chance to regenerate internally as well as externally.  Using this approach, women can regenerate themselves to a body that is functionally and has the appearance of a 22-year old.  Men can get back to 27.  This means we get our sex lives back with all of those raging hormones.  It also means that women can get pregnant again; be careful what you wish for.

In addition to sex, regeneration also means being slimmer and trimmer, like when you were in your 20s.  It also means more vitality for dancing all night.  It also means better vision, hearing, smelling, tasting, lower blood pressure, stronger bones, more hair on your head (in your color) and, even, a new set of teeth.

Why am I writing about how to get younger?  Light is taking over.  People who have lots of Light are going to get automatic extensions on their pre-programmed departures, perhaps to 1,000 years or more.  These people will also be allowed to get younger and have more vitality, but why wait?  You can start right-spinning now and start getting younger sooner.

Is this right-spinning for everyone. Yes, but people with a lot of Light have a higher multiplier and do not have to spin so often.  Everyone has at least a 3-to-1 multiplier; this is worth doing for everyone.  Even at 3-to-1, you only have to spin for 8 weeks.

If you are already old and cannot stand and spin safely, you can do it in a wheelchair by yourself or with someone helping.  After a while, you will be able to stand and spin yourself.

Remember, you will get dizzy at first.  Go Slowly, until you are used to the spinning.  Be Safe.

Have fun with this,



Earth Changes; A 2013 UpDate

I know, I started writing about the coming Earth Changes back in 2011 and nothing happened.  OK, I got the timing wrong, or, more specifically, I was given the wrong timing.  Who knows why Spirit does anything?

After nothing appeared to happen, I was told by my Spirit Guide that the “what” information that I received was accurate, not the when.  So I kept expecting these Earth Changes to happen in 2012; again, a big no-show.  But again, the “what” information was still correct.

Prophets, throughout his-story, have had a tough time nailing down timing.  When I write about a coming Pole Shift and assorted Earth Changes, it is coming through as Prophesy, just like the Old Testament Prophets of yore.

What I am about to write has a timeline attached, but I am not sure whether it is the correct timeline.  Having provided these disclaimers, I will proceed.

Pole Shift:

We will ALL experience a Pole Shift in late-May 2013.  Fortunately for us, this will not be a 180-270 degree shift; just a 33 degree one.  This minor shift will create devastation in certain parts of the world and have almost no effect in others.  The new North Pole will be at a group of islands in the Bearing Straight, between Alaska and Siberia.  The shift will take moments, less than a minute.  This will cause the Arctic Ocean to surge southward suddenly causing a giant Tsunami for nearly all of the Pacific Islands, coming from the north.  This will have a devastating impact on all of the islands of Polynesia and Hawaii.  It will have a huge impact on the Aleutian Islands and the Bearing Straight; imagine all of that Arctic Ocean water and ice trying to get through the Straight at the same time, trying to enter the Northern Pacific.  Alaska and Siberia will get much colder;  the ice will form a land-bridge.  Vancouver and Seattle and Portland will get colder.  San Francisco and San Diego will get colder. Hawaii and all of those tropical Pacific Islands will be shoved northward and they will be colder will cooler winters.  The ice on Greenland will melt rapidly; Greenland will become a new land of opportunity to many.  Europe will become quite a bit warmer.  The northern Polar Ice will remain about the same, but move to both side of the Bearing Straight and will form the land bridge.  Much of the ice in Antarctica will melt; fear not, with all of the related subsidences, the ocean level will not raise to dangerous levels.

Earth Changes:

It sounds like a big yawn for most of Planet Earth; NOT!  Even though it is a minor Pole Shift; it will have a profound impact on the entire planet.  Other than Alaska and Siberia, China and Japan will experience the initial brunt with gigantic earthquakes.  Japan will break-up and sink beneath the waves; Mount Fuji will be an island until it blows itself up.  In addition to multiple gigantic earthquakes in China, the Three Gorges Dam will fail, displacing billions of tons of water into the earthquake maelstrom.  China, as a Nation State, will cease to exist and most of what we think of as China will sink beneath a shallow sea.

Oddly enough, the Earth’s response to the Pole Shift will travel westward (the Earth rotates toward the East).

