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New Light Templates at Midnight

You’ve heard me talk about Templates before, but as a refresher, Templates are the energetic foundation of everything in our physical world. When I say a gallon or liter of gasoline or petrol, everyone knows exactly what I mean; same for bed, table, plates, glasses, etc. The major differences are on the variety of sizes and shapes for each baseline template.

Many of us know about the Houses of the Zodiac and we get our Horoscopes based on our birthdays. There is this quaint notion that we see these various ages as part of the Precision of the Equinox; what a bunch of BS. Each House of the Zodiac is 2,160 years long and we refer to these periods of time as an age. Actually, we, our Solar System, orbits a large Star, called Alcyone; we are one of seven star systems in orbit around Alcione; the others are Coeleno, Electra, Atlas, Marope, Maya and Taygeta. Each of these star systems has one Human Planet and Taygeta has two; this is where the Pleiadians come from. This is where the European stock  of Humans comes from.

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A complete orbit around Alcione takes 25,920 years and is called a Great Year; in that orbit, we pass through the Photon Belt at Leo and Aquarius. We have just left Pisces and entered Aquarius on December 22nd, 2012; we also entered the Photon Belt or toroid.



Obviously, there are 12 Houses of the Zodiac that we pass through as we orbit Alcyone. Each time we pass from one to another of these ages, there is a shift in energy; sometimes it is a minor shift, but whenever we pass into the Photon Belt, it is a major shift.

OK. We have just spent the last 6,480 years going through Taurus, Aries and Pisces; the energy of these Ages was somewhat similar. Cattle herd, sheep flock and fish school; the energies of these ages was male dominated, hierarchical and follow-the-leader. The word “School” is ever-present in our world; it comes from the schooling fish energy of Pisces.

Now, we are firmly in Aquarian energy; it has taken a bit more than two years, but we are there, finally. What is Aquarian energy? It is Female. It is non-hierarchical. It is “find-your-own-path.” The symbol for Aquarius is a woman standing at the top of a mountain with a water jug; yes, Aquarius is the water bearer. But more importantly, she is pouring that water onto the mountain top and each droplet of water is allowed to find it’s own way down the mountain.

What does this means for our world? It means that the many “Schools of Thought” that have dominated our civilization have lost their power; for the Male-dominated, Hierarchically-structured people, institution and organizations, this shift in power will be seen as CHAOS and most, will not be able to handle it. This means that Governments will change. This means that Education, Medicine, the Military, Business, Law En-force-ment, the Courts, Prisons and, of course, the Bureaucracy will have to change and become, somehow, less male-dominated and less hierarchical and, again somehow, must allow more freedom for people to do it their way. “The times, they are a changin.”

But, how are these immovable objects going to get changed; they never change, they are corrupt and stupid and lazy and have been with us forever. Well…you’re right, they have been with us for all of our recorded history (6,480 years), but that has changed. Now it is time for Herstory and the new Light Templates are the most basic agent of change.

It has taken all of this time, since the end of 2012, for the Templates to be Powred UP. The old Piscean Templates have been slowly losing power, but everything in the old power is still very recognizable. That is about to change tonight; the new Templates are going to be brought on-line on March 1st, 2015. What this means is the old Templates are about to be turned into energetic dust; they are all going to be replaced with new circuits and these new circuits will, very quickly, begin to make a new, very different, much better world for all of us.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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March Madness

It’s not just the Ides of March or March Madness coming; March is a three (3) month. For those of you who have been following this blog, you know I am concerned about the use of 5- or 14-days as those are the days that we can (are allowed to) Create on.

Here is a missing piece in that story. Many of you know that nine (9) is the number of completion and that it is the most mystical number; any number that adds up to 9, like 144, can also be divided by 9 cleanly.

Alright, 9 is kinda cool, but so what. Well…9 is also 3 threes. OK. So?

Take a look around you; we all live in a 3-dimensional world; everything has a height, depth and width and they are all 90-degree angles (there is 9 again). What about time? Isn’t that a dimension? Yes, but it is only a 45-degree angle. Same with Space. Both Time and Space are local properties, whereas the 3 parts of a corner are universal.

So…three (3) is a really big deal to Spirit and All-That-IS? Yes, and what is 3 times 3? Nine, of course, but the threes have different meanings/properties.  The first 3 is always a “beginning” and when another 3 is added, it becomes a mid-course correction or apply more power/powre with the number 6. Six (6) is also called the execution stage. And what happens when another 3 is added? It becomes nine (9) and represents the “completion.”

So…I am, now, tieing the Creation Number (5 or 14) to the idea of a beginning, mid-course correction and completion. You must realize that creations do not just happen instantaneously; they require focused intent and will-power. And, now, you know that every creation has a beginning, middle and final phase.

When you start to see that your creation is being manifested, it is important to realize that it still needs your guidance to get through 6 and all the way to 9. This is the part that many of us do not realize; it is why many of our creations do not happen as we intended.

