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Changes Start Today

Today, Light/Right-Spin has 30% of the Powre in our world/Solar System/local Universe; Darkness only 20% (and that is fixed).

This means that New Beings/Newomen/Newmen can start to receive their powers; the power rollout has begun. Sometime in the next three months, everyone who has put themSelf into the Hexahedron/Cube will get new powers or capabilities. As an example, most will be getting the ability to teleport things to you, like cash, coins, or food (to include bottles or cans). Those New Beings still in the Fire Being degrees, you will be getting your powers in September. Many more capabilities are coming; be a little more patient.

To give you a timeline, Light/Right-Spin will be fully powred up on October 30th, this year. So, everyone will have all of their powers by then. OK. What does that mean? It means that you will have the powers and be able to use them.

Don’t try to become the richest person on Earth, it doesn’t work that way. Just ask for more cash, coins, and food; Spirit will provide more. Please remember that Spirit already knows what you have, but now, you will have a greater priority when you ask for more. We have all been held back by Darkness (all of our lives); that has changed.

All of those Dark Assholes at WEF Davos, the UN, the EU, the WHO, the WTO, the World Bank, the IMF, the CCP, the Deep State, etc., have now been given the short straw. They had all of the power to make $Billions and accumulate lots of power in their containers; think their swimming pools. Claim a nearby lake as yours now; don’t make it too big as you may not be ready for that yet. Fresh water is great for storing power/powre, but you must make sure that your container is sealed and not a sieve. Darkness has made most of our containers so they cannot hold water/powre; a good way to keep us powerless. Now, it is our turn. Select a local Dark asshole who has done you a dis-service and put holes in his/her container. As the power leaks or drains out, so does their wealth. Most of us do not see the world this way.

Some Billionaires are Right-Spinners, even if they are well disguised. Musk, Trump, Branson, Dyson are all in this category, but there are others (not many).

Even better, claim their container and make it yours. You will have to drain it as you do not want to mess with Dark Power, but hey, they are now powerless. The Billionaires have more than one container.

The Great Lakes are already taken.

As you can see, there is Magic/Majik in our world, but most of us do not know how to use it. We, Right-Spinner can begin to use Majik now. Remember words like Spell, Money, Coins, Powre/Power, Block, Limit, Break, Bring, Shoot, Start, Begin, Close are all 5-letter power words. Google 5-letterwords to wrap your mind around how many power words we can use. Remember to say, “Apply” as it is the most powerful power word; it sets intent and focus. The negative use of a word as in “unblock” is still a power word, but to be clear use block not or limit not. The 5-letter words tie in directly with the 5 or 14 Creation Number; read more about that on my Home Page and a few of my Posts. Today is 5-30-2022; every day in May is a 5 day, 30 is six times 5,  30 is a 3 and that can be added to 2 three more times. So, today is a 10 times Creation Day; it doesn’t get much more powerful than that. We are allowed to Create on Creation Days. If you haven’t been allowed to Create (blocked by Darkness), you can start now; your blocks are gone (not).

Last point, as a Right-Spinner, you can now block Darkness from your internal conversations; we have more power/powre than Darkness. It is now time to tune into your head nods and shakes; the information you get will be better. This is important to find out if you can do what you intend. Do you have more whatever coming your way? You can wait to see it, or can ask about it. I know, so many lies, but try again.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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Demonic Assault

A few days ago, I wrote about Energy Suckers. Reread that. These Energy Vampires are very dark beings, they target those of us who are strong in the light. We are like Light Houses in the dark; they can see us from a good distance. What do they do with this stolen energy?

Simple, they feed it to their Demons. At first, their Demons are weak, but over time, they attract more and more powerful Demons. These Demons bring them wealth and power. What kind of power? $Billionaire power, political power, bureaucratic power, CEO power, you know, get out of jail free power. Think Hillary Clinton and Joe/Hunter Biden and all the Russian Collusion Hoaxers.

Say there are 1000 billionaires, only 5 or 10 of them are being aided by Angels; all the rest are supporting and being supported by Demons. Everyone at Davos and the WEF, are Demon Carriers. How does this work? These Human beings are already oriented toward Darkness; I call them Left-Spinners. We are all a combination of Light/Right-Spin or Dark/Left-Spin energies. We just left the Age of Pisces (almost) which was dominated by Darkness/Left-Spin. We are in transition from Dark domination to Light domination this year; right now, Darkness has 20% and at the end of May, Light will have 30%. At the end of October, it will be Darkness 20% and Light 80%.

To help you understand, Darkness has been the dominant power (80/20) for more than 10,000 years. Before we are born we have a choice as to whether to be oriented toward Darkness, Neutral, or Light. Most choose the easiest path with the most power; 85% of us on Earth chose Darkness, 10% chose Neutral where you can sit on the fence, and only 5% chose Light. Now, you know why everything is so fear, force and control-based. Ok, that has meant that the Demons have been in charge for a very long time. I mean EVERYWHERE. All of our leaders whether they were political or religious or financial were mostly being guided by Demons; yes 20% were being guided by Angels, but Darkness had a vast amount of the power.

