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We are All “Green” Suckers

In the last 20 years, we have all bought (or most) into the Global Warming non-sense. We have been told that carbon dioxide is a very bad thing that must be eliminated (or somehow locked/bottled up). Never mind that all plant life on land (and in the oceans) depends on carbon dioxide for photosynthesis; plants take the carbon and release the oxygen.

Recently, our Global Masters (WEF Technocrats) have told us that nitrogen is somehow bad, even though the air we breath is composed of 70% nitrogen. WTF? They are trying to force Dutch farmer to stop growing food. Again, WTF. Much of our world is facing food shortages/famine.

So, how did this happen? The Globalists have been trying to change things on Earth for more than 100 years so that the Elite few could rule Everywhere. At first, it was going to be socialism and communism that would be the great enabler. They set up the Central Banks in the 1920s and created the Great Depression; yes, that was part of the plan. Things we going well until the Soviet Union collapsed. Oh Shit, they had to come up with something else.

They came up with Global Warming, even though 20 years earlier, it was the coming ice age. All of sudden, we were bombarded with rising ocean levels (which never happened) and shrinking ice levels at the poles. Global Warming became Climate Change, but still, carbon dioxide was the evil enemy. Coal became evil and had to be stopped. Oil was not far behind. Gasoline had to be replaced by electric cars (EVs); less range and longer recharging equal more control over the masses. Yes, we spent billions on wind and solar generation schemes, but the problem of storing large amounts of needed electricity just wasn’t there; electricity was needed a night, and what happens when the wind stops blowing?

These alternative power generation technologies worked, but never well enough to replace hydrocarbons. The storage capacity was never robust enough. OK. We had nuclear, didn’t we? Oh no, even though nuclear did not emit carbon dioxide, it put out evil radioactivity and it too, had to be stopped.

The Elite take over of the world hit a speed bump, but Environmentalism/Climate Change came to the rescue. Next, we had to impose the Tyranny of the Technocrats, and enter Covid 19 with lockdowns, masks, and mandatory vaccines that were never tested and have killed many 1000s (or even 100s of 1000s). That is the WEF/New World Order theme that has been going on for a while.

What happened? It seems to be de-railed (or at least de-railing). The Globalist world depended on free trade from everywhere in the world. The Globalist Navy (US Navy) kept the peace; the oil and Chinese goods must be allowed to flow until it was no longer needed.

Next theme. Russia. Let’s go back to the early 90s and the collapse of the Soviet Union. Russia had developed a robust oil and natural gas industry to supply all of the SSR’s (Republics) that were part of the new Russian Empire. Overnight, the Soviets collapsed and many of the Republics became free (and even joined NATO). What happened to the Russian oil and gas market? It too collapsed overnight.

When you are taking oil and gas out of the ground it is pumped and pressure levels must be maintained. If it is cold, like Siberia, when pressure gaps happen, ice cracks the pipes. After enough cracks, the pipes no longer work anymore and new wells must be drilled. What happens when your customer base goes away suddenly? You run out of storage tanks and you must stop production (pumping); another opportunity for ice cracks. But, fortunately, the Russians had built a network of gas/oil pipes to supply their former Warsaw Pact allies. What a fortuitous turn of events, just when Russia needed new customers, Europe was there.

Under the Soviet system, the oil and gas infrastructure was primitive and corrupt. Companies from the West came in to help the Russians, but it took 30 years to get everything up and running again smoothly (2022).  Yes, right up to the invasion of Ukraine. Now, stop and think. The Russians realized that Europe (especially Germany) was their primary target market. They had pipes crossing Belarus, Ukraine, and the Baltic Sea (Nordstream 1 and 2). They were selling a lot of gas and oil to Europe, but how to increase sales?

The Russians saw the new Geopolitical shift the Elites were making and thought, we can get behind that. They jumped on the bandwagon and started pushing for a shift to natural gas as the least offensive form of hydrocarbon. Result? Europe/Germany started buying great quantities of natural gas via those pipes. What else? The Russians started talking about the dangers of nuclear; you know like Cherynoble. The Green idiots fell for this hook, line, and sinker. Coal was shut down. Nuclear was shut down. Massive resources were put into wind and solar. Coal was always there as a backup when the wind did not blow or the sun did not shine. Even better, natural gas could be the backup.

The Russians desperately needed a new market to sell their gas and oil to. They did everything in their power to push the Green Movement in Europe and advance the Global Warming/Climate Change narrative. This was wonderful and enabled more and more dependence on Russian gas and oil. This dependence became so great that Russia obtained significant/great geopolitical leverage from it. Putin actually thought he could blackmail the EU/Germany (and NATO) into sitting on the sidelines when he invaded Ukraine.