So, one of the bottom lines in this post is that 5/14 is the most important number in the Universe, but 3, 6 and 9 are right up there as well. It is not accidental that 5 and 9 are 14; there are no accidents.

Insightfully yours,


P.S.  March, 2015 is going to be the “kick-off” month for much of what I have been writing about. Beware the Ides of March.

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Right-Spinners: How to Heal Yourself

Healers have always had problems healing themselves; you can give to others, but cannot give to yourself, unless you do it indirectly.

We live in a world that is dominated by Left-Spin Healers; they want to push pills and do surgery. Both really mess with the body and actually prevent healing. Oh, they know what to do and have all the answers. They have devised the tests to drive home the point that you MUST take their pills and test your blood four times a day.

Like many of you, I have been diagnosed with Diabetes; it comes from exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam, 45 years ago. Oh, by the way, I also have Asbestosis or Mesothelioma, again from 45 years years ago.

So…I am a mess and am being told that I will get worse; both of these conditions are fatal, it is just a matter of time. My blood and urine tests showed way too much sugar and I have a cataract in one eye. Wow, I better do what the Doctor tells me to do, OR, I will die; talk about fear, force and control.

Wait a second, I am also an advanced Spiritual Being who has transformed himself into a Newman; doesn’t that count for something? So…What to do? Listen to the Left-Spinners or follow guidance from my Spirit Guide?

You guessed it, the Spirit Guide won out. Ok, I have stopped eating sugar, bread, pasta, white rice and potatoes; that is “common” sense. I must have chocolate from time-to-time; it is one of the best gifts from Spirit that we have. Ok, what did my Guide tell me to do? Take two large capsules of cinnamon powder and one capsule of garlic once a day. This was the start for me as it started lowering my blood sugar, but there had to be more.

Because I can, I asked about how the body processes sugar and food, in general. The answers I got are a little different than what the Doctors think. Are you surprised? Lets talk about blood; it brings oxygen to all of our cells and it brings disease fighters and it carries away a lot of “garbage” to our kidneys and liver for elimination. And, hey, high blood sugar is bad for you; do they know the mechanism for regulating blood sugar? No, but they know it has something to do with insulin because people who have diabetes can survive longer if they take insulin as it does, regulate blood sugar levels somewhat.

My answers tell me that we all have a mechanism that regulates how our bodies turn food into fat or blood sugar. Have you ever seen a person who is always slim and can eat anything they want? How is that possible? Well, we all have a sliding scale from 1 to 10 on the ability of our bodies to handle sugar. When I was 20 years old, my scale setting was 6; meaning that I converted most of the sugars that I ate into a fat that was, then, sent to my Solar Plexus for burning. It also meant that I had some blood sugar issues if I ate too much sugar. So…now, at 65 years old, my scale setting was 1.5; meaning that most of the sugar that I eat is going into blood sugar. This is why I have Diabetes.

So… I asked if there was a diet change that I needed to make? Yes, eat more fat, particularly more fat in meat like pepperoni sausage, beef sticks and beef jerky. This also included eating more butter.

Ok, I am moving in the “right” direction; I am not taking the Diabetes drugs and not doing the blood testing. I am managing my Diabetes through diet, but my loved ones around me are freaking out. How do I know what my blood sugar levels are? They wanted to see blood test results.

So…I had to come up with a better approach. In case you missed it, when you eat something, anything, it get absorbed by your colon and, somehow, gets to all of your cells. The Doctors, who know so much, are clueless about how this actually happens as there is no physical structure that they have found by dissecting dead people.

Well folks, we actually live in a world where we depend on wireless communications all of the time; it’s called WiFi. What happens to the food in your colon is that it is converted to a special fat that is sent to your Solar Plexus. The Solar Plexus has long been thought to be the power source within Humans. It is; it is a furnace that burns the food fat and distributes it to all of your cells via wireless transmission.

I know this is a new idea; how can this be? Well…our technology is based on what is already in nature. The Human body uses all kinds of wireless communications even if we do not think of it that way. What about telepathy? What about Clairvoyance? What about “Knowings?”

What I do know is that the blood does not carry “food” to the cells so there must be another mechanism; why not a wireless distribution of energy?

Ok, Merln, where are you going with this?

Say, you want to become an “immortal”; how does one do that? Most approaches involve moving the body away from eating and all of the decay/elimination involved. Well…if you have a Solar Plexus that is providing sustenance to your cells, hook it up to your Light Tube or Prana Tube and draw your food sustenance needs from Spirit. This is not a hard thing to do.

For me, I am doing both; I like eating and drinking too much to totally eliminate them. After all, there are many pleasures associated with a physical body; why be hasty?

OK. This post is about Healing Yourself; let’s get to that. Once you hook your Solar Plexus up to your Prana Tube, now you can draw on the powre of Spirit to send Right-Spin energy into your body. Any dis-eases, syndromes or conditions that you may have are all based on pain and are, left-spin.