As long as the Demons had all of this power, they were content to keep us fat, dumb, and happy; they worked with the Elites to control all the sheeple. But, wait a minute, didn’t I just write that THEY are losing their power this year? Yes. Remember, they have had 80% of the power for 1000s of years and thought it would never end. It started changing at the end of 2012; you know, the end of the Mayan Calendar. That was the end of Pisces where we all get the word school from. Just look at all of the changes in our world since 2012? Brexit, Trump, Modi, the rise of the populists in Europe, and, even, the collapse of Globalism. Putin and Biden are both, obviously being guided by Demons; together they seem to want us in World War III. Don’t worry, it is not going to happen; Light has more power now.

When an Age ends (Pisces), there is a 10-year period of transition. Actually, it is nine years and the 10th year is the change-over year (2022). We enter Aquarius, officially, on December 22, 2022 (12/22/2022); have fun with all the 5s in that date.

Why are we suddenly becoming aware that we are under Demonic Attack? We have Russia attacking Ukraine thinking it will all be over in four or five days without enough food and fuel (crazy). We have the European Union trying to force countries to give up their sovereignties in the face of ongoing sovereignty issues. We have the UN trying to seize dictatorial power. We have the WHO also trying to seize dictatorial power. We have the Billionaires in Davos trying to seize dictatorial power. What is going on? Simple, the Demons have suddenly realized that they have lost (or are losing) their power over the world. Holy Shit! They have had to come out in the open to push their agenda hard; can’t have the sheeple get out of control.

All the politicians who have pushed masks, lockdowns, and mandatory vaccines are all Demonic guided. The Vatican and Islam are Demon-guided as well; especially the Popes and Cardinals. Look at the mess the Demons have made with “Carbon Zero;” they shut down coal, oil, and nuclear power, and left us dependent on natural gas (from Russia). Meanwhile, they forced us on unreliable wind and solar energies even when we did not have the electrical battery storage technologies. Not only will we be cold next winter, but we will be hungry. Stock up on food, but keep a low profile. These were insanities that were all focused on more control; Darkness is always more fear, force, and control.

We just were exposed to Demons shooting a bunch of kids and having the Police stand down to watch it. All of these mass shootings, all over the world, are the work of the Demons. Where did our Woke World come from? Where did BLM come from? Where did Men competing with Women come from? Where did thinking you can change your gender come from? Where did defunding the Police come from? Where did the thought that you could steal a National Election come from? Where did the thought that you could invade another country and kill/dislocate millions come from?

Fortunately, this is the Darkness before the Dawn. The Demons (and their hosts) are, just now, beginning to realize that the power they have had (over us) is ending/has ended. If there are Demons (and there are), then there are also Angels. OK. All of you Light Being out there, open up yourself to the Angels and Angelic guidance. Envoke the Light and declare that “I am guided by the Light or Angels.”

You can make yourSelf much stronger in the Light by putting yourSelf into the Cube; transforming yourSelf into the Hexahedron.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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We Create our 3D World

I believe that we all live in some kind of a flat Earth bubble. I also believe that we have been to the Moon and sent remote-controlled craft like Voyager to gather information about other planets. How can this be?

When coming into our Solar System (our Sun’s name is Solar, but we tend to shorten it to Sol), the planets look spherical or globular as we have been taught. So, from a distance, we see the Moon as a sphere and can easily think about the far side of the Moon even though we cannot see it. For any Space-based race coming here, we look like a spherical, globular, blue Planet like we have all seen images of.

Look up the Van Allen belt; it is the upper limit of our Flat Earth construct. Whoa, how can we be a round, rotating ball and a large flat plain at the same time?

From the outside, we look like that rotating blue ball, but as you get closer, the perspective changes to the flat plain. Think of it as morphing. Here is what is going on. We are a planet with awareness being present; not just Humans, but Dolphins, Whales, Horses, Dogs, Cats, and others. Our entire planet is aware; we call her Gaia.

Once you have awareness, a physical arrangement must be created for all the awareness to play with. There are six main forces that govern our 3D world. They all come together in a corner; there are three 90° angles representing three flat planes. Look at any corner in a room whether it be on the ceiling or floor; the right wall will always be the forces of heat and cold, the left wall will always be the forces of darkness and light, and the horizontal plane (floor or ceiling or anywhere in between) will always be gravity and magnetism. Heat, Darkness, and Gravity always flow away from the corner point and Cold, Light, and Magnetism always flow toward the corner. This is a structure that Gaia has created for us. That corner can be anywhere or in anything. Other planets may have similar (or different) structures depending on the advancement of the aware beings. Many planets that are not inhabited by aware beings do not have such 3D structures; just spinning or not spinning balls like our Moon. Most of the planets in our system do not have awareness structures; an exception is Mars (yes, it is inhabited and no, we are not welcome there). The Martians moved to their lower plane or their “hollow” Mars. They drove the Annunaki away from Mars and toward Earth; they will fight us as the sons of the Annunaki.

All of our satellites and the International Space Station are within the bounds of this 3D construct. When we try to circumnavigate Antarctica, it cannot be done. Why? Because the flat top surface has connecting holes with a flat bottom surface; the two primary entrances to the “hollow” Earth are the North and South Pole, but there are several deep passages in every continent. Why do you think there is so much activity in Antarctica? We are collectively exploring the other flat plane side. Yes, there are people down there. And, yes, dinosaurs as well. The oceans down there are all freshwater. Yes, there is a Sun hanging in the sky down there; that is actually where Gaia lives. There is no Moon or other planets down there.