We have all seen the upturn in events. Sanctions were imposed. Ships did not sail in the Black Sea. Russian and Ukraine export products like oil, gas, wheat, fertilizer, and industrial metals were blockaded. Most of us do not realize that electric vehicles (EVs) cannot be made without Russian supply chains.

All of a sudden, the supply chains that were disrupted by Covid got even worse; now energy supplies stopped flowing (along with wheat). Oh shit, oh dear; something had to be done to stop this destruction of the Globalist World Order.

Now, the Europeans are seeing the stupidity of their ways. The Russians have cut the flow of natural gas by 60% (and probably more). Everyone is now clamoring to restart the nuclear, diesel, and, even, coal-fired power plants. It is obvious, that the wind/solar generation of electricity is not up to the task even after $Billions spent. What happened to the evil carbon dioxide? Everyone is desperate to prepare for the coming winter.

My point is that these two themes were all about geopolitics; one to take over the world and the other to remake Russia into a Super-Power again. Both of these themes are all about using fear, force, and control or Darkness. The timing for both is unfortunate for them, but great for us. We are in the last year of the energy shift between Ages; just about to enter Aquarius (Officially) in January 2023. The fear, force, and control side of the ledger have only 20% of the Power (they used to have 80%). The more freedom, truth, good choices, integrity, and doing the right things side will have 80% of the powre moving forward. Do you think the Dark Assholes will win? Really?

Neither the WEF or the Russian side understand what is happening. They are doing what they have always done; it should be working. They have been in charge and doing it this way for ten thousand years. Why is it not working???

The Universe is intervening; isn’t it grand and glorious?

We are going back to coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear as soon as possilbe (ASAP). But, that is not the answer. We are on the cusp of revolutionary new energy (and other) technologies; they are all part of this new energy we are about to enter into.

Love, Light and Laughter,


I have been doing many, many, many EVICTions and have been told (by Spirit) that they will be completed by November 1st, 2022. It will be fun to watch.

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Try “Evicting” Them

The old Dark energy was used for fear, force, and control. Frequently, when it was opposed, people were just killed. That was just the way Dark energy was used.

Now, we are moving into new energy which is based on Order with more freedom, truth, good choices, integrity, self-reliance, self-responsibility, and, generally, doing the right things.

The old energy approach was to club us all with fear and if we resisted, hit us financially or have us killed in many ways. That worked for the past 10,800 years; this is why our world is so messed up.

We cannot just kill people anymore; that approach is no longer supported by the new energy. We must come up with a new methodology for removing the Dark/Left-spin leaders who are still trying to rule us using fear, force, and control. I have already written about using negative Setups; that will work, but it is not an energetic replacement for killing them and getting them gone quickly.

We can EVICT them. That is a very powerful 5-letter word. Like Setup, it turns the details of the action over to Spirit/Universe but is more direct in terms of rapidity of time and scope. When we use Evict, we are taking their power away (political or group) as well as wealth, money, or position. But hey, if you want to get rid of a Dark Asshole in your life, Evict him/her from your life; they will have no choice but to disappear or just fade away.

If it does not work quickly enough, keep trying at the start of a new month; August 50%, September 60%,, October 70%, and November 80%. Your Eviction Spell will be getting stronger over the next four months. But hey, we have 40% now which is twice what they have; try it, you may like the results.

When I say use Evict, I am not just talking about evicting them from a house or apartment. I am talking about evicting them from a job (your boss), a company, or a political position. Think about it, Russia, China, and the EU have largely been evicted from the family of nations. When I can, I will evict Putin, Xi, Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, McConnel, Arden, Alibressie, Trudeau, and more. Can’t forget Clinton, Soros, Gore, Bush(s), Zuckerburg, Fauci, and other HiTech Tyrants. This also applies to judges, bureaucrats, and generals that are on the Dark side. Hell, if I can, I will evict the entire Deep State/WEF/Davos.

Evict will only work for Light/Right-spinners; the Dark assholes do not have the power they used to (only 20%). Like using negative Setups, their seeming luck will change for the worse, but quickly. Again, there is no luck, it has always been Dark/Left-spin or Light/Right-spin power/powre. They kept on telling us there was so such thing as magic, but they were using it to amass wealth and power constantly. For fear, force, and control; how does one become a billionaire without magic/majik. Now Majik has 80% of the powre and the gain/volume is increasing (November).

Yes, they will try to steal the elections again, but they do not have the power to do so anymore.

To the sheeple, people will die of accidents, diseases, poisons, bullets, and more. No such thing as accidents.

