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A different approach to your cavities and gum problems


Readers of this blog/site already know that I have different sources of knowledge that I share from time-to-time.

Like many of us, I have had more than my share of dental problems. At times, it seemed like I was being “singled out” by someone.

Good news. The changing energies that I write about have given me a new approach to dental issues; all of them.

OK. First, you must be able to “talk” to your Spirit Guide, Angels or Inner Being/Self. This is easier than most of you realize. Whenever something happens that you approve or disapprove of, or someone says something that you like or dislike, all of us “Nod” or “Shake” our heads. We all do this unconsciously.

Your head was just nodding up and down; that was a Yes.  The shaking back and forth is a No.

So, now you ask your Guide if you can talk or converse using Nods and Shakes. You will get a significant Nod; your Inner Being, Angels or Spirit Guide or God wants to talk to you. He/She wants to help you to be all that you can be.

Once you start talking, you can find out about many things in your life. You can ask about stuff coming your way; is it negativve? If so, you can ask if you can delete it. If not, you may be able to make it milder or delay it. If it is positive, having a “heads up” on goodness coming is always welcome. Your positive energy may have been blocked for a while; ask when it will be turned on (again).

You can use this conversation for all sorts of things; sex, money, health, investing, finding a partner, taking a job, moving to another location/city. Just about anything that you can think of. And yes, you can ask if someone new (0r old) in your life is an energy sucker/vampire. Search on vampire (at the upper right on this site)  to find out how to keep them at bay.

Alright, I opened with a new approach to fix all/many o the things wrong in your mouth. When I asked if my saliva was strong enough to do its job? I got a No. Wow, why not? It was too weak from all of the toxims in our food/world. I asked what the strength of my saliva was on a scale of 1-9; the answer was 2. I thought, wow, no wonder I am having dental problems. Just like asking about negative stuff (SetUps) coming, I asked if I could bump the strength of my saliva up? Answer, Yes. I bumped my saliva strength up to 7 (or more). After you are finished bumping your strength up (in any area of concern), say “Apply.” It is just like a computer program, if you do not hit the Apply button, the change is not made.

We all know, at some level, that we are creators and that we should be able to fix things that are wrong in our lives, but how? Start “talking” to yourSelf and ask quesstions about what is wrong. Find out if you can fix them with a simple focused conversation. Apply your changes and see if things gets better. If not, go back and ask if there is another issue that you did not address. Are you being blocked or limited in some way? If so, is there a time limit or date that you will be released. Find out if you agreed to the block or limit; if not, can you end the block/limit now or soon?

Remember, we are nearly out of the transition period from Pisces to Aquarius; that has a big part to play in how we can use our Light/Right-Spin powres. Making these changes can only be done if we have enough powre to make them. Do not give up, try and try again. We are all getting more powerful and able to make these and other changes; we will be in Aquarius energy fully on January 1st, 2022; that is not very long to wait.

If you can make the changes now, do it.

Be Happy.

Love, Light and Laughter,


What is Happening in China?


Everyone is wondering what is going on in China. We are hearing about a major real estate developer that is going bankrupt. It is not just one, but several that will fail when the real-estate bubble pops. Millions of people will be, suddenly, unemployed. Companies by the 100s of thousands will go bankrupt. There will be great unrest, but the CCP has timed it with the coming cold.

Background: The Dictator of China’s Communist Party hates the west and what it did to China in the 1800s and 1900s. Many Chinese feel the same way.

So, China had a way of attacking the west. We call it the Pandemic or Covid-19. This was a pre-planned, military attack on the western world. Trouble is, it rapidly spread to the entire world and came back at China. But, it has done great or, even, very great damage to the western world.

While we are recovering from Covid, what did China have planned for it’s next attack?  Think of the $Billions of dollars, euros and pounds invested in China. After all, China has been a miracle for investors over the past 30-40 years. Stop and think. Over the past decade, since 2008, Chinese companies have gone on a huge debt-driven expansion. This applies to the numerous state-owned companies, their banking (and shadow banking) system and, their giant real-estate bubble.

Everyone is in a state of shock. It seems that the CCP is not going to bail-out Evergrand. Why not? Simple, Xi Jinping wants to be the next Mao or the next Emperor. He will not bail-out any of the real-estate developers as they go under in the coming days. That will collapse the Chinese economy. The State owned companies all have too much debt; they too will be allowed to fail.

What about the millions of Chinese people? The entire Chinese middle- and upper middle-class will be wiped out with the collapse of these companies. They will not be able to oppose Xi.

What about the west? When the Chinese economy collapses, it will impact the rest of the planet. The Multi National Corporations are all heavily exposed in China; many of them will go belly-up. Many of the $Billionaires will become bankrupt. The European Union and the European Central Bank are also heavily exposed; they may not survive.  Same for the German banks and the Vatican banks.

In the United States, Wells Fargo and Bank of America are heavily exposed and may not survive. Chase will be hit hard, but will be bailed out, if necessary. Morgan Stanley will fail as well.

Xi will hammer the west one more time before closing China off from the world. This will be pretty much like it was when it was opened 40 years ago.

Meanwhile, Xi has built up a huge military to include a semi-effective Navy. He needs this to seize the fishing and oil/natural gas resources of the South China Sea. That is not going well for him; he pushed too hard and too soon. Most of the warships have been built with sub-standard steel that is not thick enough. Corruption has always been the Chinese way. We are seeing bridges and roads collapse,  dams collapse, ships breaking in half or rolling over.

China has massive flooding for the second year in a row; not enough food is being grown. The CCP has lost the mandate from heaven. China will have mass starvation this winter. It’s gold reserves are phony or counterfeit (tungsten dipped in gold). It cannot buy enough food to feed its people. It is, even now, selling off its oil reserves. Why? It is totally dependent on imported oil.

To the Chinese Communist Party, China has far too many old people. What the floods do not take care of, the famine will. The CCP is very evil.

This is the last hurrah for Darkness as it fades into the night.

Yes, the 3Gorges Dam will be breaking sometime soon. That will be the end for China.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Why do “They” Keep Lying to Me?

Many of us strong in the Light know about the constant lies from our “Spiritual” voices within. It doesn’t matter whether it is the still, small voice within or we use muscle testing; we get lied to a lot. Over time, we can get truths about the “what”, but the “when” is mostly, all lies.

What to do about this? Give up and stop “talking?” That is very difficult and, for me, not possible. Over time, I got the feeling it was a group, the same group, who was lying to me. Occasionally, I would get a “voice” that felt different and I could get some Truth (5 letter word or 5lw).

That would give me some hope and I would (5lw) continue. But, from time-to-time, I would (5lw) get mad and try to di-solve (5lw) them, or tell them to leave (5lw) my service or fight/might them or tell them they were fired (5lw). When I used the 5LWs, I knew I was making them uncomfortable as I was a Creator using power/powre ful words.

