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New Technologies can come into the World

In an earlier post, I wrote about the concept of Energy Envelopes; the one we all know is the New Year on January 1st. Well… if a new year is a new energy envelope, how about a new month?  Yes, we are about to move from January to February and, each, has its own energetic properties.

What makes this year a bit unusual is that Light is in the process of taking over from Darkness. Yes, Light did take over on January 23rd and is, now, preparing to deploy it’s version of programs for things like attraction to the opposite sex, the sex act, acquiring money, holding on to money, acquiring success, holding on to success, being able to change your body, healing yourself, allowing youthfulness for yourself and allowing powres. Like it or not, these are all, now, within the realm of Light; not Darkness.

OK. Are you saying that these new programs will be installed into the world in February? Yes! But, not just into the world, into everything and everyone. The old, Dark ways of doing everything are being replaced with new, different, better ways.

We have all heard that nothing changes; that people do not change and that we will always have death and taxes. Well… this has been true for 6.5 thousands years and that is a long time. It is no longer true, Light has taken over and is throwing out all of the old ways. Yes, that means, medicine, education, our legal system, business, the military and our governments at the local, state and national levels.

The nine days from January 23rd to the 31st have been used to create these new programs and they will be installed during the 28 days of February. Yes, they will be installed in two phases each lasting 14 days each; there is that 14-number or Creation Number again.

OK. What does this mean for me? If you are of the Light, this will be a very good thing; the tables will be turned. All of the Dark people who have accumulated 90 percent of the wealth, you know the one percenters, will, suddenly, lose their ability to acquire and hold on to money and success. By suddenly, I mean a very big change by the end of February. Perhaps, the Global Financial Melt-down will happen very soon.

This will happen to their health and youthfulness as well; too bad, so sad. Oh well, they have had their day in the Sun and now, it is our turn.

Here is some outstanding news; all of you Light Beings who have been messed with by Darkness over the years will be able to “heal” yourselves. Yes, I am talking about Health issues like dis-eases and syndromes and maladies; everything from diabetes to heart disease to cancer, but this also extends to financial healing of poor credit and just not being able to hold on to money. Yes, women/men and sex too. And yes, success too.

And, now, I can talk about technologies. For those of you who have visited my Revitae Technologies website, you know that I have a bunch of ideas to make things better for everyone. The trouble has been that these ideas/technologies were all of the Light and I had to wait until Light took over to bring them into the world.

Well, Pilgrim, it’s that time. I can, finally, bring these technologies into the world without having to worry about being killed. They are all disruptive technologies to varying degrees, especially the Static Electrical Generator. What is even better, it is not just me. There are many other new technologies that have been on hold as well.

Now, the Lotus Flower can unfold.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Things will be Done Differently

For anyone reading this Blog for a short time; I write a lot about the transition from Darkness to Light. Here is some more. For the past 6,480 years, we were in a period dominated by Darkness.

Everything in our lives is an evolution of that domination. How we build houses, roads, bridges, high-rise office and apartment buildings, cars, trucks, airplanes,  everything, is based on properties that were driven by Darkness.

So…now, that Light is in dominance, what kind of changes can we expect? Let’s talk about food production like farming and fishing and ranching; are they going to be essentially unchanged? Most people would say that these are relatively fixed, unchanging occupations. Oh, they have been changed by new, better technologies; wonderful farm equipment to plant and harvest, sonar to find the fish and ocean-going factories to process the catch, and ATVs can now replace horses, if desired.  Is that the kind of changes to expect? NO, the changes will be much more profound and will involve Majikal energies.

In the near future, the ascended survivors will be empowred/enabled to use Majik in their everyday lives. Instead of having to go to the store to buy things, we will be able to teleport them to ourselves; need a bag of nails? how ’bout eggs, milk and cigarettes? No problem. But wait, how do they get “paid” for? Re-member, all of the Dark people are leaving. The ascended survivors all have a high degree of integrity; payments will be made.

There is also something that we call telepathy; we are all experiencing it’s unfoldment with the use of emails and texting on our phones/tablets/laptops. The next step will be to communicate mind-to-mind with or without the phone. Not many will be able to do this at first, but this capability will expand to include most of the ascended survivors.