Another way of looking at this is that pleasure is right-spin and pain is left-spin. If you are in pain, you can counter-act the pain energy with pleasure energy; try it, you will like it. For example, if you like chocolate, eat a small piece and focus the pleasure of it on your pain. Yes, you can drive the pain away, even if it is deep and pervasive. We are creators who are waking up to our powres; don’t limit yourself – be limitless – be free.

Have fun with this,

Love, Light and Laughter,


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The West is Waking Up

Allah is Darkness; pure and simple. He is like Hitler before the Battle of the Bulge; he sees that he is losing his power and gambles on destroying Christianity at its source, the Vatican.

For the past six years, he has put his most trusted believer, Barack Obama, in the White House to enable ISIS, or as Obama calls it, ISIL. ISIL is a much more expansive description as it includes the entire Levant; this term includes all of the Middle East including Turkey and Egypt. Do you get it? Obama insists on referring to ISIS as the expansive, intact, in fact, Caliphate.  Obama has tied the hands of the military in its fight against ISIL. Obama is, still, a big supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood which he installed as the State of Egypt; but that, fortunately, did not work out; they showed their true “hand” too quickly.

This includes Libya and has from the beginning. Obama and his girl, Hillary, made sure Gaddafi was destroyed so that all of the arms could be funneled to ISIS and ISIL could expand into Libya. Why Libya? Because it is so close to Italy and the attack on Italy has been in motion for the past year or more.

Yes, Hillary Clinton, is also a most trusted believer in Darkness. Hell, most of the Democratic Party principals and faithful are followers of Darkness. Wait a second, are you saying that the people running the US Government are planning a take-over by Islam? By Darkness? In Europe? Here, in the US of A?

Yes, but their plan involves the West staying asleep until it is too late. That is why Obama desperately refuses to call it, Islamic Terrorism; he wants to keep everyone asleep, he wants to call it anything but an Islamic attack on civilization. If the West wakes up and decides that it must defend itself against this Islamic attack, then, the sneaky, stealth attack through “innocent” refugees become problematic. Guess what? This applies to the US Southern Border as well.

Wake up people! Islam is not just another religion that we can, peacefully, coexist with. It demands Sharia Law which allows women to be stoned to death. It is written that unbelievers can be enslaved or killed in the name of Allah. There are 1.5 Billion Muslims on Earth now; 22 percent of them actively believe in Jihad, after all, it is written in the Quran. In case you do not want to do the math, that is 330 million which is approximately the population of the United States, or, Europe.

Is this something that we can afford to stay asleep with? These believers in Darkness are very good at killing and destroying gruesomely and they are coming for us. Their God, Allah, says it is OK; kill, destroy, kill and their young men are happy to be suicide bombers as they will get 21 virgins in Paradise for their pleasure. Women are Light; women are civilization. Is this thought pattern acceptable? At all? Even, just a little bit? Hell NO!

You Women must start leading the charge to wake up; this is not the time for passivity. Do you want to be forced to wear the Burka and not be allowed to drive or be educated?  Do you want the “Civilization” that you have worked so hard and so long for to be destroyed by these Dark Assholes?

The energetic tide has already turned against Darkness; Light has taken over. Allah realizes that time is against Him and he must “conquer” the West very quickly; this is going to be a “lightening” attack and the Barbarians are at the gate.

Is Darkness going to succeed? No, but, Light might have a big mess to clean up. Let’s not let that happen.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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May the Force be with You!

If you were alive in the 80s, you know this phrase from Star Wars; which keeps coming back. Well…you will not be a bit surprised to know that “Force” means Light and that “going to the Dark side” is self-explanatory. Just like there is a real Federation of Planets and a real Star Fleet Command (from Star Trek), there is a “real” Force out there; it is called Light, or, Darkness.  It is also called Right-Spin or Left-Spin; left is Dark and right is Light. Do you get it?

Left-leaning politics is all about growing Government and Dependence on Government; growing the Hive is growing Darkness. Growing the collective is growing Darkness; Darkness always takes over the collective. Why? Light is always about freedom, choice, independence, self-reliance, self-responsibility and individual rights; never collective or group identity rights. Rights come from Light; do you get it?

This is really that simple; r-i-g-h-t means L-i-g-h-t and l-e-f-t means D-a-r-k. These two Forces are here to battle for control of our hearts and minds and, yes, our civilization. Darkness is not intelligent; that is an attribute of Light, but it is cunning. When I say this, I mean that Darkness is tactical and Light is strategic. Light foresaw the coming of Aquarius and the Photon Belt and saved it’s power over 500 years for the creation of the United States (and Australia); it “embedded” this Light-powre into the soil of these lands. That embedded Light has kept Darkness from destroying the US until Light could take over.