If you want to use your powre to evict any of the above Dark Assholes, pile on.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Are you a Free Wheeler?

I write about people who are Left- and Right-spin and they are very different from each other. Today, I will break everyone into three more categories; people who are guided all the time, people who are guided part-time, and people who are not guided at all. I call the unguided Free Wheelers; they can go in any direction or do anything. They can even change what they are doing or where they are going suddenly in the reverse or in a totally new direction.

I keep writing about talking to yourSelf using nods and shakes. The first step in doing that is to ask if your Angel or Spirit Guide wants to talk to you. For some of you, you do not get an answer. This is puzzling; why would you Guide not want to talk to you?

Perhaps, you are here as a Free Wheeler. If so, you are free to do, or say, or go anywhere; there are no consequences (from a Spiritual perspective). You did not come here to do any heavy lifting or, even work of any kind. For Free Wheelers, this lifetime is a vacation from work; they are here to play. We all know about these people; they do not take anything seriously. They are here for fun. They are fair weather friends; no work, please.

If you are a Free Wheeler, you are not being guided at all. How many of us are Free Wheelers? This may be a bit shocking, but 50% of us tend to be Free Wheelers. Just like being Left- and Right-spin, we are a mix of being totally Free Wheelin and being part-time Guided. When a part-time guided person is not being guided, he/she is Free Wheeling. For most of the 50% of Free Wheelers, only 10% are partially guided (lightly guided).

For those part-timers who get pushed a bit harder, they have work to do, but still, have lots of playtimes. The work and playtime are more limited than the Free Wheelers. As the amount of work increases (and the playtime decreases), they move towards the guided group. Part-time Guided people make up 45% of us. The Guided Group is only 5% or 1-in-20.

Say you are a part-timer and you want to move to the guided group; can you do that? Yes, you start talking to yourSelf and state your Intent to pick up more work. If you are doing any work at all, your Guide will speak with you. This applies to Free Wheelers who are doing any amount of work as well. They will have to set their Intent to be taken seriously by their Guide for the conversation to take place.

So, it’s not just Left- and Right-spinners, but being guided or not. Being guided applies to both the Dark Force and the Light; there have always been good and evil people. And, most of us in the middle. You can be a wonderful Human Being that is listening to guidance from both Darkness and Light; being both fearful and wanting more freedom. We tend to think about the Angel on one shoulder and the Devil on the other.

Think about it, how did Jesus, Bhudda, and Mohammed happen? How about Hitler, Putin, and Stalin? Or Gengus Khan? How about Alexander the Great? All of these people were guided. Nothing (No Thing) that happened to them was accidental or luck or happenstance; everything was a Setup.

My major point here is to inform you that you can move in the direction you want by exercising your Intent; you can consciously create. If you want to get off the merry-go-round (Free Wheeling)? You can. If you want to get more purpose (more work)? You can. We are all put here to make choices. Most of us do not know we have these choices; there are no instruction manuals on being Human.

Sometimes, it is very hard being a Free Wheeler. They are always looking for greater/more purpose. But equally, it can be hard to start working.

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The Dark Forces have run outa Luck!

Everyone should have their heads on a swivel; keep watching for the massive changes happening all around.

I have written about the shift in energies that are transpiring this year. On July 30th, Light/Right-spin will have 50% of the powre in the world; Darkness/Left-spin only has 20%.

OK. What’s changing? First, there is no such thing as Luck or Accidents or Happenstances or Coincidences; everything is a Setup by Spirit. Yes, you can call it synchronicity, but Setups are more direct. What is a Setup? It is a series of events, people, or transactions arranged for you by your Angels or Spirit Guides.

Hopefully, you will believe me about Setups. Here’s why. If you know that Setups are being deployed around you or with you in the center, you can ask about your Setups. You can ask about positive and negative Setups. I would start with the Negative ones first. I try to remember to ask about negative Setups once per week. Knowing they are coming allows you to prepare in advance; you know, change something to avoid it. But, even more important, you can ask if you can delete, modify (lessen), or delay the negative Setup. If you know about it, you can take action to avoid/lessen the negative experience(s). Hey, if you’ve got positive Setups coming, you can look forward to them or even ask if they can be quickened or increased in scope. How does one ask about Setups? Yes, use the nods and shakes. And yes, put your hand on your heart if you want to validate truthfulness.

We all have Setups as individuals, groups, companies, political parties, and nations. And yes, you can ask about Setups at all levels. So, in August, Light/Right-Spin will be able to give (or start to) negative Setups to dark/left-spin individuals (especially billionaires/political leaders), groups, companies, parties, and nations. Think Putin and Russia, but many others come to mind. What I am saying is that many people and organizations will be given many new negative Setups; their Luck will appear to have shifted to Bad. Instead of winning their agenda issues, they will lose and the losses will get worse and worse.