Anytime we wish to visit another planet, we need to have permission to land; just like landing a plane. All planets have some level of awareness. We could be very welcome or unwelcome. If we land without permission, we could well get sick after a short time. How does one get permission? A Spiritually advanced being must connect with the Planetary Goddess and ask. Yes, any of you who have put yourSelf into the Cube/Hexahedron could do so; you have shifted from Fire to Earth Being.

Think about the Moon. No awareness except visitors. No air. No water. No life as we know it. There is no need for a 3D construct as we have. When we build Moon bases, we must bring everything with us; air, water, food, fuel and recycle/reuse all of it. Same for asteroid bases. Have we done so? Yes, Space Forces have been active on the Moon and in our System since 1960 along with the Pleiadeans for 1000s of years. Whether it was the Annunaki or the Pleiadeans or others, when they landed on Earth, they came down to the Flat Earth construct we all know. Special permissions are required to access the lower plane or inner/hollow Earth.

Love, Light and Laughter,


The Great Awakening

People read/follow this site because much of the information is not available elsewhere. Yesterday, I told you about two major options that most of us are clueless about; neutral leaning negative, and neutral leaning positive.  But, anyone who knows what a compass is, already knows that we can go in four primary directions: North, South, East, and West. What on Earth made us believe that it is just Positive and Negative?

But hey, that is what we are taught. That’s what our science believes and teaches us, even for “scientists” and “engineers.” Add in “PhDs.”

Many of us have been told to “follow” the science recently; take the jabs and boosters. Don’t worry, it is safe. We all know (of) people who have had very adverse responses or died. And yet, nearly every country in the world tried to make taking the jab mandatory after they told us, “it is your body, so it is your choice” for decades.

Sorry, to me, Covid has been an attempt to kill millions of us. How is it possible to get 192 countries to agree to anything? Yes, I know, FEAR and Propaganda. I have been OK with this mass mind control effort as I have been told many times that we are passing through a great die-off as part of this energy shift; too many left-spinners. If we have 7 billion people, nearly 6 billion will be leaving.

Did I believe in getting any of the shots, jabs, or boosters? Hell no. Eventually, I did get Omicron in January and was sick for a week, but now I’m immune. Do I trust the “Government” or the “Media”? Again, Hell no. The hysteria and lies coming from our ruling class were just too over the top. Masks and 6-feet separation will protect you from something as small as a virus? Pure lies and propaganda, but some still adhere even when they are driving alone in their cars. Too many of us are just too stupid or believe in authority figures (left-spin).

I have written about moving into a new Age, Aquarius. This is a very different energy than what we have known over the past 10,000 years; male-dominated, follow the leader, must be connected/part of the club, must have the correct credentials/secret handshake. This old energy was based entirely on fear, force, and control; if you did not do as you were told, you were thrown out of the tribe (a likely fatal fate). Unfortunately for the world, this fear-based energy was the dominant energy (80%); freedom, truth, and good choices were only 20%.

This year (2022) is the transition year between this new age and the past. By the end of the year, freedom, truth, and good choices will be the dominant energy (80%), and fear, force, and control will be 20%. Women will be dominant and everyone will be able to go their own way (within reason); no more following the herd, flock, or school.


What I am saying is that it will become increasingly difficult to lie, deceive, hoodwink, program, or get people to believe false things.

Just think, they tried to force us to get the jabs, but as many as 50% of us refused. They were going to keep us in lockdown; that did not work. They were going to keep forcing us to wear masks; not. THEY did not understand why their Great Reset did not work; it always worked in the past. It’s all about the energetic shift.

Their Great Reset was all about a world being told what to do by the ELITES. We all know them as the Ruling Class or Uniparty. Their world is collapsing around them; massive supply chain problems, not enough food, not enough fuel, not enough spare parts, not enough chips, and not enough time (for just in time) solutions. Even worse, we are questioning them and their technocrats; we do not believe them anymore. Is this some kind of Universal accident? Was Covid? Ourworld is being massively changed by some gigantic force. Welcome to Aquarius!!!

I have a recommendation for you. If you are following me, you know that this energy shift is “red pilling” many of us. It is happening all over the planet politically; the Globalists and Big Government types are losing. What most of us believed, we are now questioning.

I recommend that each of you begin to question one of the core beliefs we all have; are we a spinning sphere/globe of a planet? Is the Sun the center of our system? I have visited the hollow earth in meditations, but that could be my childhood programming. I am questioning many things now.

Here is a link worth exploring: Please do not just dismiss this request. As I told you yesterday, the neutral leaning negative and positive (90 and 270 degrees or East and West) are how the Universe works. It makes sense and so does an analysis of the Flat Earth stuff. If you go up high, you can see far beyond what the curvature of the Earth should allow/provide. Look out the window of your next flight and ask yourSelf if you should be able to see that far?

Yours Thoughtfully,

Love, Light and Laughter,



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What are Shades of Gray/Grey?

We all know about Good and Evil. We understand on and off. We use 0s and 1s (zeros and ones) in software on our computers, tablets, and phones. And yet, we all know that there are shades of grey; not everything is black or white.

When we have a rheostat light switch, it allows us to go between fully on or off; that is a kind of neutral. We all know what neutral is when we drive,  even using automatic shifting, we must go through neutral to transition between moving forward or reverse.

So, yes, we know what neutral is, but binary software code only has Ones or Zeros and electrons only flow from positive to negative. Is there a way to understand neutrality in those instances?