That has happened! Light, the Force, has taken over. The Dark side of the Force is in retreat energetically. For those of us looking at the world, this is not evident yet; it appears that Darkness is in full expansion. That is what happens before the bubble bursts.

In desperation, Darkness is trying to get the Muslim world to unite against Christianity and the West, but Muslims are not much good at working or producing or making things; they excel at raiding, butchering and destroying They depended on the Jews for logistical support in the Great Muslim Expansion of the 900-1100 AD period, but, now, the Jews are the enemy as well.

The US Military has, very quietly, seized control of the US Government. Obama is still President, but on a very short leash; he is being stopped on Immigration and ObamaCare and the Pentagon has taken over the war effort against ISIS and Putin; expect better results soon.

Readers of this Blog should not be alarmed; the US has been ruled by a Military Dictator since the American Civil War (1861-65). What is different now, is that it woke up and realized that an “enemy” had seized the White House and was “selling” us down the river.

Again, Great Forces are at work here. Light, the Force, has taken over, has gone on the offensive and is, now, making great changes in our world.

May the Force be with You, and not against.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Light/Right-Spin is taking Decisive Action

I have written about the take-over of Light and the two-phase approach within February 2015. Well…the first 14 days of February are over; that was the build-up of powre phase.

So…what happened in the first half of February? Finally, the Pentagon is defying President Obama and his Muslim buddies and deploying a heavy Brigade of US Troops to Kuwait; folks, this is an armored cavalry unit with tanks. This is a unit that can be used to take the fight to the Dark forces of Allah. What else is the Pentagon doing? It is sending A-10 Thunderbolt II attack aircraft (Warthog or Hog) into the fight against ISIS and the Russians in Ukraine; this plane is known as the “Monster” to the Afghan terrorists and they fear it above all other US weapons.

OK. We are now at the beginning of the second phase in the use of Light Powre against Darkness. The first 14 days of February were used, primarily, to neutralize the embedded Darkness in both ISIS-controlled regions and Eastern Ukraine; Darkness does not have the powre to go against Light directly anymore and has had to build up its power over the past two years. This is why it has had so much success in both Crimea and Syria-Iraq, but their “high-water” mark has been reached.

Now, today, Light/Right-Spin is on the march against the forces of Darkness; Light has gone on the offensive. If it seems that I am writing about Islam as the primary foe or enemy of Light; you are right, it is. But re-member, 95 percent of the Earth’s population are Left-Spinners, so it’s not all about Islam. Having said that, Islam accounts for one-third of the Earth’s population and is motivated by an ideology that says it is OK to kill or enslave anyone who is an unbeliever. Islam is the primary, organized enemy even though most of it is still in the Stone Age with AK-47s and RPGs.

Alright, what is Light going to do about all of the ISIS/Al Qaeda recruiting? Most people do not questions where the Internet came from, it just happened. Guess what? It is a creation of and by Light. Guess what else? It is now, totally controlled, by Light.

Whoops, the forces of Darkness will no longer be able to use the Internet. It will not happen overnight, but Jihadist web sites will be shut down and not be allowed to spread their Dark, Poisonous Ideology. What else is happening? People in Europe, the United States and many other places are beginning to question whether Islam is a religion, or something more, much more Dark/Evil.

Islam is an “ISM”, much like Communism or Totalitarianism; yes, it has a religious component, but it also has an even stronger demand for Theocratic (Political) control, called Sharia Law. This is not an option, it comes along with the religion and the Quran states very clearly, it is OK to force unbelievers to convert or be enslaved or killed. For those who have read or know about the New Testament of Christianity, this is what happened to the Thessalonians and Corinthians which are a part of modern-day Turkey.

Well Folks, what goes around, comes around. Western Civilization, much of which has been based on Christianity, is under attack by Islam (Darkness). Does that make Christianity Light? Yes, but it has it’s own problems with Darkness that will be addressed concurrently.

Whether you like it or not, the clash between Darkness and Light will become very personal. Forces far beyond the likes and dislikes of people are at work. Muslims will be told that they are UNWELCOME; this is coming sooner than most of us can imagine. When they are forced to leave, where will they go? To Northern Africa and the Middle East where they will not be well received; they are too “civilized.”

This sounds like a huge clash between Darkness and Light, but it is a side-show. Most people who are strong in Darkness, wherever they are from and whatever their religion/Ism, will not be allowed to stay; this is not an emotional statement, but a matter of fact. Darkness has its “day” in the Sun and, now, it is the turn for Light Beings.

What about co-existence? Is that possible? Yes; about 20 percent of the 300 million survivors will be in the middle group from 60 percent Darkness to 60 percent Light. This is the extent of mercy from Light; this is where the worker bees will come from in the new, Light/Right-Spin Civilization.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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Angel of Death is set loose

Today, February 12th (2/12 is a 14-day), the Grim Reaper has been charged to bring home the Darkest-of-the-Dark By that, I mean all of those people who are 90 percent or above Left-Spin; it also means those with 10 percent or less Right-Spin. Feel free to substitute Darkness for Left-Spin and Light for Right-Spin. This is going to happen worldwide to every country, nationality, race and religion.