We have been watching the collapse of Globalism for several months, but it will quicken. Germany cannot continue as it was; just not enough natural gas coming from Russia. The same will apply to most of Europe, especially next winter. What about food? Fuel? Electricity? Heating? Cars/Trucks?

Something positive now. All of you Right-spinner out there will be able to give positive or negative Setups to others. This may not happen until the end of August (60%), September (70%), or October (80%), but it will happen this year. It will also depend on how strong you are in Right-spin power (70s, 80s, 90s percent).

Here’s something positive to do right now. Take any situation that you are thinking about. You can ask for an MBO; a Most Benevolent Outcome. This is a way of turning a negative Setup into a positive one. You can give MBOs to others. It is more powerful when you give them to other Right-spinners. This is kind of putting a positive Spell on someone/something. Setup and Spell are both 5-letter words.

Anyway, our world is just now coming out of 10,800 years of being dominated by darkness/left-spin powers that brought us massive amounts of fear, force, and control. With the many negative Setups being pumped out, that dark world will start to implode rapidly. Hand out the positive Setups and MBOs to people who are makers and givers. People who smile in their eyes and with their hearts. People who are thoughtful, kind, and considerate. People who provide service(s) to the rest of us. Service people always find a way to push beyond themselves.

You can also hand out the negative Setups. Instead of trying to kill someone, hand it over to Spirit or the Universe to come up with the most appropriate Setup; this is a great way to avoid any Karma issues. Who knows? They can become ill or can slip on the ice. You can give out as many negative Setups as you feel necessary; again, the execution is up to the higher realms. Setups are not limited to a single issue. We tend to think of them as money, love, health, or possessions, but can be all-in-one. You can help the Universe with your intent for positive and negative Setups or MBOs.

Be sure to give yourSelves positive Setups/MBOs when it comes to enough food, fuel, shelter, electricity, and transport. Do this at least once per week unless you can make them last longer. Ask for help from like-minded people; survival is a group sport.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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The Shift is Happening

Look around. The world is getting more (and more) restive. A massive uprising is going on in Sri Lanka. Why? Their government could not pay its debts. Now, it will have to depend on charity; no food, no fuel/gasoline, no electricity, no capital for lending, no credit cards. Back to the Stone Age. Guess what? This is going to happen to 100 more countries around the world. Everyone went a little nuts when debt went to zero interest; now, it is going back to norms of 3-5 percent and defaults are happening everywhere. Not just governments, but companies and individuals as well.

Marry that with huge increases in food, heating/cooling, transportation, and shelter costs. Guess what? We are running out of money collectively. The last time this happened was in the 1930s – the Great Depression; what makes a depression different from a recession is that all the money disappears, for years. Never mind the digital money, that will gone in “poof”; trillions of it. I am talking about cash; THAT is going to disappear.

Yes, we are all concerned about inflation now, but what happens when none of us can afford the basics? Demand dries up; that is called demand destruction. The price of everything will suddenly drop/crash; it will deflate like a popped balloon. Remember, cash will become very scarce. Build up your cash and coin reserves; they will come in very handy. Use your credit for everything. Hold your cash to the end, it will become very much more valuable.

Our old world is disappearing. Russia is already starting to collapse; most of the Russian military has been sent to Ukraine and Central Asia is revolting/exploding. Russia is losing in Ukraine; what’s going to happen to it? What will Germany do when the lights go out? It too will collapse. And when Germany collapses, the EU will as well. Will the German be allowed to repeat Hitler? China is having a very hard time; the real estate segment has crashed to 10% of what it was a year ago. In China, that is where 70% of investments go. That is driving bank runs and the collapse of the banking system. The Chinese stock market has already collapsed. Same for the bond market. China is actually worse than Sri Lanka, but the world has not figured it out yet; it is just so big. How are the Chinese going to be able to import all of the food, gasoline, coal, etc? Imagine China like 1820 in less than a year. China’s woes will spread to Europe and the world fairly quickly.

Now, look around and imagine that your location may be going back in time as well. It can not be avoided; all of us are heading for difficult times. Surround yourselves with dependable people; we are going to need each other. Move to the country; the trucks/lorries will not be coming. Start growing food; indoors and out. Canned food does not expire; you know when a can is bad by the pressure bulges. Keep pickle juice or fermented foods like sour kraut around for food poisoning issues; they work wonderfully well. It’s what our ancestors did before refrigeration.