Yes. I’m going to hit you with a new idea. Just as there are two primary poles; North (0/360° or positive) and South (180° or negative), there are two neutrals; 90° and 270°. East/90° is a neutral leaning Negative (toward 180°) and West is a neutral leaning Positive (toward 360°). So, there are two primary Shades of Grey; not just one.

When we talk about electrons spinning counterclockwise or clockwise, we are actually describing what electrons do at 90° and 270°. At the North pole or 360° or Positive, they spin upwards and downwards at Negative or 180°. Wow, our binary world of hot and cold, male and female, on and off, salt and pepper, black and white, and positive and negative has just gotten more complex. We have all known about shades of grey, but we did not know two neutrals were part of that concept. This is just a new tool to help us describe our world.

Now, we can expand our binary 1s and 0s code to four different options; 1s, 0s, ^s, and *s. Each of these states has its own properties and our future apps should be able to represent them all. I just kicked off a new revolution in computing and in physics.

This is important Spiritually; it is how the Universe works. Think about it, you can put yourSelf in a positive or negative state at will; you can do positive affirmations or slip back into that negative self-talk. Now, you have two more options; you can hang out around Neutral leaning negative or positive. It may be easier for many of us to hang out at neutral. You have free will, just tell yourSelf you want to go to 270 and get used to moving beyond. It is always Your CHOICE.

Play with this. I think you will like the results.

Thoughtfully Yours,

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Do you know what Energy Suckers are?

I have written about these people before; use the search on this site to look up Energy Vampires. There are enough new subscribers that I wanted to revisit this topic.

Of all the people in the world, only 5 percent are right-spinners, one in twenty. We have the best energy; it is much higher in frequency. The next group are the people in the middle; they are people who are not quite higher than 60% right-spin or left-. I tend to think of these people as those who can move easily between fear, force, and control or more freedom, truth, and choice (Left-Spin or Right-). As soon as these people move higher than 59%, one way or the other, it gets much harder to go back. That leaves 85% of us that are 60% or higher in left-spin energy. These people make our world so oriented toward fear, force, and control.

Just think, out of 7 billion people, there are 350 million Right-Spinners and 700 million in the middle. That leaves about 6 billion people who are oriented toward Darkness/Left-Spin. Now, do you see how screwed up our planet is?

All those Left-Spinners are like an army; most of them are low in rank like privates and corporals. But there are officers as well. By the time they have advanced to 80%, they are officers. What does that mean? They get an additional power to help them advance higher in rank more quickly. They become energy suckers or vampires.

If you are a Right-Spinner, you know exactly what I am talking about. These Vampires will get close to you or touch you and drain you of your energy. They love to have sex with us as that tends to be supercharged energy. Many of our spouses are Energy Vampires who get very nasty when we figure out what’s going on and cut them off. Many of us wonder where all that hostility/hate comes from, particularly in divorce.

Why the dark assholes have this power is unknown. They suck our energy and convert it, somehow, to the energy that they can use for their agendas; whatever that is. Obviously, it helps them get higher in the Dark Ranks. They have equivalent ranks to 4-Star General. George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Vladimir Putin, Joe Biden, and Xi Jinping are all good examples. The more they suck, the more money and power they get.

We, Right-Spinners, are the only place they can get this energy. Many of us eventually figure out what is going on and we stop them from sucking more. But most of us think this a one-off situation; we have no idea that there are more than a billion of them.

Here is a little program that you can install to protect yourSelf.

“My energy is my own. No one may take my energy without my permission.” Then say, “Apply.”

“My energy is my own. No one may give me any unwanted energy (spells) without my permission.” Then say, “Apply.”

This will piss them off, but they are like a burglar and just go to the next target that is unprotected; there are millions of us.

This post may be a shock to you. These Energy Vampires are not in the consciousness of our world; we know they exist, but not to the degree.

OK. Now you know how to protect yourSelf. Great, but there is more.

Now, you must start to ask questions about the people around you. The first question is, is this person an Energy Vampire? It could be your mother or father, or brother/sister or aunt/uncle or someone new. This is especially important if they meet you in church or a bar; we tend to be like Lighthouses on a dark night. They can see us shining our Light from a long way off; we are easy to target. You meet that person and go home with them. Are you feeling lucky? Maybe not.

They may have just sucked someone dry and they look just like a Right-Spinner to us; they can pass the test and we think they are Right-Spinners. OK. If something does not feel right, even a little bit, ask if they are a hidden Energy Vampire. If you feel drained, ask. If you get a yes to either of these questions, run the other way. If you are married to one of them, they are slowly killing you by disease; literally draining your life force.

We call them narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths; they are all Energy Vampires. Put your Shields up and run as fast as you can the other way.

Last suggestion/recommendation. Right-spin energy has just taken over. Now, and more as we move closer to 2023, we will have the powre/power in our world (80%). What does that mean? You will be able to manifest whatever you want by using this energy. You cannot be trapped anymore. You do not have to stay with anyone you want to get away from. It may be difficult at first, but the Universe will provide for you; just ask for help.

Soon, it will become impossible for any of THEM to suck our energy; we will be too powerful or strong.  I have another little program in place; anyone who tries to suck my energy(or puts a spell on me) gets a boomerang effect; all of their accumulated energy gets drained like water from a tub. They go back to buck private. If they are trying to do harm to me, it happens to them. Remember to say, “Apply.”