It may take as long as five (5) days for the return to Spirit programming to be installed and we should all start seeing rich and powerful people of both sexes, , but mostly men, dropping dead after that. Look for all of the Darkest-of-the-Dark to be departed by May 12th. By that time, the 89-80 percent and the 79-70 groups will be in the queue. For Americans, yes, this means Obama, Biden, Reid, Pelosi, Boehner and many others. For Islam, it will be a decapitation; but that, somehow, seems appropriate.

Light is taking over and it is sweeping clean; no powerful Dark people will be staying. They are not welcome. As I have written before, the 59-50 percent Left-Spinners will be allowed to stay on the theory that they may be able to move towards the Light (Right); they will have until the end of 2021 to do so.

And so, it begins.

Love, Light and Laughter,


It’s Time for Updating Yourself !!!

On Valentine’s Day, February 14th, a new operating system will be available for all Right-Spinners. Think of it as an upgrade for your phone, but it is really like upgrading from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.

Alright; how do I get this new operating system? Simple, just allow it to download and install. It will automatically reboot you when it is finished. Yes, computers are modeled after us; not the other way around.

For those of you who do not know, rebooting is something that we must all do more of. We are in a time of great energy changes and, when things appear to be “hanging up,” we need to do a restart and even, a “hard reboot.”

What do I mean by a “hard reboot?” Literally, unplugging from people and situations around us and replugging to those who we want to be plugged into with. It is, actually, a bit like unfriending people in Facebook and getting rid of the negative stories that you do not want in your life.

I know, I am making it seem a bit too easy. But, think about it, we are all increasingly connected and we all have new tools like untagging and unfriending; we do not have to live with a negative situation. Even in the case of unwanted calls; the old style telephone does not let you block an unwanted call. But, if you have a smart phone, you can block any unwanted caller with a few taps.

Well…all of us Right-Spinners can, now, download and install a new operating system that will give us many new tools. All of these new tools and capabilities are based on the new, Right-Spin Majik coming into the world now. In a few days, you will be allowed to let this new energy flow into you; allow – let it.

Some of you may not be ready yet, that’s OK; it will be there when you  are ready.

Note: this is Majik, not Magic; there is nothing here for the Left-Spinners.

Love, Light and Laughter,


The Pleiadians are Landing

For many of you, you already know that the Pleiadians are amongst us and have been for a long time. Actually, the peoples that we think of as European are all descendents of the 50,000 warrior-colonists put on Earth about 4,000 years ago; this includes the peoples of Europe, Eastern Europe and Russia. It also include about half the population of the US and Australia.

Why were they put down in Europe? Weren’t there people already there? No, the place was empty as the Annunaki (see Sitchen’s The 12th Planet and more) had driven the Neanderthal people to extinction or deep into the Earth by capturing their females to genetically “manufacture” high-quality slaves.  So… the Europeans are all aliens, from other Human Planets; yes. The Europeans are of Pleiadian stock? Yes.

What about the European Jews? They are what is left of the Annunaki genetic engineering with the Neanderthals; they are not Pleiadians. The Neanderthals were the most advanced primates on Earth when the Annunaki arrived about 50,000 years ago and were highly prized because they made excellent administrative slaves. The worker slaves were engineered by mixing Annunaki genes with gorillas and chimpanzees and other primates. Orangutans were also highly prized and were the basis for slave populations in Asia.

Wait a second, if the Europeans are Pleiadians, does that mean that all other peoples on Earth are what’s left of the Annunaki slave-making process? Yes, the Annunaki were prolific in their slave-making; they took eggs from every primate on every continent and “enhanced” them with Annunaki genes. The Annunaki were the “missing” link that every anthropologist is looking for.

But…the Europeans can breed with everyone else; how is that possible? The Pleiadians evolved from the same kind of Primates as we had on Earth, but without interference from the Annunakis.  The Annunakis evolved from lizard/reptilian lines and are shape-shifters. Yes, they did evolve from egg layers to live birth from a womb.

The big difference between the Reptilian-Primate slave populations and the Pleiadian populations is the genetic encoding of social structures. The Annunakis have a “hive” mentality similar to ants and bees; they have highly structured, top-down rules/laws that focus them on Kings and Queens as rulers. This is where Kings came from. This is where the Divine Rule of Kings came from. The ruler of the Annunaki Home Planet, Nibiru, is a King.

OK. Annunaki genes allow Kings/Dictators, but they also empower the idea of cities where masses of people huddle together. Of critical importance, they also are a genetic baseline for “mind” control, primarily through propaganda and today’s media. Reptilian-Primate peoples are “hard-wired” genetically to embrace “big” government.