This is the last year of the old energy and things are changing rapidly. Out with the old and in with the new; most of the old ways will be leaving. Yes, we will still have computers and cell phones, but most of us will not have the time we used to; we will be too busy trying to survive. Eventually, like in the 1930s and 40s, things will get better, but it may take 15 or 20 years. Everyone is in this mess. And no, the new energy will not support more world wars; Ukraine and Russia are fighting out one-on-one (yes, much help is being sent).

The end of the New World Order/Liberal World Order/Globalism/WEF/EU/UN/World Bank/IMF/WHO/WTO etc., is happening. Again, out with the old. Russia-Ukraine is just the catalyst for pushing the old structure over; Covid and Supply Chains had already started killing it/them.

Right-spin people are makers and givers; both men and women. Left-spinners are takers. Push them away, even if they are family. They will always put themselves first. Narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths are all left-spin energy suckers/vampires/takers.

As part of this shift, women will become the dominant decision-makers. Men will still be valued (because we think differently) and will still be needed for children. No one will have to wonder what a woman is.

What about the takers? You know, the people living off the government/taxpayer? Not talking about the helping-hand people or pensioners, but the types who feel they are entitled and don’t have to work. In the coming months, they will be pushed away and be forced to fend for themselves (or not). These too, are left-spinners; me, me, me, take, take, take.

With this shift in energy, many changes are coming.  After the great die-offs, there will be far more women than men; about 20-to-1. Let that sink in. We will all be given extended lifetimes of 300-500 years in youthful, healthy bodies (I know, hard to believe). Children will not be needed as replacement bodies (not as much) and will become rarer; they will be treasured and raised by the community. Women will be head of households with or without men. This new energy will be 80% Light or Right-spin; more freedom, choices, truth, integrity, self-reliance/responsibility, and doing the right things. Men will find their place, but it will be very different.

So, part of these massive changes coming are new capabilities for both Humans and NewBeings. We have called them occult powers like precognition/telling the future or having magical powers like witches (both good and bad). Some of us have a sixth sense about different things. All of these powers will be amplified or empowered in this new energy. Not only will power or capability be broader or more generalized, but the gain (or volume) of function will be greater. Some will be able to start fires or purify water or make it rain; all using mental intention. Some will be able to move things around mentally; a few feet, a mile, or 1000s of miles. Some will be able to duplicate or replicate things (all kinds). Some will be able to make things heavier or lighter, or bigger/smaller. Some will be able to create electrical fields to do many things; this is what we used to call Spells. Remember there is good Majik and bad Magic. People will be able to jump themselves (and others) to far distant locations instantly (see the movie “Jumper”).

All of the survivors will receive additional powres. That is how this new energy will work. Many powres will be weak at first and will require effort for greater strength. Some powres will not be revealed until a baseline powre is achieved. Over time (and effort), everyone will get stronger while maintaining their youthfulness and health. The new path is one of Spiritual Growth but with better choices and time/health to achieve them.

This is what a Golden Age is; we are on the cusp of entering one. Unfortunately, we cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs. Earth Changes are nearly upon us.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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Re-Programming YourSelf?

We all have issues in our lives; we are too short or fat or just don’t like ourselves for whatever reason. Hopefully, we all have things that we like about ourSelves. Here’s some help with that.

OK. Can we change ourSelves? Yes.

Go to the Transform YourSelf – A Guided Meditation page on this site. Figure out how to get to your Inner or Secret Heart. That is where you can re-program yourSelf. Once you find the entrance to your Inner Heart (it will open for you), tell yourSelf to go to the Control Room.

Perhaps, this is a new concept, but you can ask if you can change things in your body or life. You may get some NOs, but you will definitely get some YESs. OK. Work on the YESs. Ask if the limits are ON and OFF, like a switch. Can you flip the switch? Frequently, the limits will be a range, like 0-9 (that is really 1-10). If this is the case, find out where you are; are you turned ON or OFF? or, are you nearer to 1 than 9?

Be patient, it has taken you all of your life to get to where you are now; it will not change overnight. I know, I know, you have tried to remove the blocks many times before, but not by going to your Secret Heart’s Control Room. Try finding out what issues are controlled by the ON/OFF switch; do them first. When you flip the switch either ON or OFF, set your intention to Lock the switch until you change it again.

This process is one of asking questions and getting answers from within your Heart. If you are unsure of your answers, put your hand on your heart while you are asking the questions. Set your intention that you will only get the truth for your specific questions; you will get better at asking questions over time; it is like asking the Internet, keywords are very important.

Frequently, you will get a YES when you ask if you are being blocked in some way. That Block may be a simple ON-OFF switch; if so, an easy fix. But, it may be more difficult to fix if you are a 1 and want to move towards a 9.  You may be limited in how much you can move the dial with this effort and how frequently you can move the dial in subsequent efforts. What I am saying is that it will probably not be a one-and-done effort.