There is also “Jumping”; that will be for the very few, but will gradually expand as the ascended survivors expand their amount of Light.

Then, there is this Spirit-based mechanism that I call a “SetUp.” Many others call this luck, an accident, happenstance, etc. There are no accidents; everything is a Setup. OK. You may be violently disagreeing with me. As part of this new way of doing things, the ascended survivors will be able to view or get information on the setups coming their way and, if they “see” a setup they do not want, they can “terminate” that setup.  Or, if they cannot terminate it, they can reduce the impact of it or delay it for a better time. The one big problem with this new power is that you must ask about what is coming your way to get a warning. If you do not ask, you will not get the warning to make changes. This defines being proactive in an entirely new dimension.

Are you starting to see how everything that we do is going to change. We are already seeing huge changes from the Internet; these have all and will continue to be driven by the incoming Light.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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Today is the Re-Birth of the US of A

I make a distinction when I write about the US GOVERNMENT as being very Dark. Most people do not realize it, but when the Southern Representatives returned to their States in 1861, the United States of America ceased to be. Oh, we still had a Nation that we called the United States, but that is when Darkness took over and formed the US GOVERNMENT; that is when President Lincoln began ruling as a Military Dictator. All Executive Orders or Executive Memos extend from the first, which is celebrated as the Emancipation Proclamation.

What was this action? By Executive fiat, not an act of Congress, this Proclamation gave freedom to approximately one million slaves. To put that another way, the US GOVERNMENT seized $4 Billion worth of assets in 1865 dollars, without the possibility of compensation.

Congress was not involved in this action, why? Until the start of hostilities, Congress was divided between the Free States and the Slave States and was incapable of making such as decision. After the start of hostilities, half of Congress left and the organization was broken, unable to establish a quorum to do business.

Wait a second; you mean that Congress, and all of it’s laws, have been illegal since 1861? Congress will say no, but the answer is YES. When Congress ceased to be, the Civil War still had to be fought and Congress had to come up with the money. So, essentially, Congress declared the Southern States to be rebels with no right to representation in Congress and re-established a “quorum” based on the Northern States. When the conflict was over, there was a 20-year period when the Southern States were re-integrated; this was actually called, “Reconstruction.”

The trouble here is that the United States of America was established in a Constitutional Convention which was ratified by all of the States. When the Southern Representative left, that agreement/contract was broken. We all think we have a “Constitution” and, we did, but, technically, it ceased to be when Congress ceased to be.

OK. We are a Military Dictatorship with the organizational trappings of a representative democracy which as based on our “Constitution.”  The US GOVERNMENT has papered over what happened and continued to rule as if nothing had changed. However, something huge changed. Before the Civil War, the Laws of Congress only applied to the District of Columbia, ports/harbors and Military Installations; States had many more State’s Rights. After the Civil War, the Federal Government became all powerful.

But, hey, we still have Congress and the Supreme Court, don’t we? Yes, but they are subservient to the President and his Bureaucrats. They exist only because the American People expect them to exist. The transition from Light to Darkness was handled smoothly and the American People did not seem to pick up on the huge changes that occurred.

OK, what else? Under our “Constitution,” we had something called “Common Law” and the principle that we were all Sovereign before the Law. Along the way, that got subverted and now, we have Statute Law and, if, we consider ourselves to be Citizens, we subject ourselves to all of those Statutes and Regulations. Oddly enough, Common Law and the Sovereign approach are still there in the Law, but most people are clueless about it.

In the past decade, there has been a resurgence in the use of “Common Law” and individual Sovereignty; this all happened as we were growing stronger in the Light.

Alright, thank you for the history lesson. What happens now?

Light is going to re-establish the United States of America. How? Well…there must be a new Constitution Convention and a return to a limited Federal Government. There must be a renewal of the separation of powers between the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches. Light will bring the order of Limited Government back; the era of Big Government will, really this time, be over.

OK. When is all of this going to happen? Soon, probably this coming Fall, say, October-November.