When China collapses, this will trigger a collapse along the islands chains from the Philippines to Borneo to Indonesia to include Singapore. How bad this collapse will be is not clear.  I sense that Bali will survive; it is a special place.  Taiwan, Okinawa and Iwo Jima will survive.

Bangladesh will sink and be inundated by the sea,  Much of coastal India, Pakistan, Iran and Iraq will collapse into the sea.  Sri Lanka will survive.  Much of the interior of these lands to include all of central Asia will be devastated by gigantic earthquakes. The Caspian Sea will connect to the Indian Ocean.

All of the Saudi Arabian Peninsula to include the Emirates will sink beneath the sea.  This includes much of southern Iraq, Jordan, Israel, southern Lebanon and the Sinai Dessert.  Damascus will become a sea port. The coastal regions of Ethiopia and Somalia will sink into the sea.  Mecca and Medina will be covered by 300-400 feet of ocean.

Africa will be the most impacted.  All of North and West Africa to include Mali will sink into the sea; the Atlas Mountains will be the sea shore.  The Sahara Dessert ceases to exist. The tip of the Great Pyramid  of Giza will be visible, but just barely; it will be hazard to navigation.  Most of Central Africa will sink into the sea.  Africa will be transformed into three, fairly large islands; (1) the Ethiopian Highlands and the Kenyan Highlands, (2) South Africa to include Lesotho, most of Botswana and Namibia and (3) the northern half of Mozambique.  Madagascar sinks into the sea.

Europe is largely spared, but the Mediterranean Sea ceases to exist and becomes part of the Atlantic and/or Indian Oceans.

Moving westward; the Amazon River Basin becomes the Amazon Sea.  All of the islands in the western Caribbean Sea sink into the ocean.  This includes Cuba, the island of Hispaniola (Haiti and DR), Jamaica, the Cayman Islands (get your money out now) and Puerto Rico.  Culebra and Vieques will survive and become part of the US Virgin Islands.

All of Central America from southern Guatemala to southern Panama will sink into the ocean leaving several islands that are now large volcanoes.

North America will be largely spared.  The Mississippi Sea is not happening.  Southern Florida sinking into the sea is not happening.  Long Island sinking into the sea is not happening.  An earthquake in the Hudson River is not happening.  The Yellowstone Super Volcano is not happening.  The New Madrid earthquake is not recurring. There will be, however, major earthquakes along the San Andreas fault in both California and deep in Mexico.  LA will sink and be covered by 400 feet of ocean.  The Central Valley will be covered by 150 feet of ocean.  San Diego, Santa Barbara and Monterrey will all be islands and most of Northern California will be unaffected.  The wine country will survive mostly intact.  Sacramento and Silicon Valley do not survive. Many parts of Mexico and Mexico City will be demolished by a series of gigantic earthquakes; Mexico will cease to exist as a Nation State.

The above events are supposed to happen in a ripple in the space of twelve (12) hours after the Pole Shift; billions of people will be impacted, most losing their lives.  If the timing of this is correct, the world will be much changed by June.

Forgive everyone you can and make peace and love within,


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Light-Worker; You can now change your DNA

In my last post, I wrote about releasing the Over-Ride or Father Block that Darkness has used to limit Light Beings.  Over the past decade, many of you have tried to transform yourselves by transforming your DNA.  You have used breathing and sound techniques, but again, you may not have achieved your desired goals.

The difference between Darkness and Light is very stark.  Darkness is all about fear, force and control and it resists change by ideas from Light.   Light is all about freedom, choice, love, truth, respect and responsibility and facilitating change for the better.

The best way for any Light Being to change himself or herself is to make incremental changes to their DNA, once they figure out how to do so.  Darkness has always had an Over-Ride or Father Block on Light Beings changing their DNA; having more powerful Light Beings in the game was not something Darkness was going to allow when it had the power to stop it.

As in the last post, Darkness no longer has the power of Blocking changes to your DNA.  You can, now, release the Over-Ride or Father Block on changes to your DNA and many other Darkness imposed limits.  You don’t have to re-do the DNA changes that you tried to make, but you may want to, as the desired effect will be greater in scope and happen faster now.

Do not be lazy about this.  You must release the Father Block before anything can happen.  Trust me; it is there.


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Ever Tried to UnBlock Yourself and it didn’t work?