Think how unhappy THEY will be.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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What the Future is looking like?

The biggest change will be that women are in charge of everything. We are already seeing women take over positions of power and authority worldwide. Look for this change to accelerate.

People are bracing themselves for the coming food shortages in many parts of the world; this is unavoidable and many will starve. There will be many more small wars over food and energy. Globalism is collapsing and the need to keep the oceans peaceful and conducive to trade is fading; regional players will be freer to go after their interests.

Earth changes are coming as well; Europe, North America, South America, and Australia/New Zealand will be largely unchanged. Everywhere else will be going through massive changes. All of North Africa including the Sahara will sink into the sea along with much of Central Africa. Most of the Middle East will sink into the sea. Same for Central America, China, and India. Central Asia will be “blended” by huge forces. Many millions (even billions) will be leaving.

Then, there is the magnetic polar shift coming; lots of sloshing water (tsunamis) everywhere.

Last, but not least, we are going into a mini-ice age that could last as long as 600 years. When it hits, it will not get warm until mid-May and we will see snow in September (Northern Hemisphere); a very short growing season. Everyone will be forced to move and grow in warmer climes.

Many of us will be dying and most of us will be unable to change our fates. Do not dwell on it as we are all immortal beings that shed this life like an old overcoat before being reborn on this, or some other planet. Be the best you can be.

Of those who survive (in the 100s of millions), most of them will be women. There will be 19 women for every man. The old notion of marriage between one man and one woman will be impossible; even five women per man as well. Remember, women will be our leaders and they will be the resource controllers; men will become dependent on women. You women must begin to think about this; our world will be very different.

Men will be so few (and so dependent) that it will be easy to get 1000s of years of payback. Men will still be needed for birthing children, but not much for sex. Woman-on-woman sex will become the “norm.” Sex between man and woman will still be very desirable; we are kind of made that way.

In this new world, babies will be born infrequently; not every woman will have a child. Why? Because all the survivors will have very long, healthy, youthful lives; 300-500 years or more. If we are going to live that long (or longer), we will not need many replacement people. Children will be born and they will be seen as wonderful gifts to the entire community. So, yes, men’s roles will be diminished, but still important.

We will return to a kind of tribalism and leave the big cities; they will become decayed and overgrown. There will be people who will be trusted who travel between the tribes. Tribes will not be welcoming to strangers, especially thieves and bandits.

Are we going back to the stone age? No, we will be able to hang on to electricity and communications (smartphones/tablets) and computers. Yes, we will have some form of the Internet and satellites, but more for coordination between tribes and education/libraries. Many new technologies will be replacing what we have/know now. We will grow things, build things, ranch things, fish things, and make things differently. Many of us will have unusual gifts or talents (or powers) that most do not have now. We will not be dependent on oil, gasoline, or natural gas for transportation or heating as much. Not coal either. Nuclear energy will be replaced by something much better that can be used decentrally. Many of us will ride horses again; the need for speed and being ON-TIME will be much less. If we are going to live extended lives, we will have to learn how to slow down. Got to stop and smell, taste, touch, and feel the roses (and much else).

Women will tend to do things much differently than men. Hopefully, they will be gentler, kinder, and more nurturing. But they will also be the warriors when needed against the bandits and any organized attacks. Women tend to be better planners about many things, but especially looking at options coming. With fewer children, that will evolve.

Some men will have great powers; they will keep everyone honest.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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The End is Near for Russia

We have all watched in amazement how the once-feared Russian Army has done so poorly after it invaded Ukraine. Why we wondered, hasn’t the Russian Air Force and Electronic Warfare forces destroyed the Ukrainian troops? How is it possible for the Ukrainians to still have an air force and fighter planes? How was it possible to sink the Moskva?

There is a common thread that is just now being noticed. Russian soldiers are being paid a massive bonus for any washing machine/dryer they can steal; it’s the chips. Apparently, the sanctions imposed after Russia seized Crimea made it very hard to obtain replacement circuit boards and chips for their military and other equipment.

Russia is very much like a third-world country; it sells raw materials and does not have any advanced manufacturing or technology exports. Things like fighter planes, tanks, and ships all require extensive computerized operations that make high-end chips essential; Russia must import all of its chips and they have been embargoed since 2014 (and even worse now). What about China? China makes chips that are being provided, but China is not capable of making the high-end chips required by Russia. China, too, must import all of its high-end chips; until recently, many came from Taiwan.

My point is that both Russia and China depend on imported high-end computer chips for everything in our modern world (including washing machines and dryers). The lack of high-end chips (from sanctions) have made the Russian fighter jets, tanks, and ships dysfunctional in many areas. Their most advanced bomber aircraft cannot use their precision weapons; their chips are broken or missing. This is also true of the chips in the “smart” weapons; not too many of them have been made (not enough chips). The result? Russian aircraft must fly close to the ground to drop their “dumb” bombs (to try to avoid hitting their own troops); this is allowing Ukrainians to shoot them down with Stingers. This also applies to their Navy; nothing is working as it is supposed to.

The Ukrainians Army is increasingly reporting a trend of captured/destroyed tanks and armored personnel carriers (APCs) having cannibalized chips that come from washers and dryers. If the Russian Army has become dependent on captured washers and dryers for chips to make warfare possible, they have already lost. Many of us have seen videos of washing machines visible when Russian troops have been pushed out.