You may be able to move the dial from 1 to 3 or, possibly to 5. I have found it is more effective moving up in odd numbers. If you are on an even number, go to an odd number before trying to move 2 or more in one jump. Once you begin this process, things that you got a NO on, may be changed to YES; it takes INTENT which is a combination of Focus and Willpower. It also takes EFFORT.

BTW, your thumbs are your Intent. Call them Mudras; your forefinger is knowing (Knower), middlefinger is thinking (Thinker), ringfinger is being (Be-er or I am), and little finger is doing (Doer). Mix one or more of your fingers with your thumb; that is another way of changing your programs; this works well with the Inner Heart approach. Ask about it and you will be told. I was a Boy Scout; the oath was grabbing my little finger with my thumb in my right hand; my Doer and Intent. Very powerful, especially when repeated many times. How we touch each other’s hands is very powerful. A caress? Strong handshake or limp? Think about what finger do we use when we flip the bird? Or, I know that/you?

This is something that we all know and use. Just like nodding and shaking our heads. We must learn to tune into this. Ask your Inner Being/Heart if it wants you to communicate your Intent in this way? You know, the nods and shakes routine.

The above knowledge can be used by anyone who can find their Inner/Secret Heart. For Right-Spinners, we have increased/increasing powres to make the changes we want. Ask about your health, your youthfulness, and fixes to your body like vision or hearing or getting slim and fit. If you have any dis-eases, can they be healed?

Ask about your Powres? Do you have any yet? Are they coming? Are they within your Pre-Now or extended Pre-Now? If so, do you have the powre to heal yourSelf (and others)? When healing others, always ask if you can/may heal them; you will be told NO when they have chosen to leave this way.

Again, check where you are on the dial; you may be a healer, but your setting is down around 1. You may have to work to get it up to 9 but that would be an awesome capability. This also applies to vision, hearing, balance, skin, hair, and how tall you are. I am not saying that you can get taller, but you can find out if you can and take the steps to do so. Same for money, success, and sex.

It is always good to find out if an issue is fate; fates can be changed. Destinies cannot be changed.

Again, change is hard. You have spent your entire life getting to who, what, where, when, and how you are.  Some switches will be easy and some hard, but this is a far better approach than positive thinking and affirmations. They may actually work, but only incrementally; not going to move from a 1 to a 5. Besides, they do not work very well for most of us.

As I am writing this, I am being prompted that I have some significant work to do as well; this was their way of telling me. My process is to ask questions, but if I do not ask the “right” questions, how do I get the “correct” information/knowledge?

I have been questing within for more than 20 years and am very good at zeroing in on any opening. Any insight we get is a key to opening the lock(s) for other insights. We are in the dark fumbling around; we need light like a match and a key. We turn that key and open the door (or window) and pick up another key and another light (match, candle, flashlight, whatever).

Going to your Inner/Secret Heart is a huge KEY. You can turn on the light as bright as desired in YourSelf.

Light, Love and Laughter,


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What is Your NOW? How about Pre-Now?

Start, Quest (as in questioning), and Powre are all 5-letter power words. As of July 10th, 2022 (7+1+6=14), New Being powres have started to be pushed out. It will be little things at first; pay attention. Your intentions will be a bit more robust; that parking space will be there or that line/queue will be small/gone. Good thing(s) will start to occur more often.

Use the tool with the hand-at-heart (nods and shakes) to learn more about Your Powres. Everybody will be getting some kind of a shielding powre first. By that, I mean, you will be left alone; you will not be hassled/bothered by the authorities. Set your intention for More; good choices, freedom, truth, integrity, money, and, generally, good stuff happening. Remember to use the power word, APPLY. Start using Apply after anything that you think you want; it is not just thinking, but triggering.

When we try to Manifest (or Visioneer), we tend to assume  (dangerous word, ass-u-me) that we are creating something for our Now. That is where most of us have our problems. You know, when Spirit tells us a when and it does not happen. Try sending it to your Pre-Now; that is where all of your Setups go; Apply works strongly for your Pre-Now.

Use the hand-at-heart technique to find out what is in your Pre-Now; if it is there, it will be happening soon (within hours or days). If it is not there, it is not coming to your Now. Note: if you have been told that something is coming (from your heart), it will come, but you will have to wait for it. If your head is telling you, it is probably misinformation; try again with your heart.

Part of finding what is in your Pre-Now is to ask whether you have any Negative Setups coming to you. Wow, you can find out in advance? Yes, and you may be able to cancel them. To cancel them, you must know about them before they are applied. You can also ask about Positive Setups. This is a great quest(ion) to ask every week.