Light took over yesterday. Light has it’s own Agenda and this Post covers some of it. I have focused on the United States as I am an American, however, this Agenda will play itself out in every Nation State on Earth; limited Government, more individual freedoms and the destruction of theocracies like Islam.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Big Picture Update

Light, officially, takes over tomorrow, January 23rd. 2015. That is a triple 14-day. I don’t know exactly why it has taken so long, but am told it is happening tomorrow.

OK. What does that mean? Light, now, has it’s own agenda; it is not just a case of opposing the agenda of Darkness. Yes, the excesses of Darkness will continue to be opposed, but Light is powering up it’s own version of re-distribution of wealth and getting rid of millions of the people here who have too much Darkness.

Why must they be gotten rid of? They operate out of fear and exercise far too much force and control. Guess what? They are not going to change. They will get in the way of freedom, truth, choice, integrity, order, not a police state, etc.

Far too many of them have given too much powre to the State and the State, everywhere, is out-of-control. Light will bring back the focus on individual rights and responsibilities, not those of groups. Hell, most of the groups are far too Dark and will be leaving. The Politicians and Bureaucrats, who technically work for us, but work for themselves, are all going bye-bye.

It sounds as if there will be a lot of Chaos unleashed when all of these Dark people begin to leave in large numbers. Not so; order will be released from its chains and the survivors will be free to do the right thing.  What about the thugs and looters and men with guns? They will be leaving quickly. What about the prisons? What will happen to them? Those who are Dark will also leave quickly and those who are of the Light will be freed.

Everything in our lives that is based on ruling through the barrel of a gun will be dissolved and extinguished. That means law enforcers, prosecutors, judges, the military, the IRS, etc. Taxes will become voluntary, really.

All of these laws and regulations that are based on statutes will be dissolved and extinguished as well. The Law, under Light, will bring back commonly understood Common Law. Admiralty Laws, the Golden Fringe around the US Flag will be disbanded, but the effective elements of contracts between mutually agreeing parties will continue.

All of those speed limit laws and drunk driving laws will be going bye-bye; they are all based on Statutes. Common Law Self Responsibility will be enough.

Say goodbye to the UN, the EU and the over-reaching US GOVERNMENT; they will all be gone by the close of 2015. How is this going to happen? They are all incredibly DARK and will not be allowed to continue.

Say goodbye to oppression of women in all of its forms; re-member, Light is female. Something especially offensive to Light is the evil force we call Islam. Darkness, on this planet, actually abides in the KaaBa in Mecca; this is something that every Muslim must bow down to at least three times a day.

What I am saying here is that the future, under Light, will not have to concern itself with Islamic Jihadists or Islamic Terrorists or, even, Islamists as they are ALL too Dark to stay.

Whoa. Are you saying that there are no good people among the Muslims? No, it’s not about being Good or Evil, it IS about being oriented towards Darkness. The Muslims are not the only Dark religion, look at the Buddhists and the Catholics, but there is room for reform in these.

Let’s get back to money and wealth. Light is going to be taking away the wealth from those oriented towards Darkness and giving it to Light Beings. This will take the next three years to complete, but will start with a giant financial crash soon. What is going to happen is that the accounts of all of the Dark people will grow holes and all of their money will fall out. Wait a second, account do not have holes? Yes, they have loopholes, don’t they?

Money is just another form of energy; it flows in the form of coins, paper and, recently digitally. Darkness has controlled the flow of this energy for thousands of years; no longer.

Anyway, this is all be putting into play tomorrow, finally.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Time to Re-Program your Body

I have been writing about the transition from Darkness to Light. It’s nice to know that money and wealth will be re-distributed, but what about health? And what is the mechanism?

When is the last time you felt yourself coming down with a cold or the flu? There is a whole series of things that your body does to tell you. Our medical sciences are all based on symptoms and then, tests to see what we have.

What if I were to tell you that how your body reacts when it is getting sick is an operating system, installed by Darkness, to keep you on the verge of being sick. Yes, your body tries to stay on the equilibrium of healthiness, but the deck is stacked against it. Re-member, Darkness is all about Fear, Force and Control and many of us get very concerned about our health.