So, not only can the Russians not make new tanks and APCs in their tank plants, but those 10,000 tanks in storage do not have any chips either. Every time they lose another tank/APC, it cannot be replaced. Never mind the people, it’s all about the computer chips. I suspect that Putin had no choice but to try a lightening war on Ukraine to stop the Crimea Sanctions and get the chips for Russia (and the Russian Military). He has been running a high bluff; soon he will be overwhelmed by Ukraine and the weapons from the West.

Think about it? What would happen if we could not buy new computers or phones for years? Unless you were part of the Elite? Would our cars work beyond a year or two without chips? What about our production facilities/factories? The Internet? All those databases? All computer hard drives have chips.

When Russia collapses, it will be much worse than anyone can guess; they have been hanging on by their fingernails. Now, many things begin to make sense. The Ukrainians now have artillery that shoots 30-40KM with rocket-boosted shells that also have super accurate chips in them. Drones are making the accuracy even better. The Russians only go 18KM and are much less accurate. This is not a fair fight, but the Russians have brought this on themselves. Think about Western Fighter planes (with all working chips) against Russian ones? Wow!

This is all about the shift in energies going on. Who’d have thunk?

Love, Light and Laughter,


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The Dark, the Evil, the Woke are Losing

We are all watching the collapse of Twitter, Disney, and Netflix; the Woke are being told to find other jobs. Be offended on your own dime. We are also watching the purge of the RINOs (Republicans in Name Only); Trump-endorsed candidates have won 58-1, so far. The Russians have been driven out of Ukraine’s second-largest city; Kharkiv. The Russians have depended on their artillery to destroy infrastructure and defenses, but now, Ukrainian artillery outranges them by 30km to 18km. First, it was their tanks blowing up around them; now, it will be their artillery, fuel, munitions, food, and replacement men/materiel.

When these new NATO weapons get into the fight, the Russians will not know what has hit them. They will collapse rapidly; totally demoralized. The Ukrainians will be cutting off 1000s of Russian troops and causing mass surrenders. Russia is collapsing from within.

Everyone is starting to realize that food shortages are coming. Stock up on rice, beans, and pasta now. Yes, and canned meats as well. Here’s some good news; the harvest in Ukraine and Russia will be disrupted, but not destroyed. A good portion of the wheat and other grains will get out to market. Russia cannot win and will surrender soon. Sanctions will be lifted at incredible speed and the flow of food, oil, and gas will resume. The Europeans will get most of the food leaving much of the rest of the world to struggle with food shortages.

The Europeans have just received a massive wake-up call. Expect the EU to disintegrate rapidly as most countries do not want to give up their sovereignty to the Germans or French. Slovakia and Hungary have already stated that “their” food is for them. Romania, Poland, and Italy are not far behind.

Reduced sunspots and increased cosmic rays are taking their toll; the entire Earth has moved into a period of increased seismic activity. Volcanoes have gotten more active and earthquakes are ramping up. Expect huge activity in China, India, Indonesia, and the West Coast of the United States. Big ones are coming. Africa will be a hornet’s nest of activity and pain.

All of this is part of the movement into Aquarian energies; the old world of fear, force, and control is collapsing. Big Government, Globalism, MultiNational companies, and Wokeness are fading quickly. Russia, China, the EU, and the UN are all tent poles that are all falling down. The US GOVERNMENT is one as well, but it is being transformed; taken back from within.

The financial world is on the verge of total destruction; what happens when interest rates go to 20% overnight? It happened back in the 1970s and saved the system, but this time we have the derivative bombs. Over leveraged banks, companies, and countries will default and collapse. The savers are not putting their money into banks; not enough return on investment (interest) or trust. China will kick this off as its real estate sector has dropped 75% from a year ago; that is a $45 Trillion loss. Japan and the ECB will collapse almost immediately afterward. Wall Street and the Federal Reserve will try to hold out, but will not be able; all of their tools have been destroyed. Gold, silver, and Bitcoins will surge. Buy lots of ordinary coins; they will be worth far more than now. People are worried about inflation now, but we are all headed toward massive deflation. The money will all disappear suddenly and become very valuable in its scarceness. Yes, we are going back to bartering.

When the dust settles, the dollar will emerge again along with the pound. This will happen as the US has a unique circumstance; it cannot be invaded by land, controls oceans on both sides, has huge food production, and has a water/road transportation network larger than the rest of the world combined. The Germans will be very damaged by the collapse of the Euro. That and a huge lack of trust; after all, the EU was the 4th Reich attempt. Poland and Britain will become the new European powers and will, probably be allies.

I  know, it looks like things are getting worse, but this is the darkness before the dawn. We are almost to the light at the end of the tunnel. For the survivors, we are going into a new Golden Age.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Update on Creating Consciously

Creation Days are days that we are allowed to create (or be Creators). They are based on the number 14 or 5. Look at your hands, feet, torso/limbs, teeth (32 or 28), and the various states of water (Freezing 32, Boiling 212, and Steam 221). This is an extremely powerful number that almost none of us know what to do with.

There are many ways to come up with a 5 or 14. In the past, I have written about the 5th, 14th, and 23rd of every month. These are called Single Creation Days. The 28th of every month is also one of them (2×14). The next category is Double Creation Days; these are a combination of the month and day like April 1st (4/1) or December 20 (12/20). Double Creation Days are more powerful than Single Creation Days. The last category is Triple Creation Days; these are a combination of the month, day, and year like May 12, 2022 (5, 3, & 6). Triple Creation Days are the most powerful.