Recently, it dawned on me to ask if it was their job to lie to me? What a concept; this group has been in place to lie and provide negative SetUps to me for my entire life (or at least large parts of it). I thought, “what have I done to de-serve this?” and the answer was I am very strong in the Light. So, they were my enemy (5lw), they block-ed me, they limit-ed me, they stomp-ed on me, they broke me, they were black (not white or light). I had to come up with some way to LEAVE their not so tender care.

So, I asked if there was a diferent group that provided Positive SetUps? Yes, was the answer. Could I switch from the Dark or Black (5lw) or Negative Group (5lw) to the Positive Group directly? No, had to go through Neutral or Zerod (5lw) first. Like shift (5lw) ing a car from reverse to forward, we must go through neutral.

It turns out that I had to spend (5lw) at least (5lw) 24-hours in Neutral before Shift ing to Positive. In Neutral, I got a lot of Truth and some obvious Truth Nots. I asked about some of the things that bothered me and found (5lw) out that most of them were programs that could only run in the Negative SetUp side/group. Wow, I found several improvements tthat could run in Neutral and starting “shift-ing” them towards positive. Another thing I did; I had moved (5lw) or shift-ed to neutral and then moved to positive.

It is important to think of these 5 Letter Words as Action commands/events of powre. A lot of words like service (serve) or dissolve  (solve) are powre/action words disguised with an addon. Make is a short version of maker and take is a short version of taker/taken.

I hope this resonates with many of you. So many of us lose heart (5lw) or faith  or  trust when all we get is lies and more lies. So, yes, Dark or Evil is Black and is the father of lies; yes, He is our enemy. He has taken on the task to mess with us in as many ways and for however long as possible. Now, you know. And yes, it is very personal. We have all been singled out and Rules have been broke-n to keep us locked up in the Negative SetUp side.

It’s OK to be mad. Use that anger (5lw), but the cold side. Leave the Dark side. Shift to the White/Light side. Don’t stay in Neutral, even though it is a much better place. Before Darkness can drag you back, you must first be in neutral; this can happen far in the future, but a price (5lw) must be paid for keeping you in the Dark side for so long.

Again, why now? What enables us to make this SHIFT and leave the Dark store-house? The answer is the Shift of tyhe Ages that we are all going through. Darkness is, finally, losing its grip on us. Make the shift, leave the lies. Renew (5lw) your heart, faith and trust and move(d) fward (forward).

And, if you have stopped talking to Spirit, START Again (but use the Powre words and your strong Intent). Just as we have evil assholes down here, they are also up there. Just imagine, Heaven has bureaucrats as well. We are just doing our jobs!!!

Maddening, but part of the Intelligent Design we call the Universe.

Love, Light and Laughter,


I am Small and Powerless; what to do about it!

Believe it or not, many of us come into this world with a program already installed that we are “small” or inconsequential and that we are “powerless.”

Wow. That explains a lot. Doesn’t it?

So. How does one change that particular program. Not sure about the timing, but I was able to change my version of it today. Instead of “I am small and powerless,” I changed it to “I am now, have been or will be ALL that I can be.” I said it five (5) times.

I wasn’t finished yet. I got prompted to add, “I am POWRE and Apply.”

Not sure whether this is an issue for you, but if it is, this a quick, easy and possibly, essential fix.

This is probably related to light taking over. After the fact, I am getting that Light had to wait until it got it’s complete allocation of powre. That means that Light had to wait until September 1st before it could use any of its powre against Darkness.

In 2021, Darkness got its 20% by the end of February. On March 1st, Darkness could use 50% of that (10%) against Light. Light had to wait until September 1st to use 50% of the 80% allocated (40%). This 50% restricted use only applies to 2021; the last year of transition. In 2022 and beyond, Darkness and Light will both have their full power/powre allotments (20% and 80%).

So Darkness has appeared to be winning, but that should change swiftly between now and the end of the year. In 2022, the shift in energies will be much more obvious.

Whatever! If we had to wait until now to change that debiltating little program, OK, change it and move on. Getting angry is a waste of time; no woulda, shoulda or couldas please.

Hopefully, the Universe will open up for you and many Positive SetUps will be coming.

Love, Light and Laughter,


More on Powre words to be careful of

I have written about powre words like money and house and lover. Today, I will write about (powre word) words to be careful of.

I am going to hit you where your stomach is. Honey is a wonderful substance; it is a food and a way of healing. Honey is OK; it cuts both ways. What about wheat or pasta or bread?  What about sugar/sucre?

All of these are very powerful dark foods that have found their way into most of us. Bread is the “staff” of life. Pasta is one of our favorite meals. Same for Pizza. Sugar is the worst. Maybe, sryup (as in High Fructose Corn Sryup) is the worst. But wheat, any kind of wheat is right up there with sugar and sryup. Why? Because it turns directly into glucose in about 20 minutes.

I am not a doctor; this information is coming from a Spiritual source. Sugar, HFC sryup, wheat (flour, bread, pasta, pizza, gravy (made with flour) are all highly toxic to the Human body. What happens? They all become glucose quickly. What does the body do when glucose is present? It makes insulin to allow the glucose to be processed (as a food) by our cells.

So, Insulin is a way of treating a poison from our food. What is diabetes? It is one form or another of insulin resistance and, most likely, a fatty liver (two power words).

OK. I am coming down hard on sugar and wheat. They are both very powerful foods that we grow everywhere and goes into many, many of our foods. Add corn  to the list.

It looks as if I am singling out starches; no, rice and potatoes are on the good list. Or relatively good list; they turn into glucose as well, but a glucose that has positive or right-spin energies. Whereas, wheat, corn and sugar are all very strong in dark or left-spin energies; they are acutally poisons to our bodies.

We have all heard (another 5 letter word) about sugar not being good for our teeth (5LW) and gumbs (5LW). Yes, this is by design.  We put sugar in everything. It is in our pastries, our bread, our pizza, our breadfast cereals, our yoghurts, our sodas, our fruit juices. Do you know that a glass of orange juice (5LW) has 28 grams of fructose which is more than the sugar in a can of Coke. Same for that Yoplait.

Sugar, all kinds of sugar, is the enemy (5LW). How about Berry (5LW) ? Yes, good energy; eat as many berries as you like; they are like rice and potatoes in being a good form of sweet (5LW) -ness.

The Roman elites (5LW) actually wrote about using wheat to control the masses. Perhaps, our elites today are still using it to control many of us.

Good news, there are good energy sugar substitutes out there; stevia, monk fruit and others. The body does not produce insulin to fight them; they are not poisonous.