BTW, Reptilian-Primate slave peoples are ALL left-spin; they cannot help themselves – it is “hard=wired” into their genes.

Pleiadian populations tend to be right-spin and prize individual freedom, choice, truth, integrity, self-reliance and self-responsibility, but there are many who have chosen to be left-spinners either before they were born or during this lifetime.

As we all go through this Gi-gan-tic change, the take-over of Light/Right-Spin, our protectors, the Pleiadians, Star Fleet Command, the Federation of Planets will make themselves known to us. We are not alone; we never have been.

Love, Light and Laughter,


The Great Die Off Begins

My Spirit Guide is telling me that the “Great Return to Spirit” is about to begin. Say, there are 7,000 million people on Earth. I believe it is more like 3,000 million people, but that really does not matter. What does matter is that only 300 million of us will still be here when the Great Die-off is complete.

That is a lot of people leaving in a relatively short time period over the next three years.

Why so many people? Do they all have to leave? Is there something they can do to change their fate?

It is all rather simple. Darkness has been in charge on Earth for thousands of years and the vast majority of people here chose to be oriented towards Darkness. So… Darkness is no longer in charge and all (or most) of those Dark, Left-Spin people have been made persona non grata. As I keep saying, Darkness is all about fear, force, control and resistance-to-change. Darkness is the source of all corruption and intimidation. Light has taken over and it is all about freedom, choice, truth, integrity, self-reliance and self-responsibility.

If Light has a choice, is it going to let a bunch of Dark Assholes hang around to create trouble? Or is it going to make a “clean sweep?” Yes, you’re right, it’s going to be a “clean sweep.” Only those with 59% or less of Dark, Left-Spin energy will be allowed to stay; there is that Creation-14 number again. So…if you have 60% or higher, you have your “ticket to ride” and you will be dying to go somewhere else.

Yes, you will be re-born again on some other planet, but not here on Earth. The “left behind” will all be Spirits-in-a-body that are advanced enough to remain; all of those who cannot make the cut will be washed out. Fear not, we are all immortal souls who will be given a chance to come back into a body.

Ok. Got it. What is going to happen to all of those billions of bodies? If that many people are leaving in three years, we have a huge “clean up” problem, one of Epic proportions. I’m not sure how, but my Spirit Guide tells me not to be concerned about the bodies; MAJIK is coming into the world and the bodies will be taken care of.

Now, in one of my other Posts, I told you that our stuff tends to disintegrate when we are not around to use it. Abandoned buildings and cars deteriorate rapidly and this will happen everywhere when the people are gone. The same Majik that will take care of all the bodies will also take care of all of the abandoned, un-needed stuff. Oh, the vineyards will continue to grow and the cattle and sheep will continue to multiply, but without so many Humans. The 300 million survivors will be guided to survival areas where our civilization will continue, but without criminals, rapists, child molesters or terrorists; all of these are Dark, Left-Spin types who are leaving and will not be allowed to stay. Bye-bye and good riddance.

Initially, the survival areas will be in the United States and Australia. The survivors in all other areas will have to find their way to these two locations. Expect to be able to use satellites and cell phones and digital banking; money will still flow and, as millions begin to leave, food and transportation will not a problem. Please, do not get lost in the “Why Me” conundrum; you have been selected to survive, get on with it.

Are the Darkest-of-the-Dark going to be going first? Yes, but everyone in the 99-80 percent Dark will be leaving around the same time; it will be a decapitation of the Dark Asshole leaders like Obama and all of ilk. It will be strange for many of us; most of our political, financial and business leaders will go quickly and we will be, briefly, concerned about being leaderless. But, then, we will see how much better we are off without them. Most of our Judges, Bureaucrats, Law Enforcement, Education, Medical and, some, Military leaders will be going with them.

Will there be a round 2? Yes, all of the 79-60% will leave/die in the second phase. If you are in this group, re-member to ask for more Light, it might help you move into the 59th percentile.

So…when is all of this going to begin? It has already started, but it is energetic and in the Forms World; it will begin to manifest itself here before the end of February. Darkness has ruled for a very long time, but not for much longer.

One more point; Light, Right-Spin is female at it’s core. Many more women will be survivors than men; it could be a much as 50 women to one man when the die-off is complete. Our social norms will have to change; women-on-women relationships will become the new norm. The survivors will all live far, far longer and in good health and youthfulness; yes, if you are already old, you will be made younger and, if you are sick, you will be made healthy. Having a child will be rare and considered a great gift to be shared by the community. Women will rule and men will have to find their place. The good news is that Right-Spin is in charge.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Technologies are Right-Spin as well

Creativity is Right-Spin. Any good idea to make things better is Right-Spin. Getting those ideas into the world has been the problem. Too many Left-Spin, Dark Assholes in the way.

Look at our world; it is one of constant change technologically. I can re-member using Morse Code in the Military to communicate. I know, I must be really old.