Another great quest is to find out what your Now is. Is it 5 days, or 3 or 1? Is it 12 hours, or 6 or 3? Is it different for money or sex or food or shelter? Spirit loves simplicity but combines them until it can become complex. For example, things like rent or car payments (monthly) could easily be 14-days. Once you find out what your Nows are, can you change them? Yes. Use your intention and Apply; it is Your Now. You can simplify your Now down to one value, but get your Heart to agree.

This is another example of Conscious Creating. Use the 14 number (or 5) for consciously creating; it is the Creation Number whether we use it consciously or just allow good (and bad) things to happen by accident, luck, or happenstance (Unconscious Creating). There is no such thing as accident, luck, or happenstance; everything is a Setup being run for you by your heart. Review my Home Page. Be creative in using all of the numbers on any given day; for example, 7-10-2022 is a triple 14-day, but the 1 can make three additional 5s using the 2s in 2022. 28 is two times 14 so it is a double 14-day each month. Using this technique, you find that you have many more Creation Days than you thought. Whatever you do, do not continue to drop into negative self-talk; use I can instead of I can’t. Even without using Apply intention will set your Pre-Now with enough repetitions.

Math and numbers are a gift from Spirit. Even though they are purely mental constructs, they have huge powre. They work whether we are aware (consciously) or not; 1+1 is always 2 and 3 x 3 is always 9. Do not dismiss numerology as some hocus-pocus, mumbo-jumbo fraud; there is great powre in numbers.

Think about it; we have a thumb and four fingers twice, a big toe and four little toes twice, a torso with two arms and two legs. That is the number 14 five times. We also are born with 32 teeth and tend to lose four of them “Wisdom” teeth; that leaves us 14 up and 14 down. Last point; water freezes at 32℉, boils at 212℉, and live steam is at 221℉. These are all different states of water; they are all different creations. Anytime you can make any numbers add up to 5, that is a 14 (even if it is made up by 3 and 2).

Any multiples of 5 (10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50, 100, 500, 1000) are that many additional Creation Numbers. You wonder why our money is like that?

Love, Light and Laughter,


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How to talk to Your Heart; Not your Head

We have all experienced our Hearts telling us something different from our Heads; is there a way to tell what our Heart is telling us? Yes.

I have written before about tuning into our Nods and Shakes; you know when your head nods for yes and shakes for no. I realized that I needed to be more specific on how to make this work.

Take your dominant hand and place it on your breastbone. If you are not sure which is the better hand, place them both on the breastbone (above the breasts in the center).  Now, ask yourSelf if it wants to talk to you. You should get a distinct head nod Yes. Because you placed your hand near your heart, you have set your intention to talk to your heart. ,,,,,,,, Ask your Heart which hand it wants to use.

Now, verify with your Heart that you can get the truth using the head nods or shakes. That Truth will be coming from your Heart. Next, ask if you can get head nods and shakes from your Head; the answer should be a Yes. Wow, how can we deconflict the info from our hearts and head? Simple, put your hand on your heart when you ask the question; your head cannot interfere in that communication.

It is easy to get information using nods and shakes, but remember some of that may be wishful thinking from our heads (you know logical). So, if you are going to act on this kind of information, always check it by hand at heart.

OK. Now that we know how to get the Truth from our Hearts, you can ask about anything; people, sex, location, job, whether to take that job, whether to marry that person, whether that person is an energy vampire/sucker, whether you should move to get away from danger, etc.

When you use the hand-at-heart approach, you will not be lied to or misled. If you are not getting an answer, ask it a different way. If you are still not getting an answer, your heart does not want to answer (or cannot). Your heart will not give you a string-along answer, especially, if you tell it that you do not want string-along/when answers that are not part of your Pre-Now. If it is part of your Pre-Now, the SetUp is in place and is being applied (Apply is one of the strongest powre words).

Remember, Light/Right-Spin has taken over; it is at 40% now and will be at 80% on November 1st. That means that more freedom, truth/integrity, good choices, and doing the right things are moving towards us. Your heart is always stronger than your head, but is even stronger now in the dominant Light/Right-Spin forces.

Fear, Force, Control, and Chaos are all of Darkness/Left-Spin. Order is of the Light/Right-Spin; we all need rules or structure, but not too much. Tyranny comes with too much force and chaos.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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How the Shift Works

None of us alive have experienced a Shift of the Ages; moving from Pisces to Aquarius.

I initially thought it was a straightforward process; NOT!