My point today is to bring your attention to the power of these 5LWs in our lives. They are everywhere and impact us all in many ways, especially in what we eat. Steak (5LW) is a good form of energy and so is vegan (5LW).

Having said the above (5LW), when I can get a great (5LW) croissant (50% butter/flour), I enjoyy the hell out of it. Here is another piece (5LW) of the puzzle; traditionally bread was eaten (5LW) with butter. Again, according to my source, when we eat flour with fat, the body can process it as fat; not glucose. That is why we put butter on our pancakes (and the sryup) BTW, Maple (5LW) sryup is a good energy choice.  Eggs (Omlet 5LW) are another great energy choice. Below is another 5LW.

So, just as we can be oriented towards darkness or light, we can be oriented towards sugar/wheat or dairy cream (5LWs), omlets or steak. Our world is full of darkness and light, but darkness has been in charge for so long. Most of us do not realize that many of the ways that we have inherited from our forefathers are on the dark side of the force (5LW). Many are also of the Light side as well. We must pay more attention to these (5LW) words (5LW) of power/powre (5LW); they have a much greater impact on us than we know.

What did darkness do to us? It convinced us that fat was bad. What did that do? It pushed us all towards a high carb, low fat diet for the past 50 years. What is a carb? Sugar and wheat; just poison.  That is the basis for the worldwide explosion in diabetes; all those carbs got turned into out-of-control blood (5LW) sugar (5LW). Think using almond flour instead of wheat. Think about Keto as an approach. Think is a 5LW.

Be more aware (another 5LW). There is Majik or Magic all around us; most of us are a sleep (another 5LW). Don’t make a sound or he may awake. See, I’m having fun with this.

Love, Light and Laughter,



More about Magic and Majik

For readers of this blog, we know there are two kinds of Magic/Majik. Magic is the dark (or Left-Spin) and Majik is the light (or Right-Spin) version.

I come from a long line of engineers on my father’s side and am a user of Majik. On my mother’s side, there is a long line of witchy women. So, I am both a Wizard and a Witch.  What I am saying is there is a distinction between kinds of Magic/Majik.

We all know brilliant people who have 800 Sat scores in math and english and higher in achievement tests. These people gravitate to our best universities. Keeping in mind that Darkness has ruled for so long, most of these people are strong in Dark Magic, but  of the kind that we call technology or science. That applies, to all kinds of engineers; there are engineers of  Magic (Dark) and also Majik (Light).

I can’t say that all of the engineers in my family have been  of the Light (Majik), but this kind of Magic/Majik has been passed down.  My mother’s (and grandmother’s) kind of majik was strong, but not oriented towards science or technology; maybe more towards understanding people and why they do things. Even though I did not notice it, also towards blessings, curses, and spells. Just think, birth, house and cloth and clean and clear (up) are all powre words that have been, traditionally, in the feminine domain. This may change or not.

My point is that technology (and science) can be of the Light, but also of the Darkness. Think of all the advancements in technology that have come from fighting wars, but were incebibly useful after the war. Today, we hear “Trust the Science” and many of us know there is a very dark agenda behind that.

So, now I know that I am both a Wizard (technology) and a Witch of the Light.

I am fortunate with having forebearers with both of these talents/powers. Many of you will have one or the other. Perhaps, you can flip the switch on for both when we all get our powres (think Aquarian energies in 2022).

Won”t it be great to make changes internally by going within and sliding a property from no/off to yes/on (or the reverse).

Here’s a thought. What if we have two feeds of energy coming at us (all the time)? What if we have a source of Positive and Negative energies that can be separately controlled?

Wow, you mean that we can have the negative flow on high and the positive flow on low? Or the reverse? Yes. Some of us will have a middle of the road flow for both. But, if you’ve ever wondered why so much negativity has been coming at you? This may be an answer.

Closing down the negative flow to 5% and increasing the positive flow to 100% would be a wonderful thing. What I did was to close down the negative flow to 2%  and increase the positive flow to 100%. I then took 2% from the positive side and plugged up the negative. You can do this, but not all by yourSelf. Use the head nod and shake to talk to your Spirit Guide. Ask whether you (together) can do this? When you get a Yes, say “Do it” and then, “Apply.” I am not sure how long I can plug up the negative, but it was a way to “get even” a bit.

This is a form of energy work and we tend to think that changes are like turning on a light switch; instant gratification. Not. Just imagine that your positive energy flows have been reduced to nearly zero for decades (or even your entire life). For me, there were certain ways that I could make money; only those ways. There have been many other blocks/limitations. The arrival of positive SetUps may take up to a month. It could be sooner, but it is like a supertanker turning around and going 180° back to where it came from. That turn around can take 25 miles to complete. However long it takes, it is worth doing. Wait a few days, ask if the positive flow of energy has begun. Ask when you will be receiving the positive energy (Positive SetUps). Do not be upset if it takes a while. Be patient, this is a good change that will be with you for a long time.

To recap, there are Sorcerers/Soceresses in both Witchy and Technology/Science Magic/Majik. The Dark has been in charge for 1000s of years. Much of our technologies are there to control us (Darkness); that is about to change. As early as next month, September, Majik will begin to take charge.

We may all see many dramatic changes between now and New Years.

As always, have fun with you Majik.

Love, Light and Laughter,


What is a Witch or Wizard?

I have written about Fire and Earth Beings and the degrees of power/powre associated with each; these are the new pathways back to the “One.” They replace the old paradigm of being an Ascended Master (vibrating yourSelf upwards into higher vibration levels). Essentially, advancing yourSelf along the New Being path is attaining  more awareness. As you become more aware, you are more useful to the forces of Spirit; you can do more complex work. You are more valuable and will be retained longer; given a longer life.

I have also written, extensively, about Darknees and Light. Historically, Darkness has had 80% of the power in our world, but that has changed to 20% now. To help you understand what these two terms mean; Darkness (Dark=Male=Left) and Light (Light=Female=Right). No, this is not accidental, and, yes, it is really that simple.

So, what about Witches? We know about them. Historically, we know they were natural healers, but they were also able to use Majik; the 20% available to Light. We are taught that Witches were, somehow, evil beings who deserved to be hanged or burnt at the stake. Remember, Darkness has been in control for 1000s of years and it (the winner) controled “his-story’.

Joan of Arc was a witch and was burnt at the stake; she helped the French drive the English out of France. She spoke to voices and was on the wrong side. What about the local healer who lived out in the woods and made potions (Majik)? The first surgeons were barbers, Men. Darkness wanted to wrest control of our health away from the witches; call them all evil, hang them or burn them at the stake. Move in and take over as Doctors and a few 100 years later we have Big Pharm doing evil on a worldwide, grand scale. Darkness very successfully took over from the Witches and their Majik.