That is a recap. Here are some new insights. Many of you have already figured this out, but perhaps some have not. Take the last date. May is a 5 month. That means that every day in May is already a Creation Day. But October (10=2×5) is also a 5 month and every day in October is also a Creation Day. Isn’t it interesting that May is planting and October is the harvest?

OK. If we can double 14 to make 28 and double 5 to make 10, then we can multiply 5 times 2 (10), 3 (15), 4 (20), 5 (25), and 6 (30) every month to get four or five additional Single Creation Days.

One more insight. Take May 12, 2022; It is a 5 plus a 3 and 6 more. Yes, that is a Triple 14-day. But it is more. Take the 3 and add it to the three separate 2s in 2022; that is three more 14-days. So now, you have a Creation Day that is six times; an even more powerful Creation tool.  Using this approach, perhaps half (50%) of our days can be used as Conscious Creators. Most of us go through life creating without knowing that we are creating. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes bad, but we are doing it UN-consciously. That ol’ Negative Self-Talk can do real damage.

Now you know why positive thinking and affirmations work, but only on Creation Days.

Play with this, be creative. It will increase your power. If you are looking for more control in your life, this will help. Become a Conscious Creator.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Food: Darkness or Light?

Like in most things, there are different energies in the food we eat.

For example, most vegetable oils can be classified as Omega 6 oils (soy, canola, safflower, corn, peanut, and blended). Omega 6 oils are a root cause of inflammation in our bodies. What we should be using is olive, coconut, avocado, and macadamia oil; these are Omega 3 oil and do not cause inflammation. Other great Omega 3 oils are butter/cream, lard, and tallow; animal fats. Most fried food we get from restaurants is cooked in Omega 6 oils or blends; tastes great, but wrong energy. Omega 6 oils tend to be less expensive and most of us do not realize how bad these are.  We tend to call these “vegetable” oils, but they are really seed oils.

Many of us have been exposed to Glyphosates; it is called Round-Up and is a herbicide. In the Vietnam War, it was called Agent Orange. My exposure to it caused my Type II Diabetes and other issues. It took 40 years for some of these issues to be visible. I mention this as it is used extensively on soy, wheat, corn, peanuts, and others. It too is a root cause of inflammation and should be avoided. Yes, tofu and bread/flour are full of it. Just think, how many foods/drinks have high-fructose corn syrup; it too is loaded with Glyphosates; same for corn/tortilla chips.

Anything that causes inflammation is food on the Dark Side. Think about it, inflammation starts out as red and moves toward infection. Modern medicine calls out inflammation as the root cause of most diseases.

What about sugar? Or anything that produces glucose in our bodies? We all know about sugar; it is in everything. It gets turned into glucose immediately and gives us that sugar high that only lasts for an hour or two. What about eating bread, crackers or cookies? Wheat gets turned into glucose in about 20 minutes. What about other starches like potatoes and rice? Yes, they get turned into glucose quickly as well (about 30 minutes).

Wait a second, are you saying that glucose is on the Dark Side? Yes. What is diabetes? Generally, it can be described as a condition of insulin resistance in our cells. Some people are calling Alzheimer’s Diabetes Type III or insulin resistance by brain cells. When we eat carbs (sugar), our bodies must produce insulin to get our cells to process the glucose. Our cells will not “eat” the glucose without the added insulin.

But……., many of us live on a mostly carbohydrate diet. Haven’t we been told that we should be eating a low-fat, high-carb diet? Yes, that too came from the Dark Side; we are having an epidemic of diabetes as a result.

Our bodies are like hybrid cars; we can burn glucose as fuel, but can also burn fat (ketones). This is what the Keto Diet is all about. Our brains operate entirely on ketones (when it can get them). Mother’s milk is full of ketones (as is heavy cream/butter and Omega 3 oils/fats). When you switch to ketones as the primary fuel, you do not need to snack (can go hours without feeling hungry). Long-distance runners have all switched.

I have been on a strict Keto diet for four years. Some would call it Super Keto as everything we eat is organic or humane. We also take supplements like Berberine (better than Metformine with no side effects). What has happened is that my body has shifted to looking for ketones (fat) as its primary fuel source (over Glucose).

Yes, we cheat and eat small amounts of wheat, potatoes, and rice once a week or ten days. We love almond croissants that are also full of butter. Got to have a burger and fries once in a while. When we go out to eat, it is easy to get double veggies instead of starch, but on cheat days, we eat everything and even deserts.

Eating a diet that is 70% fat (ketones), 25% protein, and only 5% carbs is the goal for all of us wanting to eat a diet on the Light Side. I drink heavy cream in my coffee all the time; it is wonderful. We also eat a lot of avocados which are full of fat. We use lots of butter/olive/coconut oil. We fill up on double portions of low-carb vegetables (broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, spinach, peppers, onions, garlic, and mushrooms). The 5% carbs all come from vegetables; no bread, potatoes, or rice (starches). I am very healthy both mentally and physically as a result.

For any of you who have neurological issues, your brain/nervous system may be having insulin resistance issues, especially if you already have diabetes. Google C-8 oil. Coconut oil can be formed into several components; C-8 is a colorless, odorless, tasteless coconut derivative that is pure externally produced ketones. It can be added to coffee, tea, or hot chocolate easily. Look up Shearbrook Institute in Canada; they have been curing Alzheimer’s using the Keto diet and C-8 oil. They do brain scans before and after treatments and people in their 70s with full-blown Alzheimer’s can get back to 55-year-old without any sign.