Those of you who follow this site or find it are all energy workers; you get it – we are all energetic beings trying to figure out how energy works and better yet, use it to make our lives and our loved ones better.

I have been a NewAger on this planet and many others for thousands of lives.  The difference between an “old” soul and a younger one is readily apparent to many of us, but can be hard to wrap your mind around.  Here it is; an old soul is someone who has re-membered more of what the rest of us have forgotten.  We all have ALL of the knowledge and insights that we need, but most of us have not figured out how to remember it; there are layers and layers of hidden memories that we hid from ourselves.

Like most of you, I have realized that someone or something or, even, myself, has blocked things for me in this lifetime.  Somehow, we know there is a “block” in place in our money, health, success, attracting sex, attracting love, being able to heal ourselves and many others.

We have tried many different approaches to un-Blocking those things.  Sometimes, we get a positive result, but most of the time we get no changes at all.  Why is that?  We think we are playing by the rules.  We have correctly discerned that there is a Block and, as energetic beings, we should have a mechanism to change the Properties of that Block.  We do and we have changed those blocks, perhaps many times.

What most of us do not realize is that there is an over-ride block that many of us have in place.  I know I am going to sound like a broken record and repeat myself, but the forces of Darkness and Light are real, even in the 21st Century, or perhaps, especially, in the 21st Century.

You must realize that when Darkness had 80 percent of the power in our world, it was easy for Darkness to see when a powerful Light-being was being born.  By powerful, I mean with at least 70 percent Light.  Light-beings like that, are like Light Houses on a dark night; the Light can be seen miles off.  That is how the Energy Vampires in our lives have found us; you know those being who can suck your energy out leaving you with nothing.  These being are very dark, but they take Light-energy from us and look like they are of the Light.  They move in with us and literally, try to suck the Light out of us completely.  Unfortunately, sometimes it works, but normally, we just tell them to go away.

When Darkness was in charge, it used the over-ride block frequently to limit, hinder, block many aspects of powerful Light-beings.  No matter how many times we tried to remove those blocks, we did not have the power to do so; our unBlocks were over-ridden with Blocks.  THAT HAS CHANGED!

We are now in the 3rd Inning of the phased Take-Over by Light.  One of the take-overs is that Light-beings with 70 percent or more Light can now unBlock the over-ride Block; it no longer belongs to Darkness.  Read and listen internally.  To do this, you must use the Over-Ride Block; you have tried and tried to unBlock yourself using the tool you had access to.  You have already unBlocked yourself with that tool, but it did not work.  Use the Over-Ride Block tool; you can now.

You can also use this Over-Ride Block tool to block things from happening to you.  Say you are in a situation where someone or something is going to take something of value away from you.  Use the Over-Ride Block to stop it from happening.  I know this sounds a bit Woo-Woo, but, what the hell, what have you got to lose?  Most of you did not even know there was an energetic Over-Ride Block until you read this.  This energy tool is very real and it has “fucked” with you for most of your life.

I just re-membered the Over-Ride Block yesterday and unBlocked myself and set up Over-Ride/Father-Blocks for things that are full of Darkness.  Do not take offense at this, but I re-membered the Over-Ride Blocks as Father-Blocks and the blocks we had access to as Mother-Blocks; that is a bit paternalistic and I did not think it would work well on the Blog.  I came up with a more understandable Over-Ride Block concept, but wanted to tell you how I re-membered it; many of you may have the memory come to you as a Father-Block.  That’s OK,  male is Darkness and Darkness is in charge for 5/6ths of the Zodiac; Father-Blocks are the norm.

Love, Light and Laughter,   Merln

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Purple Energy has Taken Over

Red used to be the Power Color; we all have red ties and red dresses hanging in our closets.

That has changed big time!  Purple is now the new Powre Color.  Turn on your TV and you will notice that all of the “anchors” and weather people are now wearing purple.  Nothing was said, everyone just knows that purple is the most powerful color to wear.  Light beings, its time to start wearing Purple; many of you already are.

Purple is made equally from Blue and Red; so Red, the old power color is still present, but now mixed with Blue to make Purple.  Red is still powerful; as is Blue, but not nearly as powerful as Purple.

Purple will be the powre color for the next 12, 960 years or until we enter the “photon belt” again or when we enter the Zodiac or Constellation of Leo.