Whoa. If Darkness has 80% of the power, did they have women and men with Magical powers? Yes, but they were called Sorcerors or Warlocks for men and Sorceresses for women. And yes, they used Magic; the Dark side of the force.

We have all been told that Magic does not exist and yet we have very Dark asshole $Billionaires telling us what we can say or think or do (lockdowns/vaccinations). How does one become a $Billionaire without Magic (or in a few cases, Majik)???

We all know the names of Sorcerers and Soceresses; Rothschild, Rockefeller, Soros, Gates, Zuckerburg, Bezos, Dorsey, Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, May , Van der Lydin, Merkle are just some of the more well-known. These people did not come from great families and all rocketed up from almost nothing. They all have great power and wealth. How? What made them special? Magic.

There are about 100 $Billionaires on Earth; all of them, except 3, are Sorcerers/Sorceresses. The 3 excepted ones are Wizards that acquired great wealth using Majik. These are the forerunners for many more.

So, what happen to the Sorcerers and Sorceresses when their power is cut down? They have gone from being used to wielding 80% to now/soon, only 20%. Wow, everything is going to start collapsing for them. They will not be able to maintain their wealth (all kinds).

Ever wonder how anyone can acquire a million or a billion dollars/euros/pounds; this is not possible for most of us. What’s even more difficult is holding on to that large amount of money. Here is where Magic/Majik comes into play. There is a concept of an energy container that can be created to store wealth; the more wealth to be stored, the larger the container must be. Wow, some of these Sorcerers must have gigantic containers!

Yes, but the other side of the coin is retaining that wealth once you have acquired it. The old saying is wealth to poverty in three generations. So, to acquire the wealth takes Magical power, but to retain it takes even more. Think of these wealth containers, which are energy or energetic constructs, as giant  bladders. What happens if a hole (or several) are put in the bladder. What if the bottom of the bladder becomes a sieve?

This is what happens to most of us. We get money and, somehow, we have to spend it. It gets difficult to save and things keep coming up that we have to spend it on. Now, do you understand why “they” keep telling us there is no such thing as Magic?

In the past, people would wake up one day and discover that they had “Magical” powers; frequently this ran in families; a mother or grandmother had powers. In the same family, the powers could be based on Magic and/or Majik (Sorceress or Witch). Some sisters use very different powers/powres and approach the world differently.

This will continue into the future, but the Witchs/Wizards will have 80% of the powre. Witches are of the Light; they want more freedom, choices, truth, love, respect and pursuit of happiness. Witches do not use compel or force or control; they use order.

Frequently, when a person realizes that he/she has Magic (Dark), they would gravitate to the study of becoming an Adept to get even more power. So, frequently, Sorcerers (and Sorceresses) are 3rd or 4th stage Adepts as well as being strong in Magic. Adept is the first degree of attainment in the Fire Being. For 1000s of years, learing how to become an Adept was something people went to “Mystery Schools” for; again this was primarily for people strong in Dark Magic.

Back in 2012, when we started moving into Aquarius, all of the Mystery Schools got shut down; they were no longer needed and not supported by the new energies. Wow, so there are new Sorceresses that don’t have that additional training? Yes, think Megan Markle; she is quite powerful, but keeps making everything worse and worse. Fortunately, she does not realize it, yet, her powers are waining. At some point, the Sorceresses will be rounded up and hung/burnt (what a thought); they will not have the magic to protect themselves. Just like the Majikal Witches of yore.

Ok. If you are a Wizard or Witch, where can you go for additional training and advancement? Is there a new Mystery School for practisioners of Majik? Yes, you have found it already.  On this site, you can advance quickly through the Adept degree and Vertical Master, Horizontal Master and Mahatma as a Fire Being. You can also advance into the Earth Being degrees.

As to how to use Majik more effectively; start thinking of five-letter words as words of powre. Here’s some examples: spell, maker, giver/given, taker/taken, think,  (no)thing, powre, power, state, scale, judge, (en)force, farce, knife, arrow, rifle, shoot, earth, water, steam, creek, river, float, point, ocean, cargo, trade, storm, audio, heard, sight,  light, space, place (wherever), house, woman/women, girl(s), money, ample, spend/spent, mine(s), miner, stock, bond(s), land(s), farm(s), plane, plain, horse, heart, blood/bleed, brain, lung(s), torso, thigh, colon, mouth, tooth/teeth, elbow, ankle, joint, angle, right, treat, digit(al), curse, bless, Setup (Good and Bad). Don’t forget apply as in exercuting the spell after you are finished.

The operative words above are bless, curse and apply. When using these spells, you are telling the Universe/God that you want to bless or curse someone or something. The Universe will apply your powre and decide how best to achieve what you want. You are, essentially, turning it over to the Universe/Plan to figure out; there is no control or force or compulsion involved. There is also no Karma blowback.

There are many more powre words. It does not matter what language they are in; if they are five letters, they are powre words.

Just think, you can “shoot” a spell that puts a “sieve” into someone’s money container. Oh my, hit them where it hurts. That would be a curse. Alternatively, you can shoot a container to those who need it. That would be a blessing, perhaps. Always be careful what you wish for.

You can just bless or curse someone or something. Again, you are turning that over to the Universe for action. Try to use your Majik for goodness (even if it is cleaning up a mess).

There are no hard set rules; everyone is different. Some will be able to operate as a computer with programs while others will feel the need for ceremony and candles and herbs. The five-letter words are the power words; 5 is really 14, the Creator Number.

Not sure about wands and staffs or crystal balls. They can be used to store or focus energies, but that means they can be mis-used from time to time; they can be dropped, left behind or taken away. Be careful and always ‘shield” them against mis-use; cast a spell for your exclusive use. This is like sealing the cube after you put it around the six-pointed thingy.

One last thought, we Wizards and Witches are not supposed to attack anyone (without permission). However, if we are attacked, we may counter-attack with as much force as we want/have. I have a wonderful “Boomerang” spell that I use; whatever they are trying to do to me, happens to them. The shooter (or whatever) gets shot with his own bullet/knife/arrow.

Always remember, if you can put a Spell on someone, they can put a Spell on you. Say the following: “My energy is my own. No one may give me any Unwanted energy without my permission.” Then, “Install it and Run it.” That will trigger alarms that will allow you to increase the powre to your shields (or get help if needed.).

Dark beings will always try to steal your Majikal energies; I call them Energy Vampires. They will take your energy, if you let them, and convert to Dark Magic for their agendas.  Like above, say “My energy is my own. No one may take my energy without my permission.” Then, “Install it and Run it.”

I am a powreful Wizard and an Earth Being of the Transformer degree. It is going to be fun to help in the transformation of our world.

Love, Light and Laughter,



None of this is an Accident


All of the stuff thaat is going on around the world is part of the Plan. Yes, we are all having a Global Pandemic with our governments  trying to control us using tyrany (in many cases). The lockdowns have destroyed the economies of many conuntries, especially the exporting nations.