Ketones are on the right track or Light Side. Glucose is on the wrong track. Please reduce your Glucose intake. Alternatives to sugar include Monk Fruit, Stevia, and various alcohol sweeteners that do not spike the insulin. 400 years ago, we did not know what sugar was. Our ancestors cooked with butter, lard, and tallow (and olive oil). They were healthier. They did not carry around so much fat. Insulin is the fat hormone.

This is what I do and is just something for you to think/experiment about.

Last thoughts; wheat and corn are worse than potatoes and rice. This is internal information. Perhaps, potatoes and rice are more neutral.

Love, Light and Laughter,



The Dark Side has gone Nuts!

Stupid lockdowns, masks, transgenderism, CRT, parents have no rights, massive amounts of illegal migrants/fentanyl, and now, a government board that is, somehow, going to enforce what “disinformation” is and what to do about it. This is obviously how they plan to steal another election; that and the election software machines.

My point is something keeps pushing these people off the cliff and they want us to follow them. No, they demand that we jump off with them.

This site is very focused on energy. The energy of the Left is very Dark; it’s all about fear, force, and control. They are losing adults everywhere and are desperate to subvert the kids now. Big problem: the kids coming up now, are not buying it.

We are in the midst of an energy shift from Darkness to Light (Left-Spin to Right-spin). Another way to look at that is to think about weather systems; left-spin is tornadoes, hurricanes, tropical storms, and generally, dark clouds, lots of driving rain/wind, and right-spin is lots of sun, blue skies, and wispy clouds. We are in the last hurricane that the Dark Side can throw at us; it is disconcerting how many “intelligent” people can be so STUPID. But, it is more than that: they are desperate to try to hold on to their power. They do not realize that the power equation has shifted.

For the past 10,000 years, THEY, the Dark Side, have had 80% of the power in our world. That is why so much of our world is based on fear, force, and control. Now, 2022 is the transition year to 80% of the power being on the freedom, truth, good choices, and doing the right thing. The Dark side got 10% for January and February. Right-spin got 10% for March and April; now, we are even. We will be getting 60% more over the next six months; by the end of October. Actually, we have a tiny bit more powre than they do even on May 1st. Mayday has an entirely new meaning.

You can say BS, but look at what is happening to Russia in Ukraine (and the world). This has been massively unexpected. Instead of breaking up NATO, it has strengthened/unified it. Instead of going their own ways, Europe has come together to support each other (except Germany). Germany is always interested in what’s good for Germany and wants it both ways; it wants to get raw materials and energy from Russia (and sell its cars/machinery) and, at the same time, sell to Europe, the UK, and the US.

Germany is too conflicted now. It will be withdrawing from NATO and ally itself with what is left of Russia (or try to). Every country around Germany will band together to oppose the new, militarized German state. NATO will probably be broken into two separate alliances; Poland, the Nordics/East Europeans, and the Brits, French, Dutch, and the Mediterranean states. Russia and Belarus will be losing a lot of territory in the breakup/reset. Belarus will cease to exist and Russia will shrink to the area around Moscow; the Russian Empire will soon be history.

As I have written about, Germany will be broken up into pieces; the deunification of Germany. Denmark will get Hamburg, France the Ruhr, Austria Bavaria, Czechia former East Germany, and Poland Prussia. It will be messier than that, but that is the outline. Poland will also get Kaliningrad. The Baltics and Finland will expand eastward.

China will try to expand northward, but it is a basket case (spent force). Xi is the only one making decisions and most of them are bad/unwise/uninformed. Yes, China will be collapsing with the Great Dam and large chunks of central Siberia will go with it. Central Asia, the Himalayas, and India will be massively impacted by those events.

So………, with the shift in powre, the Demons have lost to the Angels. This is a bit strange (not mainstream), but many of our leaders have been guided by the Dark forces (Demons). That is how they got their wealth and power. How does one get to be a Billionaire without energetic help? Either Demons or Angels?

As I have written, we have been transitioning since 2012; the end of Pisces (Mayan Calendar). So….., there are a few Billionaires that are of the Light (Right-Spin). Yes, Trump and Musk are two of them; both are incredibly disruptive to the Dark Forces.

We have watched our world go down a path toward rejection of our culture, traditions, and histories. We call that Globalism or the New World Oder or WEF. Its focus has been on Collectivism over Individualism; everyone must give up their Rights for the greater good. We have struggled with this through Fascism, Socialism, and Communism for the past 100 years. Globalism and medical tyranny are its most recent forms.

Do not despair; the nightmare is nearly over. We are coming into the Light; the storm is dying down. The Demons will be driven out quickly, now. Does anyone think Putin is not controlled by Demons? How about Xi, Biden, Soros, Pelosi, BoJo, Macron, Fauci, and many others?

What will happen to these people when they lose their Demons? Their health, longevity, and wealth will tend to disappear rapidly; yep, their power too.

Demons are not going away entirely; the Dark Side still has 20%, but our world is becoming a much better place. How long? Perhaps for many times the 10,000 years, THEY had. Things will be much better for 1000s of years minimum; we are entering a new Golden Age.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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