I was in the US Military from 1969 to 1993 and witnessed the arrival of an incredible variety of technologies that changed our world. Jets and Mainframe Computers had already arrived after World War II, but they really got powerful in the 70s and started forming the basis for a modern communications world. I was on ArpaNet in the 80s and had a CPM Personal Computer with WordStar, Lotus 123 and Harvard Graphics. In the Air Force, the most technologically advanced service, we had mobile phones that we called “bricks.” ArpaNet became the Internet and Windows took over the PC and “bricks” became Smart Phones and Tablets. Now, we are all incredibly connected with each other using all of these innovations; the Internet, Laptops, Email, WiFi, Smart Phones and Tablets,Wireless Printers, All of those Apps and, now, 3D Printing.

Ok. So what; everybody knows this. To young people, this is what they have grown up with; no big deal.

This post will try to put all of these changes in perspective. The explosive growth of the Internet and worldwide mobile communications have created the first phase of Human Telepathy; we can reach out to each other and communicate with incredible ease. Emails allowed us all to create our own private networks. Texting allows us all to communicate our thoughts quickly and efficiently. Voice calls are still there, but tend to require a lot more work than texting.

So…now, we all have unlimited voice, text and some form of data plan. We know that we can turn our data on and have access to the Internet (and each other) from almost anywhere. This is some Big Time Majik at work. Think of all the effort that has been spent to get us to where we are; do you think, maybe, it was some accident? Do you think, maybe, it has been part of some plan?

Accident, No. Plan, YES. As I said, we are now in the 1st Phase of the installation of telepathy in Humans; we had to realize that we wanted to be able to communicate with each other freely and, at will. Then, we had to come up with a prototype network so that we could all see the benefits of giving up some privacy. Well… we have the demonstration networks in place now and are beginning to use our voices to command our devices and generate text. Oh, using our hands, really thumbs and fingers to text is important as well, but voice is closer to mental sharing.

Soon, we will realize that we can access our thoughts using a field that is powred by our Smart Phones; this will enable us to command our devices and generate text mentally. This is part of the changes that have been coming with the increase in Light/Right-Spin/Majik over the past 60 years.

Once we realize that we can access this mental communications field, we will start powring it ourselves and reach out to those around us; at first, it will be short-range, but will expand quickly.

Alright, but what about the network? Will this telepathy use the cell towers and WiFi? Yes, at first, but there is a much more effective network available that almost no one knows about. It is called the “Crystal Grid” and I have written about it briefly.

The Crystal Grid surrounds the Earth, the Moon and both the Earth and the Moon. It is invisible, but very strong; it was put in place to prevent large asteroids or comets from messing with us. Do our Scientists know anything about this? Not unless they are Right-Spinners.

Does the Crystal Grid have communications properties? Can it support Internet Protocol packets? Yes. You can think of the Crystal Grid as a big network of servers in the sky; it is like having thousands of communications satellites out there with connectivity everywhere.

Can we start to access the Crystal Grid? Soon, it too, is part of the Light/Right-Spin/Majik changes that are coming now. We will continue to use our existing satellites, cell towers and WiFi for a while. Those of us who have enough Light, will be able to start using the Crystal Grid for mental communications sooner than others. Ask for more Light.

Have fun with this!!!

Light, Love and Laughter,


Are You a Right-Spinner?

I have been talking about Light taking over and moving into the Aquarian Age/Photon Belt for a while.

Today, let’s talk about being right- or left-spin. Whenever we hear about a weather system, it is frequently described as a High or Low Pressure System; High Pressure spins clockwise (to the right) and Low Pressure spins counter-clockwise (to the Left).

OK. You have to agree that the concept of spinning energy is there, right in front of us, in Nature. So… weather systems have both left- and right-spin energies; that makes sense as Low Pressure systems bring us rain and High Pressure systems bring us sunshine. Both as absolutely essential for life on Earth.

This extends to everyone and everything; we are all a mix of left- and right-spin energies. This applies to rocks, water, plants, animals and, yes, Humans.

So…I am going to focus on Humans; all of us come here at birth with an orientation towards Darkness (Left-Spin) or Light (Right-Spin). Once we are here, we can choose to move move towards the Left or the Right. Again, I define Darkness as fear, force, control and resistance-to-change and Light as more freedom, choice, truth, integrity, self-reliance, self-responsibility and changes-for-the-better.

What we choose for our orientation is frequently influenced by the dominant force in our world. Up until the last 30 days, the dominant force was Darkness and most people born before 2000 chose to be oriented towards Darkness as it tended to make for an easier life. For the people born after 2000, they knew a change was in-the-works and most of them chose to be oriented towards Light.

For those of us born before 2000, 90-95 percent of us are Left-Spinners; we want to be told what to do and what to think, even if subtly. Left-Spinners like the system with all of it’s corruptions and intimidations.