So…. Why is this happening? Not sure, but everything is tied together. We have all been reading and hearing about Global Warming for the last 20 years; the sky is falling (NOT). We are heading into a period of Global Cooling or a Mini Ice Age. Search 1709  in YouTube; that was a year of incredible cold in Europe (and around the world). It can, and probably will, happen to us.

We tend to think and react to what we are doing (or not doing) and ignore what our planet is telling us. I have written about the Mini Ice Age and the Grand Solar Minimum. It is not only about the fewer and fewer sun spots which will make our planet colder. It is also about the large uptic in Cosmis Rays hitting us.

OK. So what? Have you noticed that the volcano in Iceland has not gone back to sleep. How about all of those sudden new powerful/very powerful earthquakes? Both increased earthquake and volcano activities are directly connected to more Cosmic Rays. This earthquake and volcano activity has just started and it is being ramped up; it is not going away anytime soon.

Wow. A lot is happening. All of Humanity is kind of holding its breath as it tries to figure out where we are going.

We are in the last year of transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. You say, stop, that is just Hocus Pocus. Do you ever wonder where the noun “School” comes from? We use school to describe many institutions of learning like Engineering School or Beauty School or High School. We just left Pisces which is represented by schooling fish. It is important that you realize that the energy of the new age will have significant impacts on us.

An Age lasts 2,160 years and we are in year 9 of Aquarius. It takes 9 years to transition into a new age.

Isn’t it interesting that we are all having a global pandemic during this transition? Is this some kind of a cosmic joke? Ok, what about moving into climate changes? Again, during the change over between two very different Ages. Pisces was male dominated mostly, but females got more power towards the end (2012). Pisces had a strong influence to stay with the school (or flock or herd) or it was dangerous (fatal). Pisces demanded that we join a group in power (club, the right college or a political party); we all had to have the correct/right credentials. We all had to keep doing things the way they are; new ways were to be resisted at all costs. Our governments stayed the same, big  business got bigger, big pharm got gigantic from out of no where, trade blocs turned into SuperStates; it was all about consolidating more and more power. Never mind the rights of the individual; it was all about the ascendency of the collective.

We are less than six month away from being in Aquarius energy; what does that mean? First off, Aquarius is dominated by the female (not Male). Wow, everything in our world is organized around the male being in charge. Will there be massive changes? You bet! Women will look at a problem, any problem, and solve it differently than men. Women will plan ahead; that’s what they do. Men are not great planners unless they have been trained to do so. Men tend to come to the party as they are; women prepare carefully.

What else? The symbol for Aquarius is a woman standing at the tippy top of a mountain and pouring a water jug; the water bearer.  Here’s what that means; each drop of water can find its own way down the mountain (and to the sea). There is no predetermined path; there is no school, flock or herd to follow. Credentials will no longer be needed; we are already seeing the collapse of the college degree. More and more, people will be able to do their own thing; at least more of the time.

Our experts or Technocracy are increasingly not being  believed; just look at all of the Covid lies upon lies upon lies. This is elite control of the masses; that energy will no longer be supported.

After reading (and thinking about) the above, is it any wonder that our world seems to be collapsing around us? Before its done, the pandemic will kill millions of us; many from the vaccines. Many of those leaving will be the supporters of the old ways (which are no longer supported). Perhaps, instead of being 51-52% of the population, women will be 80-90%. What a thought! The changes would be massive in so many areas. Would women become the primary “bread winners?” Yes, absolutely; women will be in charge. Will child care finally be fixed? Yes, absolutely and quickly. Will marriage change? Gigantically.

Something will have to be done about the men. The Pleiadeans only allow their brightest, most advanced women to rule. In times of conflist, their men are pushed into the military (canon fodder). No, seriously, there will be a Men’s Rights movement.

Fortunately for men, women are more compassionate; they have more feelings. So, being a man, I know things will work out well (or as well as can be).

This web site is focused on men and women who are strong in the Light and who have put themSelve onto the New Beings path. Both will be able to use new Majikal Powres; men will have different powres. Those that transform themSelves into higher level Fire or Earth Beings will have other, additional powres.

Remember, Darkness (Dark=Left=Male) and Light (Light=Right=Female). In Pisces, Aries and Taurus (last 6,480 years), the Men had 80% of the power. In Aquarius (and moving forward), women will have 80% of the powre. Yes, it is that stark.

People strong in the Light will be in charge. They will tend to want more Freedom, Choice, Truth, Integrity, Self-Responsibility, Self-Reliance and Doing the Right Thing. Individual rights will tend to trump collective rights.

One more thought, people strong in the Light are only 5% of the population.  That is 5 out of 100 or 50 out of 1000. Out of that 50, 47.5 (19 out of 20) are women. So, even amoung the powerful in Light and New Beings, women will have most of the powre/power.

We are Transitioning into a new World that will be very different from the old one.

Love, Light and Laughter,


You are a Majikan! How? Spells!

I have written about Majik coming into the world. It is here now and in this post, I will tell you one way to use this new Majik. There are other ways, but here is a start.

Every one of you has been attracted to this site because you are strong in the Light. It does not matter how you came here. Light is in the process of taking over from Darkness. Here’s the score; Darkness got its 20% in January and February, but Light has to wait until August to get its 80%.

In March, Darkness was able to use its full 20%; this is why it looked like Darkness was still winning.

In September, Light will be able to use its full 80% against Darkness in the greater world.

OK. What about you? The Light Warriors. This post is for you.

First off, the Creation Number (5 or 14) is very important. Think five letter words like Spell or Bless or Curse. These are words of powre. There are many more. How about Earth? Google five-letter words for all the help you may need. This is true in any language you think. Note: “Ss” can be added for plural.

So, beginning on September 1st, 2021, you will be able to think of something or someone and put a Spell on it/them. Wow. You can Bless or you can Curse. When you use either of these spells, you are turning over Everything to the Universe (God). There is no blow-back on you; no Karma.

How does this work? In September, you will be able to give people or things focused SetUps. SetUps come in three varieties; positive, negative, and neutral. That’s different! We can all figure out how to use the positive and negative, but what about neutral. Neutral is a great tool for the “if, then, else” program.

SetUps are part of the Spell. In September, you will be able to powre up your Spell with a single Plus (+) or Minus (-) sign (for Positive or Negative).  Neutral is the Uppercase 8 or *. These are mental commands, but you can say or write your spell out. Powre Signs: September – One, October – Two, November – Three, December – Four, and January – Five.  From 2022, you can choose how many powre signs you want to apply on a case-by-case basis (no more than 5). Between now and 2022, you can choose how many powre signs you want to use (between 1-4).