When we entered into Aquarian energy back in December 2012, you know the end of the Mayan Calendar, it wasn’t Aquarian energy yet. We entered into a kind of neutral transition between the two Ages. This transition takes nine (9) years and will be completed on December 21, 2022. Counting the 9-year transition, each Age lasts for 2,160 years.

What happened in these last 9 years is unknown; these transitions include extended, negotiated agreements between Dark energies and Light. Of course, none of us know anything about those agreements. The one thing we know is that Aquarian energy will emerge as dominant after the transition. In Taurus, Aries, and Pisces, Darkness had 80% of the available power in our world/Solar System/Local Universe; this explains why Fear, Force, and Control have played such a dominant role in all of our remembered/recorded history. The Male dominated the past three Ages; thus his story (history). In Aquarius, the Female will dominate, Aquarian energies will support more Freedom, Truth/Integrity, Choice (Good ones), Self-Reliance/Responsibility, Individual Rights over Group/Collective Rights, and doing the Right things.

During this transition period, we have seen positive and negative swings back and forth; Covid was a huge negative happening, but it has allowed many of us to wake up to tyranny and be able to see the wrongness of many decisions our Elites have made for us. Think Climate Change and Global Warming. Think Globalism and Globalization. Think WEF/Davos/Bilderbergers/Rothschilds. Think killing coal, oil, nuclear power, and total dependence on natural gas (from Russia?).

Yes, we are all experiencing the war in Ukraine; it is horrible and Russia has become a Priya nation. But hey, worldwide sanctions are killing the Global World Order; that’s a good thing.

We are in the last year of the transition.  By January 30th, Darkness got 10% of the power. By February 28th, Darkness got 20%. That was all for Darkness. In March, April, May, and June, Light got 10% for each (40%). This will occur for July, August, September, and October for 80% of the powre.

So, now, on July 4th, Independence Day in the US, Light has twice the power of  Darkness. We are in the last half of the year as well. The Rules of Engagement (ROE) are, seemingly, that Light could not use its powre against Darkness until July; although it may have jumped the gun at the end of June (the Supreme Court wins).

My point is that the forces of Big Government, the Deep State, WEF/Davos/Bilderbergers/Rothchilds/Central Banksters, the EU, and the UN have all lost the War. They may still win a few battles, but 20% does not trump 40% or 60% or 80%; their losses will become larger and larger. Think about it; are Russia and China forces of Darkness? YES. Are they winning? Have they gotten any of their major objectives? No, some small ones maybe. Wait and see what will happen to these Dark countries. This will apply to Dark regions and states. Light has been blocked, limited, suppressed, and stomped on for the past 6,480 years (or more); being strong in Darkness will be an invitation for attack. US States that are very Dark include New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts. Rhode Island, Illinois, Washington, Oregon, and California; these all have significant pain coming. Through in Delaware. Maryland, and the District of Columbia (DC) as well. In Europe, London, Paris, Berlin, Minsk, and Moscow are all on the Dark Side of the Force.

Today, it was reported that the 3 Gorges Dam has three (3) major cracks; it will not be long. After major upheavals in China, massive earthquake activity will kick off a Cascadia Earthquake and Tsunami that will hit the US West Coast (Vancouver, Seatle, Portland, and San Francisco). That will trigger the “Big One” along the San Andreas and California will become the Isles of California. Washington State, Oregon, and California are among the Darkest Regions anywhere on Earth. Parts of New York and Illinois are not far behind.

Light will be fully empowered and moving against Darkness on New Year’s Day, 2023. We are moving into a several 100-year Mini Ice Age. We have food shortages that we can clearly see coming. We have energy shortages that we can clearly see coming too. This coming winter will be a bad one; very cold. How bad will things be in 2024, 2025, 2026, and out? Our growing seasons will shrink; learn how to grow food indoor or out.

We are already seeing mass migrations of people with the refugees from Ukraine. What will the coming cold and food shortage do? Will it be worse? The world that we all know so well is falling apart. Supply chains are broken, energy and food are getting very expensive; many of us may have to choose between being warm and eating. Buy those middle layers of warmth. Recommend Marino Wool. Don’t forget the socks and gloves. Buy extra blankets, quilts, and sleeping bags. Get that food that does not expire; rice, beans, pasta, lentles, split peas. Get a small, portable stove that burns wood. Find a place in the country; leave the cities soon. We are already seeing what happens when the trucks stop delivering. Cities are collective entities; they are hive-like and are very dark. Collective rights are wanning; become more self-reliant.

Be a survivor; prepare now. It is not a matter of “IF”, but “When” the Shit will hit the Fan (SHTF). It is coming. The Earth Changes have already begun and they will be worse coming.

Light, Love and Laughter,



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