I have just spent the last three days down with the flu. I use colloidal silver, but make my own with a silver coin in a jug of water after about 24-hours. The first phase took about 36 hours and I thought, initially, that it was over. The second phase kicked in and I thought I had beaten it around 12 hours ago. But, there was something still there messing with me and I realized that it was energetic; it was Darkness still making me sick.

Wait a second. I am strong in the Light and Darkness has been reduced to 33%; how can Darkness still mess with me/Us? The answer is that Darkness setup how our bodies react to sickness thousands of years ago and we tend to just go along with it.

We did not have a choice until just recently. Here’s what I did. I asked my Spirit Guide if I could change out the “sickness” program to a “healthiness” program and got a yes.  Here is what I mean. Instead of a body always operating on the edge of being sick, I installed an operating system that operates on the edge of being healthy; it’s default is health. I, then, made the edge wider, much wider, before falling off into sickness.

The good news is that I did this for myself and anyone else who makes themselves into a Newman or Newoman. Oh, this operating system change will be disseminated/pushed out to to all surviving humans over the next three years; after all, Light has taken over. But, why wait? Go to my Transform Yourself page and do it. It is not difficult and only takes about ten minutes.

If you are already sick, making this change will enable your body to heal itself much more efficiently. Review my post on finding your control room in your Secret Heart; that is another place you can install this new operating system from.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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Why do the Dark Assholes Live so Long?

On this blog, I write a lot about the differences between people of the Light and the Darkness. This is not a mainstream view. It is NOT about good and evil because a lot of good people are still oriented and operate out of fear or being told what to do; that makes them Dark. There are quite of lot of wonderful, salt-the-earth type people who came here oriented towards Darkness solely because it was the predominant power.

Depending on how much Darkness they came with and what they have done about moving towards the Light, many of them have choices. If anyone wants to move towards the Light? All they have to do is mentally or verbally demand, “Give me more Light.” Is it really that easy? YES.

The same can be done with Darkness. Moving towards the Light or Darkness is the only “free” choice that any of us have; everything else is a “SetUp” by either Darkness or Light.

With the takeover of Light, people with 59% Darkness, or less, will be able to stay here. These people will be given the chance to move towards the Light; there will lots of incentives to do so. Anyone with 60% or higher, will be forced to leave/die; it is just a matter of timing and will occur between now and January 2018. Three years is not a long time, but enough time to put your affairs in order.

How do I know if I am oriented towards Darkness? Are you fearful? Do you want to be told what to do and how to do it? Do you believe that you must obey the law, even if you know its wrong? Do you believe that Law Enforcement officials are your friends, or somehow, good for the community? Do you get scared into buying things by commercials, the Internet or print media? Are you fearful about your health or money or identity theft? Do you think that the Government provides? If this fits, generally, you are oriented towards Darkness.  OK. How do I find out how much I have? If you have a firm “Yes” for most of these, you are clearly above 59%. Another way to find out is to ask you “Inner Being” or “Spirit Guide”; if you ask that small still voice within, you will get an answer.

OK. Back to my title question. When you are oriented towards Darkness or Light, you give either of them power to create “setups” for you. A “setup” is an event like meeting someone or having something happen to you. It can be good or bad or happy or sad and, frequently, you do not have any control over when it happens or how it happens.  There is no such thing as Luck or Accident or Happenstance; it’s all a SetUp.

For the past 6.5 thousand years, Darkness has had 80% of the power. What does that mean? Darkness was able to provide positive setups for it’s people. That meant Money, Health, Longevity, Sex, Acquisition of lands/estates, etc. Light only had 20% and was not able to do much for it’s people; anytime a Light being got anything significant, it was taken away quickly. Most Light beings were not allowed to accumulate money or riches of any kind.

Here is a footstomp. Dark people in positions of power were given the health and longevity to do what Darkness wanted them to do. Wow, this is something that Darkness had the power to do? Yes, just like signing a contract with the Devil; where do you think that notion came from?

I get it. Now, that Light has taken over, it has the powre to pull that health and longevity and wealth and everything! Yes and yes and yes and YES. The people in power now, are all Dark (well, most of them), and they expect that everything will continue just as it has for their whole lives and for thousands of years.

The changes have already started; Dark people in power will be getting sick and dropping out quickly. They will also be dying suddenly, and, to the public, unexpectedly. Harry Reid, a really Dark Asshole, just poked himself in the eye (I’m laughing).

Again, Light is taking over and it is about time.

Love, Light and Laughter,




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The Male World is Dissolving

Darkness has put WW3 into play. Russia sees itself as the protector of the world against Islam and the effete West. Russia, historically, has been the bulwark against the Islamic Tide whether they were called the Tartars or ISIS.

I watched Glen Beck’s Red Storm Rising opening segment last night and agree with him. Religion and other Spiritual aspects are at play. All of the indicators of coming conflict are starting to be moved about the Chessboard; oil is at $46 per barrel now and three months ago it was $106. This is unsustainable for Russia and all of the other Nation States that depend on oil revenues for sustainability.

OK. Just because Darkness has put World War 3 into play, it doesn’t mean that it is actually going to happen. Re-member, Darkness has lost most of its power; it now has only 33%, not the 80% it had until recently.

So…This is Darkness’ last attempt to screw things up; this is the Darkness before the Dawn. In an earlier post, I used the metaphor of the Sun rising; today, it is at a 9am position in the morning sky. Guess what? It has burned away all traces of Darkness; WW3 is not going to happen.

Oh, to mankind, it looks as if CONFLICT is going to happen. After all, we have Conflict/ISIS happening in the Middle East and we have DARK Assholes killing in Nigeria, France and other places.


Light has taken over!

Darkness will NOT have its way or sway.

What about the Nukes? Russia has so many of them.

None of the nuclear weapons work anymore. When is the last time you saw a video of an air burst mushroom cloud? Not since the French tested in the Pacific. Oh, the Nukes worked on Japan and the Soviet Union got them working enough for testing. But, you have to understand; when a world/planet gets to the stage when they pop a nuclear weapon, it sends a huge signal to Spirit.

What does Spirit do when it gets this signal? Easy, it decides whether to wipe the Planet clean of the civilization that created the weapon, or Not. Guess what? Spirit decided that we had potential and just turned off the mechanism that allowed the “bomb.”

Wait a second, you mean Spirit can change the “laws” of Physics? (I’m laughing)


Think about it. It has been 50 years since anyone saw an Airburst Cloud. Oh, they passed a Treaty banning airburst testing. Why, when that is the most dramatic way of announcing it? What do we see? A small mushroom cloud coming out of the ground. Guess what? That can be produced by building a large underground cavern and detonating 20,000 tons of TNT in it.

So… the very notion that Israel, Pakistan, India, China, France, England, Russia, the United States or Iran has a bomb is bullshit. What did the US do to solve this crisis of no more nukes? At great expense, it built the Global Positioning Satellite System or GPS. You all know and use GPS for location services on your phones. What else did it do? Also, at great expense, it developed smart bombs that could be dropped with laser pointers, and then, GPS guidance. As we all saw, these weapons destroyed Saddam’s Army and Air Force, easily. The smart bombs today are as small as 250 pounds of high explosive; that is a big bang on a point target and the delivery aircraft can carry a whole bunch of them. If we wanted to take out ISIS really, we would turn our Air Force loose on them. But Obama is a secret Muslim who doesn’t want to destroy ISIS; after all, it is the return of the Caliphate.

Enough about that Dark Asshole. Back to Nukes. What about the Subs with their sea-launched ICBMs?  The Governments of the World do not want to tell us that the nukes do not work anymore. Why? Because the Iranians and others are spending a huge amount of money to develop their own nukes and no one is sure that the other guy knows that they do not work anymore. It is all a high-stakes bluff in poker. Hey, we all saw the Airburst Clouds, right?

OK. But why do the Government of the World want us to be scared about Nuclear Annihilation?  Simple, Darkness was in control and Darkness is all about Fear, Force and Control. Do you get it?

Now, after putting some Light on that subject, why no WW3? The US of A is a Light Nation; it still has lots of embedded Light and, now, Light has taken over.  OK. Again, at great expense, the US has developed stealth aircraft that can carry hundreds of these small smart bombs. These aircraft cannot be seen by radar and cannot be shot down like the Malaysian Airliner. Guess what? These small bombs can be dropped from 50 miles away from the target. Guess what else? These small bombs are stealthy. That means the air defense weapons that are supposed to shoot them down may not be able to do their job.

Moving Armies around safely, even in tanks, is no longer possible; we all saw that in the Gulf Wars. It really depends on the will to use this new weapon technology against an aggressive foe. The idea that Russian Armies of tanks will roll into Western Europe is ludicrous.

Again, Light has taken over. Again, Fear, Force and Control has lost most of its power. Freedom, choice, truth, love, integrity and Doing-the-right(light)-thing are moving into position, now.

Feel safe, the Dark Male World, with all of its conflict, fighting and destruction is leaving with a whimper.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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Enter the Divine Feminine

I keep talking about Light taking over; what does that mean? Well… it means many things. It does mean more freedoms, choices, truth, integrity and less corruption, greed, wrongness. Those are all good things that we can all look forward to.

But, for most of us the Light taking over means that the Divine Feminine is taking over. What the hell does that mean?

We just entered the Aquarian Age a little over two years ago. The symbol of Aquarius is a person, most often, a woman, who is standing at the top of a mountain with a water jug; yes, Aquarius is the Water Bearer. Well, this woman is pouring the water from the jug onto the mountain tip and each droplet of water is FREE to find its own way down. What does that mean?

Each droplet can join with other droplets to form a trickle, or run or stream and can continue to the ocean as a river, or it can strike out on its own and find its own way or a new way. To the Darkies amongst us, this is anarchy or chaos; we have spent the last 6.5 thousand years in follow the flock, herd or school energy.

OK… For those of you who do not understand, Light, Freedom, Truth, Technology,  Child Bearing, Civilization are ALL attributes of the Female and the Divine Feminine. So, for those of you who still think it could be a man pouring the water at the mountain top; think again.

All right. We have moved into Aquarian Light and that Light is focused on Women; not Men. Men have enjoyed the benefits of the Divine Masculine for thousands of years; all of our organizations and institutions are male dominated and structured for the benefit of men. Guess what? That has all changed; the Divine Feminine has taken over.

Do women do things differently than men? Do women think and act differently than men? Yes and YES. Are all of our institutions going to be overhauled and focused differently? I sure expect so.

OK. The women are going to be the holders of most of this new, Light Powre, but men are still in charge; we are stronger, more aggressive, more active and we will continue to grasp most of the Power.

Not true. I keep talking about a large percentage of the people of Earth leaving/dying. Guess what? They are leaving because they are too Dark and cannot stay. Guess what else? If women are much lighter than men as a class of beings, it will be the vast majority of men who will be leaving. Men are Dark and many more of them will be leaving/dying than women.

Wait a second, are there no Dark women? Yes, plenty, and they will be leaving as well, but the pool of survivors will be, mostly, women.

WAIT A SECOND, there will be many more women than men? YES!!! What is the ratio? About 20 women to 1 man and, in places, it could be 50:1.

You women must begin to think about this. Not only will you have to do everything, but you will have to put your ways on everything. OK. Do you think you can have your man, assuming he is a survivor, to yourself? Not likely. The idea of marriage with one man and one woman is being tossed into the dustbin of herstory. What about education of children? Will that be your responsibility or a group responsibility? What about children?

OK. There will be millions of survivors, most of them women. There will be male survivors, but few in numbers. All of the survivors will receive a set of Majikal Powres which will include living far longer in a youthful and healthy body. Will there be children? Yes, but far, far, fewer. Think about it, if we are all going to live far, far, longer, we do not have to concern ourselves about attrition and replacing people as they die. So…Children will not be an expected event from having sex; a child will be a GIFT from Spirit and will be welcomed as a Gift to a community. The idea that a child is yours will continue, but the child will belong to many others as well. Society must be re-organized to adapt to the changes that are arriving now; Along Divine Feminine lines.

The male survivors will lose most of their powre, but the Divine Feminine is freedom, truth, choice and doing the right/light thing. We, as a class, will do alright, but the transition may be bumpy.

Go Girl!!!

Love, Light and Laughter,


Timing, Order of Things to Come

Many people have started drawing parallels to what happened in 2008 and are predicting a great crash in 2015. Yes, folks, this is going to happen, but not for the reasons being stated.

Yes, Light has taken over and yes, Darkness has been in charge for 6.5 thousand years. Do you think that Darkness has given all of it’s people ALL of the Money??? Do you think all of those billionaires got it by being sweet and kind, granting freedom and being truthful? Nope; they got it by using their Dark powers. Think about it; it is incredibly hard for most people to get a million units of currency. A $Billion is 1000 $Million and getting that is not something ordinary people get.

Oh, it was luck, or a fortunate accident, or good happenstance; there is no such thing. EVERYTHING is a Setup by Spirit and these Setups are implemented by Dark Forces for Dark-oriented people and Light Forces for Light-oriented people.

While Light had, only, 20 percent of the power, it had it’s people keep their heads down. Don’t make a big splash of success or you will be stomped on (by Darkness).  I used to call it “living down in the weeds.”

So…For those of us who have been down in the weeds for a long time, we now have a front row seat on the destruction of wealth for all the Darkies (no race is implied).

These same people who are warning us of the impending financial disaster have started pointing to “black holes” where great wealth will just disappear.  We all know that there is many times the amount of digital money than actual currency; it is a factor of at least 1,000,000 and perhaps, many more than that. Then, there is this thing called derivatives which is a casino for banks and governments.

Guess what, the Banks and Governments have lost their “shirts” on the derivative game; that is why the Central Banks will not let the interest rates raise. If the interest rates go up, they will not be able to pay their losses and the entire “piggy bank” shatters. This is what happened to Lehman Brothers and it’s going to happen to all of the big banks this year; sooner, rather than later.

The derivatives are the “black holes” and huge amounts of wealth will just disappear into them. All of a sudden, the amount of capital, cash, credit, currency, etc. will be greatly diminished because all of the digital money just disappeared.

What about the great amounts of debt that all of the nations of the world owe? Just like Argentina, they will default and declare that they no longer owe anyone. Can that happen in China? Yes, definitely. How ’bout Europe? Again, definitely. Russia? Oil is killing Russia as I write. How about the good ‘ol US of A? Yes, the US will default on most, if not all, of it’s 18 $Trillion in debt.

I there a choice here? If it were just men making decisions, they might be able to keep the bubble inflated, but it is a force greater than Man that is calling the shots and Light is hitting this bubble with a sharp point. The bubble is going to go, “POP” and deflate rapidly.

The US Stock Market is now around 18 thousand and the US Treasury Bonds are nearly at zero percent interest. By the end of this destruction of Dark wealth, the stock market will be around 2.5 thousand and TBills around 7 percent. The markets will fall in stages and appear to recover, just to suck in more Dark Wealth.  This cycle will completely destroy the wealth amassed by Dark-oriented people who are most of the people on the planet.

OK. What about real estate? Won’t that still be valuable? The money is going away; no one will have money to buy. Real Estate values will plummet just like the Stock Market. This post has been dedicated to describing the coming destruction of wealth, but there same Dark-oriented people will be “leaving” in large number because they cannot stay here. This is not going to be optional; those who are powerful in Darkness will be forced to leave (die) and go to another planet for rebirth. When all of these people start leaving, who is going to buy the houses? Or the products? And who is going to pay the taxes? The Beatles’s had a hit song, “Ticket to ride.”

The Times, They Are A Changin’.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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We are All Inventors, NOW

I keep writing about Light taking over. What does that mean?

We have all accepted our world and our place in it; it is all that we have ever known. Just for fun, imagine everything in our world (money, banking, medical/health, housing, clothing, transportation, education, food, wine and beer, and police, courts and governing) is sitting on a huge table cloth. We are being told that we can take anything off the table and replace it with something better; yes, we have that powre.

If we can rid of the fearful things, the force that makes us do things that we do not want to do, the control of people and things over us. Say, we want to get rid of crime, especially the crime like robberies, rapes and home invasions. These are all, frequently, power games being played by Dark assholes.

OK. Here is my charge to you. Stop thinking how awful or bad or negative things are. How many times have you said, “I wish I had the power to change THAT?” But, then you said, “I don’t have the power.” Guess what, we are all creators and can create on Creation Days (you know, 14-days). Start using these days to create the world you want. How would you change things if, you had a Majik Wand?

Well you do, start using it. The new Light Templates are in place, but are waiting to be “written” on. Oh, you can stand on the sidelines and wait for others to create the new world, but why?

Just re-member, you are creating with Light and you cannot use fear, force or control. You cannot make people do things, they must want to do them. There will be no more enforcement or punishments. Emphasize the positive, more freedom, more choice, more integrity, more self-reliance, more self-responsibility, more self-actuating. You are creating for other Light Beings; they will get it.

What about the Dark types? Their world is going upside down; they will not get it. Their world is all about the application of fear, force and control; what do you mean there is not one or two ways to do everything? The take-over of Light will be chaotic to them; way too much freedom and choice for all of these “common” people.

So…Now is the time to start thinking about how to make this world a better place. But, do not day-dream as these creations may actually happen. This month the monthly 14-days (5th, 14th & 23rd) are also Triple-14-days (1+5=6 plus 2+0+1+5=8, 6+8=14). Yes, I am being serious. Yes, this is important. And Yes, you should do this.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Happy New Year! 2015 is the Year

OK. Light has taken over on December 22nd. Majik has completed a major dump/download into the world on January 1st. Has this really happened? Are we going to start seeing changes that reduce the fear, force, control and resistance-to-change that I keep defining as the characteristics of Darkness?

The “Bad” Guys don’t  know it, but their days in “the Sun” are over. I haven’t asked questions about every world leader out there, but the United States is about to have a sudden change in leadership. It will start with the leader of the House of Representative; the Speaker of the House. Right now, it is John Boehner, who is a “mainstream” Republican which means he is a believer in “Big Government.”

I am not sure how it will happen, but, he will be replaced by someone with more, better Light credentials and that person will become the Speaker of the House.  This is important as the next bit gets very interesting; Vice President Biden will drop dead suddenly and Obama will have to nominate a new VP. But he has to get this nomination through a Republican controlled Senate; it is NOT going to be Hillary!

Ok, we have a new Speaker and have lost the VP, what dramatic thing could happen next? Obama dies suddenly of a heart-attack or stroke or something. Whoops! With the President and Vice President both dead, who is next in line to be President? No, it is not the Secretary of State, but it is the Speaker of the House. Why the Speaker? Because he or she most represents the people of the USA other than those who have stood for election. Representative must stand for election every two years.

OK. By taking out just two people, the forces of Light have dramatically changed the direction of the US. The Speaker of the House, whoever it is, will be a Republican and a Light Being. This Light Being will become the new, next President of the USA. The Dark antics of Obama will start fading into history quickly.

When is this going to happen? Obama will not be there to give the State of the Union address on January 20th. That’s less than three weeks.

Wow. I am climbing out on a limb. Here is another. This sudden shift on governing leaders is going to happen in many countries around the world. Light is not going to put up with leftover leaders from Darkness. Yes, the UN will start dissolving and the EU and the monstrous entity called the US GOVERNMENT.

Will everything collapse into chaos? No, but a lot of the insanity that we call government will stop and be replaced with Order. Light uses Order, not fear, force and control.

All right; Order. Will there be institutional changes made? Yes. There will be Constitutional Conventions convened in the US, Europe and other places. The questions is, who is going to represent us all at these conventions? It is going to be our Dark leaders? NO. Is is going to be Bureaucrats? NO. Is is going to Judges? NO. If any of the Dark beings become representatives, they will keep the Darkness going, or try to. Nope, no Dark beings allowed. Wait a second, they have all of the power, don’t they? Not any more.

The only answer that the forces of Light will allow is Light Beings. You know, all of us who have been trying to make changes-for-the-better, but were always shut down. To the world, we will be the least credentialed. Oh, we have degrees and experience, but we have stayed down-in-the-weeds so Darkness would not notice us and stomp on us. Very few of us are known to the world, but are well known to Light.

The Times, They are a Changin’ – Bob Dylan

Embrace the changes; its going to be fun for us.

Love, Light and Laughter,