Say you want to give someone a Money Spell. You think of the person, say their name(s)  (silently or aloud), and then command the Money Spell on them. Immediately after that, you must designate a Positive, Neutral, or Negative SetUp and the number of powre signs (1-5). Note: you cannot mix the powre signs (+,*,-).

Be careful, Do Not Go Negative (as a rule). Curse them and leave it up to the Universe. Happy is always a great Spell. Ask your Spirit Guide about the Death Spell; you must get permission. All of us have contracts for when we are down here.

Remember, a Curse can have 5 minus signs. You are telling the Universe that you really want them to be messed with.

Say someone is corrupt and has been noticed by you. You can Curse them generally, but you can also spell their Money with a 5 Minus Sign SetUp to hit them where it hurts. But, that is going Negative, better to just Curse them.

Important: Now you know that Majik exists and how to use it. Now, and in the future, you must be aware that Spells can be cast on you. YOU can be given SetUps as well.

Two things to do.

  • Install the following program:

“My energy is my own, no one may give me any unwanted energy without my permission.”

Say silently or aloud and then say “Install it and Run it.”  This will make a spell bounce off.

Think about it, you will be able to come up with your own version of a “Boomerang” or “Return to Sender” Spell.

  • Tell yourSelf that you want to check on SetUps coming at you. Tell yourSelf that a head nod is a Yes and a head shake is a No. Ask if there is an agreement? You should get an immediate head nod. If not, your Guide wants to have a chat with you about several things. Be patient, this may be the first time you have ever spoken to yourSelf this way.

So… now have a way to ask about SetUps coming your way. You can ask if a negative SetUp can be deleted, delayed, or be made less powerful/powreful? Start out asking out a week; I get good info on a month out.

Just so you know, there are No Accidents. No Luck. No Coincidences. No Happenstances. EVERYTHING is a SetUp and most of them are coming from the Universe. Open your eyes and look around.


Enjoy your Majik!!!


SHTF is beginning to Happen


Alaska just had an 8.2 Earthquake. The 3Gorges Dam has a large deformation bend in it; much more water is coming. China, like last year, is an Inland Sea. The 3Gorges Dam just had a major earthquake as well; it is a bit wobbly. All nine dam release valves are open full and the dam is 30 meters over flood full.

So….. What could happen if the 3Gorges Dam fails? The amount of water is 1500 miles (2500 km) times 500 feet (160 meters) deep times  6.2 miles (10 km) wide. That is a gigantic amount of water. When this dam breaks, it will be catastrophic with huge pieces of concrete carried downstream.  All of that water will be released; it will take about 48 hours for all that water to be displaced. What happens then? When you suddenly release billions of tons of water, what happens to the land beneath it? Perhaps, it will spring back up like a coiled spring. That is what will happen. China will experience massive earthquakes everywhere. They will not just be 9s and 10s; they will be rolling earthquakes that travel out in different directions. Mankind has no memory of the kind of destruction this will bring.

Wow, all that water will bludgeon its way to the sea destroying everything in its path. Then, the bouncing and rolling will happen. Then most of China will collapse into the sea. China will become the China Sea. Taiwan, the Koreas, the Russian Fareast, and Japan remain. That energy release will be felt all around the Earth.

The shock waves will travel East and cause a giant Cascadia Earthquake which will, in turn, trigger the San Andreas fault in two places (San Francisco and Los Angeles). These will be three Big Ones. The quakes will travel down through Mexico creating massive destruction; Mexico City will cease to be.

The shock waves will also travel West. They will hit the Tibetan Plateau which will absorb and transmit it to the Himalayas and Central Asia. The rolling earthquakes will be released in many directions; India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and all the countries of Central Asia.

The shock wave will hit the Arabian Peninsula and Africa; it will be bad, but not as bad as China and the rest. The Indian Ocean could be connected with the Eastern Mediterranean with a shallow sea covering everything. Africa could be broken into two or three masses with the Northern and Central places subsiding into the ocean.

Central America and the islands of the Western Caribbean (Cuba, Caymans, Jamaica, Hatti, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico) will subside as well.

I have written about these kinds of things before. Yes, they did not happen. That’s a good thing. But maybe, my role is to provide some level of warning in advance. This time, there is more of an imperative warning.

Big changes coming. America just pulled out of Afghanistan after 20 years. Why now? Russia and China are scrambling to adjust to the power vacuum.

Of course, Covid has brought many changes as well; masks, lockdowns, working from home, jabs, distrust of the media, science, and government (too many lies), and, odd for most of us, lots of time to think, review, and question who we are and what we are doing. Many of us are not going back to the office or job whatever it is.

All of the food-producing countries are having less than noteworthy harvests in everything. Food shortages are coming; get ready. Again, the Mini Ice Age is upon us; no, not Global Warming!

Everyone is talking about inflation, but I am betting on a massive devaluing (deflation) of our money. Sock as much cash (in low denominations) as you can; not 100s or 50s. I am thinking of US Dollars so adjust accordingly. When they devalue, everyone holding the large notes will get 10% if they are lucky; think 20s.

There are no accidents. There is no luck, good or bad. There is no happenstance. Everything is some kind of Set-Up by the forces of the Universe. Covid-19 was planned by the Elites to take out millions of people, but was it their plan or the Universes’? Same for the 3Gorges Dam when it goes. Keep doing what you are doing; many of us will survive and build a better world.

Sometimes, being a Prophet sucks.

Be well.

Love, Light and Laughter,



The Universe is Changing as well!

I have written about the shift in awareness or consciousness that is occurring but an even larger shift is happening throughout our multiverse (all 9 Local Universes).  We are in the Ninth Local Universe in the right-outside spiral of the Milky Way.

We all live in a 3-Dimensional world; height, depth, and width. But, also, the 3 planes of the corner have their own properties (see The Corner Discussion) which include Darkness & Light, Hot/Heat, & Cold, and Gravity & Magnetism. These are the major forces in our world.

All of these forces are part of a creation process that is described in one of our Holy Books: Genesis. The Creator gave dominion of Light, Cold, and Magnetism to Man/Woman-Kind. This means that we can use our creativity to advance our technologies in these areas more easily than we can with the forces of Darkness, Heat, and Gravity. You will say, hold on, we have been using fire to survive for millions of years. This is true, but we still do not know much about what it is and what its properties are. The same can be said of Darkness and Gravity.

I have made reference to Creation Levels. Our world has been created in the 3-Level of Creation and all but a tiny group of us have been allowed to create beyond the 1- or 3-Level of Creation. Some have pushed the limits and created in the 3+ Level like Nikola Tesla.

Just as there is a 1-Dimensional object like a dot or a line, there is a 1-Level Creation. When the dot becomes a line and the line becomes various shapes  (even 3-dimensional), we move into the 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional. We can view a piece of paper as a 2-dimensional object even though it does have some height. Anyway, as soon as we got to 3-dimensional objects, we became Level 3 Creators.