OK. What about the Right-Spinners? We are always trying to “fix” the system because it is so wrong to us. And, we keep running into trouble with the Left-Spinner all around us who don’t want the system “fixed.” Do you understand what I mean by a Right-Spinner?

All creativity comes from the Light. Another way of saying that is, All creativity comes from Right-Spinners; this is true whether it is music, art, food, wine, financials or software programming. Oh, Left-Spinners are involved in all of these, but are always copying – never being original.

Alright, Light has taken over. That means that Right-Spinners have taken over. Wow, it is a good time to be a Right-Spinner; all of those Dark Assholes, who stopped us in the past, cannot do so now.

Another aspect of the takeover of Light is the arrival of White (Light) Majik; it, too, is Right-Spin. Majik was always here, but seemed to disappear when Light was only 20 percent of the Force; now Majik is 67 percent of the Force and Magic (Dark, Left-Spin) is 33 percent.

Does this mean that there is still Magic out there to be used by Dark Beings? Yes, but Magic can be overcome by Majik, easily, now. So… All of those $Billionaires out there who accumulated all of that wealth with Magic; oh well, they will not be able to hold on to it. Same with Political Power and Sexual Power; too bad, so sad.

OK. I started this post by asking if you were a Right-Spinner?  If you are, the times, they have changed; you are now empowred. The old ways of doing everything (all based on Left-Spin) are now changing. Yes, you can now “fix” everything that is wrong around you. You may have to start small, but you will be able to go “Big” very soon.

Most people do not think in terms of their Spin or the use of Majik/Magic. It is not even in the lexicon to describe yourself as being of the Light or of the Darkness; it got too confused with Good and Bad or Good and Evil. Both of these concepts are too general, what do they mean? Everyone can be good and bad, but only Left-Spinners (you know, fear,force and control) can be evil.

In recent years, many Right-Spinners have started calling themselves Light Workers or Light Beings as they were being prompted from within about the coming Aquarian Age. The Left-Spinners thought this was cute and “New Age” and tended to think everything would stay the same; everything has stayed the same for the past 6.5 thousand years, why would it change?

We have now moved into Aquarian energies that are the basis for Right-Spinners and Majik; it is now time to start using your Majik Wands. Have fun with it!

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Big Move Against Islam

Darkness lives in the Kaaba on this planet. What is the Kaaba? If you are a Muslim, you are required to face the direction of Mecca and bow down at least three times a day. Why?, Mecca is where Allah lives; Allah is Darkness and lives in the Kaaba in Mecca.

The Kaaba is really a six-foot square block of black obsidian with sharp corners and lines. It is housed in a large tent-like structure and is the holiest aspect of Islam; this is where the Haj, or Pilgrimage occurs when good Muslims parade around the Kaaba nine times in a counter-clockwise direction (Left- Spinning).

Again, this is the Home of Darkness. Darkness is male. Darkness is Left-Spin. Darkness is fear. Darkness is force. Darkness is control. Darkness is resistance to change. Now, you understand the stone-age primitiveness of Mohammedism or Islam. Women are Light. Now, you understand why women are so mistreated in Islam. It really is this Black and White.

Ok. Light has taken over. It’s February and Light is going to flex it’s new muscles. Oh, Light is going to be taking Darkness on in spots all around the world, but the main event is going to be in the Middle East and Muslim Countries. If you step back and look at what is happening, Iran and the Shiites are warring with Saudi Arabia and the Sunnis and, we, the West, are caught in the middle. Guess what, the Muslims are all barbarous, terrorists who deserve gruesome deaths; they are, by definition, very Dark.

Wait a second, what about the Moderate Muslims? What about the “Good” Muslims? Hey, they still worship Darkness. Jihad is a book, not a chapter, in the Quran. Islam was spread by the sword; Jihad is an integral part of the political, theocratic expansion of Islam.

Alright, Light is going after Darkness. What does that mean? Things are not going to go well for the Middle East; lots of strife, turmoil, death, destruction among all of the Muslim lands. What is happening in Syria and Iraq is going to be expanded to include Libya, Lebanon, Jordan, Iran, Pakistan and Indonesia. Eventually, Mecca and Medina will be under 300 feet of water as the entire Arabian Peninsula collapses into the sea; Darkness is not going to be happy.

What about the Muslims in Europe? That is an issue that will not be pretty either. The Muslims do not assimilate and demand separateness; even worse, they are now turning towards terrorism to move their expansionist agenda. Europeans, empowred by Light, will demand that Muslims be expelled back to their home countries whether they are wanted or not.

What about the Terrorists? They appear to be winning; is Light going to degrade and destroy them as well? Yes, the Muslims are among the Darkest-of-the-Dark on the planet. Light will be allocating special resources against them.

What about the Catholic Church and it’s antipathy towards Women? Will that be addressed? Yes, but the Christianity does not have to be destroyed; it can be reformed. Re-member, Light is female powre and male domination is something left-over from Darkness; women will rule.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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