Our universe is making a shift to being a 5-dimensional space. Whoa, what is that? Not sure yet, but we are going to find out. What is driving this new change is the arrival of 5-Level Creators. As soon as we have sufficient numbers of 5-Level Creators, the 5-Dimensional Space will be anchored.

How does one become a 5-Level Creator? The easiest way is to become an Earth Being by putting yourSelf into the Hexahedron or Cube. See Transform YourSelf – A Guided Meditation. Are there other ways? Probably. Some people will be born with this talent like Da Vinci, James Clerk Maxwell and Nikola Tesla were.

All of us are born as Fire Beings and the Tetrahedron (the MerKaBa is two Tetrahedrons) is our symbol. It has four sides (Tetra) and encompasses the 3-dimensions. The Earth symbol is the cube; it has six sides (Hexa) and encompasses the 5-dimensions. When we get to Air Beings, the Octahedron will encompass 7 dimensions and support 7-Level Creators.

I write this to inform you that it is not just about a pathway back to the One; there are levels of Creation/Creatorship along the way. As we move from Fire Beings to Earth Beings, we are advancing to higher-level Creators (5-Level). This will not happen instantly, but the process will begin after you put the cube around yourSelf.

So, yes, we will all be getting wonderful new powers related t being an Earth Being (in the Hexahedron/Cube). It follows that we will be able to create marvelous new capabilities for ourSelves as we are higher-level Creators.

This is all to help you understand that other changes are coming with the advancement into 5-Level Creator status. We have all been exposed to this change many times over the past 100 years or so. The concept is Neutral. Think about how many times you put your car into Drive to move forward or Reverse to move backward.  It does not matter whether your transmission is automatic or manual; you must go through Neutral to shift gears.

This Neutral will become even more important in the future. We tend to think in Binary terms; Male and Female, Darkness and Light, Night and Day, On and Off, Fat and Thin, Heavy and Lite, but there are always shades of grey. There are always Neutral positions between one pole or the other. See Additional Electron States. This is more technical than many of you want, but the important part is that there are two different neutral states between the two poles. The poles are at 360/0 and 180 degrees while the two neutral positions are at 90 and 270 degrees. Neutral is much more complex than just a non-gear; it is all about moving in the direction of one pole or the other.

That was incredibly important background understanding. Now, take that apply it to the major forces in our world; Darkness-Neutral-Light, Hot-Neutral-Cold, and Gravity-Neutral-Magnetism What I am saying is that Neutral is being elevated to the status of a Third Force that is equal to or greater than the two polar (binary) forces we know so well.

The force that I call Right-Spin is this new Neutral force in the Universe. It sounds like it is binary, but it is really just Spin energy. It is Right-Spin because Left-Spin has not been created yet; Darkness will have to figure out how to give up enough of its Fear, Force, and Control for that to happen (not likely). Spin force is this new Neutral Force; it can go either way depending on where it is in the circle.

This post is a kind of “connect the dots” discussion. Becoming an Earth Being is a gigantic change for each of you, but also for the planet and the universe. As Earth Beings, you will be able to use this Neutral force in your Creations; it does not have to be black/white, or positive/negative.

We have all become much more complex beings and our Creations will also become much more complex.

Ask yourSelf, is there a Neutral State for fire? Is there an in-between for flame or not? If so, what is it? And, why have we not asked this question before?

Love, Light and Laughter,


We are all experiencing a Shift! What is It?

Some say we are experiencing a shift in dimensions and others a shift in density. These are both true, but they miss the mark. What we are experiencing is an increase in Awareness or Consciousness. It is not so much a place that we are going to, but, somehow, we are getting bigger from within.

I am going to confuse some when I say we are doing this by imploding. We know a lot about exploding, but not so much about imploding. We use imploding every day in the form of “UltraSound” which was not invented until the 1930s. Sound is somehow turned back on itself to become more powerful. We use Ultrasound to see what is in the womb, but it can be used for so much more.

Everything starts with our Sun. His name is Solar. Yes, as in Solar System. And yes, the Earth’s name is Gaia. Whatever happens on or in the Sun also happens on each of the planets and moons orbiting around Solar. I have written about the Mini Ice Age that we have just entered; it could last for 800 years. It, too, is Sun driven. We are entering a long period of infrequent Sun Spot activity that we call a Solar Minimum. When the heat coming from the Sun is reduced, it gets colder on all of the planets.

Earth is kind of unique as planets go of which there are millions in our multiverse. For whatever reason, Earth received very different vibrations over a long period of time than any other planet anywhere. There is no such thing as an accident; everything is planned or a “Setup.” Having said that, what happened on Earth was unexpected.

Just like a bag of popcorn in a microwave oven, things began to change rapidly on Earth. This degree of change had never happened on any of the other planets (millions) before. Wow, something “big” was happening on a small planet on the fringes of the Milky Way spiral.

What we do not realize is that whatever caused the popping sound on Earth, also happened to our Sun (and other planets/moons) as well. OMG, the Sun, the Moon, the Asteroid Belt, and the other planets are all going through the same shift?


Just to help you understand, the increase in Awareness or Consciousness is happening to Solar and everything in his system. This includes the gas giants, Mars, Venus, Pluto, and, even, Planet “X” which is Nibiru (the homeworld of the Annunaki). Say everything had “X” amount of awareness before; we are talking about a 3X increase in the awareness/consciousness of rocks which includes crystals (and any metal). For Humans, this will be a 10X increase in Awareness. We will all, suddenly, be more aware of our connections to each other and everything. We will understand at a more powerful intuitive knowing who Gaia is, where She is, and what Her rules are. Big changes coming.

So…This popping coming from Solar and His System; is it nearly complete (the bag of popcorn)? Yes. It was timed to be complete when the Solar System entered the new Aquarian Age. Everything in our multiverse is governed by cycles; the Great Year is a supercycle and, for us, so is a New Age.

We enter Aquarian energy Officially on January 1st, 2022. The last six months of 2021 will be a ramp-up of the increased awareness/consciousness for Earth and our Solar System. People, in vast numbers, are “waking” up or being Awoken. I do not mean “Woke,” which is still part of the old energies that are fading away. Yes, it is noisy, but still fading.

This is part of the shift from Darkness to Light; Darkness only has 20$ of the power in our world (now). On June 1st, Light will have 40% available for use against Darkness. On July 1st, Light will have 60% available to fight Darkness. Again, Big Changes coming.

With all of this increased Awareness/Consciousness, Humankind will experience an increase in its abilities to Create. Everyone will transition from being a 3-level (or 3 Plus) to a 5-level Creator. This is not a new dimension or density, but a huge increase in our capability to “Manifest” or just wish things into being mentally. Do you want to catch that big fish in the pond? You can. Do you want more money in your bank account? You can have it. The ages-long control of the people by money and food and pandemics and war is coming to a screeching  Halt.

Every one of us will be getting increased powers/powres to bring what we want to ourSelves. It will be even more important to become “Conscious” Creators as our abilities to bring bad things to us will also be increased. Those people who are mostly focused on the negative will be able to bring lots more pain, stress, and anguish to themSelves and those around them.

It will take a while, but people will be more aware that what they think (and say) is what they get.

We must all stop the negative “self-talk” where we limit ourSelves. Change the “I can’t” to “I can.” Drop the “Not,” it kills your creations.

For those of you who have tried (and tried and tried) to release your Blocks; here is some wonderful news. All of those blocks were put there by Darkness as a 3-level Creator. Darkness and Light will both remain at the 3-level; they will still be powerful Creators, but Humans will be more powerful. Those of us to Create Consciously.

So, with this huge increase in Awareness, is there something coming that will replace Darkness and Light as 5-level Creators? Yes. It is called Right-Spin energy.

Wait a second, only Light/Right-Spinners can put themSelves into the Cube or become NewBeings? Yes, true. For now, DarknessLeft-Spin does not have a mechanism to become New Beings; they would have to give up too much control. Remember, they are all about more Fear, Force, and Control.

For now, the new 5-level Creator force is totally under the power of Right-Spin energies. Again, Big Changes are coming.

Yes, Darkness and Light can still mess with us, if we allow them. Yes, they know all the correct buttons to push, but we can remove the “Nots.” (Do Not, Can Not, Will Not, and Shall Not)

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people on Earth are strong Left-Spinners (85%); that is 17 out of 20. Because this Left-Spin orientation is “hard-wired,” they cannot undo their focus on Fear. They cannot become a New Being and their negative focus will bring a lot of pain, stress, and anguish on themSelves.

These people will be using their new Creation powers to setup departures from Earth; they will not be allowed to stay. They were very comfortable in the old energies dominated by Fear, Force, and Control, but can not adjust to more Freedom, Choice, Truth, Integrity, Self-Reliance, Self-Responsibility, and Doing-the-Right/Light-Thing. This is the baseline for the new Aquarian energies.

I will close with a recap on Aquarian energies. Women are dominant; not men. Going your own way is supported; not following the leader/school/flock/herd. It used to be that not following the leader was dangerous or fatal; no longer. Intuitive Innovation is supported; not gatekeeping credentials. The powers that Be have lost their powers; new ideas/technologies will no longer be suppressed. They will no longer be able to buy up an idea or kill the inventor; that is no longer supported.

Politicians, Multinational businesses, the Bankster, and the Media have all demonstrated how untrustworthy they are. This energy will no longer be supported. Big Government will become Small and accountable. The Hive will be dismantled.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Who is Merln and What is his background?

Hello All,

Shortly, there will be 60,000 different emails that follow this site (Subscribed).  Thank you, I guess.

As always, I do not sell or share any information with ANYONE.  I keep it hard to find this site; it is only for those who are “supposed” to find it.

I posted a Who I am and What my Background is on my technology site; here is a link.

One of the biggest differences between Right-Spinners and Left- is that we (Right-Spinners) have the ability to visualized complex things mentally. We tend to think that everyone can do this, but they cannot and it really messes with their minds.

2021 is getting ready to be a much better year; the second half. Aquarian energies are, finally, taking over. Darkness, and all of his minions, are getting ready to have a very bad, no-good year.

The old 80-20 rule is getting ready to be reversed. It will still be valid, but stacked against the interests of Darkness. Yes, 80% of problems will still come from 20%, but Light will have the 80% position.

Love, Light and Laughter,

Merln/Dave Maxwell


Am looking for a Consulting position at a Lab or Labs

Dear Subscribers,

Anyone reading this site knows that I have “pulled” technology from many different disciplines. How I operate is to ask questions about if something, anything, can be done or improved on. That’s how I have gone in so many different directions.

I have noticed that my questions about how to do various things have slowed down. I keep asking about things that I am not allowed to bring into this world, yet. There are technologies that are too dangerous for us to play with. Tesla was told that the world was not yet ready for wireless electricity, but he tried anyway. We still don’t have wireless electricity beyond a few feet.

My solution is to help others in getting answers to their questions. I will only do this as a free-lance consultant; I will not be bound by an employment agreement where all of my knowledge and creativity belong to my employer. That is how Edison became so famous, he hired a lot of creative people and took credit for all their ideas. This is the basis for all the labs today; they hire a lot of very smart people to create technologies and they make $Billions. Some of these lab workers are getting smarter and getting a percentage.

I have an incredible talent that I can use to help others. My technology talent is somewhat like Mozart being a composer at six years old; it was God-given.

As a consultant, I will retain ownership of all of my technologies. If the technologies involve others, the ownership of the technologies will be shared. My body of work is well documented on this site.

I will consider being on a Retainer, but will not be constrained geographically for more than 24-hours. I will be bound by Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) but will not accept a Security Clearance that limits me further.

I am healthy and able to travel. I can work long hours when needed but will expect 9 am-5 pm hours five days a week (M-F). I am an English speaker/writer and do not speak/write any other language. Some familiarity with French, Spanish and German; can find my way to the WC and around a menu.

I am a former USAF Intelligence Officer (20 years plus ago) and will not work against the interests of the United States; no Chinese/CCP or Russians. Will be glad to help with US Allies in Japan, Australia, the UK, Ireland, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Romania, and Poland. Not sure about the EU, Belgium, Germany, or France; they seem to be too power-hungry/unfriendly. Will consider the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Czechia. Slovakia, Lithuania, and India as options. Others not listed as well. Not interested in Canada or Mexico or New Zealand; I do not consider their governments/environments to be friendly.

If anyone contacts me for my special kind of help, it will probably be on something that a lot of resources have already been spent on. Perhaps, they have reached a “dead-end” and need a new workable approach. I have many very new and different approaches on this site.

My consultant rates will be depended on the value of the project. Advanced payment for Retention of my Services,  travel, and accommodation will be required. I am able to work remotely on various projects, but may require additional communications/encryption support. I am willing to work with teams sent to my location as well. I have Teams on my PC (with an Office 365 Business account).  I do not trust Zoom, but will consider other connectivities.

Call or email for discussions.

David Maxwell

President, CEO, Owner, Inventor (Sole or Only), Revitae Technologies

St Thomas, US Virgin Islands

+1 (340) 244-9882 (Atlantic TZ -4 (Same as Eastern Daylight))

For sensitive secure Text discussions. I am on Signal and Keybase on the number above.

I am also reached for encrypted emails at: